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Photos from feso_scienceofgoodhair's post 01/09/2020

Photos from feso_scienceofgoodhair's post


Just a quick reminder to our clients. We are open for business. 8.30am - 4pm
Monday to Saturday
Winter coming to the end and its now tile for a new fresh look waiting for summer.

@31 arundel school rd mount pleasant
:+263 773 193 839: +263 242 302 483


FESO Bloemfontein

WINTER ESSENTIALS. Feso Spray, Feso and Argan Deep Conditioning Masque and a wide tooth brush.

With the harsh winter conditions, hair is highly susceptible to breakage and damage. The Feso Spray will help fight balding and help thicken your hair, while our Deep Conditioning Masque hydrates, strengthens your hair and give your hair a healthy shine. Lastly, using a wide tooth brush eases detangling while minimizing breakage


Feso "Science Of Good Hair"

Aim is to assist with information that might help one decide the best for one's hair, to help those suffering in silence get help & hopefully to avoid this from happening to the next generations.

ALOPECIA :[medical term for hairloss]

Chemically Induced Cosmetic Alopecia-this causes scaring alopecia.
The causes
-Relaxers :-Hair relaxers use chemicals to straighten hair by breaking the di-sulfide bonds found in the cortex layer of hair and re-forming them while hair is being held in a straight pattern. (this weakens the hair.)
-Relaxers not roperly washed off the hair after relaxing.
-Reactions to haircare products
-Heat styling (tongs)
-Reactions to medical drugs
-Toxic levels in the body including heavy metals, selenium, boric acid, vitamin A, prescription drugs such as colchicine, botulinum toxin, synthetic opioids, and fungi to name a few.
This hairloss can be reverse if one seeks professional help early. (subscribe)


Feso "Science Of Good Hair"

The reason for this series is so we get awareness and get help early. Dont give up, science evolves. Facts are not always Truth.
ALOPECIA- is the medical term for hairloss.

Frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA)

-It can look a lot like traction alopecia, but there are some significant differences.
-The exposed skin looks lighter and smoother than the skin on the rest of your head.
-It's a medical condition that can cause "permanent" damage to your scalp and permanent loss of your edges.
-Frontal fibrosing alopecia is a subtype of an inflammatory skin disease called lichen planopilaris.
Can be called ' scarring alopecia'
It’s important to diagnose and treat FFA early, before permanent damage occurs.
-FFA patients are postmenopausal women. -However, around 18%% of cases occur in younger women.
-FFA can also cause loss of your eyebrows


Josephine Mahachie

LIVE :Hosting Ms. Kuda Mupawose to tell us more about how Hair Relaxers causes fibroids and Hair issues in general.

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Feso "Science Of Good Hair"

Feso Hair Growth Formula does it again! Get yours and be part of these testimonials. Visit our website and place an order and it will be delivered to you 🚚.

Don't forget to tag us in your #fesotestimonials 😉



Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

Hair Shrinkage Tip No.5

It's not only about the application of hair products onto your hair, how you apply the products determines the effectiveness of the product.



Feso "Science Of Good Hair"

Hairloss is real. Dont let it get you down. We have tried and tested this solution. Feso growth formula.
Get in touch with us for stockist near you.
+27780188036 +263 773193 839
Shpo no 15A pearls of fourways
6 Forest drive pineslopes Fourways Gauteng South Africa 0114650371
31 Arundel School Rd Mount pleasant Harare Zimbabwe +263242302483


Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

If you're in Durban, make sure to save the date. Kuda Mupawose will be available for hair care consultations from March 16 - March 20 2020 at MultiMedics in KZN.



Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

#Feso :save your loney and hair. You can do anything with it. Get sisterlocs. My team well trained by yours truly.
No 6 Forest drive pineslopes 0114650371 +27780188036
31 Arundel School Rd Mount pleasant Harare Zimbabwe +263242302483 +263 773193 839
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#Feso :"In an African context we are busy challenging the Silence habit in African women and our hair. Despite the silence we had been what we do to our hair defines everything we do." @maijudah @i.y.a.t.i @[email protected]_kni @afrokinkzw @hair_prescription @hairgoals @theperfecthairtaryn @heiressnaturals @waffanai @ayandabikitsha #hairclinic #hairlosstreatment #blackbusinesswomen #blackbusinesswomen #trichologist #alopecia


Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

Come and get your bottle today



#Feso:The science behind good hair-Get knowledge 3.
Are you a product Ju**ie? With so many product claims on market its important to get the basics of understanding your hair better. It will help you maintain it healthy.



#Feso :we can make a difference in your hair too. Come to us 15A The Pearls of fourways on 1 forest drive pineslopes Fourways Gauteng South Africa 0114650371 :+27780188036
31 Arundel School Rd Mount pleasant Harare Zimbabwe +263242302483 :+263 773193 839



#Feso : We all have our own story. What's yours? Feso team is here to walk with you.
(15A Pearls of fourways on 1 forest drive pineslopes 0114650371 +27780188036
31 Arundel School Rd Mount pleasant Harare Zimbabwe +263242302483 +263 773193 839)


Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

#Feso :The science behind good hair. Top pictures showing back and front hairloss, this mainly found in ladies who use wigs daily in trying to cover hairline issues. We say dont cover let us help you you get ot back and we will cover you whole your hair heals.


Sisterlocs:preserve your hair. Come in for consultation and installation instructions.
Feso Hair Clinic
15 A Pearls of fourways on 1 forest drive pineslopes 0114650371
31 Arundel School Rd Mount pleasant
WhatsApp +27780188036 :+263 773193 839

Sisterlocs:preserve your hair. Come in for consultation and installation instructions.
Feso Hair Clinic
15 A Pearls of fourways on 1 forest drive pineslopes 0114650371
WhatsApp +27780188036
31 Arundel School Rd Mount pleasant.
WhatsApp +263 773193 839


Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

My hair was damaged by dreadlocks the hairstylist did not advice when she saw my hair receding due to consistent plaiting

I then got rid of dreadlocks and started an expensive treatment at AHS(Advanced Hair Studio) Which consist of shampoo., serum, minoxidil, mortician oil, pills & 2 to 3 days of laser weekly for a period of 4 to 6 months depending on the fee paid

The aim was to fix my receding hairline as well as the arena in the middle of my head I used all products religiously & washed my hair four times a week

The unfortunate part my hair grew everywhere except where the problem was I continued using the products until I decided to look for another solution

I continued to take care of my natural hair and then went to see a dermatologist She did tests and the diagnose was a Lichen Planopilaris, a disease that destroys hair follicle and replaces with scarring It doesn’t not only affect the scalp

I started the treatment and I no longer have the Lichen and continued with the treatment for almost two years I took pills first for three months and then started with The a shampoo n moisturizers and laser

On the 8th of Jan 2019 I started a new treatment with Feso clinic I gave this treatment 6 months of trial and it made wonders for my hair

The scarring started to grow, the receding hairline started coming back, the color of the hair got black without putting a dye, my hair got stronger and moisturized

I am on 5th months with the same treatment and I am happy with it because I am seeing the results

By the end of December my hair would have been repaired fully, strong rich and black

Thank you Feso for saving me from being scarred



#Feso: The science behind good hair (Remember that you didn't loose it overnight so don't expect microwave results, be patient with the process, your hair will come back.)



#Feso:Feso team guarantees your hair back. All we need is your patience. Time and time Feso is proving to be a real solution to hairloss challenge. @tari_nyahoda @maijudah @msrejoy @ms_tatchai @pam_chins #hairclinic #hairlosstreatment #blackbusinesswomen #blackbusinesswomen#trichologist #balding #clicks📷 #clicks @alopeciasupportgroup #alopeciaareata #behindthechair #forbesmagazine #hairgoals #festivalhair #naturalhairstyles #capetownnaturalhairfest #proudlyafrican #essencemagazine



#Feso:The science behind good hair.


Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

#Feso:As woman'smint dawns dont forget to take good care of u.



#FesoFridays :Thats her story in a month of feso usage. Get in touch to tell yours:
15A The Pearls of fourways 1 forest drive :+27780188036 :+27114650371
31 Arundel School Rd Mount pleasant +263242302483:
+263 773193 839



#Feso🤩Winter is coming to the end, your scalp and hair needs TLC. Hair TLC Gauranteed.
(15 A pearls of fourways 1 forest drive pineslopes Fourways Call+27114650371
App+27780188036) (31 Arundel School Rd Mount pleasant


Feso "Science Of Good Hair"

So far, the testimonies have been proof of how effective usage of FESO is on growing hair back.



#FesoFridays: "knowing your hairloss types helps you stay encouraged. Receding hairline hair recovery is the most disheartening if you dont know how the pattern of hair growth. Knowing how to measure progress helps to stay encouraged."
#hairgrowth #hairdresser #hairclinic #blackandwhite #blackhair #blackhairmag #blackhairstyles #trichologist #alopecia


Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

#Feso:share your feso story it will encourage someone:
For Feso inquiries
(WhatsApp +27780188036
Call +27114650371)
15 A Pearls of fourways 1 forest drive pineslopes)


Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

Sisterlocs in South Africa??
Call us 0114650371




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#Feso :
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Given Zim economic issues we have had to streamline Zim operations. The salon remains open. However on sisterlocs, we have noticed that many of our clients are coming to repair their sisterlocs after they have been mishandle elsewhere. The wrong technique results in locs being ropy & wil result snapping(breaking). Saying this because l have had to repaire more than 5 people so far. Sisterlocs is huge investment to then have your hair start breaking in a yr. I am available for a week every month if you need retighten. In any case 2-3 months interval retighten is healthier for your hair if done properly. Please WhatsApp me on +263773193839 :+27780188036 for your booking.



#Feso: with so much hair info overload, we share what we know your hair needs. We stick to the basics. We recover it for you, follow these tips it will remain.

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Feso Hair Regeneration Clinic

#Feso Gaurantees your hair back. Dont just buy product and walk away. Make us part of your hair journey. We want to walk with you.
Visit us

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