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Good morning
I did general agriculture
Any job vacancy please?
Borehole drilling services by Forefront Irrigation.Call us today on 0773909158
For all your farming information
Guys I want to plant soya pls help. TIA
Am selling my Boxer.
K15,000 , Register,
Location kitwe call me on 0968814000.
Hello Admin and the rest of the group. May I be assisted on planting cayenne pepper, garlic,ginger and cauliflower. I need to know when to plant them and how.

Thank you
On sell , Boxer and Lingken ,
good second hands at k15,000 each , contact me on 0968814000.
Location kitwe
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Dikokwana,dibonwa kae

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Photos from Agribusiness Media's post 17/04/2022

Photos from Agribusiness Media's post

Photos from Haven Construction Pvt Ltd's post 17/04/2022

Photos from Haven Construction Pvt Ltd's post

Photos from Agribusiness Media's post 15/04/2022

Selling smoked chickens might after all be a good idea for poultry farm business owners!


Weekly weighing is not advised in actively laying birds since it can cause stress especially during hot days but it can be done in cases of unexplained reduction in egg production.


Revitalizing small scale agriculture in Zimbabwe Conservation Agriculture using the 2 wheel tractor

Revitalizing small scale agriculture in Zimbabwe Conservation Agriculture using the 2 wheel tractor


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Goat Farming Masterclass by Profeeds

All you need to know about goat production.

- By Profeeds Zimbabwe


Get Inspired.


Livestock Spraying Tips

👉Spray early in the morning before animals get thirsty to minimize ingestion of the insecticide. A useful rule to remember is – do not spray in the heat of the day, spray before 9.00 am when the sun is not hot.



👉Challenge: Selling produce on credit

👉Solution: Hire someone & put them in charge of sales. This way, buyers will not be dealing directly with you and automatically discourage many strange requests.

Photos from Agribusiness Media's post 13/04/2022

Common Practices To Avoid During Harvesting:

👉Premature/early harvesting: this results into shriveled and rotten maize.
👉Throwing cobs on the bare ground and use of dirty containers during harvesting. This increases risks of aflatoxin and other contaminants.
👉Late harvesting leads to attack of pests, loss of grain and rotting.

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The Double cropping principle is hinged on the fact that a farmer should have at least 2 major crop harvests per year supported by other complementary crop sales. Get in touch with us and start you Double cropping venture.

Rawlings Kofi on Twitter 13/04/2022

Rawlings Kofi on Twitter

There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing that the difference between income generated from sales and the cost of production is what meets your personal goal - Profit.


Rawlings Kofi on Twitter “There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing that the difference between income generated from sales and the cost of production is what meets your personal goal - Profit. 📸”


Take a picture of your big cob, follow Seed Co on any of our Social media platforms (), post and tag Seed Co. The picture with the most likes stands to win Seed Co branded apparel and bicycles.

Winners will be announced on the 30th of April 2022

Photos from Agribusiness Media's post 12/04/2022

"It’s a Sugarsnap pea galore 🌱🌱! Another 2ha of Pea Sugarlord crop ready for harvesting at Sibren and Sibrad Farming by their Ruwa farm. Harvesting started last week and again, we have a good manager/Agronomist, Reddie, who’s doing a good job. I mostly stick to my horticulture side but their chicken project with 58k birds really got my attention! Massive project. Here’s to more beautiful stories of farming going on in Zimbabwe" Francis B. Mapindani


Humuson Complex and Wheat production 🌾🌾
💡Did you know that Humuson Complex organic fertilizers provide the essential nutrients required by wheat for high yields.
📌 Functions in wheat
✅Nitrogen (N):
The plant height and the number of tillers are enhanced. The synthesis of enzymes, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), proteins, hormones, vitamins, alkaloids, and so on has a significant role to play.
✅Phosphorus (P):
Energy and protein metabolism transport has a critical part to play. Sugar Phosphates, phospholipids, co-enzymes, Nucleotides, and nucleic acids are essential to this field.
✅Potassium (K):
It tends to make ionic control and osmotic easier and necessitates a co-factor or activator of over 40 enzymes. This offers disease tolerance and drought protection. ✅Sulfur (S):
Bonds that are vital for sustaining the protein structure in wheat and also help sustain the viscoelastic properties of wheat gluten are the production of sulfhydryl (S-H).
✅Boron (B):
This is regarded as critical plant meristem cells to grow and develop. The formation of flowers, pollen germination, and cation absorption are essential.
✅Zinc (Zn):
It is an integral part of several enzyme processes (for example dehydrogenase, carbon dioxide, protease, peptidase, and dehydrogenase of alcohol).
Roles of nutrients at different wheat growth stages:
Nitrogen for early rapid growth.
Phosphate to supply the energy for early growth and development, especially root mass.
Nitrogen for leaf development and size, increasing tiller number per plant.
Manganese for its role in the structure of photosynthetic proteins and enzymes.
Stem Extension
Nitrogen for large leaves, rapid growth and development.
Phosphate to supply the energy for growth and development.
Potassium for plant water regulation and structural integrity.
Sulphur for yield and quality improvements.
Manganese for its role in the structure of photosynthetic proteins and enzymes.
Zinc for enzyme reactions, nitrogen metabolism, and protein synthesis
Flag Leaf and Grain Filling
Nitrogen for higher yields through green leaf duration, grain site survival, grain size and protein levels.
Magnesium for green leaf duration.
Phosphate for dry matter remobilisation for yield improvements.
Boron for pollen viability.
❇️So what are you waiting for purchase your Humuson Complex fertilizers today.
✳️Don't just do it any other way, Do it the Humuson way!!

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Photos from Haven Construction Pvt Ltd's post 12/04/2022

Photos from Haven Construction Pvt Ltd's post


This cow produces 85 litres of milk everyday!



1. The market may not always take your price offers for your large and tough birds. It takes a much higher cost to produce broilers that are quite big and with tough muscles.
2. Inadvertent loss of any bird at this stage implies a huge loss.
3. Most poultry farmers are fixed on administering Newcastle disease vaccines only at the brooding phase. They ignore booster doses even in the face of risk and threats.
4. Farmers who keep broilers for more than 7 to 8weeks are often faced with the temptation to compromise nutrition, thereby at the risk of health challenges and declining weight gain.
5. Heat stroke is a major challenge to big broilers.
6. Skeletal issues due to the burden of weight are usually seen.

With the production of good quality chicks and high-performing nutrition, it might not be necessary to keep meat birds beyond 7weeks.

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What do you do to manage farm business stress?

Stock theft prevention 12/04/2022

Stock theft prevention

Stock theft prevention As a farmer, your farm animals are not only business assets that give you income, but become part of your family. The time and resources you have invested in acquiring and keeping them healthy has by now created for you, an emotional attachment with them. It is heartbreaking that many livestock pro....


Cull cows that have been identified as poor mothers, have unsound udders, teats, feet and legs, bad disposition, and other physical problems . If you consider retaining older cows, check carefully to insure they have a sound mouth and are likely to sustain productivity for at least one or two years.

Photos from Agribusiness Media's post 12/04/2022

In extremely saline-alkali lands, where almost no crops can grow, cotton yields good yields.

Cotton is naturally resistant to pests and diseases, less use of pesticides, high safety margin.

Cotton farming uses less water for agricultural production and less land under cultivation, but it provides textile fibers that are widely used around the world.

Cotton absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide in the process of growth and releases a lot of oxygen through photosynthesis to purify the air.



Essential Goat Health Management Equipment You Should Have On The Farm

👉Wound spray containing insecticide against flies and maggots
👉Hoof trimmer/shears
👉Antiseptic soap
👉Soft rope for restraining goats being treated
👉Elastrator (elastic castration pliers) and latex rubber elastrator rings
👉Ear tags and ear tag applicator
Burdizo (bloodless castration device)
👉Box of disposable latex gloves
👉Scale to weigh animals
👉Spray dip machine (knapsack sprayer) for dip product application, or sheep/goat dip-tank if more than 50 goats are being dipped
👉Dip or pour-on product to eliminate external parasites
👉Oxytetracycline injectable antibiotic
👉Injection syringes and needles
👉Goat deworming medication
👉Dosing gun for treating more than 40 goats at a time
👉Eye powder to treat infected or irritated eyes, or open wounds on the body
👉Antiseptic iodine spray

Upcoming event: Goat farming Masterclass by Profeeds

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Photos from Agribusiness Media's post 11/04/2022

Adding value to Kiwano (Horned Melon)


Any tomato farmer here?

Check this out


What crop is this?

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Revitalizing small scale agriculture in Zimbabwe Conservation Agriculture using the 2 wheel tractor
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"When you venture into farming go big!"   Credit: Nomore Nhema of Nhema Chickens, +263 772 899 862




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