B'ayoba Zimbabwe

B'ayoba Zimbabwe


We were once again pleased to gather the elea community for our annual elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle event.


Our annual event brings together impact entrepreneurs, philanthropic investors, and friends of elea, as well as select thought leaders. It is an occasion for them to share perspectives on the role of entrepreneurship in the fight against poverty.

Four elea entrepreneurs, Diana, Dominik, Megha, and Usman, shared their work and energized the room. They discussed how their innovative ventures are creating transformative change, gave insights into how they have navigated through the recent period of extreme uncertainty, and demonstrated how entrepreneurial approaches are a powerful way forward.

We would like to thank all participants for a great evening and all our philanthropic investors without whom our work would not be possible.

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B’Ayoba is a leading producer of baobab products, ethically and sustainably harvested in partnership with rural producer communities around Southern Africa.

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Baobab & Makoni Tea is traditionally used to boost immune system, build stamina, treat abdominal pain including menstrual pain, backache, chest pains, coughs & flu and a variety of other ailments. This tea is also best used as an aphrodisiac & to treat fertility problems in women.


It's February, a month of love. Show some love & care to your loved ones by baking this delicious & soft baobab sponge cake for them. Get your Baobab Powder from our store and enjoy your kitchen!!!


Weekend is here and the good news is that frozen berry smoothies with baobab fruit powder are one of the easiest smoothies to make and even healthier.

It's more than just a juice, it's a healthy lifestyle!


Did you know that besides sprinkling baobab powder on food, baking with it, or stirring it into a stew, an easy and tasty way to consume it is in a smoothie?

B'ayoba Zimbabwe updated their phone number. 19/01/2022

B'ayoba Zimbabwe updated their phone number.

B'ayoba Zimbabwe updated their phone number.


It's the beginning of a new year. Start your new year with a boost. Here are some exciting tips to boost your immune system.


For a quick boost, grab a glass of warm / cold water or juice and mix with a tablespoon or two of baobab powder.

Baobab powder can also be stirred into yoghurt and oatmeal, sprinkled on fruit or salads, soups and desserts.


1 to 2 heaping tablespoons everyday, morning or night (or both) gives you the best results.


Please be advised that we will be closed from
18 December 2021 to 2 January 2022. Stay safe. We look forward to seeing you in 2022.


Strawberry Baobab Fruit Smoothie

A soothing and refreshing strawberry smoothie high in antioxidants and fiber. Thanks to Baobab Fruit Powder the all-in-one African super nutrient powerhouse.


Cooking Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 1 serving


2 tablespoons of Baobab Fruit Powder

8 frozen strawberries

½ cup pourable natural yoghurt

½ cup shredded, unsweetened coconut


In a blender, combine all ingredients. Cover and blend until smooth. Pour in a glass and enjoy!


This refreshing baobab and banana (bao-nana) smoothie recipe is perfect for summer afternoons or as a healthy breakfast! Grab a glass and drink up.


Our favorite festival is coming up this weekend. You guessed right. We will be there. Don’t miss it. Come and see us, chat with us and enjoy a day out with good food, music and lots to experience.


Baobab powder is an immune boosting powerhouse
Did you know that a whopping 70% of your immune system is wrapped up in your gut? This means that gut microbiome balance is extremely important for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Baobab powder, with its arsenal of potent nutrients, is an excellent immune booster; Its prebiotic fiber helps balance the gut microbiome while its high levels of vitamin C ensure your immune system can do its job.


Behind The Scenes at a Baobab Buying Day in North-Eastern Zimbabwe


Baobab Fruit Powder is now available at Pomona Farmer's Market. This all-in-one African superfruit nutrient powerhouse is a must in every kitchen!

Blend It | Stir It | Shake It | Bake It

Timeline photos 29/01/2021

From our Partner’s desk...

Dominik Collenberg and Gus Le Breton fight absolute poverty by realizing the unused potential of the baobab fruits in Zimbabwe.


Driven by true entrepreneurial spirit, Dominik and Gus founded B’Ayoba, which links smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe with baobab customers around the world. Despite difficult economic circumstances, they saw an opportunity where others did not. Today, B’Ayoba collaborates with almost 4’000 smallholder farmers on an annual basis who generate much-needed additional income by collecting the wild baobab fruits and selling them to B’Ayoba.

On their journey, Dominik and Gus relied not only on their entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen but also on trustworthy partners and investors such as DEG and elea. At the center of elea’s approach is the creation of a close partnership of equals between entrepreneurs and elea that is sustained by an extensive basis of trust over several years.

B'ayoba Zimbabwe updated their website address. 07/12/2020

B'ayoba Zimbabwe updated their website address.

B'ayoba Zimbabwe updated their website address.


The Science behind Baobab.

Super food proved!

Chocolate Orange Baobab Cake with Citrus Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting 12/06/2017

Chocolate Orange Baobab Cake with Citrus Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting

Mmmmmmmmm. Thanks friends Pona!!!

Chocolate Orange Baobab Cake with Citrus Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting Here is my second recipe using PONA’s Baobab powder.  Remember you can get a 20 % discount off your order using my exclusive discount code VEGEBRIT at www.pona.fi/shop until 23.6.  PONA sourc…


A little something to get you dancing in your chair on a Wednesday afternoon! Baobab hip hop, the next big thing.


Photos from B'ayoba Zimbabwe's post 12/05/2017

Woohoooooo! Amina ruled the road at Two Oceans!! Now back in Harare celebrating her victory with friends and loving HIFA, she took time to share her story with us. We love you Amina!! We're so proud to have gone on this journey with you. Congratulations!!

"….Two Oceans….Your certainly dig deep!!!

Even though this was my third time going for the Ultra Two Oceans Marathon, my anxiety, nerves were beyond ordinary. I guess because I knew what task was ahead and my training had not been as smooth as I would have liked.

The big day finally arrived, so much goes through your mind!! What a relief when as I was finding my way to the starting line I heard my name loud!... “Amina” I turned around and there was Julie Hovercraft and Cynthia Munemo smiling, hugging and reassuring me that: “ You have got this!”

So when the gun went, I knew this is it! I took off with one goal in mind, to get to the finish line. My strategy was to get to Chapman’s Peak at a slightly faster pace, take a slower pace up Chapman, pick up my pace after the peak, then a slow pace up Constantia Nek and pick up pace to the finish line. It worked beautifully for me. I manage to finish within the cut off and I got my Blue Medal. I became this warrior chasing my goal, as my friend said, “Every run requires a different version of you! So true! I met awesome runners along the way that encouraged me to keep on going, that we would make it, and in turn I also encouraged fellow runners along the way, which actually really reaffirmed my own certainty that I could do it!

As I ran, I kept reminding myself how lucky I was that I could do this, of all the motivational messages from our club at HAC and runners at home that could not make it. As I entered the stadium and heard the screams and cheers from the crowd and friends, I felt as if I had won the race and finished strong. It’s just amazing the adrenalin, the energy you feel—you forget all the pain you went through and when that Medal is put around your neck, you can only smile!!!

So if you thinking of entering Two Oceans, just know “You got this!

Thank you so much to African Natural for all the support and products that help me build the endurance and a strong body! Amina"

Photos from B'ayoba Zimbabwe's post 02/05/2017

Our girl Julie kicked much butt at Two Oceans!! Now back in Harare celebrating her recent birthday and recovering from the world's most beautiful ultra marathon, she found time to share her thoughts with us. CONGRATULATIONS JULIE!! You inspire us every day. Thank you for sharing your Two Oceans story with us all. XX

"My birthday today and two weeks or so since my Two Oceans run. A time for reflection. The aches and pains of running 56km are starting to fade but the memories remain fresh. How was it, could I have done any more or done anything differently?

I finished in a time of 6h02. Just two minutes after the cutoff time for a bronze medal but 58 minutes before the final cutoff of the run. So in some respects a personal disappointment because I was aiming for bronze time of under six hours but on the other hand, according to results published, I finished halfway in the field of runners. More than 8000 runners finished and I was finisher 4452. So in that respect I am pretty happy.

The race day was hot and windy. Even a very early start in the darkness of early morning is not much help when it's going to be a scorcher. Along the route I was fantasizing about swimming in the sea when done. Nutrition wise I had my B’Ayoba sweeties as tried out and tested on earlier runs. That worked out so well and I was so pleased with this as they are not sickly sweet or sticky so I don't get any thirstier than expected. I drank loads of water and sucked the sweeties all along the way. Funnily enough the part of the run where I felt strongest was after the marathon mark of 42km. With another 14km to go and a major hill to climb in the form of Constantia Nek, this was actually the part of the race where I felt I could "fly" and my running buddy, Tara and I, made really good time. We were passing loads of other people who had slowed down to a walk or shuffle. This was in huge part down to energy from sensible race fueling. So, I embrace this positive aspect of my run.

This was my fourth run. Would I do it again? Definitely. That bronze is mine next year!"

Timeline photos 04/04/2017

We had such a blast manning the Africa Natural water point at the Roger Brackley half marathon on Sunday! Well done to all the runners!

Timeline photos 04/04/2017

The countdown to Two Oceans has begun!! Julie shares her thoughts on her last long run before the big day:

"Less than two weeks to go until the run. Last week of the school term. A busy week packing and sorting out bits and bobs before we leave for Cape Town. Luckily for me the running part is done, there's nothing more to do than to stay healthy and injury free – avoiding supermarket trolleys and heavy footed children – until race day.

I did my last long run today, the Roger Brackley half marathon. It was a winding 21km route through every major hill in Greystone Park so I took it slowly and took photographs along the route. The Africa Natural water point fueled me up with their awesome Superfood Sports Drink and Super Boost sweeties—both with the energy-boosting power of boabab. The sweeties in particular are now part of my race routine and I am feeling super confident they will see me through the ultra at Cape Town. Baobab is great for anti-cramping too, as it’s packed with magnesium, calcium and potassium.

I also tried out my new HAC club vest and felt good and looked smart. Lots of us going to Cape Town are wearing the vest and it's going to make it easy for our supporters to spot us amongst the 9000 other ultra runners and 15000 half marathon runners. We feel good on the inside and we look good on the outside. Race day ready!"

Timeline photos 27/03/2017

Julie shares her pragmatic approach to dealing with injuries on her journey to Two Oceans:

"A week closer to Two Oceans and a week with a bit of frustration in it. I went to the physio as I literally had a pain in my butt. Long story short: my back is weak and I need to strengthen it, stretch it and loosen it. My physiotherapist gave me the tools to do all three so the way forward looks great. Just one cloud on the horizon. Don't run hills.

Two Oceans is a challenge because of its 56km distance but also because of elevation gain of over 1400 meters over that distance. So ideally, I should train for this by running hills. My physio assured me that at this stage in my training the work is done and I have to take her word for it. She runs too so I know she knows her stuff. But, it is a bit of a wake up call and as I have asked for her advice I will take it. Yes, I will stretch, strengthen and loosen my back like she told me and yes, this is the difficult one, for now I will avoid the hills. And I will also be praying the powers that be, to help me along a little bit.

In the meantime, I do continue to run and on Sunday, I headed out for a lovely 12km flat run with fellow Two Oceans runners Cynthia and Martin. I have been running alone earlier in the week and it was great sharing the road and just enjoying ourselves out there. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and a most enjoyable run."



Baobab powder




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