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To develop, nurture, empower and support entrepreneurs worldwide. Biznvest is a business networking organization which was founded in May 2015.

It has grown into a platform where entrepreneurs exchange business leads, and trade amongst themselves

Operating as usual

Biznvest Grp is now on WhatsApp. 20/02/2022

Biznvest Grp is now on WhatsApp.

Biznvest Grp is now on WhatsApp.

Biznvest Grp is now on WhatsApp. 20/02/2022

Biznvest Grp is now on WhatsApp.

Biznvest Grp is now on WhatsApp.

Photos from Biznvest Grp's post 04/12/2021

Halala!!! Halala!!!

It's another level of entrepreneurship. New dawn, new page thus established in entrepreneurship.

Last Thursday night in the Capital Harare at Rainbow Towers, we were so majestically honoured with TWO awards by the Chartered Institute of Project Management Zimbabwe. It was full of glitz and glamour as we were animated with joy unspeakable full of glory as we were celebrating running shoulders with other greats in entrepreneurship.

The first award is for Project management achievement 2021 presented to Biznvest (Ngoda oven) in recognition of innovation and technology award manufacturing solutions. This is for Ngoda oven, the latest innovation project which has made a huge impact. We were selected because we have demonstrated business excellence and innovative skills corresponding to national objectives.

The second award was presented to Biznvest Founder and CEO Mr Aaron Chikukuza in recognition of Project manager of the year 2021 (Manufacturing)

To clear all the breeze, we thank God Almighty for these awards, for He knew and planned this before the world began. Thank you Lord for EVERYTHING you have done and continue doing as you perambulate in our lives for this vision. We owe you Lord a bottomless pit of gratitude.

We dedicate these awards to our esteemed Ngoda oven customers for transforming our dream into reality. We also dedicate these awards to Biznvest management and Staff and all stakeholders for their immense support this year.

Isn't wonderful to note that from henceforth Biznvest (Ngoda oven) is an award winning business and Aaron Chikukuza is an award winning business manager.

To God be the Glory!!!

Thank you stakeholders!!!


Don't miss this for anything and tell someone!!

Photos from Ngoda oven's post 25/05/2021

Photos from Ngoda oven's post


NationalFM Zim

Enjoy the live segment brought to you by Ngoda Oven



NationalFM Zim

Ngoda oven. shasha pane dzimwe shasha!



Happy New Year from Biznvest Group. Get ready for an exciting year 2020 journey with Biznvest Group.

See you at the top


Do not miss this program live stream. Stay connected through social media every Wednesday contact us on +263787449222 or +263787418377


NationalFM Zim



Breaking news! We have done it again, we will be livestreaming our popular Sugar Munzeve programme on National from 10am tomorrow Wednesday the 19th of November 2019. We will be showcasing our flagship product Ngoda Oven. Get the details here. Don't miss it for anything.


Dear customer

Please tune in this morning to National FM radio from 11am sharp as Biznvest launches the Ngoda Oven Mega Win Promotion.Frequency 102.8.

Ngoda oven is the largest oven manufacturer in Zimbabwe by market share!!

Don't miss it!


Are you into baking, and continuous power cuts is affecting your business. Worry not we bring to you moveable Ngoda ovens that uses charcoal, firewood or cowdung. Easy to carry and comes in different sizes. We also offer baking training for all confectionery.
For inquiries call +263787449222 or +263787418377. Or visit 43 Robson Manyika and Second street Merchant house Harare


Halala. Halala. Halala

It's happening this Saturday in Bulawayo and Makaha after Mutoko Center. Refer to the two flyers below.

Kind regards



We offer Ebooks on:
Petroleum Jelly making (Vaseline)
Dog breeding handbook
Ostrich manual
Fish farming
Hatchery management
Goat production handbook
Rabbit production
Sheep farming
Road runner chicken farming
Pig production

Lemon and lime ready to drink
Syrup formula
Fruit juice processing
Orange crush
Dairy based drink formula
Pop drinks formula
Drink formula

$25 rtgs per each book
$250 rtgs for all the 17 ebooks above

We also have the following ebooks:
200 best homes businesses
Essential oil perfumes
Ways to make money
Detergents formulas

$50 rtgs for each
$150 rtgs for all the 4 ebooks

The ebooks offer step by step methods on each product whether small scale or large scale its up to you. The ebooks come with all info and contacts of where you can get ingredients and containers. To buy the ebooks kindly contact 0775257397 by whatsApp or calling so that we send the books on whatsApp.

Sevenstar Consultancy is a division of the Biznvest Group

Our office is
Suite 603, 6th floor
Merchant House
43 Robson Manyika
Cnr Second Street


Kind regards


Halala Halala Halala

Happy birthday to Mr Aaron Chikukuza the Founder and Chairman of the Group. Wow wow we celebrate a great visionary par excellence. It has been four years now since you gave birth to Biznvest Group and it has been an unending stream of greatness after greatness.

We thank God for bringing you here on this terrestrial plane. We are very proud to work under your tutelage and innovative leadership in the Biznvest Group grandiose vision. May the dear Lord increase your entrepreneurial territory. Wisdom is yours and all that you desire. The vision will go yonder and beyond your expectations. Indeed Transforming dreams to reality.

Biznvest Group team wishes you a great birthday celebration Sir. Happy birthday our Group Chairman Sir. Happy birthday our DJ Shuga Ft Kanyemba Bonzo of the Sugar Munzeve fame lol. Be blessed and have a blast.

Biznvest Group of Companies


You are invited!!


This is the new level.


Halala Halala Halala!!!

Happy 4th Anniversary to Biznvest.

I would like to profusely thank ALL of you for making us clock 4 years where just four years ago Biznvest started as a WhatsApp group but today it's on a higher pedestal of vision trajectory.

You all deserve a big round of applause for all your hard works and unconditional dedications. Congratulations to you for being a part of this Biznvest journey! This vision was blessed from its first day when you decided to be part of it. You deserve all the appreciations. You are the proudest and most valued entrepreneurs because, without you guys, nothing would have been possible. Thank you all for not letting this vision fail even for once. When a vision has people like you, success is no more a dream, it’s a sure thing to be achieved. All these successes in all these four years would not have been possible if this vision didn’t have someone like you. If there is ever a vision history written on this entrepreneurial movement, it will start with you and end with you. You have brought so many successes for this vision that its impossible to look into the future without you.

Let me take this opportunity to announce that from today Biznvest will now be known as Biznvest Group. The direction of the Biznvest Group will be shared in the next few days to come. It's a higher level like never before. Blessed be God.

Allow me to give ALL the glory to God Almighty for giving me this vision. Let me also appreciate my Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. DD of Christ Embassy church International for all the undiluted teachings of the word of God, the impartations and everything. Without much ado let me appreciate the Zonal Pastor of Christ Embassy Zimbabwe, Pastor Dr Ruth Musarurwa for the guidance and support she has given to me. Thank you for teaching me how to catch fish and how to own big fishponds where others come and fish. Would also want to thank my family and relatives for the best support a family could give. I owe you all a bottomless pit of gratitude.

Happy anniversary to Biznvest Group!!!

Biznvest Group Office:
43 Robson Manyika
Cnr Second Street
Merchant House
6th floor, suite 603.

Kind regards
Aaron Chikukuza
Founder and Chairman
Biznvest Group


Boxed iphone 6s - $250 U.S
64 gig
call or app 0775146077


Biznvest Temp-Bag.


Hello Friends, indeed this is just for you!!

Biznvest Pvt Ltd is so excited to introduce to you one of it's subsidiaries called Herfbnat which is an arm that supplies you with herbs. At Herbnat we solve most of your health challenges, be it any kind of STIs, acids, Ulcers, jeko, slimming, gaining weight, hip and bum, toothache, appetite, low s***m count, zvidhori, backache, kudzora dumbu, skin disease, herb for mhanza, rush, black spots etc. Guess what, we also have our Njanji herb for all your bedroom problems, be it lack of feelings etc. Our Njanji herb will spice up your bedroom issues like never before. With our Njanji herb you become a man among other men and a woman among other women.

Kindly talk to us about any health challenges and we have a herb for that. Our herbs have NO side effects at all and can be taken alongside if someone is taking pills from hospital. To those customers in Harare/Chitungwiza/Ruwa we deliver your herbs for free at your doorstep or office. For our customers outside Harare, Zimbabwe or Africa we send your herbs using all formal delivery ways that you may know or choose.

We receive great positive feedback daily from all those who have used our herbs and our herbs are so AFFORDABLE and our prices fit your respective budgets. For more information contact us on +263775257397 by either texting, WhatsAppping or calling and we will gladly assist you with any of your enquiries. Alternatively, visit us in Harare, at Corner Robson Manyika and Second Street, Merchant house 6th floor, suite 603.

For your own information, Herbnat is on radio. Tune in to Sugar Munzeve programme every week on Power FM (Tuesdays and Fridays from 1630hrs) and National FM (Wednesdays 1030hrs).

Kind regards
Herbnat Team 2019


11. Help others with their businesses.
“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” -- Zig Ziglar.

Being an entrepreneur is about solving problems with the resources that you have. The more you help others solve problems with their own businesses, the more your own skills will grow.

Related: 5 Skills Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Master

For example, you can create an accountability group for entrepreneurs where you each help each other out. In this way, you learn and grow together.

12. Keep learning.
“I am still learning.” -- Michaelangelo.

Keep your own learning and personal development active. There are so many courses online, both free and paid, that teach a variety of entrepreneurial skills such as Skill Incubator, Udemy and Udacity.

With such easy access to knowledge and resources, there really is no excuse that you can’t build skills to succeed as an entrepreneur.


9. Work in sales.
“To me, job titles don’t matter. Everyone is in sales. It’s the only way we stay in business.” -- Harvey Mackay.

In every business, sales play a vital role in the survival, sustainability and success of a business. You can have the best product in the world but if you don’t know how to sell it, it is worthless.

One of the easiest ways to learn how to sell is to get a sales role. It doesn’t matter if you are selling Tupperware at parties or selling complicated technology solutions, you will pick up valuable skills, such as learning how to ask questions of your prospect and researching your target market.

10. Get involved with other entrepreneurs.
Whether it’s attending entrepreneurial events, conferences, seminars or meetups; spending time with other entrepreneurs will help you grow in your own entrepreneurial skills.

If you have the time and guts, you can compete in an entrepreneur competition like Shark Tank where any gaps in your entrepreneurial skills will be revealed very quickly. However such a demanding experience will also multiply your learning speed.


7. Practice communication skills.
The best entrepreneurs have learned how to communicate their passion and dreams in an engaging way, both online and offline. To learn how to speak publicly, join a Toastmasters group, offer to speak at workplace parties, or even emcee at your friend’s wedding.

Related: The 17 Skills Required to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

To improve your online communication skills, stay active on your social media accounts, blog, set up an online Facebook group or create a newsletter on your favorite hobby or topic.

The more often you put yourself out there, the faster your communication skills will grow.

8. Learn from a mentor.
The value of a mentor is priceless when it comes to building your entrepreneurial skills. Rather than make all the mistakes yourself, why not learn from someone else who has already made them?

Mentors are not only great sounding boards for your ideas but they also can be fantastic cheerleaders when the going gets tough. If you are lucky, you may find a mentor wiling to train you for free because they believe in you and want to give back. Some mentors will be happy to teach you in exchange for you helping them out in their own business. Others offer a paid service.

If you are young enough or at the start of your career, try to apply for internships as those are great opportunities to wet your feet in the real business world.


5. Manage your own finances.
Understanding basic finance is essential in running your own company. You don’t have to be an accountant, but you should at least be able to understand the basics around cash flow, assets, and profit and loss.

Start by learning how to do your own taxes and manage your own budget and investments.

6. Volunteer to lead.
The ability to lead a team and stay organized is important when you become an entrepreneur. You can start by looking for volunteer and leadership opportunities around you. Volunteer to lead a Meetup group, start a fundraising project for your favorite non-profit organization or get involved with your local community board. Alternatively, coach a local children’s sports team or just plan your mother’s birthday party.

By getting involved in bigger roles, even if unpaid, you get to practice your time management, organization, leadership and teamwork skills.


3. Stick with challenges.
“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” -- Albert Einstein.

Every successful entrepreneur has learned to develop their perseverance and tenacity muscles. The life of an entrepreneur is never smooth sailing, and it takes guts to keep going when people doubt your abilities.

To build perseverance, create a goal or challenge that is meaningful and don’t give yourself the to quit. Alternatively, give yourself a deadline to aim towards. For example, if you want to create a better blog, make a commitment to write 1,000 words every day for a year.

4. Delay gratification.
Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, Solar City and SpaceX set himself a challenge to live on only $1 a day to see if he had what it took to lead life as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs have to get used to countless failures and almost zero rewards until they finally hit the jackpot. To train yourself to be able to delay gratification, start small. Say "no" to the extra donut. Keep your old car instead of going into debt to buy a new one. Wake up at 5 a.m. on the weekends to work on your business idea instead of staying in bed.

Are any of these tips applicable to you? Share with us in the comments below.


Becoming your own boss and an entrepreneur is the new coveted career choice of the 21st century. People are fed up with working jobs that leave them underpaid and unfulfilled.

Although some entrepreneurs say they were born to build a company, it’s never been easier for anyone to learn entrepreneur skills that can propel them into building a successful business.

Here is a list of 12 effective ways to build entrepreneurial skills that matter:

1. Take a different path.
“Creativity is the root of entrepreneurship.” -- Karndee Leopairote, Thammasat University.

Creativity is the ability to see things differently and to provide solutions where there are gaps. To build your creativity skills, intentionally try something new. Do something that others won’t do. Read unusual books. Watch a movie in a different language. Travel to an unexpected spot. Talk to people that are out of your circle of comfort.

"The Big Short" is a movie that depicts how several opportunist entrepreneurs and investors managed to profit from the 2008 financial crisis by going against popular opinion.

2. Start a business.
“You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” -- Richard Branson.

There is nothing like real-world experience. Whether you run a business on the side or full-time, you get the opportunity to grow your skills such as business planning, negotiation, sales and marketing. 22/10/2018

Home 1 - Chartlearn

Good day.

Please find attached information about our WhatsApp chatbots and the different packages for your perusal:

What is a Chatbot?
A chatbot is a bot that automatically answers the questions of your customers and prospects, so you can sell, support customers, and send advertisements to prospects in an automated way, saving you both time and money when you increase your sales, due to that the bot works at all times, it can handle decades of conversations at the same time, and is cheaper than having a person answering and sending messages constantly.

The chatbot is able to:
- Answer messages automatically
- Send images of your company.
- Send marketing campaigns to a list of numbers
- Perform automated sales

We are working to improve the functionality of the bot constantly, and it is possible to connect it to external systems, which means that it does not have technical limits that can be done with the bot, however, it could have an extra cost depending on the complexity of it.

How would the bot help my business?
It will allow you to make marketing via WhatsApp to your customers, as well as customer support and automated sales.

As an organization you will have your phone and the bot will work on your number that you have always been using and you can also respond to people in person through the same number.


1. Bronze Package:
-$200 for development.
-$100 per month.
-Unlimited messages
-Limit of 20 auto-responses
-Auto Reply
-Send images of your products
-Ready in a week or less
-Platform to update responses

2. Gold Package:
-$300 for development.
-$150 per month.-
-Unlimited messages
-Limit of 40 auto-replies
-Auto Reply
-Send images of your company
-Ready in a week or less
-Platform to update responses

3. Diamond Package:
-$400 development.
-$200 per month.
-Custom functions
-Unlimited messages
-Limit of 60 self-answers
-Answering automatically
-Sending marketing campaigns to list
-Sending images of your company
-Ready in a week or less
-Platform to update responses

NB: All payments can either be a transfer, Ecocash, one money, bonds, rands or USD.

Enquiries kindly contact:
Aaron on 0775257397
Send us an email: [email protected]
Visit our website:

Visit our offices:
Suite 603, 6th floor
Merchant house
43 Robson Manyika

Kind regards Zimbabwe on Chartlearn…

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Biznvest Temp-Bag.
Sugar Munzeve!!
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Hello everyone. Make an effort to watch that video. Its about our workshop coming up soon on the 4th of March.. enjoy it




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