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#RaiseYourHand for Excellence in #Education for both our girls and our boys...
__Let's all get moving!

Last week I shared a story about a young African mother long ago who hadn't yet finished high school, had to flee her homeland due to conflict, but who still managed to prosper as a local entrepreneur with her family in a new land, because of her great personal grit, savvy, and solution-seeking #mindset. [I know this could also be the story of some of you].

Today looking forward, although her story was of success against many odds, I want to remind you of the importance to our continent to ensure we EDUCATE ALL OUR GIRLS as well as our boys.

Not everyone is as remarkable as my mother, in succeeding so well with limited formal education, although African women never cease to amaze me, and are our most resilient continent builders. Let us all do what we can to help empower them to greater heights, starting as young as possible.

In the past few weeks, I’ve told you that any entrepreneur worth his or HER salt MUST know how to read and understand financial statements. To ensure this is possible, our young learners must first get a good grasp of basic maths, starting early, whether a boy child or a girl child.

You all know I have five daughters, and to be honest, it is completely beyond me how anyone in the modern day could need to be made aware of the critical importance of quality girls’ education, not just across Africa but globally.

It’s mind-boggling. Even before COVID hit, more than 132 million school-age girls globally were out of school because of poverty, child labor, war, exploitation, lack of school infrastructure, early marriage and/or pregnancy, cultural issues, lack of access to sanitary products, and a prevalent attitude in some communities that “education for boys is more important” than for girls. Can you imagine?

Now you know we don’t focus on problems on this platform: We #SeekSolutions. So today I wanted to share one way we're tackling this challenge at home: Econet Wireless is supporting an 18-month initiative across Zimbabwe called the “Girls’ Education Awareness Program" [GEAP].

This project is being launched in partnership with the Global Partnership for Education [GPE] and other public and private partners in Zimbabwe and around the world. GPE will also launch similar programs in Kenya and Ghana. One of my daughters will be helping to lead the initiative in Zimbabwe.

__The message we want to share is simple: Our young girls must be allowed, encouraged, and inspired to go to school and to stay in school! They should have equal opportunities to learn and prosper. ALL our girls, all the time. Okay? Girls need to have the same opportunities to learn as boys.

There should be no excuse whatsoever.

While most of you already know about the digital educational initiatives we’ve launched over the years like Muzinda Hub, Simba Education, Ruzivo Digital Learning and 21C Skills ( and others through the Higherlife Foundation, this new project focuses specifically on girls' education.

We need to start working on this urgently NOW, with new #Innovations and #Mindset, whether our schools have reopened again or not. [Already there are signs of a higher dropout rate with kids just not returning to classes once the doors have opened again].

__Urgent challenges like this require many of us to be part of the #Solution bringing together our different resources.

I know some of you have seen the op-ed article I recently wrote with GPE’s CEO, Alice Albright, in the April/May edition of "New Africa" Magazine which talks about the importance of public and private investment in quality and inclusive education, especially now as we try to get our economies moving again. Here's the link:

Without a doubt, investment in education is one of the most important ways to grow prosperity in our families, nations, and across the continent.

Are girls in your communities in school? If not, why not?

Lots of interested people from around the world will be reading your comments this week. Please help them understand the education situation where you live, and share any ideas you may have.

Let's talk.


#RaiseYourHand for girls' education!



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Hie can I know wer exactly are you located I have a course that I'm interested to do
I am a newly enrolled student with Muzinda Hub..after paying the tuition and all, there are online lectures done via Treehouse..which I have been having a challenge to access..from the link provided to me, its talking of using a trial version for 7 days etc..I cant seem to create my student profile there so as to provide my detail and all, its been 3 days waiting for assistance from #teamTreehouse through an email provided to me from Mayisha @Cassavasmartech.. time is moving and I havent been assisted..please help..thank yiu in advance
Mr Lovemore Nyatsine is CEO of @Clean City Africa. He has worked as the CEO of Higherlife Foundation Life as well as Chief of Staff to Econet Group CEO. Lovemore is a hands on, results oriented and experienced leadership, strategy and transformation executive in the Technology, Media and Telecommunication (TMT) sector.

He has over 20 years experience working in diverse environments, solving problems, managing large scale projects, experiencing challenging moments and gaining invaluable experience in the process. He has worked in a number of countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Burundi, Kenya, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe in business, mining, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and technology, media & telecom (TMT) sectors.

He is the Founding Director of Zimbabwe's first innovation Hub, Econet Wireless' Muzinda Hub.

He is a published author of titles that include #SeedsofGreatness and the popular #RiseLikeAnEagle as well as a blogger. He is an NLP Practitioner, Deep Democracy Faciltator, PROSCI Change Expert.

Twitter; @LovemoreNyatsin
Good morning, got acceptance letter to enroll on a program,what suprised me is that I have to pay of which it was announced that it a fully funded initiative
20 days into our month of thanks! Shout out to Muzinda Hub who have been a #code club partner in Zimbabwe.

The programme not only teaches coding but helps children develop skills for the future 👏
It’s brilliant to see the enthusiasm of the students at Muzinda Hub's code club in Zimbabwe. It’s just one of a range of projects we’re supporting to help children develop skills for the future. #AfricaCodeWeek
Why Tech Hubs are Important -… #articles #techies #coding #hubs
#FlashbackFriday to when BIH, in partnership with Muzinda Hub, launched Botswana’s first digital skills training programme for young people, a national initiative to build the knowledge-based economy. Launched by His Excellency the President of Botswana Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi, and attended by STEM pioneers like Captain Kgomotso Phatsima.

Live from DumaFM is Captain Kgomotso Phatsima, discussing the launch of the Digital Skills Program for Youth, brought to you in partnership with Muzinda Hub.

We are all ready to host you at our #ZimbabweAgricShow2019 stand. Come through and experience the digital solutions we have for you.

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