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Summertime means more time to chill and enjoy outside

A statement piece in onceoff print combinations.

COMING SOON online and at DreamHub ZW
⚫️•For Love Of Country•⚫️•
Introducing our PJ02 jersey retailing for $35.
Available in store DreamHub ZW.

See you soon!

#Patriots #ForLoveOfCountry #ZimbabweIsUs #IAmZimbabwean #Knitwear #JuziRangu #MaJuziEnyika #ProudlyZimbabwean🇿🇼 #SupportLocal #BuyZimbabwe
•⚫️• Zimbabwe Is Us•⚫️•
Introducing our PJ01 jersey retailing for $40. Available in store DreamHub ZW.

See you soon!

#Patriots #ForLoveOfCountry #ZimbabweIsUs #IAmZimbabwean #Knitwear #JuziRangu #MaJuziEnyika #ProudlyZimbabwean🇿🇼 #SupportLocal #BuyZimbabwe
Get your dad awesome fun socks and make his day more special by reminding him “Don’t tell Mom” was the best advice he ever gave you! 😄

🧦: USD10 for 2 pairs
📍: DreamHub ZW
☎️: +263771519900

See you soon!

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La vie en rose #bubblecandles #handpouredcandles #handmadeinafrica Check out the different shades at these stores Apartment 12 Maasdorp Avenue, Belgravia, DreamHub ZW 145 Fife Avenue and One Culture Art Gallery/Caffe 34 Boscobel Drive West, Harare.

DreamHub is an entrepreneurial hub that finds, nurtures and releases scalable entrepreneurs and their businesses. It is founded on the philosophy that a new generation of ethical and skilled entrepreneurs is key to Africa’s involvement internationally.

Operating as usual

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❄️Winter is here❄️

Come through and take a look and hopefully a pick 😊 of winter warmer gear from @amazimzim_official, @hambanow @zvakakoshaapparel_, @vovoscloset2021, and @patriotszw.

📌: DreamHub, 145 Fife Avenue, Corner Fife and Fifth Street
💵 : From $20 - $35



Two years ago we started an entrepreneurs collective. Big dreams and still resilient.

It can only be GOD!


for Heroes Weekend.

Zimbabwe is honouring the great sacrifice of our defence forces and those who played a role in our liberation.

Monday and Tuesday we will be CLOSED and we will reopen on Wednesday after a nice restful weekend.


You can get the @freyjarcrafts designer bracelets personalized on request after purchasing a bracelet

Easy collection at @dreamhub_zw 145 Fife Avenue just opposite Nandos at Fife Avenue shops.

This was bought by the Father of a young Pauline.


Some bohemian luxe earrings from @bsc_lifestyle $10/pair at the hub.

Buy that lady something special for her with these gorgeous pairs of earrings. Handmade with love.


Get @amazimzim_official T-shirts $10/tee on SALE. The @thabanisocks costs $10 for TWO pairs of socks.

Zimbabwean inspired brands at the @dreamhub_zw perfect as a gift to others or self.



Deluxe beaded earrings with precious stones available for $10/pair


Come right in with our new signage.

Ankara tshirts
Scented candles
Leather vellies belts and bags
Candle holders

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 07/06/2021

Welcoming jewellery to the hub for affordable beaded earrings.

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 04/06/2021


WE ARE MAKING OUR SHOP MORE VISIBLE...it seems renovations stay happening. Constant improvement as the business environment toughens...so do we.

Where entrepreneurs can elevate their brand.


Today we have Thabani P Mlilo from The African Iconoclast Inc sharing his journey 🚶🏾‍♂️- literally as he was leaving a client. 😀

Key takeaway: It is not an easy road. Noone will do it for you. You have to do it yourself.

💫DreamHub: Turning Dreams To Business💫


Today we have Rugare Marufu sharing her beekeeping enterprise Organic Honey 🍯 (HiveTreasures)

May you be inspired by her story and the amazing impact work her team is carrying out with bee farmers all around Zimbabwe.

💫DreamHub: Turning Dreams To Business💫


We continue to strive to create a better and safer co-retail space for our entrepreneurs housed at the DreamHub and better shopping experience for our clients.

Covid-19 and the life of intermittent lockdowns we foresee are beyond the control of anyone. Businesses are also having to adapt to new systems. Economies are learning how to navigate business life and business challenges as they hit us. However through those challenges moments of inspiration hit as well, and we invest in the hope of success ahead.

We have always believed in using what we have within our reach and we are excited to see the completed renovations of our new shop space. Thanks to our investors who believe in our mission as a co-retail hub, for sponsoring this improvement.


💫DreamHub: Turning Dreams To Business💫


We’ve entered another lockdown.

Here are some encouraging and insightful words from Audrey Simbiso Chidawanyika from Simbiso Jumpstart Initiative that might help one navigate their business through these pandemic times.

DreamHub: Turning Dreams To Business

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We have various Natural Layer gift baskets in store to surprise your loved ones with.

Contact us for your special gift baskets for any occasion.

•||•Natural Layer•||• Embrace Your Natural Beauty•||•


A box full of happiness is what Thabani Socks look like. Come through whilst stocks last.
🧦: USD10
📍: @dreamhub_zw
See you soon!



Taking a classic overall and vellies to a modern feel. BRANDS at the hub are young yet innovative

Custom order
HambaNow Travel denim overall and VeldTrekkers BRIGHT BLUE slimcut vellies

📍145 Fife Avenue, Pharmacy

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 17/10/2020

Genuine leather shoes. Get ready for the festive season with durable leather shoes as a gift to another or self.
VeldTrekkers keeps giving us some amazing footwear


More products coming to the hub as we prepare for festive season

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 07/10/2020

The rains are on their way! Get suited up in a worksuit. Order at DREAMHUB worksuits with a lead time that varies per order.

Starting at $15/suit

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 22/09/2020

Gearing up for the summer in the case of business means...farming time!
DREAMHUB has you covered available to order from HambaNow Travel ,
also available to order by VeldTrekkers made in
Both based at DREAMHUB 145 Fife Avenue Harare


Welcoming SPRING with some gorgeous leather sandals.
For both ladies and mens cut.
💫DreamHub:Turning Dreams To Business💫

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 15/09/2020

As restrictions ease... SALE on existing stock under HambaNow Travel with $30/bomber


We are so glad to welcome our first book to be sold in our hub.

A young Zimbabwean author, Thabani P Mlilo explains his book:

"The book is an extension of my journey of life and discovery a lot of lessons acquired which would be instrumental for this and the generations to come. In my journey I have acquired priceless lessons through my encounters from the man on the street, grandmother in the village, young man in the heart of Africa and the CEO of some of largest institutions..."

retailing for US$10 get a hard copy from us

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 14/09/2020

Summer is here and why not start it with our CLEARANCE Sale!
Vellies and Moccassins VeldTrekkers (Old Stock) $30
Afrocentric Bomber Jackets HambaNow Travel (Old Stock) $30
Socks Thabani Socks $6

*Terms and Conditions apply all charged in USD currency.

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 30/06/2020

Our DreamHub Lead Linda K Sibs had an opportunity to share her entrepreneurial journey on the @MentorshipZim page on twitter on Thursday, June 25. Follow the link - https://twitter.com/mentorshipzim/status/1276098159664599040?s=21 if you didn’t manage to catch it then.

Her thread was filled with insightful and truthful highs and lows of a young Zimbabwean entrepreneur. The thread managed to capture the attention of Vusi Thembekwayo and he not only read through it, but he left a comment as well!

In Linda’s words, “Entrepreneurship is not taught, it is experienced”. Her unfiltered experience left many inspired and encouraged. It also opened up doors to some collaborative works we will be engaged in as the DreamHub

Well done Linda!


At 1PM Harare/Pretoria time a Twitter Chat...

At 12 pm WAT today, TEF Partnerships Manager, Dewunmi Alugbin & Enterprise Development Center Deputy Director,
Nneka Okekearu will discuss how businesses can build & sustain resilience post covid19.

Join the conversation via Oxfam in Nigeria on Twitter - @oxfaminnigeria.

Idea to Reality - Project Management for SMEs 29/06/2020

Idea to Reality - Project Management for SMEs

The Tony Elumelu Foundation masterclass on project management

Idea to Reality - Project Management for SMEs

Photos from VeldTrekkers's post 09/06/2020

Make an arrangement and pickup at the hub for your boots

Photos from DreamHub ZW's post 01/06/2020


Like every enterprise and individual out there COVID-19 took us all by surprise. It instantly put a halt on all our business and personal plans as a matter of safety. As DreamHub one of our most exciting objectives this year is partnering with agro-financers and a corporate to support and enhance Agripreneurs. Providing this sector with agribusiness training, value-addition initiatives and various extension activities with the agriculture industry professionals in our network.
We are genuinely excited and anticipating to roll out this program and supporting the young agripreneurs in the DreamHub network when it is safe to do so. Agriculture is an essential service to fight hunger regardless.


After a few weeks into lockdown Robin and I decided to re-look our plans and we asked ourselves, we didnt want to be rushed into making a decision that wasnt well thought out.

"What do we have, what is it that is in our hands that we can use with regards to our plans?”

You see that is the unique aspect of DreamHub, we too are Zimbabwean entrepreneurs who intimately understand the challenges and are too directly affected by the business environment and we have to always think on our feet and adapt with wisdom to keep pressing on with our dreams.

So what do we have? Is the question we asked ourselves. How can we avoid wasting the resources we have in uncertain times?

I (Linda K Sibs) realised that I have unused patches of land at home and as well as a borehole. Making this a great opportunity to also test our theories and have a sample site for training. Our program activities will involve a lot of PRACTICAL lessons in the field (literally), training with a lot of hand holding and walking through with each agripreneur from pre-planting preparations right to post-harvest management. What better way to teach about small scale home farming, than from a point of experience.

I decided to practically carry out the plans we had in preparation for the DreamHub:Agripreneurship program. This will also help in building our modules for training for non-farmers/new farmers who want to secure food provision for both home and for sale. Opening our empowering training to the community in food and income provision. Tomatoes came to mind because of low cost to start and the demand as they make a popular ingredient in local relishes. A seemingly manageable vegetable for a non-farmer like me to experiment with. The soils took root (pun intended) of them and we will have a plan to dry them in case they flood the market, (preplanning for the in case of such a risk) as part of our value-addition initiative that is a strong component of our DreamHub - Agripreneurship program.


We have also continued with our renovations at DreamHub, converting poorly utilised space and adding more value for our business activities. Our renovation expert Robin has already started part of the work.

We suggest you clean up an unused garage, balcony or extra room and figure out how to use the space either as an office or production/processing of your goods and services.


We took time out, we accepted that COVID-19 was beyond us and nothing about it was within our sphere of control, we were overwhelmed by sadness on some days and we allowed ourselves as a team to feel and express all we needed to concerning the effect of the pandemic on the DreamHub.

However through honestly admitting to ourselves that we had no clue on a way forward and not succumbing to social media pressures of seemingly having our hub activities all figured out, we managed to successfully re-evaluate our plans and we now have a general positive out look on how our initial 2020 plans will continue.


Please do feel free to contact either one of us Robin or Linda at the DreamHub for your personal zoom DreamHub: Arc of Truth session were we can openly discuss and share ideas for your business in aiding you on how to adapt successfully. We at the DreamHub remain determined in assisting you to turn your dreams to business.

For specific product orders in stock contact us to buy items from our entrepreneurs. We will communicate what is possible due to the lockdown for pickups.

Remember to always practice good hygiene, wear a facemask and protect yourself from COVID19. Also take care of your stress levels, avoid the silent killers of stress.


Linda K. Sibs
DreamHub Lead

Timeline photos 19/05/2020

Some enterpreneurship inspiration

Join our Founder, @tonyoelumelu and African Heads of State by 1pm (WAT) today at the NewYork Forum Institute virtual roundtable as they highlight lessons the world can learn from Africa and emphasize the vision for the world post-health crisis.

Join the conversation here: https://bit.ly/3dZ5kxQ.

Photos from HambaNow Travel's post 15/05/2020

Order some of the stock from HambaNow Travel online. Available at the dreamhub on an appointment/online.


Stay creative and remind your clients you are still in business in the new normal.

Enjoying the beauty of winter sunshine with some gorgeous shorts by HAMBA

Photos from HambaNow Travel's post 13/05/2020

A winter staple!🥰🥰

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