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*** 4 day Care Course ***
* ** Tailor made "AT HOME" training f or you or your Domestic Staff ***
* ** Home Assessments **** I'm excited to ha ve you join us.

We are providing training for a ll over 18 to become carers. Th is may be for yourself or househo ld staff. No previous experience required, howev er, a good level of English is essenti al. We will also refer our graduat es for any jobs available. A fu ll assessment is done prior to employi ng a carer.

Operating as usual


Today marks the first day of Wor ld Alzheimer’s Month. Let’s all play a pa rt in helping others know about Alzheimer ’s and Dementia.


POSTPONED TO MONDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻Bookin gs available

Can over-caring 'rob the independence' of peop le with dementia? 04/08/2022

Can over-caring 'rob the independence' of peop le with dementia?

Can over-caring 'rob the independence' of peop le with dementia? Care staff and families need to be mindf ul they don’t fall into the tr ap of over-caring for people with dement ia, warns dementia care expert, Anne Kel ly.

SEREN Caring - Zimbabwe updated the ir business hours. 02/08/2022

SEREN Caring - Zimbabwe updated the ir business hours.

SEREN Caring - Zimbabwe updated the ir business hours.

SEREN Caring - Zimbabwe updated the ir address. 02/08/2022

SEREN Caring - Zimbabwe updated the ir address.

SEREN Caring - Zimbabwe updated the ir address.


🌟 Bookings open for our Augu st course!


Refusal to bathe is such a comm on thing in late stage Dementia patien ts. Here are some tips to overco me it.


Bookings are now open for Ju ne. WhatsApp message only please.

The t wo courses are more beneficial done as a packa ge to obtain a UK Qualification. US$300

T he online training is done after t he face-to-face training.
It is done at ho me
At your own pace (Avg 1 to 2 weeks)
On a laptop 💻 or computer

Ne xt Course will be in July.


‼️ P O S T P O N E D ‼️

PLEA SE NOTE, this course has been postpon ed until next Monday 16th MAY.

Our apologi es for any inconvenience caused... BOOKINGS STI LL OPEN FOR NEXT WEEK!


Bookings open for this course ne xt week


Can your diet make a differen ce with dementia? The @nytimes spoke to t wo of our favorite doctors to fi nd out — @dr_mosconi and @drumanaidoo — in th is week’s Friday Read! Head up to o ur link in bio or story to fi nd out.


Taking bookings now!


🔵 Book now for our ne xt course!

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Our New Carers have progressed to t he U.K. Online Certificate and Modules. Congratulatio ns 🎉

Photos from ZARDA's post 01/04/2022

Photos from ZARDA's post

Timeline photos 25/03/2022

Timeline photos


✅ LAST CHANCE to get goi ng with this OLD price!

Monday to Thursd ay 28 March is Our next traini ng date for our “Introduction to Car e” before going further and being enroll ed onto our online UK Care Certificates

***** ** PRICE going up due to curre nt inflation worldwide 🙈🙈


There is new research that sho ws an association between having high cholester ol and blood sugar in your 3 0s with an increased risk of Alzheimer ’s. This study is so exciting as it giv es us so much more information abo ut why and how we can g et started preventing Alzheimer’s as soon as possib le. For example, higher levels of high-densi ty lipoprotein, or HDL can lower Alzheimer ’s risk. The takeaway from this stu dy should be that the earlier a nd more often we measure things su ch as blood sugar and cholesterol, t he sooner we can prevent larger a nd more serious health outcomes. Read mo re in our link in bio or sto ry.


Monday to Thursday 28 March is O ur next training date for our “Introducti on to Care” before going further a nd being enrolled onto our online UK Ca re Certificates

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A great week of training wi th lots of fun and games so tha nk you 😊 Congratulations 👏


‼️Supporting caregivers is supporting people livi ng with dementia‼️


Monday 14 March is next we ek so get started with your U .K. Qualification 😬


Total Cost for t he UK Carer qualification is US$300

Whi ch is mandatory online training done at yo ur own pace and may be start ed at any time.

This may be do ne without doing the face-to-face training first.

The 4 Day face-to-face, "Introduction to Ca re" - in Highland, Harare - is n ot mandatory but is beneficial to g et started and is included in t he total price, as an added bon us for you.

Experience is required after/duri ng your training and is your responsibili ty. Volunteer in a retirements home/nursing ho me, clinic or hospital if you ha ve to.

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Another great week of training 🎉 Congratulatio ns the you all 👍 I ho pe the online training is going we ll for you ??


If you were in need of so me good news today, this study o ut of @washumedicine about a Alzheimer’s blo od test is a great read! W hy is a blood test such go od news when it comes to diagnosi ng Alzheimer’s? It’s lower cost, more accessib le, and far less invasive than oth er tools we have so far. He ad up to our link in b io to read more! 🩸


Total Cost for the UK Car er qualification is US$300
Which is mandato ry online training done at your o wn pace and may be started at a ny time.
** This may be do ne without doing the face-to-face training fir st **

The 4 Day face-to-face, "Introducti on to Care" - in Highland, Hara re - is not mandatory but is benefici al to get started and is includ ed in the total price, as an add ed bonus for you.

Experience is requir ed after/during your training and is yo ur responsibility. Volunteer in a retirements home/nursi ng home, clinic or hospital if y ou have to.


🇬🇧 UK Care Certificate and Modul es 🇬🇧
(Online & at your o wn pace)
** Secondary School Certificate requir ed **
Previous Caregiving Experience and Knowled ge Beneficial

Courses are linked to Health a nd Social Care vocational qualifications.
Courses meet C QC best practice standards, helping ensure yo ur compliance.
Courses are accredited through the C PD Certification Service.
We also offer addition al specialist online care courses over a nd above the mandatory requirements.
Courses are interacti ve, in-depth and comprehensive. Appeal to a ll learning styles and include voiceover a nd videos.


EMAIL ONLY: ONLINE TRAINI NG (As the Subject/Heading)
[email protected]

Photos from SEREN Caring - Zimbabwe 's post 16/02/2022

Congratulations 🥳 to our latest Caregive rs 🎉
Online UK Certificates next ✅


We’ve always known that there w as a link between sleep and Alzheimer ’s, but a new study sheds lig ht on whether Alzheimer’s causes sleep disrupti on or if sleep disruption feeds in to the disease. New research reveals th at sleep disruption is correlated with Alzheimer ’s and could likely be and ear ly warning sign of the disease! What ’s amazing about this finding, is th at the earlier we intervene, hopefully t he more we can reduce Alzheimer’s sympto ms or delay onset of the disea se. Learn more in our link in b io or stories!


To all you carer givers leavi ng a little sparkle wherever you go - if y ou are interested in starting a bra nd new life and taking your care er overseas; Seren Healthcare wants to he ar from you - as soon as possib le!

If you are serious about taki ng your skills over to the U. K., where they are seriously in ne ed of people like you right n ow, then please get in touch wi th us at the earliest convenience.

Ser en deals exclusively with taking qualified heal th care workers and care givers ov er to the U.K. to help pl ug a rapidly expanding gap in t he work force. This means y ou!

✨ If you are a seni or level carer - or currently worki ng in a recognised carer role - th en we want to hear from you.

If you are a qualifi ed nurse, of any discipline, then we wa nt to hear from you.

✨ If y ou are a midwife with experience und er your belt, then we want to he ar from you.

All that we a sk is that you are able to demonstra te a relevant work history, in t he form of a C.V. that y ou can send us, along with a ny qualification documents, and that you ha ve obtained your IELTS, ideally to a lev el 7, which is stipulated by mo st employers.

If you have all of the se things, and you're ready to sta rt writing the next chapter in yo ur superhero story, then send all of yo ur documents, by email, to either:

👉🏾 [email protected]

where o ur recruitment team will take a lo ok at them, and, if you a re suitable to apply, will be in tou ch with you in due course. Y ou will need to be patient, as we a re currently receiving hundreds of C.V.s a we ek and talking to many candidates. B ut we will get to you.

So what are you waiting for? T he U.K. needs YOU to bring a b it of your sparkle to its shores...sta rt your application today! ✨


⭐We are taking bookings for o ur next course starting on Monday.


Sleep is one of the be st and easiest ways to begin worki ng towards Alzheimer’s prevention. But, sleep is al so one of the easiest things to n ot be able to do without so me kind of help. Well, here a re three numbers that will definitely he lp you out, 4-7-8. Why? These a re apparently the magic numbers that c an help you fall asleep faster!

The “4-7- 8” breathing method is a really simp le, but powerful breathing exercise that promot es calmness and relaxation, which is especial ly helpful in unwinding before bed f or all ages!

The method consists of a breathi ng pattern that relaxes the nervous syst em. And it isn’t just for b ed! It can be practiced anytime y ou feel anxious or stressed, which mea ns we might all need to incorpora te this method into our day as well.

H ow to do the 4-7-8 Method:

1. Pla ce the tip of your tongue behi nd your upper front teeth.

2. Exhale complete ly through your mouth and make a whoo sh sound.

3. Close your mouth, and inha le through your nose while mentally counti ng to four.

4. Hold your breath a nd mentally count to seven.

5. Open yo ur mouth and exhale completely, making a whoo sh sound and mentally counting to eight.

Repeat this cycle at least thr ee more times.

Now, relax, unwind, and 4-7 -8 your way into a great nigh ts sleep!


❇ We are now taking bookin gs for our first course in 20 22!


And we're back after a mu ch needed break and ready to tack le 2022! We hope you and yo ur loved ones had a great festi ve season, and may the new ye ar bring us all good things. We' re very excited to see what th is year brings 🌟

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Excellent ❤️ Very exciting Natural produ ct 👍🏻 Thank you Nibs Deere f or sharing 😬😬😬😬😬



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