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Nasseh Build is here to provide you with a variety products for building materials.If you are looking for a contractor and building materials you are at the right place.BUILD YOUR LIFE AROUND US

Operating as usual

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1) White Ceramic Toilet pan $20
2)White Ceramic Cistern $20
3)White Ceramic Wash Hand Basin $18
4)White Ceramic Pedestal $18
5)White Fiber Glass Bathtub $100
6)White Plastic Toile Sit $8
7)Flushing System Side And Top Flush $8

8)Colored Ceramic Toilet Pan $30
9)Colored Ceramic Cistern $30
10)Colored Ceramic Wash Hand Basin $25
11)Colored Ceramic Pedestal $25
12)Colored Fiber Glass Bathtub $160
13)Colored Plastic Toile Sit $12


For wholesale prices and to place an order kindly WhatsApp us with details of the product you want and quantities required.

Contact us on +263778930545 WHATSAPP ONLY!!!!!

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For all your tile adhesive try us today
We are the cheapest and selling at wholesale price.
Contact us on +263778930545 for more information

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Wholesale and Retail Available on these products.


Stock clearance sale

Toilet pan 22usd
Bathtub 80
Basin and pedestal 25
Close couple 60
Kitchen sink 40

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GRP water tanks and galvanized compressed steel tanks available.We do fix and supply of any capacity you want.
Easy to carry
Easy to increase capacity
No welding just bolts and nuts
No rusting
10yrs warranty
Easy to clean
Easy to repair
Any capacity you want we can make
Capacity from 1000litres

Below are pictures of projects we have done

For more information call us on +263778930545


All PVC pipes and fittings are available at Nasseh Build.PROPLASTIC BRAND available at lowest prices.

Pvc pipes 25mm and 32mm,110mm
25mm vsp and 32mm
25mm elbows and 32mm
Union sockets 25&32mm
Solvent cements
50mm pvc waste pipe
50mm elbow ie and plain
50mm tee ie
50mm vsp
Irrigation pipes etc

All your copper fittings are available at a very low prices.

Contact us on 0778930545 for quotations
Join our WhatsApp group below

Visit us at :corner Kirkman road and quarry road
Opposite warren hills golf course club

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Proplastic pvc available at Masseh build, at the lowest prices

All PVC pipes and fittings are available
Send through for quotations to our WhatsApp number 0778930545

Follow our WhatsApp group for updates

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For all your plumbing,electricals and building materials Nasseh Build is always the best and the cheapest in the industry.
We have below products just to name a few:
Roofing timber
Roofing sheets
Ceiling boards
Wire Nails $2.50 per kg
fiber glass straight tubs at 90usd
Toilet pan $25
Close couple $80
Brickforce and dpc 115 and 230 $2.50
Blacksheeting 230 macron $90
Cement pc15 $8.50
Supaset $9.50
Waste pipe underground and surface $12
32mm water pipe $4
25mm water pipe $3.50
Copper pipes and fittings
Double sink $60
Wash basin and pedestal $35

For more information call us on +263778930545
Follow our watsapp group link below and inbox admin for quotations

Or visit us
Kirkman road
Opposite Warren hills golf course club

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Nasseh build have reduced prices on all building materials just for you to finish your project.We are happy to announce to you that we have very competitive prices giving you best and quality products for wholesale as well.We deliver everywhere in Zimbabwe and for harare we have (C.O.D) Cash On Delivery option for you.All you just have to do is to place an order then we come to your door step.
We supply
Quarry Stones
Plumbing materials and fittings
Electricals materials and fittings
Sanitary wear
Floor tiles
Roofing tiles
Roofing timber
Roofing sheets IBR,Qtiles
Common Bricks
Facebricks etc

Contact us on 0778930545 for more information.
Visit or

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We are always giving you the best products at a very low cost.All your ELECTRICALS are available.

Try us and we give you the cheapest quotation .

For more information join our whatsapp group

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We are always making your projects very achievable by giving you affordable prices always.For Harare we now have a Cash On Delivery(C.O.D) service.No need to stress with the road blocks just place your order and we deliver at your door step.

Contact us on 0778930545 call or whatsapp

Follow our link bellow to join our whatsapp group

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Buy direct from the manufacturer

Interlock pavers and holland pavers are available at a very low price.We have them on red,black and grey colors at $0.15cents only.

We are the best in paving at $3 per mΒ².Try us today and fall in love with your driveways for life.

Contact us on +263778930545 also on whatsapp.

For other building materials join our group with the link below

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For all your plumbing,electricals,sanitary wear,cement and many more building materials,try Nasseh Build.
During this lockdown we are operating from Sandton,Westgate in Harare.We are doing home deliveries at a very reasonable cost.Send through your bill of quantities for a free quotation on whatsapp number +263778930545.

Join our whatsapp group,link below

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Nasseh Build is happy to announce that we have made it easy for people in Harare,Westgate Sandton Area.We have put a container with all building materials for your convenience.Just to name a few materials:
Plumbing,electricals,cement,sanitary wear,pavers,brickforce,dampcourse,roofing sheets,nails,doors and fittings etc.


Join our whatsapp group using the link below for quotation and easy communication.


Portland PC 15 32.5 and Supaset 42.5 wholesalers.We make your building projects easy by giving you affordable prices.

Pc 15 32.5 $8.0usd
Supaset42.5 $9.0usd
From 600bags we offer free delivery around Zimbabwe.

Nasseh Build Cement Wholesalers
Join our WhatsApp group for easy and instant response.Just follow the link below


Call us :0778930545 and whatsapp
Adress :Quarry Road and kirkman Road
:Opposite Warren Hills Golf Course

You can go through our page and see more products we sell.

Nasseh Build:Build your life around us!


Portland Cement(pc15 or 32.5) Lafarge Cement available at wholesale price and retail price.

$8.50 USD

Place your order now through the link below

We are located in Harare along Kirkman Road Opposite Warren Hills Golf Course Club.

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Pave your driveways this rain season with us at a very very affordable price.We have coloured pavers in red,black and grey on different designs just for $0.15 cents/$7.50per mΒ².We do fix and supply as well.

For more information contact us on 0778930545

Join our whatsapp group or talk to us through the link below

We are located Opposite Warren Hills Golf Course Club in Harare.Thats along Kirkman road and quarry road.kirkman industrial.

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Visit us today at Nasseh Build for all your building materials and all pavers types.
Join our whatsapp group or call us on 0778930545 for more information


We have timber,floor tiles,pavers,cement,common bricks,electricals,plumbing etc

We are along kirkman road opposite Warren hills golf course Club.

Nasseh Build


Nasseh Roofing

All your IBR roofing sheets,Chromadeck,Qtiles,Valley Gatters and Galvanized roofing sheets available your order today

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 15/10/2020

Pave your driveway this rain season

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 21/09/2020

Ready for you to buy now!!!!

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 09/09/2020

WhatsApp group πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

We supply all building materials :
Pitsand, wash riversand, cement,3/4 stones , coal rubbles, road gravel, dark roustic common bricks , roofing timber, floor tiles , IBR roofing sheets and Q tiles, welding (sliding doors, sliding gates, door frames , window frames, water tank stands , screen doors etc) Driveway pavers, roundabouts pavers, colored and uncolored.
(Types : interlock , Holland, hexagon etc)


Kirkman Industrial Area
Opposite Warren Hills Golf Course

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Interlocking pavers available instock your order now at a very low price!!

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 03/09/2020

Look at how beautiful they are😊

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 01/09/2020

The good news is that we now have pavers
Hexagon,interlocking,square and round designes.

We also have cement bricks in stock.

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 01/09/2020

For all your welding try us today!


Available instock at a give away price

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 26/08/2020

All your floor tiles designs available in stock.



228Γ—38Γ—6m 14usd
152Γ—38Γ—6m 9.50usd
114Γ—38Γ—6m 7.50usd
72Γ—38Γ—6m 5.50usd
38Γ—38Γ—6m 2.50usd

Quotation is for free..

Call or watsapp:0778930545


Diamond Cement 32.5 on promotion
Only at 6.50usd per bag

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 27/07/2020

Durawall lights
Make your home elegant!!

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 27/07/2020

Kitchen lamps

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 27/07/2020

Very beautifulπŸ₯°

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 27/07/2020

Ceiling lights

Photos from Nasseh Build's post 27/07/2020

Food side lamps and bed side lamps

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Harare Drive And Kirkman Road Opposite Warren Hills Golf Course Kirkman Industrial

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