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We are a health service business. We offer health products that have many benefits to you. We are th

Stc30 is a plant based nutritional supplement that helps to boost the production of your own stem cells .Our bodies are made of cells which start off as stem cells .All the 220 cells that make up the body start of as stem cells .These stem cells have the ability to multiply as stem cells and exist as such awaiting further signals ,or they can change to become other specialized cells as heart cells, skin cells and liver cells...



Why are your products not sold in pharmacies or hospitals since they are health products?*

Please note that our products are classified as *supplements and not drugs that's why anyone can distribute them*
Yes we have medical professionals who are distributing our products but they do so in their personal capacities

*How does stc30 deal with cancer , because I have seen so many cancer testimonies?*

Stc30 is also very high in antioxidants which can stop cancer cells from multiplying and thereby reversing the damage

*So do you mean to say that after taking stc30 for a full month, my problem will be solved?*

Someone suffering from mild stroke and someone suffering from severe stroke will need different quantities
In short, severity of the problem will determine how much quantity one needs

*Question: how does stc30 deals with hiv?*

What happens is that in hiv positive cases it means that the virus seeks to destroy the body's defence system which is the *white blood cells* and thats why you see that when a person has a weak defence system or the weak immune system they are vulnerable to attack from any opportunistic infections

So when someone takes stc30 it causes the body to regenerate new stemcells which will then transform into white blood cells thereby giving the body the strength to fight

*NB**Stc30 is not a cure for hiv and hiv has no cure but it can keep all these complications and opportunistic infections at bay and a person can live a perfectly normal life
Stc30 does not negatively interfere with whatever medication the person may be taken.

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*How do I know if i need SCC+❓*
SCC+ has to be taken regularly, since our diets are rich in super refined foods nowadays. However, following are some of the signs that one needs SCC+ urgently
-chronic constipation, its not normal to experience constipation for a period over one week.
-releasing strong gases, either by burping or farting🤓.
-regular bloating, especially after a meal.
-stool with incompletely digested foods.
-chronic skin disorders

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It allows the body to fight diseases on its
*repairing weak cells*
*replacing dead cells*
*rejuvenating weak cells*
*replicating good cells*
*replenishing body cells rapidly*
*cleanse the blood*
...regulating sugar levels... improves vein and artery elasticity... detoxify cancer cells...budding off into any cell of the body ...that can be liver or heart cells... kidney also helps the body to produce it's own natural antioxidants which will help in preventing diseases.It also gives a person *unbelievable* energy . A patient will also develop and improve on appetite...with this on the patient's advantage he/she can recover quickly not forgetting age ... damage done by the well as medical history. 💥👏🏾 *STC30* is simply the best


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*Have you ever lost someone, knowing you doubted something that might had saved them?🥲*

*Avoid all that by trying stemcell therapy on your loved one, by the way you ain't trying it out but you doing the best to save them.*

*The dead receive more flowers than the living because regret🍂 is greater than gratitude*

Get in touch with me if you have a loved one with the following ailments:
- Heart and cardiovascular disease
- Neurology issues
- Cancer
- Fibriods
- BP
- Ulcers and acids
- Prostate cancer and prostate enlargement
- Stroke
- Tumors
- Diabetes
- STIs
- Bacterial infections
-Skin diseases
- Anemia
- Cataracts
- Arthritis
- Migrane and headches
- and many more

*It's never too late to save a life, hesitation is paralysis that has cost the world a lot*


With STC30
you can avoid surgery
you can avoid dialysis
you can avoid chemotherapy
you can avoid expensive tests
you can avoid lifetime drugs


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Superlife Products Available ☘️
Stc 30 - For Repairing and Rejuvenation of damaged cells .
SNC - For all your neuron problems
SIC - For boosting you immune
SCC+ - For detoxification and Fat shredding

Delivery is Free , Pay On delivery..
Hot courier, Fedex ,Swift to deliver

0773191686 / 071 269 0303

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*SuperLife World*.

I am a partner in the above company which distributes *4 health supplements including STC30*.

Our company is based in *Malaysia* but our products are manufactured in *Switzerland* by *Mibelle Biochemistry* under Dr Fred Zulli.

Our company is a Network Marketing company which means it distributes or sells all its products through individual people like you and me. *Why is that so?*

Normally, NM companies allow anyone who wants to join into the company by simply buying the products for resale.

An account is opened for you and as you sell, your work or sales are registered and you earn bonuses and/or commissions.

No age restrictions.

No qualifications needed.

No joining fees, it is a job so you do not pay to join but you only buy the products to be part of the company.

In SuperLife World we have *4 Packages* or entry points - this simply means the boxes you can start with as you open this personal business.

As mentioned earlier, our company distributes 4 health supplements and these are:

1. STC30
2. SCC15
3. SIC
4. SNC

From these 4 products anyone can choose to join with;

1 Box - *Starter* - $70us

2 Boxes - *Star* - $140us

10 Boxes - *Supreme* - $650us

20 Boxes - *Super* - $1 250us

There are no joining fees or entry fees in a NM Company, your first purchase becomes your account opening and in turn you will get your account opened.

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Arthritis testimony
Are you suffering from any condition?
STC 30 is Can assist you

First I want us to understand the process of disease formation.

Every single disease is linked to cellular loss or damage. For instance, arthritis occurs because either the synovial cells of the joint responsible for secreting the cartilage are not adequate to secrete.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells in the body with unique ability to differentiate or develop into any of the specialized cell types in the body. In other words, they are pluripotent in nature, this means that they can form any type of body cells and therefore can readily be used to replace any damaged or lost cells in the body due to disease.

Now, the mechanism of action of STC30 which makes it cure most of these diseases is to trigger the massive production of stem cells in the body. These stem cells locate where is deficiency of cells and fixes it, rejuvenating the tissues and organs.


*Zvakati komberedza zvingamutsa maAcids kana maUlcers*
🍒Kudya kunovava senge mhiripiri, munyu wakawanda kana mamwewo ma spice
🍓Kunwa zvinwiwa zvakaita sema fizzy drinks uye doro
🍏Kusvuta fodya
🍎Kudya kune mafuta akawanda kana akaomarara anokoka kuti mudumbu mugadzirwe acid yakawanda
🍇 Kugara nguva refu usina kudya

⚠️ *Zviratidzo*

➡️ Kurwadziwa mudumbu wave kuda kunodya kana kuti wapedza kudya
➡️ Kurwadziwa pachipfuva uchinzwa sepanopisa (Heart burn)
➡️ Kumonywa mudumbu husiku warara.
➡️ Kunzwa mate akawanda mukanwa.

*Njodzi yekusarapwa Acid ne Ulcer:*

Munhu anokwanisa kusvika pakurwara muviri wese, kutadza kudya, kuperezeka muviri, kunzwa dzungu kana kugumisira ave maronda eCancer.

*Acid neUlcer tinoirapa sei?*

*Kushandisa Stem Cell therapy STC30:*
- Kuvandudza mashandire emaCells anogadzira maAcids kuti agadzire acid inoenderana.
- Kubvisa hutsvina pamaronda eUlcer aya kuti achene agone kurapika
-- Kudzorera maCells akafa mumatumbu muya kuti maronda apore.
- Kugeza hutsvina nemaAcids muropa nemutsinga nemumoyo kusanganisa muviri wese kuti muviri ushande zvakanaka.


How is STC30 different from Herbs?

Herbs suppress specific diseases. They deal with symptoms of diseases. They treat diseases. They do not deal with the core of the problem, that is what could have caused the disease which, in most cases, could be cell damage or malfunction.

STC30, on the other hand, knows no disease. It equips one's body to boost stemcells. Stemcells are the cells used by the body to repair or replace any cell in the body which has been damaged, has malfunctioned or to rejuvenate any weak cells. That way, the body is brought back to full functionality. And since all cell degenerative problems are addressed, this means taking STC30 enables multiple conditions which will be resident in one's body to be dealt with and fixed at the same time.

Therefore, as compared to a herb which targets a disease(but does not address the core of the problem thus giving room for the recurrence of that condition), stemcell therapy through using STC30 enables one's cells to be replaced, repaired, rejuvenated, restored thus bringing the body to full functionality.


*Important Facts about STC30*

1. It is NOT a drug or a herb.
2. STC30 fixes the root cause of illnesses at cellular level once and for all.
3. STC30 requires no prescription to be used or administered. Everyone can use it all the time.
4. STC30 is a plant based nutritional supplement that helps your body effect all necessary repair processes at cell level.
5. STC30 has no chemicals in it. It is purely organic or 100% natural.
6. The use of STC30 has NO side effects.
7. STC30 is a 30 day therapy which can be taken even for a longer period.
8. STC30 has proper certifications from responsible regulatory boards and has been endorsed by the strictest regulators such as Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) USA
9. STC30 is an international award winning product giving back good health to hopeless individuals.
10. Through the use of STC30, over 140 diseases and conditions can be addressed or fixed by your body.

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*Superlife Total Care STC30*

*Why STC30?*
✅STC30 is a product ahead of its time. Latest medical invention!
✅It knows no disease. As you cure one disease it cures all. That is why it can cure any diseases even the incommunicable diseases.
✅It does not deal with the symptoms of the disease but the route cause of the disease. Taking control meds for BP, sugar etc these are just to treat symptoms.

This is how STC30 works, it detects where there is fault and goes to that specific point. The faulty area releases enzymes and hence Stemcells detect and goes to *repair, replace, replicate, rejuvenate and restore cells*.

For those diseases that have given you 👉🏾 a hard time for years, Take STC30 and have a healthy life free from suffering. Knowledge is power. Research about stemcells. Get your cure fast like a quick fix.

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Always remember that what causes diseases is the imbalance between cell loss (Aging) and organs.
Your bone marrow constitutes the natural repair system of the body and one must take advantage of it and avoid :
2.Wasting money on pills and other synthetic drugs that are meant to manage one's symptoms etc.

You are allowing the release of STEMCELLS from the bone marrow.
Naturally the bone marrow releases the STEMCELLS into the circulation about 2,4 to 2,5 STEMCELLS per microliter, but when STC30 is taken , eg one sachet the STEMCELLS released will be increased by at least 0,3 to 0,8 per microliter.
STEMCELLS are therefore increased to about 4 million by just taking a single satchet.

*Here is some important information About SUPERLIFE Total Care 30* *STC30*

✅ Helps in over 137 conditions, including all critical illnesses

✅ its 100% ALL NATURAL

✅ 100% without side effects, no overdose

✅ Gives extra energy and improves stamina

✅ Boost the immune system

✅ Fights cancer cells

✅ Reduces bad cholesterol

✅ Normalize the level of sugar in the blood

✅ Combat all diseases at the cellular level

✅ It repairs the cells, participates in the regenerates and protects the cells

✅ Stem cell therapy is the future medicine

*In short, STC30 stemcells work in 6 main ways:*

✅ *Rejuvenate* the old ones

✅ *Replicate* good cells

✅ *Restore* sick cells

✅ *Replacement* dead cells

✅ *Repair* damaged cells

✅ *Clean up* the blood and bring the body back to normal functionality.

The best and remarkable natural ingredients nourish the body of the inner level to give you abundant, effective, incredible and significant results.

*And once the cells are healthy, no disease will attack you.*
Get in touch with us for total healing.
Please don't suffer in silence when the solution is there to your rescue.
I wish you good healthy.
Life is Super with Superlife💪🏻💪🏻


If you have not taken STC30, i advise you do so

•Don't wait for your high BP to result in a stroke
•Don't wait for your diabetes to lead to a leg amputation
•Don't wait for your enlarged prostate to affect your vital organs
•Don't wait till that wound on your leg refuses to heal
•Don't wait till you can’t read due to eye problems
•Don’t wait for the fibroid in your womb to grow big before you address it

*Order your STC30 today and get your body to heal itself naturally.*


If you have not taken STC30, i advise you do so

•Don't wait for your high BP to result in a stroke
•Don't wait for your diabetes to lead to a leg amputation
•Don't wait for your enlarged prostate to affect your vital organs
•Don't wait till that wound on your leg refuses to heal
•Don't wait till you can’t read due to eye problems
•Don’t wait for the fibroid in your womb to grow big before you address it

Order your STC30 today and get your body to heal itself naturally.


SCC+ SuperLife Colon Care - for colon care, preventing colon cancer, detoxing and weight loss. It is perfect for people who want to cleanse their systems of toxins and other chemicals which accumulate through the foods and drinks we consume. A box of 15 sachets taken in 200mls of water at night just before bed.

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*STC30 is not just for the sick*

*STC30 is for everybody*

The World Health Organization released a damning statistic that in the world,

Only 5% is healthy,
15% is sick (and they are doing something to address their diseases) and
80% are in the sub-health category!!

I am sure most of us fall in the 80% category.....not sick but not healthy! Why?

Our lifestyle, fights our health and bodies such that the constant attack from diseases leaves out organs weak, cells damaged and sometimes malfunctional. Therefore, our bodies have to be serviced time and again.

Our bodies are like a car travelling along a bumpy dusty road....the car parts get battered and knocked so many times and so for the car to stay in good condition, it has to be serviced regularly.

For the service to occur, the *service repair kit* must be present. Now, in our bodies, *stemcells become the service repair kit.*

Everyday, stemcells get used to repair our body organs and cells, so along the way they deplete.

If we don't make an effort to replenish/replace them, what happens to our bodies if they run out?🤔

Our body organs get damaged(as cells malfunction) and we develop different diseases (eg heart conditions, liver conditions, kidney, pancreas, prostate, lung conditions) etc

*Therefore, STC30 is for everybody that wants to enjoy sound health.*

I personally use STC30 regularly, I do not want to wait until I feel pain in my tummy(probably because my kidney would have been damaged because of lack of stemcells). I make sure my *body service repair kit*(STC30) is fully available always.

Many people wait until it is too late, until they feel pain or get sick! And by then, sometimes it might be very deadly and you might require a lot more boxes of STC30!!

*Prevention is better than cure*

STC30 also has a lot other benefits...

It rejuvenates and reverses aging process. If you want to maintain a radiant, fresh and healthy look , daily intake of STC30 is a sure bet.

Let's educate people about how much their lives are at risk.....

People need to know this and be proactive about their health! Let's join hands together and change the world to a better place


💥💥Testimony Testimony 💥💥
☘☘Good health for Everyone ☘☘
🚛🚛🚛We Deliver Worldwide 🚛🚛🚛


Get you Health Back with Superlife ...
Superlife Health Awareness
SuperLife World

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Get your health back with STC30.

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Good health in a Box ...

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Good Health in a Box .


Join Us 💥📯🥳

Join Superlife Today!!

Our mission is to improve the health & and well-being of communities by promoting scientifically tested products while leveraging a digital platform, which empowers Superlife members to attain sustainable wealth by promoting the products globally.

Superlife Zimbabwe, The Year of Growth & Expansion .


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