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Get in touch Stc30 is a plant based nutritional supplement that helps to boost the production of your own stem cells .Our bodies are made of cells which start off as stem cells .All the 220 cells that make up the body start of as stem cells .These stem cells have the ability to multiply as stem cells and exist as such awaiting further signals ,or they can change to become other specialized cells as heart cells, skin cells and liver cells...

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Cardio and strength training affect your body differently, and both are essential to your health and well being.




πŸ’Is STC30 a herb or medicine?*πŸ’

STC30 is neither a herb nor medicine but a plant stem cell supplement. In the medical landscape STC30 is pioneering a revolution of plant stem cell therapy deemed as the safest and reliable means of eradicating sickness, permanently restoring health without risk. Within the coming decade, an estimate of 80% of people living in developed countries will prefer stem cell therapy above reining synthetic drugs for optimum health


*The reason why buying a box of stem cell is cheaper and its a great investment are*

β™» One sachet can activate about 80% of stem cells in your body.

⏩ Every part or organ of your body have stem cells, which are called differentiated stem cells meaning they have a specific responsibility in your body eg Skin stem cells, have the responsibility of regenerating your skin whenever its damaged, etc

β™» Besides healing the specified condition or known condition , stem cells will help you prevent you from diseases as.
β™» Quick results on any condition, majority have seen great changes in less than 30 days ie cancer patients even at stage 4, diabetic patients, patients with arthritis , with prostate problems etc
β™» It deals with the condition at a cellular level hence a complete healing of diseases leaving no space of recurring.
β™» Can heal many conditions at once eg you have cancer and diabetes instead of focusing on cancer only, it cures both conditions at once.
β™» A box of STC30 can address the following conditions and many others at once
⏩ Support health immune function
⏩ Cardiovascular disorders
⏩ Improve blood flow
⏩ Skin infections
⏩ Liver problems
⏩ Anti stress
⏩ Eye problems
⏩ Joint problems
⏩ Hemorrhoids
⏩ Hypertension
⏩ Osteoarthritis
⏩ Liver problems
⏩ Gastrointestinal disorders
⏩ Kidney disease
⏩ Anti aging
⏩ Burns
⏩ Diabetes
⏩ Heart disease
⏩ Stroke
⏩ Spinal cord injuries
⏩ Muscular degeneration
⏩ Prostate disorders
⏩ All kind of cancers (even at stage 4)
⏩ Memory problem
⏩ Sleeping problem
⏩ Infertility problem
⏩ etc

Its worth investing your money in stem cell30... Total healing of the whole body. *Bringing back The body organs to their normal form and function*


Cancer prevention

One of the points of prevention of any disease is always a correction of the diet. And cancer is no exception, because certain foods have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer.

Garlic contains substances that protect against tumors, isothiocyanate, which is found in broccoli, can kill cancer cells and greens expel them from the body.

Also according to studies, citrus fruits, grapes, red wine, blueberries, tomatoes and green tea have anti-carcinogenic properties. So it's worth adding these foods to your diet, but don't overdo it, because you need to be right about everything.



Prevention of joint diseases

Giving up bad habits, especially overeating. You will get rid of one of the main causes of arthritis - excess weight.

Activity and mobility will ensure the normal production of synovial fluid (lubricant), thereby keeping the cartilage in good condition.

Cold water dousing the legs will train the blood vessels, which will maintain a good blood supply to the joint tissues, keeping them in a better physical condition.



What are the dangers of abnormal sugar levels?

Both hypo- and hyperglycemia affect how you feel. First of all, the brain suffers, because its cells consume about half of all energy supplied by glucose.

Dizziness, loss of concentration, weakness, darkening of the eyes, and trembling hands are common symptoms for both low and high blood sugar levels.

With constant hyperglycemia, glucose accumulates in organs and tissues and becomes toxic - begins to destroy the liver, kidneys, retina, blood vessels, heart, nervous system.



Symptoms that would indicate a blood clot

Blood clots most often form in the lower extremities. One of the most common signs of thrombosis is swelling of the legs.

Also, itching in the legs may increase and the skin takes on a red or blue hue.

Further, the itching develops into pain, and if the clot is in the lower leg area, the person may have cramps.

If there is difficulty breathing, severe coughing, chest pain, and dizziness, it is worth seeking medical attention, as this is an indication that the clot has moved from the legs to the lungs.

Be alert at all times.


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Get Your Skin back with STC30 √
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What if I am on other medication?*πŸ’

A patient should continue with their prescribed medication even if they decide to take STC30 stem cells. Only the diagnosing medical doctor can give instructions to either stop or reduce the prescribed medication as and when they see it necessary. When taking other medication one simply have to make sure that they take the medication and STC30 at different times. Give a space of at least 1 hour apart.


🍏🍏 *6. How many boxes should l take for me to cure my condition?*🍏🍏

*The factors which affect the number of boxes that one must take are:*
1- the nature of the disease
You will find out that a person taking the product for cancer would need more packs than the one with headache or ulcers. Since the product facilitate repairing of damaged cells, a person suffering from cancer would have more damaged cells needing more repair

2- time
Generally a person who would have been suffering from a disease for a long time would need more packs than one who might have the same disease but has been suffering for less say 1 month. The reason being that long time means more cells being damaged hence need more stem cells to repair

3- Age
Generally young ages heal faster than old age because young ages would have good stem cell numbers already in their bodies

4- Stage of the disease
Generally eg a stage 1 cancer patient may need less packs than a stage 4 patient. Someone with a mild stroke would need lesser amount of boxes than a severe stroke patient

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Super Health , Super Wealth 🌿


Superlife is a new age online Franchise Business concept dedicated to better health through wellness technology and wealth through smartphone technology.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to start Local and go global.

Life is super with Superlife!


*Inoshanda sei STC30 iyi?*
STC30 iplant stem cell supplement. Kureva kuti iproduct yakagadzirwa nemastemcells emichero yakasiyana siyana nemimwewo michero zvekare.
STC30 haina chirwere chainoziva. Inoshanda nemacells arimumuviri medu isu sevanhu.
_Sezvamunoziva, macells edu anofa mamiriyoni akawanda kwazvo zuva nezuva mumuviri medu. Kufa kwemacells kutoreva kuparara kwemuviri uye zvinovhurira mukana wezvirwere zvakawanda kuti zvipinde._
Ibasa remacells akavandudzika anonzi mastemcells kudzorera panzvimbo macells akafa, nearikurwara, neakakuvara. Mastemcells anowanikwa mumuviri medu semamwe macells wo zvekare.
Sezvo mastemcells achishanda zuva nezuva mumuviri, anodzikira uwandu izvo zvinozoita miviri ikurirwe nezvirwere zvakawanda wanda.
Nekudaro, STC30 inoshanda sechikafu chemastemcells. Inopa chikafu kumastemcells kuti akwanise kuwanda zvekare mumuviri. Kana mastemcells awedzera mumuviri zvinoreva kuti muviri wave nesimba rakawedzerwa rekugadzirisa pese pese pasina kumira zvakanaka pamacells mauri

Superlife Health Awareness 16/03/2022

Superlife Health Awareness

πŸ’ *5. How long do I have to take the stem cells/Does someone have to take them for life?*πŸ’

One does not have to take STC30 stem cells for life. You only take them long enough to get body's immune system up and running at normal Γ²r optimal functionality and you can drop it. There is no default in stem cells, however for healing purposes we encourage patients to continuously take the product until a fully recovery has been achieved

Superlife Health Awareness We are a health service business. We offer health products that have many benefits to you. We are the official Super Life products distributor. Get in touch


πŸ’ *4. How long does it take for one to see changes after using STC30?*πŸ’

That is relative depending on a couple of issues in consideration like the age of the person, one’s system reaction to therapy or medication and also the condition one is trying to cure and how long they have been under this condition. Some people may start seeing changes from as early as the first sachet whilst some may start seeing changes at a later stage. When you take STC30 stem cells they go direct into the blood stream hence it is very possible to start seeing changes as early as the first satchet. Immediate changes that one can start noticing after taking stc30 can either be positive or negative, negative would be a scenario of detoxification and a healing crisis. However, this is a sign that the body is adjusting itself towards repairing.

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