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Stem cell Restores, Rebuilds, Replicates, and Rejuvenates your body cells. As long as your cells are Healthy your whole body will be Healthy.

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Are you diagnosed with cancer, BP, Diabetes, Arthritis, Acids, Fibroids, Stroke, asthma, etc. Worry nomore we have STC30 which help alleviate such chronic diseases at cell level by rejuvenating, regenerating and restoring your own body cells. Get STC30 for a more desirable healthy lifestyle!! 🍒🍇

We are also Registering new Distributors

Contact me on ///+263774919271


Have you and your relatives lost hope, stc30 the answer to your worries is here,,,. *70 US box* we deliver wherever you are,we are just a phone call away +263774919271,,, *inbox for orders*🍇🍏🍒🍇🍏🍒

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*1. How much is STC30?*
*- STC30* is sold in packets, each packet containing 15 sachets of the medication with each sachet containing the medication in powder form. This is meant to be taken one per day for at least a month (or two per day depending on the severity of the illness being treated).

- STC30 gives complete healing in 30 days.

One box costs USD$70
Two boxes cost USD$140

*2. Why are Superlife products not sold in pharmacies and hospitals?*

- Our products are classified as *supplements* and not as *medicine* hence they can be distributed by anyone without any problem because they are already manufactured and packaged in such a way that as long as they are within the expiry date and in good temperature, then anyone can distribute them.

*3. Is STC30 a Medicine?*
- Yes in nature STC30 is very curative just like food but still those medical professionals who are distributing these products do so in their personal capacity.

*4. Are Superlife Health Products recognized?*

*- SUPERLIFE* products are internationally certified as well as locally registered by the Ministry of Health.

*5. How are the Products Distributed?*

- The model under which these products are sold is called
*Network Marketing* or *Multi Level Marketing* or
*Direct Selling* which is basically a business model in which products are sold via independent distributors who are paid for marketing and selling products as well as recruiting other independent distributors.


The Greatest Wealth of a person is Health, not pieces of gold and silver. Health is a life investment, not an expense. Let's fall in love with SuperLife products. From now on, start your healthy lifestyle with SuperLife!

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Our products are not just products, but well recognized and accoladed globally.
We have the best products in the world.
Run and save your health before it is too late.

Proud of our products.
The Original stem cell therapy supplements from SuperLife.

Life is super!

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*🍇🍎 StemCELL Therapy:*

* Repair _- Damaged Cells._
* Regenerate _- New Cells._
* Restore _- Weak Cells._
* Replicate - _More Cells._
* Replace _-Dead Cells._

Making the body function as new again. Let's all say no to :

*> Dialysis*
*> Amputations &*
*> Operations*

-Premature ejaculation
-Back pain
-Prostate infections eg enlargement/cancer
-etc etc

-Menstrual problems
-Fibroids/ovarian cysts
-Cervical and Breast Cancer
-Skin problems
-Post menopausal syndrome
-etc etc

-Acid Reflux
-Bad breath
-etc etc

-Genital Warts
-HPV infections
-Etc etc

-Sugar Diabetes
-High Blood Pressure
-Heart Problems
-And many more






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I'm looking for 3 types of people:
1.Those who want to sell stc30 and make extra money
2. Those who are sick or have loved ones who are sick
3.Those who say I want to be part of SUPERLIFE and launch my business

get paid for the work we do.Dont be left behind.Bonuses range from $15 upto $400 if you're doing the work😊

💡 USD70/R1200 gives you 1 box of stc30 & free account
💡USD140/R2400 =2 boxes of stc30
💡 USD650/R10800 =10 boxes of stc30
💡 USD1250/R21000 =20 boxes of stc30

*JOIN group for INFO*

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*Let's not forget our children?*

*STC30* can be administered to Children of all ages who suffer ailments such as
•Ear infections
•Hand foot and mouth disease
•Fifth disease
•Kawasaki disease
•Chicken Pox
•Whooping cough
•Scarlet fever etc.

Depending on their age, a half or even full sachet is administered. Let us help our children today..

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Your health is our concern, Try STC30 for all your health problems🍒🍇🍏🍒🍇🍏

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*SuperLife Total Care (STC30)*

*The nutritional supplement that helps your body to heal itself from different ailments.*

_*STC30 can help you to:*_
• Avoid surgery
• Avoid amputations
• Avoid miscarriages
• Avoid chemotherapies
• Avoid dialysis
• Stop chronic pain

*Available for USD70*

*For More Contact Us On:*

*Cell:* +263774919271 Whatsapp/ +263774919271







*Now with stc30 we can control incessant*👇👇👇

✂️ operations and amputations
✂️ chemotherapy
✂️ kidney dialysis
✂️ insulin injections
✂️use of catheter
✂️use of inhalers

*Nature has the solution*!

Stc30 is a revolutionary blast in the world of medicine science

Inbox or call for orders,we are a phone call away,we deliver wherever you are *70 US box*🍏🍇🍒🍏🍇🍒


In the month of Focusing on the future, we are gifted with a 👑Double Crown Rank. Congratulations to Coach Tina for attaining a Double Crown Rank worth USD150K earnings in SuperLife Business.🎊👑

" Life is a Choice.
You become what you choose to be.
Believe you CAN.
Believe you Deserve
Believe you are Worthy.

You are the one you have been waiting for, to achieve your dreams.
Decide now that you are going to make it.
Dream it, Believe it and you will Achieve it.

Its been quite a journey to reach the Double Crown 💎
Yes with a lot of ups and downs happened along the way, disappointments, rejections and mockery, BUT nothing can stop a determined mind, set to achieve its goal.

Celebrating this rank wouldn't be possible without first recognizing the founders of this transformational business, Mr Lai Tek Kean, Mr Paul, Mr Harry and Mr Leo. We appreciate 🙏, your vision has changed our lives from rags to be better people.

And hey my hearty gratitude to my team, The Unstoppable Team from all over they are,
I couldn't be me without you. Thank you so much.

Be Unstoppable and
Indeed with superlife, Life is Super.

SuperLife Come
Money Come
Poverty Go Away..."


What do you see when you look at this product, STC30?

1. I see a sick woman getting out of bed to care for her kids.
2. I see a a bed ridden man getting up to go to work and support his family.
3. I see a woman who has been called names for not having a single child, finally smiling because she is expecting.
4. I see a child that could not walk finally getting up.
5. I see a granny dropping tears because she can see again.
6. I see my team members buying whatever they need for their families.
7. I see operations and amputations being cancelled.
8. I see health and wealth all over 😍🥰

STC30 is a God sent product


*superlife is also looking for distributors*

Who qualifies to be a superlife network marketer?

*Anyone above 18 years is eligable to become part of this network marketing business.We have distributors from all walks of life who partner with us either on a part time or full time basis*

We also partner with people who say;
🍒I'm educated but I can't find a job
🍒I want to do an online business
🍒I'm looking for an extra source of income
🍒I'm very ambitious and I want to achieve financial freedom
🍒I'm employed but my salary is not enough*

*Inbox for more information*


*Why STC30⁉️⁉️*

STC30 Is a Product Ahead of its Time.

🍎It knows no disease. As you cure one disease it cures all. That is why it can cure any diseases even the incommunicable diseases.
🍏It does not deal with the Symptoms of the disease but the Root cause of the disease. Taking Control meds for BP, sugar etc is Just to Treat Symptoms

🍏This is how STC30 works, it detects where there is fault and goes to that specific point. The faulty area releases enzymes and hence Stemcells detect and goes to repair, replace, replicate, rejuvenate and restore cells

🍎For Those Diseases that have given you 😭 A Hard Time For Years, STC30 is Here Right at Your Door Step,
No More Suffering

WhatsApp me on


Do you have any *health challenge*

🍇are you tired of going to hospitals?
🍇are you tired of hospital bills?
🍇 Do you need a solution?


*Why stc30*🤔🤷🏼‍♀️
It is not a drug or herb,but a pure stemcell supplement made entirely from fruits🍇🍏🍒

It deals with the root cause of your health problem,it doesn't leave one addicted to it or rather disturbed by it.

*Choose to save a life with less money*

Inbox for orders, boxes available ,we deliver wherever you are

70 US box

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*The Silent Blindness*

Glaucoma is the eye disorder that affects the optic nerve of the eye which receives impulses from the retina and transmits to the brain.

It is mainly caused by the high pressure in your eyes. This condition is called ocular hypertension. If this condition is not treated, the first peripheral loss will occur and finally, it leads to complete blindness.

Sometime glaucoma may occur due to normal pressure in the eye; this is caused by the poor blood supply to the optic nerve. It can be treated with early treatment.

Mostly glaucoma has no symptoms, but when the day goes on, you may notice symptoms when the disease in the advanced stage. So it is important to have regular eye check including pressure measurements in the eye.

*Clinical manifestation of Glaucoma*

Glaucoma doesn’t have symptoms at the initial stage. Symptoms are manifested after the disease has been reached to chronic form.

We have good news for you. STC30 and SNC COMBO will put an end to it and correct your eye sight to normal again.
Get STC30 and SNC for all your eye problems.


*There is life in that green box*

Stc30 has the ability to treat over 137 ailments in human body

*70 US per box we deliver wherever you are*

We are just a phone call away, for orders App/Call +263774919271


All hope is not lost yet, If you still have not yet tried STC30 to reverse that stubborn ailment which is giving you sleepless nights. Get in touch +263774919271. Let's talk, I do care about your health.

Join my WhatsApp group and Learn more about Health

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