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Super Armature Winding Africa - Zimbabwe was established in 2019. We are an electrical engineering sales and service company. Grundfos' Professional Partner, Channel Partners of ABB Motors and WEG distributors in Zimbabwe.

(Motors, Pumps, VSDs etc.)

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Order your submersible borehole pumps from us today!
The DAB S4 submersible borehole pump is:-
- Cost-effective
- Abrasion-resistant.
It has a stainless body with ABS impellers.
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Email us on: [email protected] to place your order.


Order your centrifugal pumps from us today!
GRUNDFOS CR, CRI, CRN - Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps
Designed for a variety of applications ranging from the pumping of potable water to the pumping of chemicals.
Email us on: [email protected] to place your order.
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Gain the skills to become a VSDs pro. Register today for the VSDs Operation, Maintenance, Programming and Fault-finding Training Course SAW220.
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Registration closes on 25/05/22
Email us on: [email protected]


We are excited to launch our range of Solar VSD / VFD. These drives have been tested rigorously and are ready for the harsh conditions required in Southern Africa.

SAWA500/510-PV Solar VFD range is a high-performance DC, AC & Hybrid VSD for water pump applications or general use. The Hybrid design means that it can be powered by utility and solar at the same time, if required. Alternatively, the VSD can send a start or change-over command should the solar be insufficient to run and an alternative supply can be used. The VSD has maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to adapt to any weather condition to get maximum power and water output. The optional GPRS based communication and cloud interface means that gathering running information and control can be accomplished with ease.

Call us today for a customized solution for pumping or general use.
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Call/App: 0773794485


Grundfos Centrifugal Pump Handbook Download -

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Successful completion of the SAW220 training on Variable Speed Drives: Operation, Maintenance, Programming and Fault-finding with our Motion Specialist. Call or app 0773794485 to enroll for the coming up course.


The DAB S4 are 4 inch multi-impeller borehole pumps for clean water, designed for water boosting, gardening and irrigation, lifting water from boreholes in domestic and residential, civil and commercial applications and irrigation systems also for agriculture. They are very efficient. Contact us today for premium solutions that work. Call/App 0773794485


Tired of Clogging and level switch failures? With Grundfos' intelligent waste water solutions you are guaranteed reliable operation and worry- free installation.

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Gain the skills to become a VSDs pro. Register today for the VSDs Operation, Maintenance, Programming and Fault-finding Training Course SAW220.
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Registration closes on 20/04/22


Our Cattle Water Troughs are tried and tested for every farmer. They come with a standard 2 year warranty.
Features include 100% Food grade UV-resistant polymer, Strong, Four tie down points, No sharp corners, 38mm x 38mm galvanized steel frame, Ball valve protective cover, Mounted on hinges, Galvanized crane (for easy access to ball valve maintenance)
Comes standard with 25mm brass ball valve.
All troughs come with 40mm outlet.
Place your orders today!


Get your Goat and Sheep Water Troughs from us. They are tried and tested for every farmer.
Carries 240 litres and is 3m long.
Height: 330mm
Width: 370mm
Length: 3000mm
Four tie down points
No sharp corners
25x25mm galvanized steel frame
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What is a Motor Generator Set?
Motor Generator set is a device used to convert electrical power to another form of energy (mostly AC to DC). It consists of a motor and a generator connected mechanically on the same shaft. The electrical supply is given to the motor. The mechanical output of a motor is used to rotate the generator. The type of generator depends on the applications.
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Workshop Registration – S A W Africa Zimbabwe 28/02/2022

Workshop Registration – S A W Africa Zimbabwe

Gain the skills to become a VSDs pro. Register today for the VSDs Operation, Maintenance, Programming and Fault-finding Training Course SAW220.
Follow link for more information.
Registration closes on 18/03/22

Workshop Registration – S A W Africa Zimbabwe S A W Africa Zimbabwe invites you to join us at this exciting event. Gain the skills to become a VSDs pro. Register now!


This video walks the user through signing up on the portal and the mobile app for the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for motors, mounted bearings, gearing, and pumps. At S A W Africa - Zimbabwe we can supply and commission these sensors....and they work even on non-ABB motors.
Contact us for more information: 0773794485
Email: [email protected]


We are bringing you advanced SOLUTIONS!
The face of industry is changing, it is now about IoT (Internet of Things) and condition monitoring. The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor enables continuous condition monitoring by collecting data which facilitates intelligent decisions via machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI). It picks up motor data on vibration, temperature and other parameters. It provides information about the equipment's health and performance. It enables you to plan maintenance in advance, prevent unplanned downtime and extend the lifetime of the equipment. Let us help you modernize your industry and take it to the next level. Take your Motor Failure Rate to Zero today with this sensor!

Order yours today!! Call or App: 0773794485
Email: [email protected]


At S A W Africa, product quality is as important as service efficiency and customer relationships. Come through for our wide range of motors designed with a modern concept, and high performance standard with low maintenance, high reliability and flexibility.
For more information call/app us on: +263773794485
Email: [email protected]


As you step into the new week, know that we are here to offer you support 24/7. Email us on: [email protected] to place your requests.
Call/ App us on 0773794485 for all telephonic assistance.


-Outputs 0.75kW to 3.7kW 1000, 1500 or 3000 r/min
-Voltage range: 220 -230V, 380 -480V
-Rating (150%/1min - 200%/3sec) every 10 min
-V/F (Scalar) control, VVW (voltage vector weg)
-Built-in RFI filters as standard
-Soft PLC function built-in
-Thermal management 4-8 digital inputs / 1-3 digital outputs
-Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, CANopen, DeviceNet and Profibus –DP
-Profibus DPV1, Profinet and Ethernet
-All options cards are of the plug-and-play type
-IP 66 Integrated disconnect switch (Optional)
-Fits on W21/W22 motors
-IEC Frames 132 to 315

To request a quotation email us on: [email protected]


As VSD Specialists at SAW Africa, you can trust us to service your Variable Speed Drives. We have the know how to troubleshoot, clean and service your LV Drives coupled with experience of supporting the ABB installed base over the years. Contact us for a free assessment of your service needs. Don't forget, just like we look after our cars, our Drives too need looking after. We are just right for the task!
Call/App: 0773794485
Email: [email protected]


Happy Weekend! Our expert team is always on hand to offer sound advice and help with any support you may need. Contact us anytime for free telephonic advice and breakdown assistance over the weekend.

Email: [email protected]
Website: :-
Call / App +263719794485

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-On-site machine diagnostics for fault finding and predictive maintenance
-Surge Comparison and Hi-Pot tests
-Vibration Analyses
-Laser Alignment
-Dynamic Balancing on-site
-Electrical Discharge Detection on bearings
-Thermal Imaging
-Installation and Commissioning of machines
-Pump energy audit

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Repairs and maintenance work in Zimbabwe are done at the customer’s site. Troubleshooting is the first part of the process before any required spares are bought. Work is then completed at site. However, any major Electrical and Mechanical repairs are done in our workshop in Kimberley South Africa. The largest machine that the workshop can handle is 15 Ton assembled. Repairs include LV and MV motors, DC motors, alternators, generators, transformers, pumps, motor and gearbox combinations as well as fans. In our service workshop, we have special areas for specialized services we render. This includes a clean room for the manufacture of MV coils, a winding area for LV and MV, DC stators, rotors and armatures. All mechanical repairs are done in our fully equipped machine shop, these services include micro- welding and machining of worn shafts as well as milling, drilling and slotting operations needed in the repair and manufacture of components.

Specialized assembly and manufacturing areas in the workshop are dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of new pumps, submersible motors and gearboxes. All testing of repaired and manufactured equipment is performed in house. We have a well-equipped Testing Section, which assures that our customers get only the very best quality product.


We are the Authorized Build Center for Dodge Quantis Gearboxes. The DODGE QUANTIS product line offers a full range of modular gear drives engineered for flexibility, greater torque and density in a compact housing configuration, with an increased horsepower capability from 0.18 kW to 50kW. The QUANTIS family of products offers the customer three types of gear reducers.
Contact us today to place your orders: [email protected]

About Us


Super Armature Winding Africa – Zimbabwe is part of Super Armature Winding Africa (Pty) Ltd which was established in South Africa by Mr Willie van Niekerk and his father in 1964. Currently, SAW Africa (Pty) Ltd is owned by his sons Willem, Jan and Hannes van Niekerk and an Employees Trust. With headquarters in Kimberley and branches in Johannesburg, Capetown, George and KwaZulu Natal, Super Armature Winding Africa (Pty) Ltd went regional beginning with Zambia in 2018 and then Zimbabwe in 2019.

Super Armature Winding Africa – Zimbabwe P/L was born out of a partnership between the Evans Hatitye Mushonga Family Trust and Super Armature Winding Africa (Pty) Ltd. The company was established in Zimbabwe on 24 September 2019 and has been in operation since then. We are registered as a supplier and service provider for companies in the industrial and mining sectors. The company has a wealth of experience in its team and is serving the nation of Zimbabwe by providing premium technical solutions and support to industry.


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ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor



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