I'll be away this weekend beautiful people, so I won't be at the Old Stables Market this Saturday sadly!
However, my products will still be available at all your favorite outlets so please stop in and get your weekend treats 🧺

➡️The Bread Co
➡️On Juice
➡️Friends Cafe
➡️Chai Cafe
There's a little something for everyone on the menu 🌿
All my products are flourless (GF), dairy free and sweetened by nature.
Perfect wholesome eats for lunch boxes or healthy on the go snacks.
Great for post or pre workout too!

Check out the selection available this weekend at your nearest outlet 🥥🥜🍯🌻

The Bread Co
On Juice
Friends Cafe
Chai Cafe
Available at On Juice and Mtotwe 🥜🥥🍯🍫
YES! We are OPEN 😱🤩😃

CoCo-Nutty will be delivering all your favorite flourless products THIS coming weekend!
So be sure to pop into your nearest outlet while stocks last.
Happy Shopping!

➡️ The Bread Co
➡️ Mtotwe
➡️ On Juice
➡️ Friends Cafe

#flourlessloaf #nuttygoodness #deliciousandnutritious
"The best things in life are sweet!"

Flourless Chocolate Muffins 🍫🥥🍓🧁
Available at Mtotwe for your convenience 🧺

#flourless #dairyfree #sweetendbynature
White painted steel chairs and tables and natural pine,varnished, bringing the beautiful outlook and perfect match for the structure designed at 170 The Chase. Thank you Mtotwe for trusting us to deliver!
Pay them a visit for their Fresh Wholesome Food🖤🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼
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"A brownie a day keeps the frownies away."

#fudgeychocolate #flourlessbrownies #nuttygoodness

Available @
The Bread Co
On Juice
Friends Cafe
Chai Cafe

CoCo-Nutty's products are available
at The Bread Co, Mtotwe, and On Juice
for your convenience.

...and shopping is ALWAYS
a good idea 🛒😍😋
This *be still* necklace is a beautiful reminder to dwell in His presence in the middle of chaos. Who feels like they have been run off their feet? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Yes I do ! Be still, catch your breath, and know, that He is near and He is God. 🙌🏻
Psalm 46:10-11 “Be still, and know that I am God!"

We will be at The Hub Christmas Collective tomorrow (20th) from 10:00-16:30. 170 The Chase.

Food and drink can be purchased from Mtotwe and The Nourishment Nook

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The Christmas collective at the Hub is only one sleep away. It's not too late for Christmas shopping !!! Join us for a lovely day at 170 The Chase from 10:00 to 4:30pm (Sunday 20th). You will be able purchase beautiful gifts from Unveiled, HP Happy People, This African Daughter, Heavenly Beads Zimbabwe, @daisy mae to name just a few. Feast on delicious food from Mtotwe and wholesome drinks from The Nourishment Nook. See you all tomorrow!!

#praiseGod #God #journey #hope #faith #MyFather #ChildOfGod #JesusLover #wife #mother #apparel #clothing #necklaces #jewellery #sandals #prayer #inspire #dream #motivate #Christ #testimony #love #family #joy #godschild #identity #harare #gifts #genuineleather #harare #christmas
With the holly jolly Christmas holidays around the corner, I will be doing my last big delivery on Thursday, the 10th of December, to The Bread Co, Mtotwe, and On Juice.
If necessary, any last minute orders with be delivered on Thursday, the 17th of December, to the same above listed outlets.
Please note, only a specific menu will be available for that last delivery date.
I will then be closed for deliveries from the 24th of December up until the new year so make sure to stock up on all your favorite healthy treats.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support during this tough year.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Thank you to The Nourishment Nook and Mtotwe for hosting us on Wednesday for a beautiful day of Christmas Cracker making.

With thanks to everyone who came down we wrapped 695 crackers and 39 gifts for vulnerable children. 👏

Please join us next Wednesday 18th November at Bottom Drawer for some more cracker-making excitement!

Mtotwe is a fresh wholesome food startup in Harare. We aim to be unique, creative and provide delicious, convenient and affordable options to the communities we serve.

Operating as usual

Photos from Mtotwe's post 26/04/2022

Double the fun, double the juicyness and it fills.
Come by anytime and ask for our delicious double cheddar and mushroom beef burger with any of our 3 desired sides!!!

Now that sounds like a great week to me!

Photos from Mtotwe's post 26/04/2022

Come by and grab some of our wholesome goodies, if not to snack on during the busy day why not pack some for school lunchboxes.


Our Valued customers please take note of our closing dates over this Easter weekend from the 15th and back open again on the 19th!!
Happy Easter from us all at Mtotwe to you.


Did you come around today to taste our new Creamy Crumbed Chicken burger, if not come around any time and ask. We will satisfy your needs when it comes to a delicious meal.
170 the chase, Mount pleasant.


A beautiful preggo steak roll without the bun!! Yummy.


Come join us for a lekker breakkie this morning with your family and friends.


Come pop in tomorrow for a great looking and tasting Breakfast burger.
We are open from breakfast 7:30 till 17:00pm


Platters, platters and more platters.
Get in contact with us and we can do your party platters.


Yes you guessed it we have your back when it comes to your food desires.

Come around and ask for our Veggie burger with either a salad or some delicious sweet potato wedges!!

Veggie meals all the way.


Come on over and taste our amazing Ciabata with Creamy mushroom 🍄

Photos from Mtotwe's post 04/01/2022

A Happy New Year to all our valued customers, we're open and ready to serve you, so come on down and endulge in what we have to offer 😉

Photos from Mtotwe's post 18/12/2021

It's party time!!! 😉🎉🪅💃🏼🕺🏼

We had the pleasure of catering for and hosting a grade 7 leavers evening recently .

We cater for any size function, inbox for more information

#mtotwe #freshwholesomefood #eventscatering #inboxusformoreinfo


Thanks to all our customers for the support this year, we would be nothing without you.
Please take note of our opening and closing days throughout this festive period

#apprectionpost #festiveopeninghours #mtotwe #freshwholesomefood

Photos from Mtotwe's post 04/12/2021

You can't just eat and experience good food without showing it off too... #festiveseason #christmasparty #atyourservice #platters #goodfoodisgoodmood

Photos from Mtotwe's post 30/11/2021


Just a few Students from our St John's College branch, enjoying some of our fresh wholesome food that we have to offer 😉

#stjohnscollege #mtotwe #freshwholesomegoodnessineverybite #zimbabwe #atyourservice


It's nearly that time of year to celebrate with friends, family and co-workers, as the festive season is fast approaching!!
So book your platters now.....
#freshwholesomefood #platters #festivecatering #mtotwe


We're excited to announce that we'll now be open on Sundays, for breakfast and lunch!!

Come on down and let us do the cooking for you 😉

#mtotwe #freshwholesomefood #atyourservice #breakfastandlunch


Quiz evening coming up, book your tickets now, See you then 😉

#quizevening #freshwholesomefood #mtotwe


Time is ticking to book your tables!!
Just over a week to go until we host Sarah Deuschle and 4 square and @flyingbantu . @theriverbrewingco will be having their beer can launch too!
Grab some friends and book a table for a night of good music, good beer, good food and good times!

Book your table @mtotwe or @republiczim.
The Hub, 170 the Chase.


We're looking forward to hosting @flyingbantu on the 28th of October.

Come on down to the Hub and get your tickets now, you won't be disappointed 👌🏻😉 #flyingbantu #concert #atyourservice #mtotwe

Mtotwe updated their address. 09/10/2021

Mtotwe updated their address.

Mtotwe updated their address.

Photos from Mtotwe's post 07/10/2021

Good food will always bring family and friends together 😉👌🏻

A gentle reminder about our platters with the festive season fast approaching, inbox us for further details

#freshwholesomefood #proudlyzimbabwean #mtotwe #atyourservice #catering #goodfoodisgoodmood

Photos from Mtotwe's post 03/10/2021

Introducing our New "Sit-in Menu"

Exclusive to 170 the chase

We've realized that cooking is about creating something delicious for someone else, we hope you are as excited as we are 😉

#newmenuintroduction #atyourservice #freshwholesomefood #mtotwe

Photos from Mtotwe's post 01/10/2021

Exciting News!! We're happy to announce our new sit-in menu , here's a sneak peek, launching soon 😉 #newmenu #freshwholesomefood #mtotwe #sneekpeek

Photos from Mtotwe's post 19/09/2021

You can't just eat good food, you've got to talk about and show it too 😉

Come on down and treat yourself, you won't regret it!!

#freshwholesomefood #whatwedobest #sitinswelcome #proudlyzimbabwean #mtotwe

Photos from Mtotwe's post 12/09/2021

Looking to endulge in gourmet woodfired pizza or salad, look no further than our neighbour's @republiczim 😉
Please take note of operation times to avoid disappointment

Gluten free bases now available

Sits ins welcome, covid protocols apply

#woodfiredpizza #ourspeciality #gourmetpizza #atyourservice #sitinswelcome #covidprotocolsapply

Photos from Mtotwe's post 04/09/2021

Food is the common denominator that brings people together... Let us cater to your needs
#byrequestonly #eventplatters #freshwholesomefood #hararezimbabwe

Photos from Mtotwe's post 30/08/2021

Did you know you can find our fresh wholesome food at these outlets??
#promotinghelathyliving #wholesomefood #broadeningyouroptions


Too tired to cook? Want to indulge in something wholesome? let us do the preparation for you 😉

Showcasing our frozen meal range, exclusive to Mtotwe at the Hub

#freshwholesomefood #frozenmeals #convenienceiskey


We're open for sit ins, we look forward to welcoming you, come on down and enjoy a past memory, and make some new ones....this is hopefully the start of a new beginning....stay safe, covid protocols apply. #sitinreturns #newbeginnings #covidprotocolsapply


Lifes too short to say no to cake....
#freshlybaked #orangecake #takeawayonly #cakelove #curinglockdownblues


When life gives you lemons....just make a lemon cake...afterall cake solves everything 💁🏼‍♂️😉

#freshlybaked #lemonswissroll #cakelover #takeawayonly #killingmondayblues

Photos from Mtotwe's post 14/08/2021

We look forward to the day we can provide sit in meals and beverages again, in our community orientated setup.

Looking for a coffee, @thenourishmentnook is your go to

Looking for a quick casual lunch, look no further than @mtotwe

Want to treat yourself and friends to a gourmet pizza, @republiczim is at your service

Or looking to relieve the stress of the week/ day @republiczim, Bar has got you covered

Until then we're at your service with takeaway only

Mtotwe updated their phone number. 12/08/2021

Mtotwe updated their phone number.

Mtotwe updated their phone number.


Chocolate is a happiness which we can eat....come on down and grab a slice to cure the extended lockdown blues...#freshlymade #lockdowncure #chocolatesponge

Photos from Mtotwe's post 09/08/2021

Nothing brings people together quite like good food...let us do the catering for you ?
#holidaycatering #byrequestonly #freshwholesomefood #platters #zimbabwechefs #mtotwe #goodfoodisgoodmood


Blueberry Sponge Cake - the blue that makes you feel good.... #freshlybaked #inhousebaker #blueberryspongecake #freshwholesomefood

Photos from Mtotwe's post 04/08/2021

Food for every occasion, give our platters a try..... #byrequestonly #preparedtoorderonly #freshwholesomefood #mtotwe


Carrot cake counts as a vegetable doesn't it....?? 😉

#freshlybaked #carrotcake #inhousebaker #freshwholesomefood #takeawayonly #mtotwe


One must eat to Live, not live to eat. The more colorful the food, the better. Introducing our new roasted vegetable wrap, optional side of fries or zucchini fries.

#freshwholesomefood #roastedveggies #healthylifestyle #madetoorder #takeawayonly #mtotwe


They say money can't buy happiness, but it can by fries...isn't that the same thing??

In this case it's our "Zucchini Fries"
Come on down and give them a try
Exclusive to the hub ONLY

#zucchinifries #healthychoice #newtoourmenu #freshwholesomefood #mtotwe


Chocolate cake makes the lockdown blues easier, come on down and grab a slice.... #freshlybaked #inhousebaker #chocolateswissroll #takeawayonly #makinglockdownbetter

Photos from Mtotwe's post 28/07/2021

We cater to your needs, no matter the occasion. Whether it be a corporate function, birthday party or anniversary.

We have a variety of platters to choose from, including a build your own option. So look no further, we'd be happy to assist.

#freshwholefoods #platters #eventscatering #harare #madetoorder #byrequestonly


Cake will always be the answer, however the question is irrelevant... Come on in for a "chocolate square", to kill the winter blues... #takeawayonly #freshlybaked #inhousebaker #chocolate #mtotwe


We present to you:
Freddy from the Frozen Foundry; a fun take on a platter of fresh fruit kebabs available at @jumpzim as part of our party platter menu.

Credit: @antcypri @Hazel

Videos (show all)

Christmas Collective getting festive at the Hub today!
Introducing our Mtotwe Art Wall! How awesome is that. All our featured art is locally produced #supportlocalartists and ...
We are now supplying our niche range of frozen meals to the Mulberry Restaurant & Cafe in Borrowdale Brooke! They do an ...
NEWS FLASH! Our new store is now open! Where: 170 the Chase, Groombridge (BMX entrance leads you into The Performance Hu...
Stay tuned for details of our first retail shop opening soon!! How cool is that barn sliding door with our logo on it?
We'll be at the Old Stables market and outside Guzzies (Brookfields) tomorrow morning serving our fresh wholesome food. ...

Payment Options

Cash Visa



170 The Chase, Groombridge

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday 08:00 - 17:00

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