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Litfy Africa is a Software Company that has a mission to enhance people's lives regardless of their circumstances through digital & financial literacy.

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BLESSING GGB - YouTube 05/10/2021


Music 🎶 That Motivate, Encourage & Edify You


If you are in need of music that will help you Worship Christ. Hip Hop, Afro Pop, Worship & Dance hall music in line with your Christian Values.

BLESSING GGB's vision with his team is to win you to Christ and to bring healing, hope, faith in your life and to make you whole.

Became part of the BLESSING GGB family to spread the Gospel through music which is being easily identified in our generation.

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BLESSING GGB - YouTube Blessing Maramba known as Blessing GGB. Zimbabwean Recording Artist, Songwriter, Composer, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur. His music is Hip Hop, Afro pop an...


As usual, quality lessons require adequate preparations



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Dataage Solutions on Google 30/01/2021

Dataage Solutions on Google

Dataage Solutions on Google Find out more about Dataage Solutions by following them on Google 17/08/2020

Strucktop Investments (Private) Limited | Total Visits: 16 Strucktop Investments (Private) Limited on Strucktop Investments Private Limited was formerly registered in 2005. We are Importers and supplier | Zimbabwe business directory | Business Directory | Classified Ads in Zimbabwe | Zimbabwe Yellow Pages



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A meeting with zimpost to have access to Community Information Centres for digital literacy

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3 Types Of Financial Income


4 Ways To Make Money


Which Quadrant Do You Belong?


Financial Literacy


Code Club Zimbabwe

#letsgetkidscoding Day 1 of the Code Boot Camp for 2019.

Zimbabwe has developers, game changers. Watch this space.


Code Club Zimbabwe

This December, sign up your kid for the Code boot camp. From 13-17 December, your kids will be equipped with programming skills that will enable them to design websites, develop applications, create games and animations. So get in touch and register your child today. Limited slots available.

Thank you Melbourne Primary School for the turnout and for signing up your kids for this wonderful experience of a life time.

#Melbourne Primary School




I have been involved in a series of startups since high school and all gone from Hero to Zero, this might be evidence that I don't know anything about business. Last week I visited family and during that time I had a revelation. Litfy Africa is small we dont have offices, we dont even have a working website. We don't have any company equipment to talk about. The revelation I had was that most of the time we FOCUS on what we don't have rather than what we have.

Lately I have been worried about our lack of finances to pay tutors, lack of students, the decline in likes on this very page in terms of the people who we are reaching and the engagement we are getting. I was so depressed after writing what I believed to be one of the best post I had written. My brother's comment after reading the post was "Great article bro , very informative . However it contradicts what finance students are taught in class ." I read a book by Michael Maloney about gold and silver and watched a 10 video series about the history of money for the article. Nobody read it. Even my co-founder Mr Pardon Mugunde doesnt even like our posts or make any comments. All these factors were pulling me down. Then it dawned of me that I need to FOCUS ON WHAT WE HAVE.

We have committed people who believe in what we are doing in Mutare. Our first tutor Mr. Bright Chitakatira and student/intern Cynthia Biforomo. Since they have started they have never stopped. We thank our partners in mutare Digisol for giving us a home in mutare.

We also have a tutor and student in Rusape. Mr Basil Tawanda Nyamanyunzu our tutor from Rusape and student/intern Gore Rutendo.

I would also like to thank our team in Kadoma, Perciline Gapara who is our tutor there. She is also the editor of all these posts on this page. Then thanks to our only student Charity from Kadoma.

A good friend of mine recently joined and has been coordinating things in Mutare Tendai Mukandiona. He has always believed in what I do more than my family and we have been together in 3 startups. We like to believe we think alike maybe the reason why we click.

These people are Litfy Africa and without them we have nothing. It would be important if moving forward they have everything they need for the mission to go on.

Cain Skys thank you for being the first one to like our posts. You are our top fan. We love you.

In our quest to learn about business we will focus on what we have.

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Teacher and student.

Introduction to computers.

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There is a battle of ages going on between MONEY & CURRENCY. This battle causes you to see the price of milk you bought last month at $3 to go to $20. To understand this you need to know the difference between money and currency.

Currency has been many things throughout the ages like livestock, grain, spices, shells, beads and paper.

Only two things have been money GOLD & SILVER.


A lot of people think currency is money. They also think CASH is money. In fact I should not look further for an example as a Zimbabwean when I see people rating currency everyday. People are so clueless about money that they think electronic currency in my phone in ecocash is so different from CASH. They think if they are holding cash they are holding real money. CASH IS NOT MONEY IT IS SIMPLY A CURRENCY, a medium of exchange that you can use to purchase something that has value, what we would call an asset. When thinking of currency think of electric current which is something that has to keep moving or it dies. A currency does not store value in and of itself (What i mean is if you have a $2 gold coated coin it does mean its value is really worth $2 worth of gold). Rather, it is a medium whereby you can transfer value from one asset to another (Meaning you can actually acquire something worth $2 in gold with a coin that is not worth $2).


Money, unlike currency, has value within itself. Which is GOLD and SILVER. Money is always a currency, in that it can be used to purchase other items that have value, but as we’ve just learned, currency is not always money because it doesn’t have value in and of itself. If you are having a hard time grasping this, just think about a hundred-dollar bill. Do you think that paper is worth $100? Hell No ! That paper simply represents value that is stored somewhere else—or at least it used to be before our money became currency. Long back the paper you call CASH used to be a receipt of the amount of GOLD you had in the bank. Have you noticed that the paper printed $2, $5 , $10, $20, $50, $100 is the same paper but the only difference is the writing on it thats why they have different value. I did a little research and bumped into an article written in 2015 by Caitlin Schneider, he was saying at that time a $1 and $2 bills cost 4.9 cents per note to make, while $5 cost 10.9 cents, $10 cost 10.3 cents, both $20 and $50 bills cost 10.5 cents, and $100 bills cost 12.3 cents. This is eveidence that CURRENCY doesn’t have value in and of itself. Money that is not backed by anything is called Fiat Currency which is what the world is using now.


In short Fiat Curency (Is Money that is not backed by anything tangible like gold or silver.) These demand notes (currency) are really just “certificates of deposit,” “receipts,” or “claim checks” on the real money that is in the vault (GOLD). Or it used to be when currency was backed by the gold in the bank vault but its a different case.

A fiat is an arbitrary decree, order, or pronouncement given by a person, group, or body with the absolute authority to enforce it. A currency that derives its value from declaratory fiat or an authoritative order of the government is by definition a fiat currency. All currencies in use today are fiat currencies.Zimbabwe Bond Notes, Rands, Pounds etc are all examples of fiat currencies.


This is how fiat currency was made : Once a government has introduced a paper currency, they then expand the currency supply through deficit spending (government spending, in excess of revenue, of funds raised by borrowing rather than from taxation), printing even more of the currency to cover that spending, and through credit creation based on fractional reserve banking (something we’ll cover in the future). Then, usually due to war or some other national emergency, like foreign governments or the local population trying to redeem their demand notes at their banks after receiving pay (bank runs), the government will suspend redemption rights because they don’t have enough gold and silver to cover all of the paper they have printed, and p**f!


Fiat currency is designed to lose value. Its very purpose is to confiscate your wealth and transfer it to the government. Each time the government prints a new dollar and spends it, the government gets the full purchasing power of that dollar. But where did that purchasing power come from? It was secretly stolen from the dollars you hold. As each new dollar enters circulation it devalues all the other dollars in existence because there are now more dollars chasing the same amount of goods and services. This causes prices to rise. It is the insidious stealth tax known as inflation, robbing you of your wealth like a thief in the night.

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When I was serving at Christian Missionary Fellowship International year 2015, we once went to Rest Haven for a Spiritual Retreat. We were each given an assignment to write down whatever God had said to us during the retreat and present it to others who were part of a "SCHOOL OF KNOWING AND SERVING THE LORD" at that time. After the retreat I dont really know what happened I kind of went NUTS in my opinion. I had the guts to stand in a room full of people, and tell them what I had written down on a white piece of paper, that by 2018 GOD was going to bless me with a church of 20 000 people among other crazy things I had written down.

Recently I have been thinking maybe I got this wrong somewhere but not 100%. I strongly believe Litfy Africa is that church God wanted to bless me with, although we are short on numbers at the moment and we are behind on our time. When I was a Pastor I used to see talented individuals who were part of my flock with limited opportunities to enhance their lives despite being talented. This reminds me of this bunch of teens I was leading at Mount Hampden. One was a talented student who had A's at O Level did Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry at A Level but he did not have funds to proceed to University. I remember talking to him saying if you had a laptop I would teach you what I do and you don't need to go to university. He is one of many cases I have encountered. After these moments I would go home to a room that the church gave us to stay together with a brother of mine Brian thinking what I could do to help these people and sometimes I was frustrated, I did not have the resources to help them.

While running Litfy Africa I see what I encountered when I was a Pastor happening again, inorder for Litfy Africa to move forward and level the playing field for those who are priviledged and those from the bottom to have the same opportunities to succeed. Like the Gospel we believe knowledge about technology and finances can set people free from the challenges we face in this century. Like the Gospel if we are to link tutors and students for literacy in venues around their communities we need tutors who have a heart to serve people, who are compassionate and are willing to put the students first before their own needs teachers like Bright Chitakatira our lead tutor in Mutare. Like the Gospel we need strangers who believe in our mission to help us by blessing us with venues in several communities. This week i received a call from someone in Rusape who is going out of his way to look for a venue for us and he did not even ask for anything in return.

When i was a Pastor one of the most difficult thing was following up on people to attend church. It was so difficult that one day it was raining and after taking 3 rides from Zimre Park to get to my small church in Mount Hampden there was no one at church, I mean 0 people came to church. This reminded me of my frustration when one of my tutors text me saying some students are not attending lessons. I was talking to Pardon Mugunde my Co- Founder why would someone miss the chance to enhance their life. He commented saying when you are offering real change people behave like that and only a few will ever bite. He said if Litfy was selling drugs it would be a different case. He adviced me that I have to be a Pastor again for Litfy to fulfill its mission.

To all our followers & friends Thank you for your support. We have reached over 600 likes on our page. Thank you everyone. Please share this with your friends and let us get to 1000 ! Your support keeps us going. Please dont hold back just feel free to comment and help us improve in the future. Thank you once again.

Warm Regards

Walter K Mwanyisa

Managing Director

#litfyafrica #digitalliteracy #financialliteracy

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