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The Macintosh Website Design & Development, Harare Zimbabwe 30/07/2022

The Macintosh Website Design & Development, Harare Zimbabwe

The Macintosh Website Design & Development, Harare Zimbabwe How Litfy Africa Website Design and Development style came from and have evolved to enable your website as a tool to help your business sale more online.

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The Best Entrepreneurial & Life Advice My Wife Gave Me

I was talking to my wife about the fact that sometimes when I’m not in the right frame of mind I do not write a single line of code. My wife was a bit concerned with my choice of words there "Right frame of mind". She asked what do you mean? and I was like I'm not motivated.

Then she flat out told me that it's not motivation I lack but honesty. She told me that I'm not able to tell people the truth. It's not that I lie to my clients for sport but sometimes I fear for them, and that if I lay it down for them completely I might put them off.

This is a huge mistake because by not communicating clearly what I need I end up taking huge amounts of time to complete a project than necessary, and I deny them the chance to make a calculated decision about whether they can manage to commit with me. I immediately repented, and contacted at least 3 clients I'm working with now explaining what I needed, and expected from them, and it definitely made a huge difference.

Honesty makes relationships better in all spheres of life. I remember my relationship with my former boss TJ at Data Age got better when I finally had the guts to tell him my honest opinion around issues like projects, and my compensation among other things. I remember TJ was hurt when he learned I had been staying with my wife for about 2 months without telling him. He was treating me like a bachelor and had he known I had a pregnant wife at home he could have done better on my salary payments.

When I corrected my mistake with TJ I would propose ideas that seemed crazy at work sometimes and he would flat out deny them but later he would acknowledge I was onto something. I have realized I have a gift of doing things way ahead of my time I'm like a tech prophet.

I once made an Artificial Intelligent (AI) Chatbot version for a project we were doing for Dairiboard called Ask Chimombe. When I saw what they were working on before I joined Data Age I thought it was cool, and they had put a lot of work into it.

It kind of worked like that duta app we used on Whatsapp. I thought the chatbot realized needed to be a bit smart that is think, act humanly and not be menu-based so I started playing around with the Microsoft Azure platform and LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) AI.

Using LUIS I managed to create a chatbot that could understand different contexts like greeting, and actually produced relevant results even if you asked it in a casual human way. The coolest part about all this I could teach it to answer questions correctly if I made a mistake. I was able to teach it to answer correctly the same question it got wrong the previous time.

If you are a fan of movies if you have watched a movie that was released this year called KIMI. The main actress's job working from home in the movie was to listen to replies that KIMI got wrong and help KIMI answer the question correctly next time. I did that s**t in 2018. How cool is that to actually see what you do for a living being portrayed in the movies?

When I left Data Age and went to work for my Uncle at Oriental Spring Services TJ realized I was right, and he has been working on AI chatbots for more than a year now. He told me that at the time I proposed an Intelligent chatbot he did not take it well since they had invested a lot of time building a menu-based chatbot, and he was emotionally invested in it.

I also insisted on working on Search Engine Optimisation for the Data Age website and all Data Age clients while working for him. I made a few changes to the company website and it’s been raking well for terms like “Software Company Harare”, “Custom Enterprise Software”, and USSD Applications Harare, etc.

At that time he felt like he did not need to keep paying me a lot of money. His words were like SEO or Digital Marketing is a skill that I cannot sell if you were still much interested in software development then I would keep on paying you a lot.

He let me go soon after the work from home days in 2021 and I went back to Oriental Spring Services. In 2 years,I have made my uncle’s company one of the best if not the best in the Spring Services Industry and he has been working with big companies earning thousands of dollars in the process.

I know you might be working for a difficult boss and being truthful might be tricky so sometimes you fake that you approve of something that you don't. By not being truthful you might let your boss make a mistake that could make you lose thousands of dollars or millions depending on how big your company is.
It is this inability, to be honest, that lets people smile at a driver when he is driving recklessly, and speeding but soon by not being honest the driver will lead you to a first-class trip to hell.

Last month I let my uncle convince himself that the number 7 was equal to 9 (7=9), and I let him deliver a trailer spring to Bulawayo that was supposed to have 9 blades go with 7 blades. It did not end well for us and the company will probably lose a couple of hundred dollars for that mistake.

I have witnessed people who were a victim of dishonesty say it’s okay for people in business to lie if they are to stay in business. I was shocked to hear such a statement. It’s like hearing a woman who stays with an abusive husband who beats her from time to time say a woman needs to be beaten. How insane is that? Something must be wrong with our society if we accept certain falsehoods to be the truth. Our nation is broken and the moment we are honest I believe things could be better, and change for good.

If you have a story to tell about how being dishonest costed you big time whether in life or business please share with me your story in the comment section.




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Litfy Africa School of Computing & Business offers computing, business systems, and life
skills courses in Harare in partnership with various entrepreneurs.


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We help you understand your customer and then use different online marketing platforms like
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We Ate S**t For A Month For Entrepreneurship Sake

Lionel Masimba Siduna & I ate s**t for a month for entrepreneurship's sake. When I say we ate s**t I don’t mean it as some kind of fancy metaphor but we literally ate crappy food for a whole month. I once drafted this story somewhere and I kind of lost it and I had to recall the events of that month over again.

The fun part of the story is it did not start this way and we were not supposed to go through this. We had planned everything perfectly but you know what Captain Cold said about plans in Flash “There are only four rules you need to remember: make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan. Follow my lead and you'll be fine.”

It was 2016 and a year after I had deferred my Computer Science studies for a year from MSU because of what seemed like financial reasons but I do not understand even until now if that was the real case. During that period I would do a lot of things from working for TJ when Zoesys was evolving into Age Solutions and he did not have an office at that time, devote myself to ministry work by becoming part of the praise and worship team and becoming an important member in church planting at Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI). I believe I achieved great things in my moment of darkness.

You see growing up in a family that preached the Gospel of Education the only path for me was getting good grades, and landing a safe, secure, high-paying job. School was the only thing I had and I actively pursued the dream since I was in primary school. In grade 6 at the age of 11, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and I knew what it takes. Deferring for me was the worst thing that could have happened to me at that time. It was like being sidelined for a year at the prime of a football career because of an injury.

I love how I handled it though. I did not sin or become bitter, I buried myself in Ministry work, and planted a church in Mount Hampden. When I was tired of being away from home for so long I went back to Mutare to help Pastor Mangena minister to youths in Mutare, especially Sakubva. I remember going to visit a local church in Birchenough bridge with Brother Bright Muzvimbiri and we did not like what we saw. The church in Birchenough Bridge lacked proper guidance in the new way of life. It was supposed to be a CMFI branch but everything was ZCC Mbungo stars there because most of them who had believed the True Gospel came from that church. When I felt like I was spending too much time in ministry work I kind of took a break and helped Eddie MK establish Galactic Gaming Arcade in Sakubva.

Going back to school came when I had already given up on school and I was already exploring other ways to survive. I had now accepted there are other ways to make a living. I’m not proud of the fact that I gave up school in my heart and I have never been the same after that period but I remember praying for over 18 months to clear a debt of USD 1377 that had accumulated since year 2 semester 2. My Aunt came to the rescue and I found myself back on a bus back to Gweru.

When I returned to MSU in August 2016, 3 months after setting up the Galactic Gaming Arcade for my final year all my classmates I started within 2012 had left except Masimba. It turns out the varsity had messed up his records somehow and he decided to start Computer Science from scratch. I was happy to see a familiar face and I was the one who had helped Masimba revamp Tsoka 1.0 after I noticed he had hired so many PHP developers who really sucked at their jobs.

I remember hanging out with him in town at an office he had set up with Cotsman during my 2nd year and I saw the Tsoka Backend Interface for the first time. I told him I can do way better than what he had right now. This was the beginning of a great partnership.

When I returned we decided to do a lot of updates on the Travel Platform. Version 1.0 focused mainly on the frontend displaying activities, restaurants, accommodation, and transport. We had a feature that would allow visitors to book on the site. It had some awesome search features that would match user search queries and pop up a bunch of relevant results. I remember combining some pretty heavy AJAX, JQUERY & PHP for the search and modal for the booking features.

The Plan was to develop the platform during the semester. Masimba was supposed to worry about food, rent, internet & frontend and I was supposed to worry about the backend. We decided to do the project soon after our final exams for the semester. Masimba was banking on payments he was supposed to receive from clients to cover all our needs until the project was complete. It was going to be feasible if he had received the payments.


All the payments never came through and we had no money to cover our operating expenses. We came up with Plan B which was taking small jobs just to eat while coding at a slow pace. I remember when we had no plan we would go to town at Terry’s office. He was a Graphic Designer and he would buy us lunch for certain small tasks. Despite the challenges, we continued with the project while eating crappy food for survival. I remember our best meal from time to time during that period was Macaroni, Baked Beans, and Soya Mince. We ate soya mince so much that in that month Masimba suddenly became good at cooking that dish. It was a miracle because like my brother General, I can only trust him to cook an egg and tea only.

The fun part about this whole food crisis is we never slept on an empty stomach. We managed to do 1 or 1.5 meals per day. The most terrifying part for me personally about this whole experience is the fact that we woke up every day without knowing what we were going to eat that day. Masimba did not even panic about this because he can be a one-day at a time kind of person. He was really worried about me and I believe the only stress he had was introducing me to this kind of lifestyle.

To add icing to the cake we had to keep the lights on and pay rent. I remember in that period we managed to keep the lights on for the laptops but we never paid rent for that month. Then as if we did not have enough problems Masimba had a tooth problem. Remember he had no money or medical aid. I do not remember where he got the money to pay the dentist. The day he went to see the dentist he did not sleep after.

He was in so much pain that for the first time in my young, dumb, and broke life I literally saw someone googling about teeth online. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. The theory was maybe the dentist left a little something on the tooth. He was in so much pain so much that he went mad that day. By 4am the next day Masimba went to see the dentist again. He had no transport money but this gentleman from next door took pity on him and offered him a ride to town.

The only heaven through that s**t was the MSU Telone Campus WIFI. During the holidays it was super fast. We downloaded a semester’s fees worth of Internet. We were tired of downloading, so most of the time we would just watch HD videos on YouTube.

At some point just before Christmas, we decide to put the project on hold. I had no bus fare to go back home though. A friend of mine Eddie MK owed me a favour. I had run Galactic Gaming Arcade for free during his absence. He only insisted I take just $10 per month just for voice or data.

When I left for school he said he got me if there is anything I needed and I took his word for it. Eddie is a brother to me and we share the same birthday 10 July but Eddie MK is a year older. We were classmates in primary and secondary school. He later introduced me to a life of Prayer and we called ourselves the Strong Team. It was Delan, Eddie MK and I that made up the Strong Team. We were vibrant youths in Church leading cell groups and taking leadership roles at a young age.

Eddie MK is the guy that first mentioned the best finance book I have ever read in my life “The Richest Man In Babylon”. The fun part now I’m thinking about it I admired Eddie MK because of his Entrepreneurial Spirit. He is the kind of guy that declared he would make his first Million in his first year in college. I do not think he still has that dream and entrepreneurial vibe judging from our recent interactions. I partnered with him because I was good at managing while he was good with coming up with brilliant ideas and his engineering skills came in handy too.

Because of my interaction with Eddie MK and Masimba, I would start a Gaming & Education centre from the dirty with Pardon Mugunde, 2018 in Glenview 7 Harare which later evolved into Litfy Africa.

The gaming centre also gave me experience to partner with George for Code Club Zimbabwe. Code Club concept was created in the UK as a non-profit organisation. It’s a network of volunteer tutors and students (9-13) years to teach Computer Programming.


When I thought it was time for me to lean on a friend in a time on need I reached out to Eddie MK. I had told Lionel not to worry about my transport because I had a friend who owed me a favour. He stalled for more than 3 days and even assured my mother & brother he was sending bus fares. He never did. I do not know if he remembers but I had a chat with him about this and I never really understood what he was going through at that time to leave me hanging on a tree.

Masimba managed to get-me a bus fare & we talked for about 30 mins while waiting for the bus. Masimba did not really get why I stuck with him during that period. After all we were not blood brothers & I was not asking for anything in return. I guess I have a high dosage of what business-savvy people call Emotional Quotient.

I don’t know why I stood with him I have a few guesses but the main logical reason is my PIDO character. I guess that’s who I’m at the core. I help my friends or people who need my help to achieve their dreams regardless of the resources they have. This is at the core of my company Litfy Africa. Most of the clients I have had cannot afford our services but we find a way to guide them to success with what is available. I do not force people to do what I want them to do. Instead, I listen to, and understand their dream, and if I can help, I will help with everything I got.

I thank Masimba for a lot of things. But before the eating s**t month what attracted me to Masimba was the hustling spirit. He is also the most generous person I have ever met in my life. He is the first person to introduce me to the word Start-Up. I guess he had an influence on me that changed the trajectory of my life. I had mixed and mingled with people who had a spirit for business and it rubbed off on me. I became entrepreneurial by osmosis. In other cultures entrepreneurs are Heroes. But in my country and my background, it’s kind of vilified. When you go down that path you are like a criminal and be prepared to walk alone and shut off from society. People are so scared of what they do not understand and they are so afraid of change and they will fight you if you break out from the status quo. Sometimes the fighting comes because of love, and fighting you is a way of protecting you. But people should follow their dreams.

We parted ways & I went home to Mutare & Masimba would continue eating more s**t for quite some time. He eventually went to Victoria Falls where he probably ate more s**t again for a long time but he managed to bounce back like he always do from time to time. He setup a platform for me to join him in 2019 for Tsoka 3.0. I will share the story some other time & the title is “FROM HAWAII TO HAITI”.

Eating s**t with someone makes you close. We finished the project as brothers. Masimba hook me up with high paying jobs and gifts from time to time. I also have him to thank for my reunion with the love of my life. He told me openly that I messed up and encourage me to invite her to Victoria Falls, insisted we sort things between us and we have been together for 2 years now and we have been blessed with our daughter Kehlani.

How many of you have gone through almost similar tough situations with someone and came out closer than before? I want to hear your own version of eating s**t in the comment section. I did not go through this with Masimba only. I went through similar s**t with Cheezy Khalifa at some point when we were on attachment and I went through a similar thing with my wife in 2020 when she was pregnant.

The best version of an identical situation though is when me and my brother General visited Mom one of these school holidays at Palmerstone. General might have been very young to remember but we invented a couple of vegetable recipes at that time. Our stepfather went out to Mozambique for some jobs and he was like 2 weeks late which was bad because our mother had no money. We struggled a lot to eat. When our garden had no vegetables anymore I would be sent to our landlord to ask for vegetables.

Things changed when Mom got paid though but we sure took a lot of vegetables that holiday and I remember we used to take them fried and plain or mixed with tomatoes and boiled. When it was time to go Mom explained we should not reveal that we went through s**t together. We were young but we were never going to snitch about what happened we knew our Mom was trying as best as she could to lead a better life and she wanted the best for us even though things went south. She is the Hero of our story.

Masimba once posted this story on Facebook here is how it went down in his own words.


We actually managed to do 90-98% of the job in that difficult month. When you are in a tough position you tend to do more but the results are clouded by the pressure, depression, or whatever is bugging you.

The definition of Entrepreneurship by Stevenson is the best for me. Entrepreneurship - “The pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently owned.” We did not own s**t but we did amazing work.


We love the game of entrepreneurship more than our lives. When you love something you are willing to go through tough situations.

A part of me does not have a valid answer for why we go through what we go through. My point is why God gave me a brain that thinks this way if he did not give me everything I need to bring those ideas into life? It does not make sense. But failure to pursue your dreams might make your heart sick. And then you will be miserable. After that misery loves company you start forcing everyone around you to be miserable like you.

What I have realised is everyone goes through this eating s**t phase but we go through it for different reasons. Some do it to get a Diploma, others to make it in a foreign country, others do it to get that promotion, others to land that dream job, and others to get that business up and running. If you do not mind sharing why are you eating s**t right now or before please share in the comment section.

I believe before anyone starts
to succeed and you are from the bottom like me. Starting something from scratch is a contract of taking s**t for quite some time. In fact some people take s**t all their lives, and when they die people start celebrating them as Heroes for taking s**t. One of these days my wife was laughing at me. How come most of your clients are struggling with money? I laughed and said that everyone goes through that and if you get past that then you have proven yourself worthy. This will only get better and better once you are past these initial struggles.


I remember Flash asking me what Tsoka was all about. I told him it’s like the Uber of tourism. He thought it was genius when I explained it to him in the simplest form possible. I believe Tsoka is still a genius but it lacked one skill we did not have when we were building the early versions. It lacked Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We were mainly focused on building the backend of the platform for Hotels, Travel Companies, Tourist Attractions that we forget the most important thing.

The tourist are the most important ingredient because for them to find affordable accommodation, events, transport & activities the Tsoka Websites has to be super visible. It has to be the most visible Tourist site in Africa completing with sites like Trip Advisor. Tourism companies and travel companies do not need to spend a fortune on Digital Marketing, Tsoka can handle that from acquiring clients to processing payments.

Anyone in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc is supposed to see a Tsoka listing when they are exploring cool places in Africa to spend quality time with family. Travel should be the company to bring places like Victoria Falls on the map. It’s possible with SEO, to capture different stories of people visiting tourist destinations in Africa and Masimba’s love for tourism. He probably needs to start a YouTube channel featuring different stories of people who love to travel like his friend Kashif and also sharing his stories visiting tourist destinations in Africa.


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