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1 E. Munangagwa (goal keeper)
2 Simon Rudland (defender)
3 Kamelish Pattin (defender)
4 Allistair Mathias (defender)
5.Peter Bowan (sweeper)
6 Ewan McMillan ( attacking midfilder)
7. Johan Swan Sr (right winger)
8. Johan Swan Jr ( striker)
9. Hubert Angel ( lone stricker)
10Terence Ian Keith (striker)
11. Talanag George Alexander (left winger)
Bench:1 Henriatta Rushwaya ( reserve goal keeper)
2 Keith Patrick

Team Manager: Billy Rautenbach.
Coach: Kuda Tagwireyi
Ball Boys: Phillip Chiyangwa, Wicknell Chivhayo, Scott Sakupwanya, P Java and Mudha Ncube.

Referee- M Ncube
Linesmen- J Mangundya, G Guvamatanga.

Photos from gold mafia Zimbabwe 's post 14/04/2023

Aljazeera yabuditsa zvese kuti bvuuu. Mai venyika shuwa shuwa here? Moyo wekubereka mumbori nawo here😭😭. Saka mochengeta varoora showering them nemaG wagon munyika makazara nherera , ndachema ini 😢 musiki uriyo here kana watifuratira zvachese


Who are Zimbabwe’s Gold Mafia Exposed In Al Jazeera Documentary?

Who is Kamlesh Pattni aka ‘Brother Paul’?

Kenyan-born Kamlesh Pattni, also known as Brother Paul, is said to have orchestrated the Goldenberg International scandal in the 1990s, which robbed Kenya of $600m. He allegedly used his license to export Kenyan gold to smuggle Congolese gold through Kenya. Although he was charged, he was never convicted. Today, Pattni operates from Dubai and smuggles gold from all over Africa, mostly from Zimbabwe. Pattni is described by Lakshmi Kumar, policy director at the Washington DC-based think tank, Global Financial Integrity, as a “criminal mastermind.”
In an interaction with Al Jazeera’s undercover reporters, Pattni denied any criminal wrongdoing in Kenya and said he had never been convicted in relation to his activities in the country. He also denied involvement in money laundering, sanctions busting, or offering to deal with funds he knew originated from illegal sources.


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Haaa unotoshaya zviri kufamba sei


Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe monetary policy Eddie Cross said that the smuggling of Gold and ci******es was well known.

He said that Zimbabwe has lost over US$2 billion a year through this corruption.

He also said that Gold smuggler Ewan Macmillan has fled the country with his family and that Angel has lost his diplomatic post due to this exposure.


Kunobva goridhe vs kwaroenda😢


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The Rubbish Al-Jazeera Documentary by sir wicknel chivhayo

OVER the past week, there has been some unnecessary public euphoria on the so-called exposé by Al Jazeera on cross-border trading of Zimbabwean gold with the international market.

I have watched the documentary at least twice, after assuming that I might have missed certain basic media practices, research principles and journalism ethics which must be observed in the creation of documentaries of this nature. I could not help but observe the following;

a) Information source and its credibility

Throughout the sensationalised documentary, there is constant reliance on unsubstantiated and alarmist comments by a senior politician from an opposition party.

Without an ounce of evidence, the same politician who was part of a cabal that solicited for the imposition of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe over two decades ago, alleges that about a USD1 Billion is being “smuggled” out of Zimbabwe through what he terms a “gold mafia”. These unsubstantiated claims are obviously bizarre considering the quantities that would have to be involved to meet the alleged value of USD1 Billion to be “smuggled”.
What however raises the most suspicion is that Al Jazeera conveniently avoided interviewing Government officials at the Ministry of Finance, RBZ, ZIMRA or any senior politician from the ruling Party, Zanu PF.
The documentary is therefore not balanced, but rather tilted in favour of the opposition.

b) Timing of the Documentary

Al Jazeera alleges in the documentary that the so-called “gold-mafia” has always been plying its trade in the Country since the days of former President Mugabe (MHSRIP). What boggles the mind however is that Al Jazeera only saw it fit to publish the deceptive documentary around four (4) months before the much-awaited 2023 harmonized elections in Zimbabwe. Can this be mere coincidence, especially considering the prominent role played by opposition figures in the documentary? VERY unlikely!!!
If you ask me, the documentary is just but a rouse and ploy by opposition handlers to discredit the SECOND REPUBLIC as ably led by HIS EXCELLENCY, PRESIDENT E. D. MNANGAGWA.

But no amount of campaigning through international media houses can discredit the massive development achieved under the Second Republic.

c) Substance of the documentary

Apart from making sensational allegations of corruption and smuggling, the documentary carries no substance at all.
It admits on one hand that all gold is declared to Fidelity Refineries, yet on the other it claims that there is no process to monitor outflows of the yellow metal.

It further confirms that all gold is declared to and approved for export by the RBZ (and even produces what they understand as certificates from the Central Bank), but claim that the gold is smuggled out of the country.
The inconsistency simply goes to show the desperate attempts by opposition benefactors to decampaign efforts by Zanu PF to develop Zimbabwe through transparent exploitation of its natural resources.

The documentary conveniently ignores the fact that Zimbabwe is now nearing a US$12 billion mining industry by virtue of the gold exports through Government.
Export earnings from gold trade have funded unprecedented infrastructure development in the country such as road rehabilitation, dam construction, devolution programmes, inter alia. Vanhu ngavataure zvavanoziva please!

d) Attack on the Ambassador at Large

The criticism of the Ambassadors at Large is from a position of pure ignorance. Without taking away the position as clarified in the Ambassador’s Statement, people must know that where billion are being negotiated, quick and authoritative decisions must be made. Umwe haasati ambo pinda mudhiri re US$1000 , how can you understand the language used in big money transactions?

We say and over promise anything and everything when interacting with billionaires.

e) My sweet advice

Ini hangu I have personally never been involved or interested in gold buying or trading. But for a big media house such as Al Jazeera to attempt scoring political goals on behalf of a dying opposition political outfit is low and embarrassing. To make matters worse, the documentary creates an illusion that wese afamba ne Emirates, especially EK714 to Dubai anenge akatakura gold.
Totya here kukwira Emirates because the court of public opinion will think we are “Gold Mafia” or ma runners ema shefu?

My advice especially to the youth is that your future is MUCH SAFER in the hands of HIS EXCELLENCY, PRESIDENT E. D. MNANGAGWA! ZANU PF is leaving NO-ONE and NO-PLACE behind by putting all mineral export proceeds to develop our beloved Zimbabwe.

Once commerce and trade in agriculture, mining and other sectors is supported at Government level, zvichasvikawo kwatiri tese and we benefit as a country.

Let us fully support our Government as it endeavours to create an upper middle class economy by 2030.

By: Wicknell Chivhayo

Photos from gold mafia Zimbabwe 's post 31/03/2023


An investigation by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit infiltrates the rival gangs that control Africa’s gold. Criminal networks turn dirty cash into gold, which is sold around the world. The investigation leads to the highest offices of state in southern Africa.

GOLD MAFIA is a four-part series by the I-Unit to be released on March 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2023. The series looks at how society’s obsession with gold through the ages underwrites a global shadow economy. It exposes the complicity of global financial institutions, regulators and governments in the criminality.

Through thousands of confidential documents and exclusive interviews with whistleblowers from within the criminal underworld, investigators obtain the blueprints of billion-dollar money laundering operations that service the political elite.

Undercover reporters pose as criminals with over a billion dollars of black money that needs to be cleaned. The team is led by a fictitious Mr Stanley, a Chinese gangster with links to the Triads. His undercover reporters befriend members of rival gold mafia gangs.

The founder of the UK-based Good News Church, which has 15 branches around the world, offers to launder 1.2 billion dollars of dirty cash from China. “I am the 2nd largest diplomat in the country,” Uebert Angel tells undercover reporters.

Angel is also presidential envoy and Zimbabwe’s ambassador-at-large to 85 countries. He offers to use his diplomatic cover to fly Mr Stanley’s dirty cash into Zimbabwe where it can be laundered through gold and other investments.

“Right now I can have a bag like this with 1.2 billion and put red tape written diplomat. Nobody can touch it”, Angel says. “It is a very, very easy thing.” Mr Stanley and his team get invited to closed door meetings with Kamlesh Pattni, notorious for devising a gold export scam that siphoned $600 million from Kenya in the nineties. They also sit down with Pattni’s competitor and convicted gold smuggler, Ewan Macmillan.

“There is an opportunity, a hell of a big opportunity to wash money here,” Macmillan says. Both men are licensed gold traders in Zimbabwe and Dubai. They offer our undercover team lucrative deals to launder over $100 million through government gold export schemes. The rival crime bosses reveal that at the centre of it their operations is southern Africa’s biggest laundromat, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

The investigation reveals that the Gold Mafia are employed by Zimbabwe’s ruling elite to export gold on the government’s behalf. It is a scheme to bust international sanctions placed on political leaders and government entities.

Mr Stanley speaks to Henrietta Rushwaya, president of Zimbabwe Miners Federation and niece of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Within minutes, she offers them a laundry service that can clean $10 million of dirty cash a week through the reserve bank and gold producers she knows.


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That multi million dollar car. Papa sons busy defending him

Photos from gold mafia Zimbabwe 's post 26/03/2023
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