I love supporting local and so I often order from small businesses on social media... BUT this was my first visit to the Locally Yours market in Port Elizabeth. This shop showcases a lot of handmade items from local businesses around Port Elizabeth. It is well worth a visit if you are in PE.
I managed to find a doorstop (Symara Factory Shop) that perfectly suits my Queen Bee’s room and these gorgeous mushrooms for the kids to play make believe (DOE-earthandplay)! #locallyido #locallyyoursmarket #algoafm
So much talent on our home turf! #supportlocal
#makebeleive #mushrooms #mushroommania #mushy #mushylove #queenbee #supportlocal #supportlocalbusinesses #locallyyours @zoomamasa #zoomamasa #nerdymom
How can one see all the products available? Especially the adult kits
“Ooh we’d love to win this pot of deliciousness. We’d share it with Claudia Schley and her beautiful family on her homemade waffles. (Nothing like inviting yourself for breaky). 🙂 yay Kath Schley from DOE-earthandplay you won! Kath entered via Instagram! Follow us there.❤️
Proud to say these are still enjoyed and looked after. Also tagging along on a mini getaway to Tsitsikamma.
As today's my birthday and I am off with a cold, I have had some time to reflect and write on the past couple of months. There is so much bad stuff in the news but wanted to share some joy and positivity. I also wanted to share some experiences we have had at local business and urge you to support local as we head into the festive season.

May you all be blessed and have an amazing rest of the week.

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Check out this competition for a stunning and unique spoil! 😍

Amazing small business’s in PE established by beautiful entrepreneurial women 💗 - the best pamper and the most creative play dough gifts for adults and children!

DOE- foodbathplay
I have some mama (grown ups) play dough which is a perfect gift for a teacher on Monday 💗 I have 6 in stock - R45 each. DOE- foodbathplay

WhatsApp me for your order 076 510 9419

Collect in Lorraine tomorrow
New Product Alert! Mama play dough! Want to relieve some stress or just get in touch with your creative side? This dough not only is an amazing stress reliever and a creative outlet, but moisturizes your hands at the same time with all its delicious smelling essential oils. Current aroma available is Gin and Tonic. These amazing products are made by DOE- foodbathplay 💗R45 for 100grams DOE- foodbathplay
Raindrop counting with our DOE- foodbathplay playdough
Another fun invitation to play with our DOE- foodbathplay playdough
Yay donations coming in for the project. Please keep them coming. 100 children this time. Our sewers are sewing in FAITH. And we have 100 booklets printed and waiting. Tomorrows future. Changing the narrative always starts with small steps
Schuin-Villa Pharmacy Storehouse Family Connect Storehouse Church Tracy Preston Chanelle Rossouw Michelle Brown Michelle ReddyHelene En Gerald Ehlers Timothy Reddy DOE- foodbathplay 3 Little Monkey's
This is what happens to your donations. Thank you! Please keep them coming. Helene En Gerald Ehlers Monica Dawson Chanelle Rossouw Michelle Reddy Jane van Dyk Tracy Preston 3 Little Monkey's Sonia Saayman Schuin-Villa Pharmacy Storehouse Church Claudia Schley DOE- foodbathplay Kingfisher FM Projectplaybag

Handmade scented play dough and wooden toys. Non toxic, locally sourced ingredients. Using play and nature to promote learning and creativity.

Operating as usual

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 05/05/2022

Sometimes you have to make your own rainbows

Here's hoping you can see the 🌈 in whatever your circumstances. Life is full of rain, but the rainbows come and sometimes we just have to change perspective.

You can now purchase a loose letters set! It's a calico beauty containing a lower and upper case letters set, with an extra pair of lowercase vowels.

So good for matching, word building, letter sorting and placement.
And then for crafting when your little is all learner up!

$5 💜😊🌈

Make your rainbow. Be someone's 🌈. Look for the rainbow.

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 08/04/2022

It's a quick giveaway!
Follow @rutheveryday on Instagram check her stories for more info.

Of course in no way affiliated to Instagram.

For all Zim Facebook followers please pop on over to Instagram to enter this awesome giveaway.

Don't forget to follow @rutheveryday

Like 5 posts.
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Easy Peasy.


Oh dear

So I'm realising that this big Rambling farmhouse with old cement floors is going to be freezing!

So wooly socks may just be the uniform from now until August.
I need a onesie. 🙃

Gorgeous colours though and aren't these 🐻 gorgeous. Perfect for those Autumn inside play days.


Born 2 be Wild. 🍨🍥🎉🍰

Such sweet little party favours. 150 g of softly scented dough, a stamp of your choice. $5

Mix and squidge together for the perfect silver dough.


The sweetest Mini Easter Kits. 🐇🐣🌼

3 mini tubs of softly scented dough, 3 stamps, a roller stowed in a calico treasure bag.

Holiday play.
Please DM for orders

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 15/03/2022

Let's make poop
Amazing how that gets attention. 😊

But seriously learning should be hands on, bright, tactile and stimulating. It should inspire and engage.

So let's make 💩. Trust me this is a lesson your little and big won't forget.

Our Digestive tract, Lung and Heart watercolor playdough mats are now available.

They are $1 a page.

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 10/03/2022

New product!!
Card making kits🌺

So as my littles get older, their demands for products and ideas keep coming. 💕 I love this!

It comes with
3 lower case letter sets (with extra vowels).
1 upper case alphabet set
10 medium themed prints
20 little prints
5 little cards

May the fun begin!! What a great tween gift!!

Launching price of US 12. Whoop whoop. 😊


Loving our neighbour as ourself.

Anyone else feel anxiety creeping in?
Lord help us. No where to turn but to Him.

#lovenotwar❤️ #loveyourneighbor #oneworld #peaceonearth

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 09/03/2022

Revised Numbers!!
Swipe right to see em. 😊

Basic number formation is essential. That's why we have changed our old prints. And we have added +-÷×=. Just brilliant!

Don't forget we have wholesale prices to schools and for homeschoolers too.



Thrilled to be adding these important signs to our double sided number sets.

We think they add so much value especially as your little grows!!

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 21/02/2022

Beautiful dough sets for hours of play.

Softly scented doughs, handpicked stamps, goodies to play. Choose your own theme and, colours and create the most special gift.

Available in Bulawayo from @two.can.creations, and Harare and beyond from me😊

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 21/02/2022

Looking for something different? Handmade treasures.

I've got some beauties in stock.

Swipe left. 💗
Pleasure in the detail.
Something different.
Nursery decor/simple play.

Please DM. I'd love to hear from you


Named after my prominent legs in prayer position.

Fact: I am a carnivore
I live for about a year
I sometimes eat my mate after or even during mating
I can turn my head 180 degrees.

Just fascinating! So much to learn, so much we don't know. 🙂🙂

So my bug collection is growing! Any tips on how to store and preserve them?


The fear to try so often stops our dreams.

Be fierce Mama, show them it's ok to try, it's ok to fail and it's GREAT to FLY.

But without the risk, without the courage we will never FLY.

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 13/02/2022

Inspired by a beautiful creation given to me by one of my babies.

Made at the incredible @lilfordia_school.

These little tween stamps work so well. Brush out any sticky dough with an old toothbrush ready for your next use. 🙂

🐝 Mine
🐝 U ti ful
🐝 Kind
🐝 Strong
🐝 You
🐝 Still

Time for 🍪 s and tea. ❤️


It's Friday. 🎉🎉🎉Today I can breathe out. I pick up my babies.🌼

Why in the world have we put our kids in boarding school. Especially when I am so pro nature based learning.

Don't worry I keep asking myself that.
We live too remotely to be day scholar's. AND probably the biggest reason is is that this Mama is tired, realising I can't give it all to my babies anymore, not being physically able to make decisions.

So some time to breathe and yet breathing seems so hard without them here. 😐.
So maybe it will work for them, maybe it won't. There are lots of plans that change in the scheme of it all.

Allow yourself space to make mistakes, get back up. Be as brave as you can. Be real. Be kind. Make a change in the lives around you.
But Mama, I can't tell you one thing, if you aren't making sure your ok, it tends to fall apart.

Valentine's shopping, birthday gift stash? Pop into @popup_collective_zw
On Saturday morning 🌞.

@two.can.creations will have some of my goodies. A great opportunity to see some amazing entrepreneurs.

I will be watching my littles first tennis match, but hope to be at the next Pop up. 🙂

Pic by the talented @ninaclaasen_visualstorytelling ❤️

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 10/02/2022

Nuts about you. 🌼

These beautifully hand carved acorns are so lovely.
Use them as a snack tray, treasure tray or nature tray. They will last beyond your little ones childhood years.

Something about wood? Yes it is timeless.

Worried about shameful cutting of trees - it's a good thing to be concerned about! We are all about planting trees in areas that are sustainable (where they will be looked after to grow into big trees).

Available @harperandsloane_za and @doeearthandplay


Sending you Friday 🌈.

Love hard, squeeze them, tell them you love them. Listen, play, cuddle.
Those are our plans... Yours?

Pic by the talented @live_ts

Photos from DOE-earthandplay's post 31/01/2022

Watching my babies play unhindered with simple natural things. As they turn simple blocks into boats and castle walls, fireplaces and princes waiting to rescue their princess's.

I feel so rewarded in the freedom they have. So encouraged by the hope in which they have for their future. Their play is positive and fun and full of energy.

Oh to be young again. ...


Look for the beauty.
It's all around you


I wrote a letter to my love

And on the way I dropped it someone must have picked it up and put it in his pocket.

Anyone else play this game as a child? I went to boarding school growing up and Valentine's day was always a huge high or low light.
The excitement of getting a letter. Who could it be from. Butterflies in my tummy.

Valentine dough, little letters.... 💗

Please don't forget I have amazing wholesale and homeschool prices 🙂. Pop me a DM, let's chat


Tween wooden stamps. For all those secret cookie/card messages. 😊😊

We love these!! And we have capitals too. YAY

Wholesale prices
School prices
Great courier rates
Supporting Mums
Conscious creation
Learning benefits

And a WHOLE lot of fun. The perfect gift!!!!


January 2022
Clean slate

Here's too another year of being a Mum, wife, teacher, sister, daughter. Here's to doing things well, to getting up again when we've fallen and to sitting with those a while who need to rest a while.

Here's to adventure and the seeking out of the small and beautiful.

Giving thanks often, laughing filling out homes. Longer hugs, mindful living, breathing slower, happy times and fulfilled little ones.

So here's to the wide open space of 2022. 🎉🎉

#longerhugs#mindfulparenting #happyplay
#happylittleone #doeearthandplay #


Handmade and ready for your play🐝🐝🐝

So as farmers we really rely on these beautiful insects to do their thing.
Super excited about the tree seeds we planted a few months ago. They are almost ready to be planted out. 💙

These beauties can be found @harperandsloane_za in South Africa
@littlesomethingzim and from me direct @doeearthandplay for $15.


Look for beauty. It's everywhere.

When you look, oh my do you find!

#adventureswithkids #beautyseeker #changeperspective #littlelearners
#somuchtolearn #naturespecimens #naturebasedlearning #bringnaturein


New Year Prep.
Wish it was this easy to get my thoughts and emotions in order❤️

So 2022 right around the corner. As a family we have some HUGE changes coming and my Mommy heart feels like it mIght explode.

Boarding school. Anyone else feel my apprehension. Any coping tips.... Besides pills which at this point I'm seriously considering. So why the personal bits of info because as a small business you learn we are all in. We are the help, the bankers, the planners, the workers, the boss. I sand, cut, stir, roll, mix, stick, sort, cook, sew, email, sell, pack, send, deliver, order.... So many doing words.

And so it all rolls over into one Mum trying to create, trying to do good, trying to be better while holding all of it together.

#mommylife #gettingmysh*ttogether #reallife


New Year Prep.
Wish it was this easy to get my thoughts and emotions in order❤️

So 2022 right around the corner. As a family we have some HUGE changes coming and my Mommy heart feels like it mIght explode.

Boarding school. Anyone else feel my apprehension. Any coping tips.... Besides pills which at this point I'm seriously considering.

#mommylife #gettingmysh*ttogether #reallife


May your days be filled with golden moments.

Golden pots of play.

When a customer recently asked for golden tubs it got me thinking of the importance of this colour. What is has meant over the centuries.

These beauties are available for $5.50.
Scented softly with orange, may they add a decadence to your play.


The most perfect little girl gift. Available in Harare tomorrow.



Frozen Play bag. Cos you know this is a winner

4 tubs of dough, (thats 1 kg of play!! ) 4 colours, 4 scents, 4 figurines, a roller. ❤ stowed in a Calico bag.

This is the last of my frozen goodies for the year. The perfect gift for holiday play.

Its $30 please DM for it. Or hit the WhatsApp button

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Invitation to Play Activity Boxes
Individual 200g portions of dough
1 kg glitter buckets
1 kg packs of scented dough
1 kg packs of unscented dough
Rolling pins
Wooden Stamps




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