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Coach Andre Inc. Zw provides public speaking and presentation skills training to corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

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Who Says Public Speaking Has to Be Difficult or Downright Stressful? The truth is - it doesn’t.

No matter if you are a complete novice at giving speeches or presentations or if you have been in the game for a while, there’s always room for growth or improvement. When you possess the skill to speak well in front of others and in a way that captures their attention, it can become a real superpower in both life and business.

The secret to becoming a true master at public speaking or giving fantastic presentations has to do with feeling at ease, knowing your subject matter and overcoming the fear of talking in front of a large (or small) audience. It’s also about your delivery, your self-confidence and your ability to take command and control of any room.

When you can combine all these vital components of public speaking together as one, you will not only become great at talking in front of others, but you will also motivate, inspire and educate others in a very relatable (and likable) way! In order to sharpen your vocal delivery, improve your presentation skills, and own the room using your natural body language, it’s important you understand the BEST techniques and methods that will make giving speeches more enjoyable (and less fearful). Instead of trying to figure out all the best steps to overcome your fear of public speaking or to improve your current skill set on your own, now you have the rare opportunity to learn from the very best to “fast track” your success.


Harare’s #1
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills For Professionals MasterClass

FEB. 26- MAR 26 ( Sat Only )

This upcoming masterclass will cover everything you need to become a true master of public speaking and give amazing presentations.

Each breakout session during this class will be jam-packed with practical exercises, effective trainings, stimulating activities and powerpacked presentations to help you gain the rock-solid confidence and communicative skills you need to succeed.

And since this class is limited to 10 people only, you will also receive personalised one-on-one coaching to get the individual attention you need to overcome your biggest public speaking fears or obstacles.



Do you get nervous stepping on stage to give a presentation? If your answer is *YES*, don’t fret, even the most seasoned speakers experience anxiety. Developing presentation skills and natural eloquence takes years of practice. Let me share with you some few tips to help you reduce presentation anxiety:

1. Rehearse. The more you rehearse, the less anxiety you will experience while giving the presentation. By practicing, you can get a good grip on your presentation and identify content to add, edit or delete. Some people find it comfortable to rehearse in front of a mirror, others record themselves speaking via audio (you can use the VoiceNotes app on your phones) or video (you can set up a phone or tablet to record yourself). Whichever methods works for you, make sure you practice enough so that you can deliver your presentation naturally without looking under-rehearsed. Don’t forget that you can use a live audience: rehearse in front of colleagues or friends and solicit their feedback and advice.

2. Engage your Audience. Another way to reduce your presentation nervousness is to avoid thinking about your presentation as a formal affair and make it more like a conversation. Nervousness is normal, but don’t let it affect your performance and instead overcome it by engaging your audience, which can help you feel more confident, open and relaxed. A long presentation full of dry facts and figures can bore your audience and can be a yawn-inducer, so present it in a way that it feels more like a two-way communication. You can hook your audience into your content by asking questions, sharing your own experience and examples or by telling personal stories. You can try incorporating exercises or hands-on tasks to get them out of their seats and do something to help convince them of your message. For example, you can ask your audience to pair up and contemplate a question or challenge. You can give them one minute to prepare and then have them shout out their answers. Once you have three to four answers, conclude the exercise and continue your presentation, drawing on those answers. This kind of exercise will help you develop a warm rapport with your audience.

3. Arrive Early to the event. Arriving early can help you reduce your anxiety because it gives you plenty of time to adjust to your surroundings and settle in. By arriving early, you can take note of the room or stage setup and maybe adjust it to your needs. One strategy to test the size of the room is to bring your public speaking coach along and ask him or her to sit at the back of the room and listen to the first few moments of your presentation. Arriving early also helps you adjust technical issues maybe your slides didn’t transfer to the host correctly, you need a different adapter for your computer, or you have difficulty setting up the microphone. Showing up a few minutes before your talk or worse, showing up late when your audience is already waiting will not give you enough time to adjust to your surroundings.

4. Prepare an Outline. An outline that lists the important talking points can be helpful and give you better control of your presentation and thus ease your nerves. You can put your outline or speaker notes in the Notes pane of your presentation software, on hand-written cards or even your phone or tablet. Remember, it is important to divide your presentation time between preparing your slides what you are going to say. And remember, you need to spend a lot of time explaining your slides. Slides are there to support you as the speaker, not replace you.

*5. Dress up simply.* Lastly, dress appropriately for the event. You don’t want to underdress or overdress because your appearance is a signal about how you carry yourself as a professional. Most importantly, wear something you are comfortable in and that allows movement. It’s probably most important to keep your audience in mind when choosing your outfit. For example, you may want to dress more formal for an audience of bankers or CEOs, but maybe less formal to a group of middle school students.

These tips will help you overcome pre-presentation jitters and boost your confidence.

Public speaking is important if you are looking to climb the social and professional ladder. *At Coach Andre Incorporated,* we make sure to train you in aspects that matter the most when it comes to presenting to people. Our sessions are woven around your needs, fears and ambitions - which makes us the only company to truly care for your personal growth.

Call us on +263 712 300 069 | +263 786 332 064


Coach Andre Inc. Zw provides public speaking and presentation skills training to corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Contact us on + 263 712 300 069 | +263 786 332 064


Register for our 10 Hour Intensive Financial Literacy aka Personal Financial Management Masterclass and let's help you improve your money handling skills. Join us and be englightened on the fundamental financial lesssons and how to apply them to their daily lives. Build healthy money habits and be financially free!


For more details please call/whatsapp: +263 712 300 069 | +263 786 332 064


Coach Andre Inc. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Masterclass

Public speaking and communication skills are becoming increasingly important in the workplace. When we hear the term "public speaking," we generally think of standing infront of large crowds and giving presentations. However, there are much broader applications for methods typically associated with public speaking.

The four primary goals when delivering a speech include the following; to inspire, inform, convince and persuade your audience. A well crafted speech with these four elements can benefit an audience with a new set of information or new perspective which can boost the speakers confidence and creates new opportunities. If you would like to be part of this initiative and learn how to become a proficient speaker, then you simply must sign up for this course.

To register, #publicspeaking #communication #keynotespeaking #opportunities #eloquence

Coach Andre Inc. Zimbabwe is now on WhatsApp. 02/01/2022

Coach Andre Inc. Zimbabwe is now on WhatsApp.

Coach Andre Inc. Zimbabwe is now on WhatsApp.

Coach Andre Inc. Zimbabwe is now on WhatsApp. 02/01/2022

Coach Andre Inc. Zimbabwe is now on WhatsApp.

Coach Andre Inc. Zimbabwe is now on WhatsApp.


You don't need a certificate to be an International/Motivational Speaker. The only requirement is the skill of public speaking and spoken english mastery. Do you want to speak the global language with ease? Do you want to dominate the boardroom with your public speaking prowess? Do you want to learn how to handle nervousness when pitching to prospective customers? If so, then this coaching class is for you. To Register, send a whatsapp message to: and talk to Coach Andrew.

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