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At Virgo Hygienix we specialise in providing you, our valued customers with sanitary waste management solutions for your office and home.

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We offer sanitary waste management services for your home and for your office.

Contact us on +263774794723/+263718794723 to get a quotation.


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Virgo Hygienix 19/01/2021

Virgo Hygienix

Hey there how are y'all doing? Just a quick one; do you often face a dilemma when you have your period and at home you don't have any smart way to dispose off your sanitary waste (used sanitary tampons/pads/towels)?
Are you often forced to carry your used pads to work just to dispose them off, or to dump them with regular trash in the bin?

I know it's a real struggle ... but did YOU know you can save yourself from that dilemma?


By procuring Virgo Hygienix's Sanitary waste management Domestic service package.

The package includes
Sanitary bin rental
Regular Collection & disposal.

Say goodbye to your menses dilemma get in touch with us today to get a quotation call +263774721279/+263718794723.
Minding your waste is our business!

P.S. for every bin you rent/hire from us, at least 3 girls/women get a month's supply of sanitary pads

Virgo Hygienix At Virgo Hygienix we specialise in providing you, our valued customers with sanitary waste management solutions for your office and home.


Good morning to y'all beautiful people.

Let's remember our fight to . There are a lot of girls and women who struggle every month during their period. Partner with us, hire our sanitary waste management services and help put a smile on their faces.

For every bin you rent/hire, 3 girls/women get a month's supply of sanitary pads.

Call us on +263774721279/+263718794723 to get your quote today.


Couldn't agree more 😊


This is our main social responsibility as Virgo Hygienix and we would like you to be a part of it as well.

Contact us for a customized solution and help us fight this cause for all the girls and women out there!

Menstruation is usually the first and one of the key crucial changes in a girl’s life that affects her entire future, depending on how it’s managed. Some girls start their periods as young as 9 years. So, for those who lack sanitary wear, that is when they start missing school every month, which later affect their overall success in life. Some may eventually drop out. Others might start engaging in transactional sex with men to get money to buy sanitary wear; thereby risking STIs, unwanted pregnancies as well as incidences of early child marriages. Again, when girls who don’t have proper sanitary wear, resort to unsanitary and unsafe means such as cowdung, rags which are not sterilized, newspapers and others, and repeatedly use them over long periods of time, they are exposed to serious reproductive health risks, including infertility.


Did you know that when you hire us to manage your sanitary waste, 3 girls/women get a month's supply of sanitary pads every month.

Help us make life easier for them, contact us for a quote today!



Sanitary waste management service:
� Bin rental
� Servicing
� Collection and disposal of waste (regular)




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