Once Upon A Time Birthday Party Venue for children

Beautiful shaded party venue with wide open lawned area for the children to run around in. Jungle gyms, swings, trampoline and swimming pool for the children to explore.

Large inside room in case it rains. Exciting entertainment area.

Operating as usual


Everything magical and enchanting. “Fairy Delight”.


A “Fairy Delight” party. Every girls dream - dressing up as flower fairies, making fairy gardens, playing musical magical mushrooms, building fairy castles with kinetic sand (sea shells, flowers and miniature sand moulds), dressing fairy paper dolls and playing magical fairy ring games. Magical and enchanting. Even our little boys dressed up as pixies and had an entertaining afternoon joining in with the fantasy theme. Another happy little birthday girl.

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A very happy little 4 year old birthday boy who lives, dreams and sleeps dinosaurs. A special day for a special boy. A Dinosaur Party 🦕 🦖 is the ultimate boys package. Great fun all round. The entertainment revolves around identification of the different dinosaurs, a colour matching dinosaur game, “Walking with dinosaurs” activity, Dinosaur Dig - searching for fossils and dinosaur eggs and a drama session. The children had the most special time. Book a party with a difference.
Contact Rosy on WhatsApp 0772216730 to book your child’s dream party. Many options to choose from.

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What dreams are made of……All things magical, glittery, sparkly, pretty, colourful and girlie. Imagine rainbows, unicorns, fairies, pixies, elves, gnomes, knights in shining armour. Castles in the sky, poofs of rainbow clouds and more.

Then book your child an unforgettable magical experience.

Making sand castles with Kinetic sand, building forts and castles (duplo construction area on a carpet under a shady tree - with a Cinderella carriage, castle and fort), wooden fort blocks for the boys to create an innovative fort or castle along with knights in shining armour. Making fairy gardens, playing “Musical mushrooms”, a Fairy Treasure Hunt, icing fairy cupcakes - the list is endless. I will match up a magical experience to suit your little ones needs, desires and wants. Request a flier to see what is on offer.

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“Fairy Fun” a delightful theme in our Platinum Package. Creating fairy gardens, castles in the sky, rainbows and unicorns - the imagination runs wild. Every little girls dream. Everything shiney, sparkly and glittery - tiaras, fairy wings and fairy dresses. A great option for any little girl to help celebrate her birthday in style with her friends. An hours entertainment - fairies, glitter dust, magical moments and dreams come true.


The Puppet Experience. Puppet interaction, conversations with the puppets, interesting animal facts and conservation awareness. Learning with a difference. Come and let the children explore, discover and experience it for themselves. An unforgettable experience and exciting entertainment.


Diddles the donkey, our puppet who has joined the “Thinga Majigs”- our group of large wild animal puppets for Simply Wild About Learning our Educational Programme & We are not only learning about wild animals but highlight the plight of donkeys and other rescued animals. We filmed at Matabeleland Animal Rescue & Equine Sanctuary & in Bulawayo for our field trip as part of our episode in Series One.

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An afternoon or morning’s entertainment. Fun, fun, fun. A Puppet Experience is a great way to keep your little ones entertained. Not only is the session exciting but educational too. Conservation awareness, interaction with the puppets, interesting facts, identification of different paw prints, animal sounds, activity worksheet and games included. An action packed session.

Family Fun Package - bring your children for an hour’s entertainment. $10.00 per child. Open in the morning or afternoon for an hour or two. A great opportunity to keep the little ones busy as they explore, experience for themselves and delve into all the activities on offer.

WhatsApp Rosy 0772216730 to book

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Simply Wild about Learning

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“Puppet Experience” birthday treat.
Entertaining a group of little ones for a 2 year old birthday party. Wonderful interaction with the puppets and conservation awareness. Choose the “Platinum Package” - Puppet Experience option and have a exciting hour of fun whilst listening to interesting facts, identifying animal noises and the different animal 🐾 prints and listen to the conversations with some of the wild animal puppets.


A delightful setting “Teddybear Picnic”. What a wonderful way for your child to experience the magical world of make believe. An hour of exciting games, story, activities and conversations with the teddies. Enchantment at it’s best. One of our many options available in the Platinum Package. WhatsApp Rosy 0772216730 to get our flier and find out more about the options you can choose from.


Book now for your children’s birthday party 🥳 🎈🎂🎉🐇 A party with a difference. There are many options offered in our Platinum Package (an hours entertainment and then use of our children’s paradise (included is bunny petting, animal feeding, sand and water trolleys - with an array of buckets, spades and sand moulds, trampoline, beautifully equipped playground etc). The entertainment you can choose from - Puppet Experience, Fairy Fun, Dinosaur Delight, Sensory Play, Teddybear Picnic, Fun and Games, Mini Olympics - Sports Day Games etc or simply having your child’s party in our magical venue. No mess, no fuss. A morning/afternoon of sheer delight for the little ones where they get to explore, discover and experience the joy of wide open spaces and an experience they will never forget.

Ages 2 years to 10 years
Where 25 Argyll Drive, Highlands
Open 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
WhatsApp Rosy 0772216730

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Educational Learning Experience. Emphasis is on fun. Conservation awareness is key. Delighted interaction between puppets and children. See our Educational Package “Wise Owl Package” or Party Plan Packages under the Platinum option -“Educational Learning Experience”. Book now for a group of 10 or so children for an exciting and action packed learning experience.

AGE Ages 2 to 9/10

SESSIONS I hour (activity sheets
TIME Open 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

WHERE 25 Argyll Drive Highlands

WHATSAPP 0772216730 (Rosy)

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“Dinosaur Delight Package” is the most exciting, action packed party entertainment there is. Choose this option and your children won’t be disappointed. After this session the children will be dinosaur crazy.

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“Dinosaur Delight Package” A great idea for your little ones next birthday party. If your child is dinosaur crazy, then this will make his/her dream come true. Walking with dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 .
10 minute introduction to dinosaurs, identification, matching activity, dinosaur dig - digging for fossils and dinosaur eggs, following dinosaur spoor, searching in rock for their footprints and a dinosaur story.


“Elephants never forget package”
Educational Learning package.


A great opportunity for the children to interact with the puppets while learning interesting facts. All content is age appropriate. A full hour of action-packed learning.
Listening to animal calls, learning the different animal calls, identifying spoor, matching the spore to the animals and learning interesting animal facts. Included is an activity worksheet after the session to assess their comprehension.
Other options are :
5 to 10 minute introduction on identifying dinosaurs, listening to their calls, a dinosaur simulator experience (on the large touch screen), matching activity and drama session - dinosaur safari.
Enquire for further options.
•The venue is also available for hire for an extra hour for the children to eat their snacks and have their refreshments and play on the playground equipment.

All schools are welcome to enquire.
Please contact Rosy
E-MAIL [email protected]
WHATSAPP 0772216730

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“Sensory Play Package” - aimed at the 2 to 5 year olds. Our Sensory Play activities are endless. An array of activities are placed at different stations in the garden. This package boasts 8 different sensory activities set out for the children to explore. The group of children negotiate their way around the activities on hand.
*Ball Pool Colour Match
* Scooping Ducks & Fishing Activity
*Fairy Garden Delight
*Teddybear Picnic
*Leap Frog
* Sand Castles with kinetic sand
*Obstacle Course
*Pool Noodle Balloon Game
“Scooping ducks” and “Fishing activity - “Finding Nemo” are showcased here. A wonderful sensory experience for the little ones.

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Our Animal Paradise. “Animal Touch Pen” and petting area. We offer bunny petting and feeding the animals - rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, ducks, guinea fowl and bantams. Another favourite pastime is collecting tadpoles from the duck pond BUT this is only a special treat supervised by Rosy if the children are gentle with the animals.

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Educational Learning Package. Puppet Experience. “Wise Owl Package”.
Book now for one of our many options. Option 1)Conservation Awareness - simple and entertaining. Interaction with the wild animal puppets. Included is an activity sheet completed after the session. Also included is practical work with our specialised teaching resources and equipment. One full hour of action packed learning. Learning to recognise the different animal spoor - matching activity; listening to different animal calls; learning interesting animal facts. All centred around 3 animal puppets of your choice.
WHATSAPP ROSY 0772216730 to find out costs and other options in the “Wise Owl Package”.

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“Fairy Gardens”. A magical experience. Every little girls dream....to wear a tiara, fairy wings, fairy dress and attend the fairy ball. One of the options in our party packages. New exciting packages on offer. The “Fairy Fun” option is now included in the Platinmum package.

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Great party plan packages - puppet experience and interaction and other options where children are entertained - Fairy Fun, Dinosaur Delight etc. The venue boasts a beautiful garden with wide open space for the children to run free. We offer animal interaction - bunny petting and feeding tortoises, guinea pigs, ducks, guinea fowl and Bantums or just hiring the venue and using all the outdoor equipment. No fuss, no mess. Enjoy the outdoors.

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A venue with a difference. A children’s paradise. Wide open spaces to run free, exciting equipment to play on and some great party packages to look at. Options available for fun to be had - Puppet experience, Dinosaur Delight, Fairy Fun, Artistic experience, Obstacle Course and many others to choose from. Catering for children from 2 to 10 years. Contact Rosy WhatsApp 0772216730.

Mobile uploads 25/02/2021

This is for you Cecil Tina Sambo Munoriarwa

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“Dinosaur Delight” Birthday Party🎂🦕🦖 🎉 🎈 What a fun way to celebrate a 4th birthday party. Aiden is dinosaur crazy and simply loved every minute. His mum says he hasn’t stopped talking about his party and all the dinosaurs!!

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We are adding “Dinosaur Delight”as an option to the Platinum Package. This includes 1 hours entertainment of : walking with the dinosaurs, identifying dinosaurs, dinosaur match, digging for dinosaur eggs and fossils, going on a real dinosaur safari, “dinosaur”scavenger hunt and a story.
“Dinosaur Delight”
Included is a 5minute introduction watching and listening to the sounds of realistic dinosaurs on the large touch screen (drama session) and then a game of dinosaur identification and many other activities. WhatsApp Rosy 0772216730


I will be sending out our flier with the different party plan packages on offer. Platinum, Gold and Silver Packages are available. We are now adding puppet experience and conservation awareness, play date, school date and many more exciting party plan options. We are also adding extra features :-“Fairy Fun” (for the girls)
“Running the Gauntlet” and Obstacle course (for the boys) and other innovative ideas. You can add to your “wish list” to make your child’s birthday magical. What this space!!

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We are now officially open for bookings for children’s birthday parties in a children’s paradise. We offer bunny petting, animal feeding (tortoises guinea pigs, bantams and ducks). A beautiful netted swimming pool with option to use), a netted, raised trampoline, 4 Step2 plastic jungle gyms and Wendy house, sand and water play trolleys, covered sand pits (equipped with buckets and spades etc), a mud kitchen and plenty of space to explore and run free. Also on offer is a puppet experience “Simply Wild about Learning” my educational programme. This experience involves 20 minutes of interaction with the puppets, conservation awareness and fun.
Different party plan packages are available. You can decide what features to add to your “wish list” to make your child’s birthday magical. Please WhatsApp me (Rosy)
Venue - 25 Argyll Drive, Highlands, Harare. Open Mon to Fri 12.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

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Educational puppet experience details as follows - a fun learning experience. Get together a group of 8-10 or so children. Ages from 3 to 9/10 year olds in groups.
This is called our “Wise Owl Educational Package”. It consists of 1 hours entertainment - you can choose any subject from the following as an exciting learning experience.
There is interaction with the puppets, who help out as teachers. Included is an activity sheet which is completed after the session - this is to confirm comprehension. Also included is practical work with our interesting teaching resources, and equipment. It is one full hour of action-packed learning, and great fun in a learning environment. This is $10.00 per child only , for the full hour or a monthly package - If you come 1x a week for 4 consecutive weeks then the monthly package is $30.00 for the 4 sessions running for 4 consecutive weeks per child. (This will be paid in advance). Minimum in group of children is 8.
Choose from the following options which we offer in this package.
1) Conservation awareness (simple and entertaining) - learning to recognise the different animal tracks, matching activity, listening to different animal calls, listening to interesting animal facts etc (all centred round the choice of the 3 animal puppets which you choose.
Choose 3 large animal puppets from the list below for the session -
Dickie dungbeetle, Hannah hippo, Monty monkey, Gerry giraffe, Elisha elephant, Sassy Secretary bird, Ollie ostrich, Gonk gorilla, Crocky winks crocodile, Hanky hyena, Rhona rhino, Leo lion, Pinky pangolin or Ziggy zebra.
2) Numbers (counting, one to one association, simple addition, sets).
3) Opposites and comparisons. Spot the difference and odd one out), matching activity and playing “Where oh where is my kitten”, a game teaching children recognition of objects and positioning. Using descriptive placement words. eg up, under.
3) Beading, lacing and threading activities (threadIng beads, lacing cards and learning simple stitches eg criss cross, cross stitch, herring bone. Patterns and sequencing, lacing necklaces and writing patterns (on chalkboards and on writing boards).
4) Colours and shapes. Recognition games. Colour mixing - tinting blending, outlining. Solid shapes, flat shapes, mosaic patterns and shape board games.
5) Fractions (pie and pizza ) Placing different coloured fraction pieces to make a whole - (very simple but fun activity) Cutting wooden pizzas, sliced bread, birthday cake). Placing coloured fraction pieces to make a whole (using a circle, square, triangle and rectangle).
6) Music and Percussion session. Instrument playing (triangles, drums, tambourines, cymbals, castanets, bells and others to music (tap sticks - for rhythm), song singing. Learning to read music (simple introduction).
7) Science experiments - volcanoes and earthquakes. Making a volcano (safe for children , not harmful) and watching it erupt. Earthquake experiment. Looking at creepy crawlers - ladybirds, beetles, spiders. Life cycle of a butterfly/frog).
8) Nature (scavenger hunt, nature walk, learning about different topics, leaf imprints.
9) Recycling Activity - learning to recycle at our Recycling Centre. A fun activity centred around teaching children how to separate different items and place them in colour coded character icons, eg “Peter Plastic Gobbler”, “Mike Metal Gobbler”, “Terry Tin Gobbler”, “Terrible Toxic waste Gobbler”
A great learning experience for your little ones while they have fun. Our aim is to bring back the joy of learning.



Argyll Drive 25, Highlands, Harare,

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00
Thursday 10:00 - 17:00
Friday 10:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00

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