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Life stop short to play small@with your talents. As we start the new year, remember it’s never too late to pursue the best version of yourself. We wish you all the success that you may dream of. This page is for go-getters who simply refuse to accept mediocre as they embrace their uniqueness!


Nothing can change unless you change yourself. you attract who you are and what you allow. as we prepare for the year 2024 start thinking about who you are now and who you want to be. not physically only but spiritually, emotionally, financially, socially, intellectually and take steps to be that person. happy Thursday

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small lounge or long side tables available for $120. once off sale as we close off the birthday month of oCtober


as we approach first of Nov, remember it’s never too late to focus, to start afresh and to make things happen for you!

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in our luxury dresser. $650 for the full set

When a woman understands who she is as a Queen she settles for nothing less than her king. she treats herself with respect, and if she has not her been found by her King she will do life, living a life of purpose, reaching her goals, setting up things for the next generations to come, being the best version of herself rather than settling for a life that’s anything less than she deserves! Stolen and edited from RC Blakes

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product details


My life is going to represent the best of me , a full representation of myself , from my home , the way i treat people, the way i mother my children, the way i do my work and the way i show up in every area of my life.

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also available in white . $30


clearance on this rice plus bean dispenser . with a moisture collection top. $30. few pieces left. only valued while stocks last


everytime it’s summer time we think of summer dresses, sandals and maybe even spring cleaning! But do you think of your goals, your soul and your growth??? in summer time everything that God Created blooms, the trees and the flowers, the sunshine makes everything bright and happy, animals are happy to feed on freshness, but remember yourself the highest creation that God made to rule over all he created. you can never know yourself lest you know where you came from . You were created by greatness how can you not be great.. it’s time to bloom, never act small or be small there’s nothing small about where you come from, nothing small about you. No one is like you , you survived to live till today for a mighty purpose . Love it, live it and be it. May the greatness of God who created you brighten your path to full bloom.. may your brand your space represent greatness!!! greatness unique to you!!!

happy summer!happy full blooming season!!!


child such a blessing!

4 months of the year left, here is to living the life of my dreams


happy self care day. i learnt that boundaries are something we have to learn, and prioritize. most women age with bitterness. you cannot change the way the world moves but u can change what u allow in your space with your time. whatever bitterness you feel accept responsibility, forgive yourself and the perpetrator and learn to say this will never be allowed in my life again.


It’s been so surprising for me to realize that in life there are people who do not know who they are. They define themselves by their roles at work, or a position they fill in society. Who they are outside their jobs and being a cousin, brother sister , wife etc they have no idea.

In this month of August take time to study , know and understand yourself.
What do you like and what do you hate
How can another person describe your character. What informs your North Star or your steps, what you do and what your principles are.

Self love means self care , and it all starts from knowing one’s self

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9 in 1 Vegetable Cutter. $12


$80 for this modern eccentric 90 cm watch. For the large spaces give it boldness , glass and uthenticity


I love the weekends. It’s a time to refocus, I use it, not to escape my life but to build the life that I want for myself, to clean my home make it beautiful, plan my week, and go after my dreams. My dreams are only real to one person only and that’s me!


The clear flower vases great center pieces for your large hallway, living room, dinner table and for our event planner partners.

$50 each


What our vases do to spaces is next level classy silent luxury. $200 per set

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It’s officially sleeping season. Call in for all your Simon baker quilts, comforters, sheets, pillows, cushions, matress protectors and side units

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Restocked the rice and bean dispenser now available for $25.

Homelux on TikTok 11/05/2023

This is the best Mother’s Day gift

Homelux on TikTok The Perfect Mothers day Gift!


Midweek is a time to refocus. Whatever you haven’t achieved , be in financially, health wise, emotionally, mentally this is the time to assess, adjust and refocus.

Wellness and loving yourself is the foundation of being the best version of yourself


Call in for all your South Africa purchases.


Modern Luxurious Havens is what we create.


Our range of vases lift up any space, they bring opulence and classic old money luxury into your lounge, bedroom, kitchen, passage.

We love it when clients trust us with their homes and we strive to deliver !


This year I came to the realization that am turning 40 soon. And having lost 3 very dear friends within the last COVID year made me@ask myself one important question . If I died today would I have lived a happy life. This took me on a journey of making a conscientious effort to live the life I’ve always desired, create a home I’ve always wanted and create moments and experiences with my kids that they will live to remember. You see before this I was living for the future, working hard and saving for the future, guess what the future was happening without me realizing it.

So create a home that you’ve always wanted , a home that you love coming home to, your safe space your pride and sanctuary. We will@help you get there!

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Weekend shopping and meal prep. I spent sometime looking at where my money is going. After realizing that I had a considerable food budget, I knew that most of the money was going down the drain in spills, rots, weevils and I made a decision to get my kitchen and pantry more organised and to teach other mothers how to do it


Crushing on these bedside tables for $250’per set. Imports with a great finish

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New stock!!!! These luxurious,classy jars are now available for $200.
They really transform the space

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Hurry while. Stock lasts
Exciting new stock loading . White Suite dresser available for $650. Other colors available on preorder
Exciting new stock loading . White Suite dresser available for $650. Other colors available on preorder
If you shop rice, sugar or any other grain in bulk you need this cute home tech
Ghost coffee table on year end promotion $200
Customer appreaciate on diaries. Better to buy a protector than buy a new mattress. Like they say prevention is better t...






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