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Gourmet made-to-order grazing platters, tables & gift boxes.


Happy Sunday, grazers! 👋🏼
This weekend has been a digesting/processing/finding PEACE one for me. After lots of deliberation, I’ve decided to put Graze Me on hold for now. I feel the time is right in my life at the moment to close this chapter and prioritise other areas of importance to me and my family - whether it’s forever or not, only time will tell 💫 In the words of Enya “who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only time”

It’s been very emotional looking back over my insta feed from the past two and a half years 🥹 I can honestly say that I’ve had the BEST time creating beautiful graze for you all, and the realisation that this branch of my life is not continuing has definitely made me very tearful. Going through my feed brought so many smiles along with memories of all the SOUL-ENRICHING happiness I got from expressing this passion of mine for your eating pleasure 🌼🥝

Thank you, from the bottom of my incredibly GRATEFUL heart, for all your support, CONNECTION and LOVE during this journey - you have each contributed in some way to my life and I can’t fully express in words how much each order meant to me 💞 To give you an idea, here are some of the ways your orders gave me LIFE: a place for my creative expression to go, relief as a single mom able to provide, food on our table, my financial ability to get through lockdown, rent paid, my son’s school fees covered, being able to support other small businesses, meeting so many brilliant local suppliers, our pets food and vet bills, water delivery, fuel in my car, connection with talented local culinary artisans, meeting so many passionate foodies, and above all a ton of JOY being able to provide something that made someone else feel HAPPY! 🌈🌞🍓 so, THANK YOU for all of that vibrational awesomeness and SUPPORT always!!

My hope has always been that real happiness and a sense of TOGETHERNESS is felt when people are sharing food I have prepared 🍇🫐🥯 I hope you never stop enjoying good food and experiencing the joy of sharing it with wonderful company 🥰

Until our paths cross again…
Peace, love and olives ✌🏼♥️🫒
Tarryn xx


It’s super freakin tasty. It’s artisanal. It’s carefully sourced. It’s lovingly assembled. It’s graze. In a box. You know you want to 😉🥝


A snap shot of scrumptiousness! 🌟


Pretty platters all waiting to be devoured!! 😉🥝

Quality products, lovingly homemade, artisanal delights, Zimbabwean made… these are what you’ll find on your platters. Always keeping it as locally sourced as possible, assembled with care and attention, and absolutely delicious 🫐🧀🍐🥓💜


Good GRAZE-cious me!! 🍇🤩🥝


A Valentine’s Day wrap! ♥️
Planning, prepping, assembling, smiling, delivering…. and just all round having a blast making your love-filled platters!!
so. much. gratitude. and. love.


A whole lot of edible Valentine’s love went out my kitchen yesterday 💘🥝
THANK YOU, grazers, for your tremendous support!! I’m always so grateful and blown away by the love, which I’m sending right back to you all! ♥️


If you’re out of the country and you’d like to spoil a friend or relative in Zim - please get in touch! 🫐🌻♥️ I’d love to put a smile on someone’s face with a delivery of edible happiness!!

Taking orders for Valentine’s Day…. and anytime!! 😃


Fresh, juicy figs + crumbly, absolutely delicious, gorgeously marbled blue cheese… a combo very hard to beat! 💜💚

Photos from Graze Me's post 06/02/2023

A mini platter… along with a picnic basket, a posey of flowers and a whole lot of love! 🍓🌸🧺

The LOVE-ly picnic basket includes:

🍇 18cm mini platter for two
🫒 posey of flowers
🧀 cracker cone with nougat
🥝 handmade artisanal basket
🥓 2 bamboo plates & serviettes
🫐 1 wooden knife
🥜 120ml tub of nuts
💜 mini jar of homemade fig preserve
🍫 dark chocolate sesame seed bar

➡️ swipe for add-on dessert options by 💘🧁

ℹ️ Limited availability | Please order by latest 11th February to avoid missing out | Tarryn 0775557808

Photos from Graze Me's post 03/02/2023

♥️ Valentine’s Day options ♥️

➡️ swipe for pics and prices!

🧺🍓 I had lots of requests for picnic baskets last year, so this year I’m offering a limited amount! It includes:
🍇 18cm mini platter for two
🫒 posey of flowers
🧀 cracker cone with nougat
🥝 handmade artisanal basket
🥓 2 bamboo plates & serviettes
🫐 1 wooden knife
🥜 120ml tub of nuts
💜 mini jar of homemade fig preserve
🍫 dark chocolate sesame seed bar

The scrumptious dessert options can be ordered alongside either of the grazing options, so don’t forget to add a little more sweetness to your day… you’re guaranteed to be in the good books for the rest of the month!! 💘🧁😉

ℹ️ Limited availability | Please order by latest 11th February to avoid missing out | Tarryn 0775557808


HEY LOVERS!! Valentine’s Day is just a mere 12 days away! 💞

I will have two specials available for pre-order:

❤️ Charcuterie platter (pictured) $50

❤️ LOVE-ly picnic basket $50

Dessert options by the incredible are also available:

💜 Chocolate raspberry cheesecake brownies $12 for 6 • $24 for 12

💜 Black forest cupcakes $8 for 4

❤️‍🔥 Keep an eye on here for photos of all menu options within the next couple of days

❤️‍🔥 All orders to be in by 11th Feb


Grazing Boxes • enough for 2-4 people… but if you keep it all to yourself I won’t tell 😉

Available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (unless I have a function on)… so add a little treat to your week! 🍓🥓

And my MOST FAVOURITE thing about these boxes? Almost everything is made or grown in Zim! 🧀🍅🫐 The cheeses, the charcuterie, the crackers, breadsticks, dips, most of the fresh fruit & veg…. Talk about supporting local!! 🇿🇼🙌🏼


Helloooooo grazers!! 👋🏼😃 it’s so good to be back!! I had a big adventure filled with a whole lot of goodness, and of course some grazing too! 🫒🍇☺️

I’m taking orders for next week…. Please whatsapp me on 0775557808 if you’d like some platters to make your week a little more fun! 🤩



It’s been a wonderful holiday season with time to road trip, see family and friends, replenish my cup (which is completely topped up!!) and create special memories.

Wishing all of you a 2023 that’s creative, fulfilling and packed with many opportunities to treat yourself to delectable food!

🫒Re-opening for 2023 on 18th January

Large Functions: all week, as usual
Cheese Hampers: all week (subject to avail.)
Grazing Boxes & Platters: Wed, Thurs & Fri only

To view my whatsapp catalogue, make enquiries or place an order please whatsapp me on 0775557808.


Just coming up for a breather from the haze that is this time between Christmas and New Year, when you don’t quite know what day, time or year it still is!! It feels glorious to allow myself to forget about time without feeling guilty 💫 Having a moment of gratefulness as I watch the light from the setting sun create a soft, dappled effect through the trees in my garden, whilst listening to the birds as they start setting down for the night 🌿

The biggest, most sincere THANK YOU to all of you for your support throughout 2022!! My heart is so full of gratitude for every order that was placed ❤️🍃 wishing you all much love and a continued joyous holiday period!


Wishing all you grazers a beautifully festive Christmas and holiday season, with tons of special moments that make your heart happy! ⭐️🌸🥒


‘Tis the season for gifting! 🎄⭐️
Thank you for all your cheesy & delicious gift box orders that went to happy recipients ♥️ Merry Christmas grazers!!


Sunday Sage 💚🌿

I source all my plastic-free (yes they are - how awesome!!) dip and olive containers from 😍 they’re sturdy, durable and compostable… perfect for doing just a little more to lighten the plastic footprint left when you order a platter👌🏼🫶🏼♻️


Hello all you wonderful people! ♥️🥝
In honour of balance, I close for a few weeks over Christmas & New Year, and a couple of other times throughout the year, to spend time with my family.

⚖️ A situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

A little while ago I found myself in a state of unbalance. It wasn’t a quick realisation, but a place that I reached gradually during the last year. I’m naturally a busy person and luckily so, because with owning two small businesses, being a mom, a wife and everything in between ~busy~ is the norm!
However, balance to this busy-ness is key and I felt like I lost the key somewhere along the way this year. I had to remind myself that I am Graze Me, but Graze Me is not me - it is an extension of my inner passion to create. I am forever grateful I get to honour this passion of mine, and one of the ways I do that is by practising balance 🦋

Thank you all so much for your grazing orders during 2022 - your support is everything! You are all incredible and I can’t wait to eat our way together through 2023!! 😉⭐️

Photos from Graze Me's post 28/11/2022

So excited to be catering the Zimbabwe Professional Guides Association Safari Ball this weekend…. And with these two incredible beauties from (home of award winning artisanal cheese) as well as many other scrumptious cheeses, there’s going to be a whole lot of grazing goodness happening!

How perfect is this truckle-shaped Amboseli 🧀🐘🦒 for a Safari Ball?!? I’m in love…


Please note I am fully booked for December 🙏🏼💜

I will, however, be assembling these very delicious ⭐️CHRISTMAS CHEESE GIFT BOXES⭐️ on 15th, 16th, 17th December.

They make the perfect gift for the cheese lover in your life!! And they are an especially delectable gift to send to loved ones in Harare from abroad.

Please whatsapp me on 0775557808 to book collection or delivery on the above days.
Orders to be placed by 12th December.

Photos from Graze Me's post 12/11/2022

Any age, any number, any dietary requirements - I got you covered! 🤩🥳


60 charcuterie boats all dressed up and ready to row… They’re a dream 🤩💜🧀🌿


When you’re up at 3:30 on Monday morning to assemble a platter for a special order and your husband wakes up as well to make you coffee ☕️

Me: “Sorry you’re up so early - this is the for better or worse part”
Hubby: “This is definitely the better part because I get to see you more today”

Yup, I got the best! ♥️

Happy Monday everyone! Make your week count 💥💫


My Sunday started with early morning picking of homegrown pansies & thyme sprigs to go in charcuterie bamboo boats for a special christening reception today 💫🌸🌿

Everything in your order is always carefully selected and sourced, right down to the flowers & foliage ☺️


Hope all you awesome grazers had a SPOOK-tacular and fun Halloween weekend! 🎃👻🫐


As a small business myself, supporting other small local businesses is very important to me.
Two incredible small businesses are represented here - as well as all the locally produced fruit, veg and charcuterie surrounding them! 🍓🫐🥓🥕

🧀 Yulinka Cheese with Love really adds something extra special to my platters. Made in Zim, their cheeses are unique and beautiful, with the most adorably cute packaging - undeniably “Cheese with Love”, leaving your tastebuds dancing with joy!

🍯 .huchi honey is sustainably sourced by the wonderful Mutsa, who is passionate about raising the profile on our rich, nutritious and delicious Zim honey. Mutsa works with small scale honeybee farmers who harvest honey responsibly, seasonally and with care and respect for the bees.

I’m proud to use these two small business’ products and all the other local products I carefully source for my platters and tables. I am passionate about creating graze that’s fabulous and scrumptious, and as local as possible.
♥️ “An expression of love through food is not demonstrated through the quantity on your plate, but the care with which it is prepared.”


It’s ALLLL about the graze 🍇🧀

Loving these mini platters of all the good stuff 💜


Happy Monday platter peeps!! 🧀🫒 Saturday will be here before you know it - have you got your graze ordered?? 😃

Whatsapp me on 0775557808 for my catalogue and to order!

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