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Hooked On Safari Pvt LTD


My husband and I were lucky enough to have Siraaj as one of our guides on the thrilling Ruwesi Canoe Trail in May. Siraaj is an amazing guide with a really deep knowledge of everything related to the bush: the animals, birds, Zambezi river, trees, plants, etc. So, we not only had a blast with Siraaj, we also learned a lot along the way. His calm and confident demeanor, combined with his experience, made it easy to forget about the hippos in the water while we were canoeing (ha!). And, we knew we were in good hands during our walking safaris and game drives. I’ve already recommended Siraaj to friends and hope to travel with him again soon. Thanks Siraaj!

I am a Zimbabwean Professional Guide with over 10 years experience working in the African Bush.
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Don’t get in the way of one of these guys!

Who can guess what creature this is? 🙂


Pennant-winged night jar ✔️
Birding Safaris Victoria Falls

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This is the beginning of a very special and exciting birding safari looking for the elusive African Pitta and many more other interesting species. Today was our first full day birding and already our guests,Dereck Adams , and myself have had a wonderful pitta sighting ! After walking in and just missing a pair of lions . A very exciting start to the trip 115 birds from the day before on our way in up to now. African pitta, thick-billed cuckoo,livingstones flycatcher, three banded courser, red throated twin spot, western banded snake eagle,orange winged pytilia, broad billed roller, pennant winged night jar, kudu, 60+ Elephant etc absolutely beautiful 😃👌.!
🐦 Birding Safaris Victoria Falls

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Nothing beats the dust at Chitake.


I've just reached 4K followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each and every one of you. 🙏🤗🎉

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I’ve just been private guiding in Chitake for a few days and have a short break before another trip to the spring. Now to do some photograph editing!
Who wants to see some more pictures?


I think you should really consider adding Gonarezhou National Park to your list of places to visit in 2023. You won’t regret it!
Contact us for more info!


Testing the road through a croc infested river…

Photos from Hooked On Safari Pvt LTD's post 18/09/2022

This is most certainly one of my best highlights of the season so far.
What an incredible sighting here at Bushlife Safaris, Vundu camp Mana Pools. Stunning Leopard. I can’t wait to see him again!


If you haven’t met him already, I’d like to introduce you to Tusker. One of Mana’s gentle giants. He’s a regular and it’s always a pleasure to spend time with him while I’m guiding for


Excellent morning guiding for Bushlife Safaris, watching the wild dogs hunt and chase impala at incredible speeds through the Mopani forest. This is a photograph of the Alpha pair waiting and listening to relocate the rest of the pack.


These past three days have bean absolutely amazing with unreal sightings everyday of multiple leopard! Leopard swimming across the channel in the Zambezi, leopard kill, leopard on the ground, up trees, mid day and afternoon sightings. Lioness, male lions, lions killing hyena and wild dogs, amazing last three days guiding for Bushlife in Mana Pools. I can’t wait to see what’s to come over the next couple of days! More pictures to follow!


Can you see what I see?
This is what happens when you go fishing without your camera!
Excuse my iPhone picture, lessons learnt!


It’s warming up, which means the tiger are too!
I hope you’ve got your fishing rods ready ladies and gentlemen!


My what big ears you have!
Mana Pools is one of the best places to view Wild Dog.
Who wouldn’t want to photograph these tie-dyed master hunters?
The experience and photographs are even better if you can get down on their level!


Elephant chasing wilddog in Mana Pools

What a great afternoon guiding for Bushlife Safaris in Mana Pools.
We spent the first half of the afternoon with the dogs. After they got up and walked off, we decided to go see what else the park had on offer for us.
We saw Boswel in the distance on our walk and watched him stand on his back legs to reach the high foliage. Then we heard barking, so I dashed off with my guests in tow and we found the dogs again, barking at 4 lions who stole their kill and about 10 hyena circling them! Then the dogs gave up and ran away, so we left them and began our drive back to camp chatting happily at how awesome the afternoon was. Suddenly the dogs ran out in front of us on the road with 4 hyena following closely behind, then an elephant cow dashed out! It was chaos as she ran in circles chasing everyone! It was really good afternoon, can’t get better!
Please excuse the cell phone video of the short elephant chase. 😀

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Caitlin and I have recently returned from a famil trip to Gonarezhou National Park.
We spent a wonderful 5 nights in the park, exploring, walking, birding and hiking. It was a magnificent few days and we are so excited about bringing people to Gonarezhou to experience the magic we saw there.

Keep an eye out for our newsletter with more details!

A huge thank you to Ant Kashula for sharing his time and knowledge in showing us Gonarezhou, and to Simon and Emily from Gonarezhou National Park for welcoming us and hosting us.
It was a real privilege to experience bush so wild.
Thanks to Neil Fairly for the awesome photographs!


Have a look at the latest issue of !
You’ll find some awesome articles from many different local camps and people, myself included! 😉🦅🕊


Back-lighting can add so much interest to a photograph if you haven’t experimented with back-lighting yet, now you have something to try on your next safari!


Fishing in Zimbabwe

We have a whole year ahead of us to catch some awesome fish!


Smile for the New Year!


Book a fishing trip for your loved one for Christmas! Or a voucher for our fishing shop.

Limited bookings available for the fishing trips!
Price ranges from $200 to $250.
Message us for more info. 🎣

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Leaping into the weekend like this young lion. Swipe to the end to see real proof of lions walking on water😂

Photos from Hooked On Safari Pvt LTD's post 19/10/2021

It's Fishing Season and it has started out with a bang landing my biggest Vundu yet. Who can Guess how many kilogrammes this Vundu was? Biggest tiger yesterday was 5kg.💪😉


Smile cause it’s Friday! 🐊


A standard elephant pose for Mana. It’s a photographers paradise. There’s always something to capture in this special part of Zimbabwe.


Meals on wheels!
Don’t canoe in front of a moving patch of grass!


Sometimes you come across wild life at tough times during the dry season, where they have lost condition to the point of no return and nature takes it course which is difficult to watch, but at other times is amazing to see how they are able to bounce back and survive a tough drought.


Mana is a special place!

Photos from Hooked On Safari Pvt LTD's post 11/09/2021

Looks like they had a rough night!
Sometimes you spot hyena heading back to the den in the early hours of the morning. They aren’t always wearing grass hats though!


Fishing weekend

I had a great time fishing with my dad last weekend! We made great memories and had lots of fun.
The fish are definitely biting now it’s getting warmer! 🙂

Message me if you’d like to come fishing next time.

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Chitake Springs has been on my bucket list for a long time and I was lucky enough to do some guiding there recently.
Chitake has a reputation for lions for a reason, so my job was easy!

Who else has Chitake on their bucket list?


Feeding the pups is always a chaotic affair. The wild dog in Mana have now moved off the den and hopefully all 6 of the pups will survive!


Always be aware of what may still be on its way down to the Zambezi River when you are on a morning activity in Mana Pools!

Photos from Hooked On Safari Pvt LTD's post 23/05/2021

The early mornings are freezing, with 5° yesterday when we arrived to launch but with perseverance and over 1000 casts it payed off and turned out to be a beautiful winters day catching some nice bass!


Leopard, hyena, and elephant all under one tree. What an awesome way spend a morning while on safari.


I am a professional guide with 10 years experience walking in mana pools with dangerous game. This encounter was not provoked and the camera angle makes it look a lot closer than it actually was. Please do not attempt this on your own . Safety precautions and briefings are always highlighted before any activity.

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Elephant chasing wilddog in Mana Pools
Fishing in Zimbabwe
Meals on wheels!  Don’t canoe in front of a moving patch of grass! #hippo #birds #wildlife #manapools #canoesafari #zamb...
Fishing weekend
Feeding the pups is always a chaotic affair.  The wild dog in Mana have now moved off the den and hopefully all 6 of the...





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