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Working on a Vg33 V6 Nissan . Initially had no IGN signal on injectors , this model gets IGN from box .. there was no good ground hence no IGN . The vehicle could start only using quick start n dies immediately meaning spark was there but no injection. Now I rectified for injection only to find all injectors were spraying at onces. At first thot it was the box but no. I removed the distributor n do manual test tats when I figured it was at faulty. ....


Happy new month ......
Today I'm working on a Nissan liberty with a Qr 20 engine.
The vehicle is driving well below 30km/hr . Once above 30km/hr the rev counter wil be up high at 4k ,5k,6k but it does not reach 100 km/hr. The diagnostic report is saying the TcM mulfunction . I checked the transmission solenoid valves values , they are in range . But still does not shift gears . ,.. by end of the day I wil be having the results of a full diagnosis


Hello team . Tday ib working on a Honda fit 2002 model with an automatic transmission that is not shifting gears and also ib working on a Toyota Passo that's not changing gears . Be ready for the results ! Stay tuned


Hi guys . I'm working on a 2kd . There are no signals to all sensors . Crank sensor no signal . Injector no signal , scv no signal . On the relays (front) ignition power comes only for 10 seconds and then disappear for good . The car starts with quick start n runs til quick start yapera . . Engine checklight is there . Fuses are okey . Relays are receiving ignition power n disappear . What could be the problem here... There are no DTC

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K12 overhaul . I just love the energy when I'm doing mechanics. Auto electrics is kinda light weighted but rikwayaz thinktanks.

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Yesterday as working on a QR20 Nissan serena . Was called to fix the starter motor , I dd fixed the starter motor n mount it back . Cranked , it spun the engine but there was no fuel coming . Chocked the engine with petrol and the van started . But on its own it could not start. Fuel line had no power . Fuel tank was rusty and fuel pump was rusty . The van was now a room for rats , cables we can't mention their previous conditions . But it takes experience to fix that .it was parked for a year . But now it's a whole different story .


Wish I could be a Nissan pro . I'm working on a Nissan Advan QG13 2005 manual transmission .. with a challenge of a throttle loom which was cut and joined to a different color coded TPS head socket. The vehicle does not rev . Has no signal from the box to the TPS motor ......


Today I'm going to work on a Benz C200 W203 2001 model .. it being said the charging light comes on and goes off at times . It was recently repaired the charging system . And also the cooling fans are running faster than usual , blowing air like a truck .

I will give you update aftr hours .

The check engine is on . I will plug my machine n help yu with the codes .


Morning guys I'm working on toyota Alex . No checklight .. all fuses ok . Earth points okey . Wen I changed box with another 1nz different make I'm getting the check light . But I replace with the similar make box I have no check light ... I will give yu fed back soon




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