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Heal and thrive after a breakup/loss

I opened this page for those who are finding it difficult to live a healthy and happy life after losing their loved ones be it by death, divorce, separation etc. So its an open page to post and we as a family we help each other by counselling giving options and tips on how you can come out of that situation

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Did you know that when you cry for your dead, you cry for you and not them?

You cry because you β€œlost them”, because you don’t HAVE THEM by your side. You think it all ends in death. And you think they are NOT there anymore.

So if you’re dead no more, where are they?

Yes they have left, or they are now somewhere else, is that place better than this?

Yes, definitely that place is better than this; so Why do you suffer for their departure?

When you have finished accepting that they are no longer "NOT here", but they are still in another place even better than this, for they’re where they are no longer sick, or suffering.

Then you'll stop mourning them and you'll get them back in memory so they keep accompanying you with the joy of all that you've lived.

If you truly loved them LOVE them AGAIN and this time with greater strength, with greater purity, with greater delivery.

Today, there will be no more reproach of any kind.

Only LOVE, will be the essence between you, between us, between them.

I respect your pain, and the way you express it. I know you cry and you will cry without comfort.

But .. Today I say to you:
Don't die with your dead.

Remember we are only seeing one side of the coin (death).

We are not looking the other way; we are not seeing the wonderful place of light where they stand.

What if we start seeing β€œdeath” as a Second Birth?

Second Birth we ALL will go through.

Don't die with your dead, honor them by living your life as they would have wanted you to.

Let them transcend.

And you keep living.

~Andrew Mclaren
Artist: Unknown


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I had missed you all fam....been a while


Treatment for anxiety and depression in men

Your doctor is a good source of information and can assess if what you are feeling is anxiety or depression. If you are diagnosed with either of these conditions, or both, together you can work out an action plan.

Anxiety and depression are like any other medical condition – you need ways to manage them and recover.

Lifestyle changes, such as spending time with supportive friends and family, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and cutting down on alcohol and other drugs are all worthwhile changes that can help to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Psychological treatments, including cognitive behaviour therapy, are effective in treating anxiety and depression and are often recommended first, particularly for mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Your doctor may refer you to see a psychologist or other counsellor for this type of treatment.

For some people, antidepressant medication might also be necessary. Antidepressants are effective for both anxiety and depression. They usually take at least two weeks before they start to help, and it may also take some time for your doctor to find the medication and dose that is most effective for you.


What are the symptoms of each condition?

Some symptoms of depression and anxiety overlap, such as problems with sleep, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. But there are several key differences that help distinguish between the two.


Feeling down, sad, or upset is normal. It can be concerning feeling that way for several days or weeks on end.

Physical symptoms and behavioral changes caused by depression include:

decreased energy, chronic fatigue, or feeling sluggish frequentlydifficulty concentrating, making decisions, or recallingpain, aches, cramps, or gastrointestinal problems without any clear causechanges in appetite or weightdifficulty sleeping, waking early, or oversleeping

Emotional symptoms of depression include:

loss of interest or no longer finding pleasure in activities or hobbiespersistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or emptinessfeeling hopeless or pessimisticanger, irritability, or restlessnessfeeling guilty or experiencing feelings of worthlessness or helplessnessthoughts of death or suicidesuicide attempts


Anxiety, or fear and worry, can happen to anyone from time to time, too. It’s not unusual to experience anxiety before a big event or important decision.

But, chronic anxiety can be debilitating and lead to irrational thoughts and fears that interfere with your daily life.

Physical symptoms and behavioral changes caused by generalized anxiety disorder include:

feeling fatigued easilydifficulty concentrating or recallingmuscle tensionracing heartgrinding teethsleep difficulties, including problems falling asleep and restless, unsatisfying sleep

Emotional symptoms of anxiety include:

restlessness, irritability, or feeling on edgedifficulty controlling worry or feardreadpanic


What is Anxiety?

See also: Avoiding and Managing Stress

We all get anxious from time-to-time, this is normal and even beneficial to us.

Anxiety is actually useful when we are placed in a worrying situation as it encourages us to perform at our best. In evolutionary terms, it is part of our β€œfight or flight” response where hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol surge through our bodies in response to a threat and get us ready to take appropriate action.

The feelings of worry, nervousness and restlessness that characterise anxiety are familiar to us all.

However, anxiety becomes a problem when people find that they are anxious a lot of the time, especially if they become anxious about everyday things that pose no particular threat.

Protracted anxiety is very unpleasant and can lead to further health problems. This page explains why people may develop long-term anxiety, the most common types of anxiety and what can be done to treat anxiety.

Why do People Develop Continued Anxiety?

People are generally anxious for a number of reasons rather than just one.

These include:

Stressful Life Events

Exams, overwork, housing issues, bereavement, relationship breakdowns etc. can all cause anxiety. Unfortunately, the list of stressful life events is a long one. See our page What is Stress? for more details.


Some people are natural worriers and find it hard to stand back from a situation. A tendency to see the world as a scary place naturally makes you anxious.

Past Events

A difficult childhood or a trauma deplete resilience and make people very vulnerable to anxiety, especially if there is a risk of a traumatic situation being repeated.


Eating too much sugar or taking in too much caffeine can make you anxious, as can taking illegal drugs and a lack of exercise.

Other Health Problems

People with chronic pain are very prone to anxiety about whether they can manage things or when the pain might reoccur. Medications such as some steroids and


𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓 πˆπ’ 𝐀 𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 π€π‚π‚πŽπ‘πƒπˆππ† π“πŽ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 ππˆππ‹π„?

One of the more common words in Hebrew for β€œhusband” is β€œbaΚ»al”,but this term also has other meanings – including β€œmaster” or β€œlord”. It even serves as the name of Baal – the notorious Canaanite deity. All of this can be a bit confusing, especially considering the meaning of this word when it refers to the husband and his role in the marriage relationship.

πŒπ€π’π“π„π‘ πŽπ‘ 𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃?

The first word used for β€œhusband” in Genesis is β€œish”,literally meaning β€œman” with a neutral connotation. In Hosea, God rejects β€œbaΚ»al”, (β€œhusband” in Hebrew), because of its connotations of a merciless master and pagan deity. Instead He identifies himself as an approachable, personal companion. He asks Israel to use β€œΚΌishi”,-literally β€œmy man”) when relating to him, β€œYou will call me β€˜My Husband’ (ishi) and no longer call me β€˜My Master’ (baΚ»ali).”

π’πŽ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 ππ”π„π’π“πˆπŽπ 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 πˆπ’ π“π‡πˆπ’?𝐀𝐒 𝐀 𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃,𝐀𝐑𝐄 π˜πŽπ” 𝐀𝐍 πˆπ’π‡πˆ πŽπ‘ π˜πŽπ” 𝐀𝐑𝐄 𝐀 𝐁𝐀'π€π‹πˆ?

𝐓𝐀𝐆 π’πŽπŒπ„πŽππ„
π‹πˆπŠπ„ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐄



Most women are always embarrassed to ask their man for money or for something they need, always embarrassed. They would rather soak up their challenges secretly or look for help elsewhere than going to him to ask for some help, even when she knows that he has the capacity to handle it, they don't just feel right about it, especially for women with an independently 'I should take care of myself' mentality. And the problem is not a lack of courage or pride, the challenge is that they feel responsible for themselves, and more than anything else they hate that you might feel buggy.

The closest thing they try to do is get help somewhere else, even when those alternative sources are the most unlikely to be responsive she will still prefer to take that chance than ask you for anything.

She expects you to figure out that something is not right. She just expects you to read her body language and her moods. She expects you to read the words in her silence, but when you ask her 'how are you?' The next thing that follows is 'have you eaten?', and that's all, you don't go beyond that point.

Get this guys, as a man there is just no way you can be comfortable that your partner is not asking you for anything, there is just no way you can be at peace with yourself, it should itch your soul. You are working and earning a salary but for 3 months you have not bought her anything, it's bad honestly, even if your budget is tight, even if you are saving to buy world bank, 2months is enough to stop by the store and get her a nice pair of jeans or some tops, a fancy hair ribbon won't put your savings in recession, it just the little things we do.

Most of us are just relaxed over the fact that she works and can take care of herself, yes she can, but even as the director of central bank she is also a woman, and as a woman she has needs that only a man can satisfy.

Dont wait for her to come asking you for little things, just as grown women always feel embarrassed to ask, grown men also feel embarrassed when their woman come asking for money and some common things they need, they just use their common sense to know that he is responsible for someone according to his capacity. Grown men ask what she needs, they don't wait to be asked. If this is you uncle please start using your common sense, start by showing concern with questions like;

"Baby, I have a free budget for April, is there anything you need that you want me to make a budget for?"

"Love, i know you need money for your project, I will cover your tithe for this month so you can add that 10% to what you have saved up, alright?"

"Bae, I told your friend that makes female shoes to make one for you, I paid already, just let her the design you like."

Or sometimes just send her some cash and ask her to keep it for you, we both know she understands what you're trying to do.

These little things are the foundation blocks of a relationship and marriage. Most brothers don't even have the account details of their partner, and they have been doing relationship for over a year. Some cannot remember the last time they bought airtime credit for their partner, it's that bad. Love is not free, the price is responsibility.

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Fear and anxiety can arise when one is faced with challenging or overwhelming situations. While these situations may be unavoidable in life, you can overcome these negative feelings! In our latest podcast, psychotherapist Michael Hart uses the Biblical story of Gideon and draws on psychological research to highlight how one may be able to practically and effectively overcome these intense feelings of fear and anxiety:


I opened this page for those who are finding it difficult to live a healthy and happy life after losing their loved ones be it by death, divorce, separation etc. So its an open page to post and we as a family we help each other by counselling giving options and tips on how you can come out of that situation

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