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Brighon stockfeeds pvt lmtd


For all your poultry needs
Roadrunner chicken feed
Broiler mash & pellets
Pig feed& concerntrates
Broiler chicks
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Affordable sturdy buildings delivered in Zimbabwe 01/02/2022

Affordable sturdy buildings delivered in Zimbabwe The most reliable supplier for buildings in kit for Zimbabwe

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Brighon stockfeeds your best choice in all your stockfeed
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Shumba Group and Coopers Coopers is an animal health company that has been servicing this industry for more than 75 years. Shumba Group provides pest & germ control products and advice and crop chemicals to farmers and businesses.

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Starter premix
Growers/developer premix
Layer primix
Pig premix now a available at Brighon stockfeeds call
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Nests,Brooder boxes and feeds
Brighon stockfeeds your friend in poultry business
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So why black chickens???🐥🐥🐥

~They are Black Australorps
~Are renowned for their egg production, GREAT layers🥚🥚🥚, (One
Australorp hen layed 364 eggs in 365 days, which is a world
~ Very gentle-natured, docile breed that can become very attached
to their owners
~they are also great for families with children, because they are so
~Australorps live approximately 6 to 10 years.
~They can sit on eggs, have good mothering insticts
~Does well in winter,( when properly cared for continue laying
eggs through the winter months)
~Rooster 3,5kg-4,5kg , Hen 3kg-4kg
~Came from Australia, many cool things have come out of Australia 😊😊

What is there not to love about this Australian breed with beautiful soft feathers, white toe nails, black beaks, black legs, and upright red single combs?

We supply beautiful healthy Black Australorp chicks
Available today are 2 days x 52 chicks
@$0.90 each
Chitungwiza ,can deliver Harare CBD

We offer hatching services, chicken eggs $4.00/crate
space of 6 crates/week available
call 0715888301

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Sunflower cake available
Rabbit pellets /10kg
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Grab yours while stocks last
Rabbit pellets 10kgs
Broiler grower pellets @20 usd/50kgs
Broiler finisher pellets@19 usd/50kgs


Feeding your birds properly


How are you feeding your birds up to 6 weeks?
a. Starter , Grower , Finisher
b. Starter, Grower , Grower
c. Starter , Finisher , Finisher



This ration has been formulated as a maintenance meal, for animals during times of excessive feed stress such as drought or extremely dry areas during the winter months. It is a high fibre, cost effective feed to nourish ruminants to minimize the stress during the harsher periods.


Redwater in cattle

Common Diseases (Tick borne diseases)

Red water(Bovine babesiosis)
Red water is a common disease in Zimbabwe caused by protozoa parasites( Babesia species) which infects and destroys red blood cells. It appears all year round but predominantly during the rain season . This is due to the increase in the population of the blue ear tick by which it is spread. Clinical signs-The major clinical presentations of red water include fever, loss of appetite (animals stop grazing), weakness, anemia, and passing of reddish/brown urine (thus the common name red water). Sometimes animals with red water die suddenly without showing any clinical signs of sickness. Prevention-The major preventative measure is to control the tick vector. This is best achieved by regular dipping in acaricide. It is recommended to dip cattle once per week during the rainy season and once fortnightly during the dry season. Additionally, the application of tick grease in the ear, under the tail, and tail brush should be done. If dips are not available, animals can be sprayed with acaricides or topical formulations can be used. Movement of tick-infested animals is illegal and should be avoided as it spreads the disease to other areas. Indigenous cattle breeds (Bos indicus) are more resistant to red water than European breeds (Bos ta**us). It is also worth noting that calves younger than six months have an innate resistance to red water, therefore if moving cattle to an endemic red water area, it is better to introduce them during calf-hood and allow them to develop acquired immunity to red water before this innate immunity weans off. Another tool that can be used to control red water is vaccination and the vaccine can be sourced from the Department of Veterinary Services. Treatment and control-Red water can be treated using either imidocarb dipropionate or diminazene aceturate. In severe disease, supportive therapy may include blood transfusion and the use of anti-inflammatory agents.


The maize harvest season is upon us, make a $$$ saving by using
your own maize and Fivet's range of high-performance concentrates!
Concentrates are incomplete mixed feeds that require MAIZE to make
the concentrates nutritionally balanced for the relevant livestock.

Concentrates are formulated to be nutritionally balanced after mixing
with WHOLE MAIZE (milled) as complete feeds (pellets or mash).
Maize is the primary source of energy in stock feeds. Concentrates
are designed to cater for the price conscious farmer who has access
to good quality but affordable WHOLE MAIZE.

Make a saving today!


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Brooder pneumonia


Broiler types

Poultry Breeds - Hubbard

The main qualities of Hubbard are strong initial growth coupled with very good feed conversion ratio. Its robustness and adaptability are evident under any temperature and feed conditions. Its overall benefits allows it to obtain the lowest cost price for live, whole bird or ready – to-cook markets
Advantages of Hubbard are:
High total meat yield
Best feed conversion ratio and high meat quality
Lowest live costs and total meat
Total average weight for Hubbard is 2.5kg with feed conversion ratio of 1.52kg


Poultry Breeds – ROSS 308

Ross 300 is the most popular broiler providing integrated operations with the perfect balance of breeder, broiler and processing performance.
The advantages of Ross 308 are:
Excellent live weight gain
Large and strong legs
Excellent feed conversion
Wide and large breast
Remarkable figures for survival
If well managed the average weight for Ross 308 after 35 days is 2.1kg with feed conversion ratio of 1.473


Winter Brooding Importance

What is brooding?
Brooding is a period immediately after the hatch when special care and attention is given to chicks to support their health and survival
A recently hatched chick has not yet developed their own mechanization to regulate its own body temperature properly for the first weeks and it is subject to chilling when extra heat is not provided from external sources. Brooding period last for 2 weeks in summer and 3 weeks in winter(in winter brooding is extended due to low temperatures so in order to have good preferment we extend providing extra heat to our chicks)
Due to low temperatures in winter it is important to put in place measures that help to maintain required temperatures .When doing winter brooding take note of:
i.Heating source
iv.Equipment( drinkers, feeders)

Aims of brooding:
i.Accelerate growth rate in first weeks
ii.Enhance structural development and feeding capacity to get optimum performance benchmarks. So in order to achieve this make sure brooding is properly done, meaning temperature, litter,ventilation,feed and water must be on point
Effects of poor brooding
i.Reduced growth rate and development
ii.Poor feed conversion
iii.Poor uniformity
iv.Condemnation and mortality
v.Increased disease incedences
Therefore reduced profits
Many farmers run away from poultry production during winter because of high mortalities due to cold temperatures but we encourage farmers to do winter production because in winter the temperature s are low and when temperatures are low bacteria count will be low meaning disease manifestations will be low. What is important is to manage brooding period effectively


Astrolops leading egg production


ABOUT hatcheries


Pepper& garlic


Version of formulas



Roadrunners feeding program


Snake repellent

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Many farmers wonder why birds drop egg production during winter yet the birds will still eat the same feed and the farmers following the same management practices. The change in length of day and cold weather experienced are the main factors resulting in drop in egg production.

Day Length
Day length plays a major part in the control of reproduction and egg-laying in hens. Shorter day length is the primary reason for a winter slow down. Light stimulates the hen’s body whether to release a yolk from her ovaries that will be turned into an egg. It will only make sense to add additional light if one really wants production. Artificial lighting needs to be maintained at a constant day length of at least 16 hours or more. Continuously giving chickens light in winter fools their bodies into thinking days are not getting shorter. This extra light is to be added in the morning and evening and must overlap with the natural day light. Much of the extra hours of light should be added early in the morning to avoid having birds that lay in the afternoon.

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About pigs


Zimbabwe that was

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Feeding pigs

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