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Replacing fossil-fuel gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels would be able to proceed at a much faster pace, because it does not require the replacement or retrofit of the existing vehicle fleet. In order for this fuel replacement to occur, however, renewable fuels must offer the same or better performance than fossil fuels at the same or lower price.”For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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In the past, Zimbabwe has shown great commitment to addressing climate change issues by being among the first countries to ratify the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Yet despite its support for climate issues, the country has failed to reduce the carbon emissions released by coal power stations. Zimbabwe continues to greatly rely on coal-powered thermal stations that emit large amounts of pollution. In order for Zimbabwe to reduce its emissions, the country needs to enact laws that promote the use of cleaner sources of energy, such as solar energy. For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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Put together a team of brilliant designers, programmers, engineers, marketers and salespeople, and what do you get? Unless you add project management to the picture, you end up stressed out with missed deadlines, frustrating communication and mountains of duplicated effort. Let do the work for you .For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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When it comes to fighting climate change and its effects, both greens and conservatives pay far too much attention to localism, voluntarism, and corporate responsibility. All are valuable; none are adequate. If, as many environmentalists say, the struggle against global heating requires a sense of wartime emergency. For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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How to prevent contacting corona virus
Wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol.
Sneeze and cough into tissues or the crook of your elbow. If you get mucus or spit on your skin, clean it off right away. Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
Avoid close contact with people who are sick, especially people exhibiting respiratory symptoms and fever.
Stay home when you're sick.
Regularly and thoroughly clean surfaces, such as counter tops and doorknobs, with a disinfectant.For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://


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Because in between all the shouting voices, they might not know who to listen to. Who in the media they can trust. But they know they can trust you. And when you talk, they listen.

Get this one and Join the conversation to stand up for your planet, environment and for your future

For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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The hazards of unsafe disposal of home waste include pollution of surface and underground water, air pollution and emission of greenhouse gases. This results in the gradual loss of the aesthetic value of the environment. These forms of pollution lead to sophisticated problems like global warming, flooding and disease outbreaks.

Tips to managing waste in the home

Do not mix home waste in one container. For example all organic waste should be recycled as manure. The waste can be put carefully on a compost heap. Carefully cover with grass and soil so that the heap does not attract flies.

a) Reduce Waste

Remember any waste that is never created has no management costs. One best way of managing household waste is to reduce the waste in the first place. The first way is by reducing paper and boxboard packaging during shopping.

b) Avoid burning waste
Landfills should be discouraged as a way of dumping organic material because they emit greenhouse gases. A safer way is digging all organic material in the garden where it will safely decompose.

c) Empty your bin regularly
Ensure that your bin or refuse bag is empted regularly. If your area is serviced by the municipality refuse collection truck, make sure that your bin or refuse collection bag is on the road or where it is easily accessible by that service. That way you reduce the amount of waste at your home.

d) Sewage and used car oil
Sewage bursts are now quite rampant in residential areas. It is not just enough to divert it so that it flows down slope. Because down slope they eventually find their way to the river. In the river sewage causes eutrophication.
So please alert the City Council when sewage pipes burst.

e) Recycle

Another way of reducing waste is recycling it. Do not throw away things unnecessarily find another use or give it to someon.

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Right now, solar power offers a good alternative source of energy for Zimbabwe. Research carried out by the International Energy Initiative shows that Zimbabwe receives on average good direct solar irradiation, which is far higher than that received in other countries within our region. It is important that momentum is not lost in exploring cheaper and cleaner sources of energy. For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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As carbon emissions continue un-halted worldwide, the effects of global warming are now upon us. The world's poorest communities are the hardest hit, and those in Africa are frequently experiencing extreme weather outside the natural variability of African climate. Zimbabwe has not been spared from the effects of global warming. According to the meteorological services of Zimbabwe, since 1987 the country has experienced its six warmest years on record, with daily minimum and maximum temperatures having risen by approximately 2°C over the past century. This has seen the country experience extremes of weather over the past two decades. We have had to deal with 10 droughts, decreased freshwater and destroyed biodiversity. For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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WEATHER REPORT proudly brought to you by
10 Mar26 / 17 °CShowers late. More clouds than sun.26 °C8 km/h↑50%69%1.9 mm7 (High)05:5718:14Wed
11 Mar26 / 18 °CRain showers. Breaks of sun late.26 °C8 km/h↑56%76%6.0 mm7 (High)05:5718:13Thu
12 Mar28 / 18 °CShowers late. More clouds than sun.27 °C14 km/h↑46%70%0.9 mm7 (High)05:5718:12Fri
13 Mar26 / 17 °CLight showers. More clouds than sun.26 °C16 km/h↑48%57%0.9 mm7 (High)05:5818:11Sat
14 Mar28 / 16 °CMorning clouds.27 °C11 km/h↑44%4%-10 (Very high)05:5818:11Sun
15 Mar28 / 17 °CLight showers. Mostly cloudy.27 °C7 km/h↑55%78%4.8 mm3 (Moderate)05:5818:10Mon
16 Mar25 / 17 °CMostly cloudy.26 °C20 km/h↑47%6%-5 (Moderate)05:5818:09Tue
17 Mar25 / 16 °CClearing skies.26 °C15 km/h↑44%7%-10 (Very high)05:5918:08Wed
18 Mar25 / 16 °CBroken clouds.26 °C10 km/h↑50%6%-5 (Moderate)05:5918:07Thu
19 Mar26 / 18 °CRain showers. Mostly cloudy.27 °C10 km/h↑60%72%8.1 mm5 (Moderate)05:5918:07Fri
20 Mar26 / 18 °CRain showers. Cloudy.27 °C16 km/h↑67%83%19.0 mm7 (High)05:5918:06Sat
21 Mar26 / 18 °CShowery. Cloudy.27 °C14 km/h↑68%83%25.6 mm5 (Moderate)05:5918:05Sun
22 Mar26 / 18 °CRain. Overcast.27 °C13 km/h↑66%85%20.4 mm5 (Moderate)06:0018:04Mon
23 Mar26 / 18 °CLight showers. Morning clouds.27 °C15 km/h↑61%53%0.6 mm7 (High)06:0018:03Tue
24 Mar26 / 18 °CShowers late. Breaks of sun late.27 °C14 km/h↑60%60%2.4 mm5 (Moderate)06:0018:03

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How to Register a Company in Zimbabwe?

To get a company registered in Zimbabwe, you have to choose either one of the two options i.e to register it as a PBC or Pvt(Ltd).

PBC means Private Business Corporation which is meant to cater for small businesses.
To register as a PBC you should have at least a single director. A PBC is ideal for single ownership.

Pvt(Ltd) means Private Limited Company which is meant to cater for medium to large businesses.
To register a Pvt(Ltd), you should have between 2 to 50 shareholders and regulations and commitments to different financial bodies.

To register your company you should submit:

1) 1-5 proposed names for your company, these need to be submitted in order of preference.

2) The type of company ( PBC or Pvt(Ltd) ) and also the type of business you company will focus on i.e the main objectives of your company.

3) Provide full names, addresses and IDs of all members.
These will serves as the owners, shareholders, and directors of your company.

4)Each member's interest or stake or share in the company.
The total interest of all members combined must add up to 100%.

5)The physical and postal address of the business.

6)Date of financial year end. This is the date when you close your financial accounts for business.

NB. Each member of the company must sign the incorporation statement before the Registrar affixes his seal , stamp and signature.
*At least one Zimbabwean as part of the members of the company.

Richintel brings all services to your door step to ensure that you do you work in the comfort of your offices and hustle free. With us the whole process will take you only 3-5 working days .

We also help you with
*Praz Registration
*Vat Registration
*Vendor number Application
*ZIA Registration
*Tax Clearance
*Share certificates and transfers
*Annual Returns

To get a quote or learn more visit our website , follow us on our social media platforms , email us @ [email protected] , call or whatsapp at +263786326766/+263776914776
Or join our whatsapp group @

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You’re the project manager on an exciting project. The timeline is set. Decisions have been made. Project goals have been articulated. And you’ve set up a detailed plan in the project management tool of your choice. What could possibly go wrong? Let help you with that and keep you stressfree For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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5 Tips for Starting a Successful Business

Begin with a detailed plan. This one is a must: Develop an in-depth plan that fully details how you'll attack the challenge ahead. ...

Get out there and network. ...

Surround yourself with the right people. ...

Stay ahead of the curve. ...

Find a healthy work-life balance.

For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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Cleaning Reduces Environmental Risks, Enables Sanitation

Effective cleaning reduces exposures to hazardous matter, thereby reducing risks while contributing to a sanitary state. Indoor environments are readily manageable, unlike ambient environments where the causes of pollution and its control are complex. For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. Alternatives to fossil fuels reduce carbon footprint at home and abroad, reducing greenhouse gases around the globe. ... For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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The climate system is complicated, certainly, though virtually all geoscientists recognize that what we’re doing to the climate system now is nearly unprecedented. Right now, we’re changing things on this decadal scale and we can’t tell from the geological record whether previous changes happened over decades or centuries or thousands of years.

There are fundamental questions about tectonics, especially earthquake recurrence. We can’t predict earthquakes in real time right now, and most geophysicists have reached the conclusion that we probably will never get to that point so the best thing we can do is make people better prepared by building infrastructure and resilient homes. So those are pretty fundamental humanitarian questions.

For more details visit our website or join our whatsapp group ://

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