DuoChem Industrial

DuoChem Industrial

Detergents and Personal Beauty Products

fundrazr.com 04/02/2016

Support us, Help us Grow our Business -duoChem Ind

fundrazr.com duoChem Industrial: A small startup in the field of detergents manufacturing. www.duochem.co.zw. We manufacture quality affordable house & home, commercial/industrial detergents and personal care products. We would like to expand our business operations.


Not wanting to be out done by some big corporate brands, giving away cartons of free goodies just for liking their pages.

duoChem Industrial will be giving away a whole litre of our lovely Shower Gel. A choice of 2 fragrances Peach or Strawberry to the first 15 "friends of duoChem" to comment with a truely unique quote that inspire them to wake up every morning and try again....

Go on, get creative!!!

Must be in Harare - www.duochem.co.zw


Lovin Soap Project

The Lovin Soap Project - Raising the bar for women and girls around the world.

The Lovin Soap Project teaches soap making as a micro-business to women in less-developed countries.

businessinsider.com 26/01/2016

Here's why the US government suddenly banned a bunch of soaps, bodywashes, and toothpastes

businessinsider.com Many soaps and toothpastes are full of tiny pieces of plastic, which pollute waterways and enter the food chain.

duochem.co.zw 24/01/2016

duoChem Industrial | Quality Chemicals and Cleaning Services

We are super excited about our online shop at www.duochem.co.zw!

At duoChem Industrial, we believe that personal hygiene and regular cleaning are essential to good health. That Every day, millions of families around the world rely on and trust their household and personal care products. From shower gels, moisturizers, shampoos and fragrances, to bubble baths and aftershave creams, these products are essential to living better, healthier lives.

We’re dedicated to helping you keep clean, fresh and cool. We want to be the one-stop source supplier for all your house and home care cleaning supplies, your personal care, car care and industrial cleaning requirements!

Our products are well known for quality. We go the extra mile to create products that meet consumer expectations.

We are currently building our product offering to meet every aspect of our customers’ needs.

www.duochem.co.zw - Check us out, leave us feedback, like us on our page and try some of our products. Don’t just take our word for it!!


[01/05/16]   “Give a woman rice and she’ll eat for a day. Teach her how to plant rice and she’ll eat for a lifetime.”

Creating Shared Value – Our Corporate Social Responsibility

duoChem Industrial has a strong passion for Corporate Social Responsibility. Our interest in this regard seek to create shared value (CSV), which is based upon the connection between our envisioned corporate success and social well-being of our targeted communities. Since a business needs a productive workforce to function, economic independence, health and education are key components to that equation.

We strongly believe profitable and successful businesses must thrive so that society may develop and survive.

With intervention and collaboration of appropriate partner institutions to create a better environment to live and work, duoChem Industrial is in the process of developing a subsidised program that targets women of all ages, who are just as passionate about business, and as entrepreneurial as us. Women who want to learn the basic techniques of creating their own liquid detergents, create a brand, market and grow into a micro-business.

How We’re Different

Our model provide skills training and support through liquid detergents making workshops until independent operation is possible, creating financial self-sufficiency.

duochem.co.zw 05/01/2016

duoChem Industrial | Quality Chemicals and Cleaning Services

Since we started, we’ve always worked to build a nimble company, one that can quickly respond to customer feedback and deliver new and improved products. We’ve had the pleasure of making our early products better for you. Our Multi-surface cleaner, Toilet Cleaner and now we’re excited to finally announce the introduction of our personal care range. The first product in this series is our Afro-Essential Bath Gel which comes in two fragrances, Fresh Strawberry and Peach. Visit our online shop at: www.duochem.co.zw


[08/23/15]   We have been doing a lot of sampling for most of our products on the market, and the following are the most common statements we kept hearing as feedback:

1. Product yenyu ngaikore (Viscosity, thickness)

2. Product yenyu ngaiwedzere furu gobvu (suds, foam, more bubbles)

seems our pricing is just right.

Now out of curiosity as a form of business development research the question becomes is it the foaminess and thickness of the product that does the job, or it is the active ingredients that formulate the products?

Is it a long standing perception that thick and foamy makes for a good product?

what are your thoughts?

[08/13/15]   We will be releasing our brand new Shower Gel range this Saturday (very excited) We're looking forward to giving away a few samples to a lucky few. Watch this space!!


DuoChem Industrial


DuoChem Industrial

New Look 02/08/2015

New Look

[06/20/15]   This past week we realised just how burdensome it was to establish ourselves as a legitimate business operation. the bureaucracy is startling. Issues to do with Zimra, State procurement procedures and exorbitant costs associated with product certification just makes it all feel a little Anti small business.

Our Products 20/06/2015

Our Products


Our Products

[05/11/15]   "Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down."

-- Charles F. Kettering


DuoChem Industrial's cover photo

Our Products 10/05/2015

Our Products


Profile Pictures


Profile Pictures


House & Home.....
BrightSpax Multi-Surface Antibacterial Cleaner

BrightSpax Dishwashing Liquid

BrightSpax Toilet Bowl Cleaner

BrightSpax Hand Sanitising Gel

Personal Beauty Care....
AfroCentric Shower Gel

AfroCentric Foam Bath

AfroCentric Shampoo

AfroCentric Hair Conditioner

Bump Guard Herbal Aftershave

Auto Care...
Supreme Car Shampoo (Exterior)

Supreme Car Shampoo (Interior)


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Harare African Township
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