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The popular Muwani Bottle Stores-Tinofara Nevamwe Handei kwaMuwani tinofara nevamwe


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Like Oliver Twist in Charles Dickens' famous novel, he asked for more soup.

Legendary Mapudege was born in the year of locusts. There were no birth records during his time, so the local administrator put 7 March 1925 as his date of birth which is an understatement. He claims to be 115 years old, full of life and still going strong.

Back in the 1990s, I was fortunate to be a boarder paMishoni. Mdhara Mapudege made our life easy at Assisi Mission. This Madamombe villager never missed Roman Catholic mass. His sermons were full of jokes. Waizipa mdhara uyu. He made everyone laugh. Before he could even speak, as students we would start giggling in anticipation.

It was in one of his sermons that he spoke of a Provincial meat eating competition held in Gweru where he came 2nd. Makwikwi ekudya nyama.

Nyama ikaiswa munyu inopenga, so he began. By the time this competition was held in the midlands capital, mdhara had won in every competition including one held at Madamombe village during Heroes celebrations in 1981.

It was obvious therefore that mdhara would clinch this last one with relative easy. The competition involved eating a whole goat. Yes sure, a whole goat. It was a fiery competition, so he claimed. Mdhara made light work of the goat and was on his way to the big price.
It was on the last hind leg that mdhara choked and had to ask for some goat soup. By the time he recovered, he was beaten to it by a Ndebele man.
Kwanzi maNdevere anodya nyama veduwee.
Whether mdhara made this story up, I wouldn't know.
But village hearsay has it that mdhara Mapudege & Dhotonya love their meat.
Vanozvifarira havo nevamwe madhara aya.

Nharo neZvine nharo.


Back in the village, Mudhara Jobhana is a funny character. So many stories have been told about him. Dembare haina ngozi, roundabout, he would shout after having one too many. Together with Mdhara Muzindi, these are village legends. They are the epitome of yesteryear knowledge. They know nzizi dzese dzakaunza matatya and when Nyamatsanga & Nyazvidzi Rivers were formed.

In his hey days, he was a well known dog handler at Fawcet, one of Zim's finest security companies. He is now retired but without any pension.

Mudhara Jobhana is still single, he detest the sight of women, yet he is born of a woman.
He is old now but still has energy like Boxer, in George Orwell's famous Animal Farm.
Like Boxer, he works very hard in the fields (Kumaricho) but spend almost everything on the Wise waters.
Yesterday he brought a bucketful of big sweet potatoes for me (Mbambaira). Your guess is as good as mine. He wanted batter trade for mukombe.
Mudhara unozvifarira hake Nevamwe uyu, Nyaradzo yababa ngaitwe katatu.


This is a piece I did in 2017 about Sabhuku Chimera. These are village legends. He recently took home as wife, a slay Queen. Enjoy it, Tichingofara Nevamwe.

Eustar Maseva is a simple character. They call him Sabhuku chimera for he is a village head. He loves his Eagle Quart. He is the uncle to Clayton Mandizvidza a difficulty character, he answers to the name, "Cleto"a story for another day. Ukasvika paMadamombe township in Chivhu and if u don't see Sabhuku Chimera unenge usina kusvikapo


Ziendera is a bigger than life character. He has seen it all. Kwakabviwa mitunhu. There are so many village & township tales spoken about this man. Some good and some not good. To the kids he presents himself as a catoon character, He lost all front teeth during the war. Ziendera is a big man who isnt afraid of manual work, he is the Okonkwo character in an all Classic, Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Aparty. To imbibers, drinking with him is painful, he has a big throat. Kadorometer kake kahombe. He doesnt take the smaller pints. He prefers 7 days yekwamai Acquilina just becz of sheer quantity.
He is a renowned hunter. Those who live in Madamombe know the big Ziendera. He sells most of his catch at nearest townships. . However, he can be mischiveous. He catches mice (mbeva) but can sometimes mix with rodents (makonzo). You have to be careful especially on the length of the tails. Yesterday he brought 5 very tasty mice for me. I enjoyed the salted mbeva Tichifara hedu Nevamwe.

Muwani Investments 08/06/2022

Muwani Investments

You can place yo orders from anywhere we will deliver in Zimbabwe

Muwani Investments Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins on the planet. It’s one of the few meats that can be eaten on the go or as part of a fancy, sit down occasion or holiday meal. Muwani Investments is there for you!


Tichingofara nevamwe


Where can I get potato seedlings in Zimbabwe. We now want to start Potato Farming.

Photos from Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s post 29/08/2021

Photos from Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s post

Photos from Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s post 29/08/2021

Now available at Muwani Hokonya, Madamombe and Mutemachani shops. Covo/Bingu/Rape 50c bundle, cabbages $1 for 2, Juicy broiler chickens $5. Spinach, Green Maize and tomatoes coming soon.
Tichingofara Nevamwe🗣🗣🗣

Photos from Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s post 07/07/2021

Tichingofara Nevamwe

Photos from Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s post 07/07/2021

We have begun market gardening and poultry projects. Very soon we will be supplying all our shops, schools, Pick & Pay. OK Chivhu we are waiting 🗣🗣 Tichingofara Nevamwe

Photos from Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s post 04/07/2021

Tichingofara hedu Nevamwe


New outlet, Chivhu. You will love it. Tichingofara nevamwe


Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,


Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s cover photo


Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,


Photos from Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s post


A good idea will always find funding. Work on the idea and make it perfect. Provision follow strategy


Tichifara nevamwe


Tichifara hedu nevamwe


Mzaya Clifford Mbizi was a cheerful man, full of energy.
We were together in the diaspora, kumarimuka. He was in Sudan and I was just a stone's throw across the might Nile River.

We shared a lot, we missed home, sadza rezviyo nemabhonzo. I left him there ini ndorova dande. We were happy and he was in good health, mhonya chaiyo.

He came back home last year and built a very nice house, next to Mbuya Mupfumi (May her dear soul rest in peace) a 10 bedroomed house that changed the landscape. You won't miss the house. Hanzi Mwari anosimudza marombe kubva muguruva.

Hamheno kana akamboraramo, for he died suddenly in South Africa. The sad news was piercing to the heart.

Mwana watete, i cant believe he is gone. Hapana mwedzi, when we were celebrating his birthday, Tichifara Nevamwe.

Pamwe cake racho harisati rapera. It's painful.

They say, he will be buried on Saturday, here at Madamombe. A home for the legends. Those close to him have told us, they are flying to Hre 1st since the Sudanese would also want to pay their last respect, for he was a good man.

We have waited for 2 weeks now. During this long wait, i would wish if those with him, would suddenly say, Manyepo.

Muzukuru, May your dear soul rest in peace. Famba zvakanaka.


Remember you simply swipe at all Muwani shops


Remember we simply swipe kwaMuwani, no need to carry cash. Fara nevamwe dis xmas


Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s cover photo


Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,'s cover photo


KwaMuwani we Swipe, Tichifara Nevamwe, ZimSwitch Ready!!


Timeline Photos


Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,

Tinofara nevamwe


A good idea will always find funding. Work on the idea and make it perfect. Provision follow strategy


Life is more accurately measured by the lives you touch than by the things you acquire.


Mdhara Zifa was a good old man.
He was joyful, full of life sociable & Aifara Nevamwe.
A fellow business man who worked hard. Despite his age he would be the 1st to greet me,

'Tezvara mamuka Sei'?

For him to just collapse & die is very painful.

Maybe the script was already written but I shudder to think of the void that you have left at our business Centre.

Go well mkuwasha, you ran your race very well. Rest in peace


Tinofara Nevawe


Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,


Tinofara Nevamwe


A 50KG GMB bag of maize has now been reduced to $15 at Madamombe and Nharira


Muwani Investments-Hokonya, Madamombe,

Dstv Live soccer now available at all Muwani outlets. Let the games begin. Huyai Tifare Nevamwe


Dstv Live soccer now available at all Muwani outlets. Let the games begin. Huyai Tifare Nevamwe

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