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I was sleeping next to my wife when I got a notification from Facebook. I stood up to check; it was a friend request from a lady. I decided to go through her profile to know who she is. Finally, I found out that it was my old time school mate.
I accepted her friend request and I sent her a massage "Hello" since she was still online. She replied "Hi, I heard you are married with kids" I responded, "Yes". she said, I really love you and I'm willing to do whatever it takes just to be part of your life"
Hmmm, I quickly closed the chat to make sure my wife was sleeping.
I left the bed and sat on the chair that is in my bedroom.
I looked at my wife, she was deeply sleeping after the busy and exhausted day from work and house chores.
As I was still looking at her, something came into my mind. "This woman doesn't deserve to be cheated on, look at how safe and comfortable she's sleeping in our bedroom. She really trusted me so much that I can't hurt her" I started thinking, " she left her family, her caring mother, her Dad who at all times was providing almost everything she needs and her siblings who always brighten her day and joined me in my one bedroom apartment leaving her dad's mansion.
All these thoughts and more was driving me crazy. Then I asked myself, "how can I do this wickedness to this innocent woman?" So I hurriedly picked up my phone and hit the "BLOCK" button.
I turned to my wife and I walked straight to the bed and cuddled her and she adjusted herself to accommodate me.
I can't afford to loose her trust or make her cry. NEVER!
I was able to do that because I am a "Real" man. Real men don't cheat on their wives. Real men don't make their wives cry. Real men don't make their wives regret Marrying them. Real men value their wives more than any other woman.
Be the "Man" the "Real Man...✍️


Happy Africa Day

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Happy International Workers Day


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Merry Christmas


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79 new cases (59 local, 20 returning residents from SA).
The number of cases in Mashonaland West is going up significantly.
3 deaths reported (Bulawayo, Mat South, Manicaland).
939 PCR tests
9 total new recoveries.

Lets keep on keeping on.
It shall be well.
God bless.





62 new cases and one death, may the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

Total recorded cases are 6559
Total recoveries so far 5241
Total deaths 203 (RIP)




Not all days are the same.
85 new cases (80 local, 5 returnees from SA)
6 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.
Only 836 PCR tests do e.
160 new recoveries.

The worst is not yet over.

Remain vigilant.

God bless.




Only 6 new cases reported today.
No deaths reported.
Only 602 tests done.
5 recoveries.
As of today, 6412 cumulative cases, which include 5061 recoveries, 1155 active cases and 196 deaths.

I am not sure what this means but I would remain vigilant.

I would say its too early to party.

Blessed week ahead!




6 more fatalities reported in the last 24 hours (4 from Mash West, 1 from Bulawayo and 1 from Manicaland).
96 new cases. 76 local, 20 returnees from SA.
33 new recoveries.
God bless Zimbabwe.




As long as we continue to lose lives its not over. 10 in a day is too high a number. 7 from Harare (Harare has 110 deaths out of the 189... we need to review whats happening in Harare). The other 3 are from Bulawayo, Mash Central and Midlands. May their dear souls rest in peace.

Even though no new cases are reported in Harare and Bulawayo I wouldnt get comfortable.. the worst is not yet over, though we remain hopeful. 41 new cases reported.
9 recoveries.
Active cases as of today are 1093 and recovery rate is 79.6%.

Lets remain vigilant.
No room for complacency.
Physical distance.
Hand hygiene.
Face mask.
Limit unnecessary movements.

God bless Zim.




COVID-19 is real but we should continue facing it with much hope and optimism. Sadly, (and I hate doing this), 13 deaths were reported in the past 24 hours, 10 of which are from Harare Province. 2 are from Mat South, 1 from Mash East.

55 new cases reported (none for Harare and Bulawayo). 40 more recoveries reported.

Lets remain vigilant. Deepest condolences to the families of the departed ones, and to the Dzamara family for the loss of Patson (unrelated to COVID-19). May their souls rest in eternal peace.

God bless Zimbabwe.




Highlights of the sitrep:
37 new cases, all local.
2 deaths (Manicaland Province).
243 recoveries (184 from Harare).

In summary 5390 cumulative cases which include 4872 recoveries; thus active case have gone down to 903.
Officially, cumulative number of deaths is 155.

Like I always say, some days are better than others.

Continue to take care and God bless!




Daily sitrep.

78 new cases, all local.
1 death reported from Bulawayo Province
42 recoveries reported.

Cumulatively, 5893 cases have been recorded and an amazing 4629 have recovered, sadly 153 lives have been lost (the official number) and 1111 are active.

I hate it when I have to tell people to put on their masks or practice physical distancing in shops, banks and other places for social services, but for their sake and for my sake I do.

Play it safe out there folks.

God bless.




70 local cases reported today.
No imported cases.
1 death reported in Manicaland today (Manicaland has been reporting a number of fatalities).
Active cases rise to 1076.
62 recoveries reported.

The virus is still very much around.
No room for complacency.
God bless!




102 new cases all local reported today.
1 death reported in Masvingo (the second in successive days)
83 total new recoveries.

The struggle is still on but can be won. Lets continue maintaining vigilance.

God bless.




Some days are good; some are not, but in all we remain hopeful.

Highlights: 265 new cases (254 local, 11 returnees from SA).
9 deaths reported in the last 24 hours (6 from Harare Province, 1 Mash Central, 1 Masvingo, 1 Mash West). Our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.
337 recoveries reported today.
Overall, the number of active cases has declined to 1051.

These fluctuations must serve to remind us that COVID-19 is very much around and lets remain vigilant.

God bless.




70 new cases: 67 local and 3 returnees from Botswana.
6 deaths, all from Harare Provinde.
257 nee recoveries (156 reported by Mat South).
Total recoveries now 4105 out of 5378 cumulative cases.

God bless Zim πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ




Harare has done the right thing: reporting recoveries; they reported 1698 recoveries leaving them with 197 cases.
3 deaths reported in the last 24 hours (Bulawayo, Mas East and Manicaland).
47 new cases (42 local, 5 returnees from South Africa).
Testing is a huge bottleneck and is mainly being done in the reference labs in Harare and Bulawayo.

God bless you all.




As we conclude the week we take stock of the current standing, but before that the update of the day.
85 new cases (4 returnees from SA, 81 local).
2 deaths (1 from Bulawayo, 1 from Manicaland).
45 new recoveries.

So totals:5261 cumulative. 3037 active cases, 2092 recoveries, 132 deaths.

Some believe the statistics; some dont; thats a personal choice; but the key messages I obtain from these statistics is that COVID-19 is real and can kill, but the greatest proportion will recover. I thus remain hopeful but leave no room to cultivate complacency.

God bless all and fruitful week ahead!




Good evening.
104 new cases reported today, all LOCAL!
2 deaths reported, from Bulawayo Province.
Active cases are at 2999 across the whole country.
49 new recoveries.
It is reported that Harare Province is currently following its cases and will give an update on recoveries on Monday.

Lets continue to practise the basics of infection prevention and control at community level: physical distancing, hand hygiene and mask-wearing.

Dont miss opportunities to educate those who lack knowledge.

COVID-19 is real; there is no room for complacency.

God bless Zimbabwe; God bless Africa.




The highlight for the day is that we have gone past 5000 cases officially. 2946 still active.

Stay vigilant.

God bless!




97 new cases all local confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2.
6 deaths reported in the last 24 hours, 3 from Manicaland.
307 recoveries reported.

Wash hands frequently or sanitize.
Wear a mask properly in all public places.
Practise physical distancing.

God bless Zim.




18 deaths reported in the last 24 hours, 16 of which are from Harare. May God help us.
75 new cases, of which 74 are local.
76 new recoveries.

Lets remain vigilant.
I hate it when I have to tell people to practise physical distancing in shops and banks; lets remain vigilant.




70 new cases; no deaths in the last 24 hours.
All 70 cases are local cases.
Active cases go up to 3170
20 new recoveries reported.
Our testing capacity remains constrained.
Prevention is the cornerstone of control.
God bless us.




99 new cases (68 local, 31 returnees from SA).
No new fatalities reported.
Active cases stand at 3120.
87 new recoveries reported.
Some days are better than others.
God bless Zimbabwe.
Remain vigilant.


Happy Heroes Day Zimbabwe




74 new cases.
These include 57 local cases and 17 returnees from SA.
Total cases reported to date are 4649 and 3108 are still reported as active.
21 new recoveries reported.
Regrettably 2 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

Lets all remain vigilant.

Safe and blessed week ahead.




Good evening.

The good news: recoveries: Midlands, 35, Manicaland, 22, Bulawayo 7 and Mat North.

Significant recoveries are happening in Harare but probably not just documented as yet.

No deaths in this sitrep.

Sadly 124 new cases recorded, the bulk (118) of which are local.
As you can see when the testing increases more cases are picked, there is therefore no room for complacency.

As we get into Sunday, pray for me as I pray for you.
Together we will get through this.
God bless you and God bless Zimbabwe.




56 cases tested positive for COVID-19 today. 54 are local. The majority of cases are now local. I reiterate: we are not testing enough.

Recoveries: Bulawayo 47, Mash East 31 and Mat North 3.

5 deaths which occured between 3 and 5 August are reported today. Sadly they include a 3-week old baby from Mat North. The other 4 are from Harare. All had respiratory symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and had positive PCR results.

The deaths tell us a story of widespread community transmission; the loss of life is now in excess of 100.

Lets all do what we can to stay safe, protect the community and our loved ones.

God bless you πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ.




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