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A solar company in Gweru that specializes in sales, installation and training services in solar pan

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Mr and Mrs N from Sebangwe Shurugwi - well done and thank you for powering your home with Midlands Solar ( SHURUGWI) !!!

Vanerombo rakanaka vanoudzwa guhwa rema opening specials eku Shurugwi voita action fast....

Be like Mr and Mrs N 😉😉

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We have inverters and then we have VICTRON INVERTERS.
✅Top of the range brand
✅Remote Monitoring Function from anywhere in the world
✅Capable of exporting excess power back into the grid

This system was Installed in Gweru and it happens to be the first EXPORTING POWER PROJECT in GWERU.

Thank you Mr and Mrs K for engaging and trusting Midlands Solar.



Kana system yanga inema gel battery isingasachaiti mahusiku, ichidzima after one hour , huya ku MIDLANDS SOLAR fast uzotenga battery....

For Only 650 usd , light up your home , watch your television, refrigerate your foodstuffs and drinks AND ENJOY

✅ All Components are covered by Warranty


Sarura wako kadeya-deya
Nyama’ ye mbongolo khetha omthandayo….

Inverters Galore !!! Whatever the size - we have your back 👌👌

We just don’t stock, we stock brands of repute . Know your BRANDS



Its one thing to be in the dark because there is no other alternative, BUT it's another thing to be in the dark when you have an option .

Dont miss out on that business transaction or worry that your perishables in the fridge will go bad...

Take the surest way out.

GET A UPS INSTALLED from as low as USD 1300 !!! & YES on PAYMENT TERMS.....


Some Exciting News Here !!!
Shurugwi Here We Come
Get trusted and genuine products from Midlands Solar .
Take advantage of the many opening promotions and you might be lucky and walk away with a give away too...


Solar, we offer you the best quality Solar Products at the best prices on the market. We insist on the best quality products installed in accordance with International Standards. Contact us now to discuss your Solar Energy requirements.

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Another day in Midlands Solar ' s schedule ONLY this time we were in the Manicaland Province in CHIPINGE.

Our task was to power the entertainment set, interior and exterior lighting and sockets for charging of phones for the Chipinge District Hospital Maternity Waiting Room . We did that with pride for the expecting mothers...

System comprised of the following
✅ 4 × JA Mono Solar Panels , 380w
✅ 3kva Must Inverter
✅ 2 × 100 ah , 12v Arco Gel Batteries

Photos from Midlands Solar's post 17/12/2021

We know and appreciate the economic situation in Zimbabwe.
We also know and appreciate that load shedding is on the increase and no one really likes being in the dark.

As Midlands Solar, we have come up with different payment facilities that make purchasing a solar system much easier on the pocket.

Take your pick from our three incredible options:

✅ A solar loan powered by Zambuko Trust

✅ Layby Terms .You pay for the components kancane kancane , kanzatu kanzatu.

✅ 65% deposit and then balance in 2 - 5 months ....



Be Wise. Go Solar!

Midlands Solar at the ended Gweru Show 2021.
We met with old and prospective clients and yes we solidified our position as THE INSTALLERS of CHOICE in the Midlands Province.
The topping on the cake was being selected as the third place winner in the SME’ s category . Wooooooop wooooooop


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She said ‘ Vanangu ini Ndoda kunopinda mumba mangu asi hakuna magetsi saka ndoda solar inosimudza zvinhu zvakati wandei ASI NDINODA ANONZI MA MONO’
*We gave her ma Mono Panels*

Thank you Mrs M for engaging us to power your home

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For what seemed like an eternity, Mazvimba Primary School in Chirumhanzu did not have any access to clean drinking water or water for their nutritional garden which would then provide vegetables for the school feeding programme .
The school has 317 pupils and 17 staff members.

One particular non governmental organisation saw this need and decided to help this school by partnering with Midlands Solar.

Midlands Solar - delivered !!!

The system comprised of
✅ A 2hp AC pump and the Drive
✅ 8 * 405 Canadian Solar Panels and the frame
✅Two 5000 litre tanks and the stands .
✅ All the other necessary plumbing accessories

The sense of ownership and happiness shared between the pupils during and after completion of the project was very encouraging and elating.

The school now boasts of 11 water taps scattered around the school yard and in the garden!!

Water s indeed precious!!!

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Thinking of gifting your parents kumusha or pa farm

Bless them with this solar kit so that they
✅get to enjoy ice cold water after a hot day our and about
✅keep their meat from beef committees fresh for longer and not have ' kuiomesa' all the time
✅watch their news at 8pm and favourite TV shows
✅ dont worry about stocking lots and lots of matches or candles...

Lets talk




Your Solar Water People....

Good Morning Team Midlands Solar. We trust you had a good and restful weekend....

Providing Solar Powered Water Solutions for :
Your Livestock
Your Plants
Your personal use

Water is Life!!!

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We had an opportunity to install- for the first time - THE 7.2 kva KODAK INVERTER in Gweru , Habben Park.
The premise was / is quite a huge one with the main house , staff quarters, cottage , fowl run , and a 1.5 hp borehole pump

We installed
✅ on free standing structures a 4140kW Canadian PV Array
✅9 600 kWh Huawei battery bank
✅7.2 kva Kodak Inverter

To power the following
✅Lighting of the main house , staff quarters , cottage, fowl run
✅ Fridges in the main house and cottage
✅ Iron , microwave , electric jug
✅1.5 hp pump

Thank you Mr C for entrusting Midlands Solar to supply a power back up solution


Solar Poweres Water Solutions

After a successful installation of a DC pump , Tank and Stand - this moment is what we define as THE WHY WE EXIST .

Water is a means to an end
Water is a need
Water is LIFE !!!

Midlands Solar- Your Water Buddies

Photos from Midlands Solar's post 01/09/2021

Who said we only throw back on Thursday ....😜😜😜
We choose to take the narrow path- the path less travelled... and THROW BACK ON A TUESDAY

This system was installed for in Mount Pleasant , Harare for a facility that doubles up as an old people's home + a hospital.

The decision to ' GO SOLAR ' was reached after
✅the electrical bills weren't making sense anymore
✅fuel for the generator was in short supply and if available would be found in the black market, again at ridiculous prices
✅regular maintenance costs of the generator , let alone the noise in an environment where the patients needed peace and quiet .
✅the need to have uninterrupted power supply increased

The system consists of the following:

3 × 5KVA Victron Quattro Inverters
60 x 335W Canadian Panels (20 100Wp)
16 x Pylontech US3000 (56 kWh) Battery Bank.

Let the Roof Work For You Too ....

Let's Talk Solar



Makonde suffers frequent power cuts and this obviously affects the operations of certain entities.
One such entity, is the Main Makonde Mission Nutritional Garden who rely on electricity to enable them to water their garden .
The garden is an means to socio-economic sustainable development in that community
Water is the resource

Midlands Solar came through to ensure that the Garden doesn't dry up and solar powered the 5 500 kw Centrifugal Pump.

The system comprised of
A 7.5 hp AC Drive
20 × 345w Canadian Solar Panels
The Panel Frames , Roofing and Cabling Accessories...


We dont major in installing new systems alone BUT we also correct existing ones .
In Nov 2020 , a solar powered water solution was installed but it only worked for not more than an hour 😥😥

We had the privilege to :
✅ not only correct 'that' system (provided a 1hp DC pump and necessary accessories)
✅wire the house including the round hut (kitchen )
✅install a new home system ( 2kva inverter and a 50ah lithium ion battery)
✅ BUT also to explore BIKITA for the first time.

Thank you Mr M. for not giving up in looking for a solution for mom to enjoy tap water , water her plants and also have power supply in the home ...

Thank you Mr M. for engaging and trusting Midlands Solar to help you solve a problem ....

Photos from Midlands Solar's post 20/08/2021

There is an old Shona adage that goes
' chikomo chiremera varikure , varipedo Vano tamba nacho.. '

With Midlands Solar , it has been different. For the next month we would like to appreciate:
*Friends of Midlands Solar*

Friends that have trusted and supported the brand...
Friends that will vouch for the brand...

We then supplied them with a:
✅0.5 ac pump , tank and tank stand
✅2kva Epever inverter
✅4 × 345w Canadian Solar Panels
✅48v , 50 ah lithium ion battery

So these friends stay in Rhodesville, have had no tap water for over 10 years ...
So initially what they wanted was a stand alone solar powered water system but well we convinced them otherwise ESPECIALLY with the rise in power cut, and WELL THEY GAVE IN


When we say we endeavour to power Zimbabwe one roof at a time - we mean exactly that.
It was our pleasure going down the Beitbridge Road and turn into the dusty terrain of Chivi .

To the children who decided to make their parents home more comfortable by electrifying it....

To the children who trusted and engaged us to power their home in Chivi ...

To the end users who will enjoy chilled water this summer , listen to Radio Zimbabwe and be able to slaughter their mbudzi without worrying about it going bad

.....CHEERS 🥂....

So the scope of work involved:
Wiring the 7 roomed house first AND
then solar powering it . ( 2kva with 2400kWh battery bank and a 1380 w PV Array )

The old man couldn't wait to test run the solar system and switch on his radio.

Ana Mbizi tinokutendai 👏👏👏👏

Solar is Life !!!


Photos from Midlands Solar's post 11/08/2021

Sometimes electrical gadgets fails even when they are brand new . Warranty protects consumers from such eventualities . With the rise in demand for alternative energy , the rise in counterfeits has -sadly- been noted .

Midlands Solar is an accredited distributor of authentic and genuine solar equipment . Dont get duped ....

Buy Wisely


We hope you had a restful loooooooong weekend .
Ours wasnt so restful . Look out for our Rhodesville and Chivi Projects


We understand that times are hard BUT yet we all want uninterrupted power supply to enjoy our TV programs, to enjoy ice cold water , enjoy using our wifi modems ...
( Be it a back up solution or an off grid system OR even a solar powered water system , it comes with renowned brands that come with warranties + workmanship warranty + after sales support) ...

As we welcome summer - we welcome it with a bang.
65% deposit ON ALL SYSTEM PACKAGES, balance in 3 - 5 months ( Ts and Cs apply ) and voila you enjoy being solarised...

Be Wise. Go Solar ...



Solar Powered Water Solutions....

Unlocking the full potential in the agricultural sector by providing solar powered solutions....


After a weekend , Monday is just a loooong day .

But it is messages like this one that remind us why we are in existence.
To ensure that
✅ YOU enjoy family time over the all time favourite Lion King movie
✅ YOUR home is lit all the time
✅ YOUR children can seamlessly have their online lessons

Our endeavour still remains to power Zimbabwe, one roof at a time .


In this Covid Induced Lockdown where working from home has become the norm, uninterupted power supply definitely becomes worth looking into .

From back to back zoom meetings , conducting online lessons corresponding via email, whatsapp calls or messages, managing social media , drawing up quotes , doing online transactions - the list is endless - surely a modest solar system ensures that there is a smooth flow in operations ....

We know two is a company and three is a crowd, BUT this crowd is a good one 😉😉

For only USD1760 you get:

✅3 × Canadian Solar Panels
✅1 × 50 ah lithium ion battery
✅1 × 1 500w Epever Inverter
Plus the mounting, cabling ,protection accessories and installation. Warranties on the equipment and workmanship are also part of the package.

With this 'crowd 'you get to power
- two fridges
- entertainment set
- charging ports for your laptops and phones
- wifi modem

And the icing on the cake : PAYMENT TERMS ARE AVAILABLE

Let's talk solar


Photos from Midlands Solar's post 29/07/2021

When there is distance between family, we rely on the various methods of communicating and normally its social media platforms that we access on our mobile devices .
But when this only way of communicating with our loved ones is disrupted by power cuts , the struggle is real...

Fortunately offers back up to bridge that gap when there is load shedding ...

The 1.5kva system to power the fridge, entertainment set, lights and the wifi router was successfully installed in Gweru.

To the blesser who sacrificed the hard earned green notes , thank you

Enjoy harnessing the power of sun ...


Photos from Midlands Solar's post 19/07/2021

Over time, we have learnt to appreciate that solar energy is not just alternative or back up energy. It is actually a means to an end.
We had the pleasure of being part of a project that would then enable the residents of Madamombe Business Centre in the Chikomba District of Chivhu , Mashonaland East.

The project involved
✅ removing a bush pumoband replacing it with a solar powered 1.5hp borehole pump
✅erecting a 5000 litre tank that would then supply water to the business centre community, nearby villagers and livestock
✅erecting two by 5000 litre tanks 300mtrs + away from the pump . These would then provide water to :
- the nutritional garden which was not yet functioning because of the absence of water
AND the clinic which is 100 mtrs from the nutritional garden

It is projects like these that make you really appreciate that there is so much power that can be harnessed from the sun .
Energy that can be translated into a resource that improves people's lives ....

The Sun . Energy. Life. Water is Life

Let's talk solar.....

Photos from Midlands Solar's post 04/07/2021

In our journey with the Roman Catholic Community, we have grown to learn of the various guilds it has.

But what we have also learnt is their service to the community and thats where we come in ....

Recently, we powered the Missionaries of Charity so that the premise has light and can provide water to old aged people that reside there...

This past week we solar powered a domestic water system for the Sisters of Notre Dame so that they can continue giving the community water to drink .


Midlands Solar continues with its drive to provide solar powered solutions in all communities .
Engage us and let's reason together and strategise ways to better lives.....

Photos from Midlands Solar's post 25/06/2021

In the hospitality industry - you first indulge with your eyes before diving into the plate with fork and knife
Likewise , we also believe that other than functionality , aesthetics is also key because its what separates Installer X from Installer Y..

Late on Wednesday , we were in Adelaide Park in Senga, Gweru correcting a faulty and ' unpolished ' installation .
It's not that we are the best of the best out there , but we value the outlook always....

When before meets after

For all your faulty or poorly performing solar systems*



Sinking the Submersible Pump

The Tech Team ( Kazins ) have officially declared this week and last week .
We are 100% certain that you will declare that to
From providing a solar powered water system in Gweru 👉 to a small sized plot in the Lower Gweru Area to
Correcting a faulty system in Gwanda to 👉 a water site assessment in Nkayi then Chivhu surely we are rallying behind and supporting the efforts of the agricultural sector

A snippet of the Gwanda Project ...

When the Midlands lands Matebeleland South 😎😎😎


We did not have the opportunity to meet this icon in our community but we have the privilege to have powered up various Roman Catholic facilities and to that end we say to the Roman Catholic Community andZimbabwe - may your hearts be consoled. We have been robbed

May Your Spirit Rest In Eternal Peace Father Ribeiro....

Let There Be Light Always


This is a depiction of a father literally crossing the oceans for their family

To all the fathers out there:
who make their families feel safe and protected
who will do whatever it takes to provide food on the table
who teach us good morals and values
who will ensure that there is LIGHT in the HOMES all the time

Happy Fathers Day

You are the HEROES of the FAMILIES


One of the Kazins
Probably the most argumentative one 😂
He is also the in house steel fabricater 😎
He always looks forward to his weekends because he gets to deal with the green bottle lol
An excellent technician with commendable problem tackling skills

World , meet Kazin Merit


Many at times we are asked the question :

And our response always

The conversation goes on.

When it comes to sizing a solar system there is NO NORMAL OR STANDARD because electrical appliances vary from house to house.

The implication though is that the higher the power rating of the appliances- the bigger the system size and consequently the deeper you have to go in the pockets 😉. The opposite is true .

So in the interest of using the hard earned green bills sparingly, we encourage potential solar system consumers to look out for energy efficient appliances

Be Wise. Save Money. Go Solar

SolarAdvice 101

Happy Weekend

Photos from Midlands Solar's post 04/06/2021

And yes we where in the city of kings and queens last Saturday
Ko Ntuthuziyathunqa ( try pronouncing that 😜)...
Matsheumhlophe to be precise....

So this happens to be our second job in the second capital and it only strengthens our position of powering Zimbabwe one roof at a time...

[29/05, 12:00] Mabs: Chapedza ma sports
[29/05, 12:07] SMC: Ehezve
[29/05, 12:07] SMC: Tipeiwo Array kuchirikuchena
[29/05, 12:29] Qurauone: haaa mkomana achirk kuDriller maRails 🤣🤣🤣
[29/05, 12:35] SMC: Yes yes yes
[29/05, 14:59] SMC: Ko abhero haasati apedza here pa Array apo?
[29/05, 15:36] SMC: Well done cousins

To our key stakeholder Yvonee and Mr M , thank you for being loyal and entrusting us to power your home...

The system consists of
✅ Epever 2000 watts inverter
✅ Jinko 335w Solar panels x4
✅ 50 ah Shoto lithium ion battery

And it powers
✅two fridges
✅ 0.25 hp pump
✅ lighting
✅entertainment set

Let's talk about powering your home with solar


Photos from Midlands Solar's post 26/05/2021

Did you know....

As long as the sun is there , you do not have to worry that the residential area in which you have built is not yet connected to the grid...

Midlands Solar is your plug for all these off grid residential areas...

They enquired on WhatsApp
We discussed their load
We proposed systems
They chose one and made a deposit
We showed up and now their house is solar powered....

✅ 5kva system with a 100 ah battery and a 1 725w PV array

Amai and Baba Mufa - thank you for engaging and entrusting Midlands Solar with your new home

Photos from Midlands Solar's post 24/05/2021

When we say powering Zimbabwe one roof at a time , we mean exactly that 😜..

They moved in 2019 and ever since, did not have power...

We proposed to them the USD 1570 package which powers the Fridge, Entertainment set, Lighting and in no time it was up...

The components comprise of
3 * 345 Canadian solar panels
1* 50 ah Shoto Lithium Ion battery
1 * 1 500 pure sine wave Epever Inverter
Cabling, protection and mounting accessories

Mvurwi - we have your back ....

To the Mufa family... thank you for engaging and trusting Midlands Solar to power your home ....


May light shine upon our dear mothers all day , every day ....

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Be Wise. Go Solar!
Your Solar Water People....
Solar Poweres Water Solutions
The 5500w centrifugal pump....
Green is Life Water is Life...
Test drive done. The solar powered 7.5 hp AC drive and pump  have been powered and is working 👌👌👌
The complete  installation of the 20 panels .( we don't own the rights to the music, but the Kazins do enjoy their dose ...
The installation of the panels....
Testing One Two🙂🙂🙂
System Done....



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