Bensimb Investments

Bensimb  Investments

We manufacture and repair all types of school and office furniture as well as ECD equipment.


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You deal with the manufacturer directly.Our quality are of high standards

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If Yu need school and office furniture we can travel to any named destination in Zimbabwe


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Customer satisfaction is our driving force . We deliver the products within the specified time.

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Our dream is to deliver a well furnished 21st century classroom. Its a possibility, one step at a time we will be there.

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The secret is that there is no secret, we deliver the best school and office furniture. We transform the learning experience all together.


Get your computer lab furnished by Bensimb Investments, we deliver to quality always.


The most expensive wood in the world comes from one of the rarest trees – the African Blackwood. The wood is used primarily to make woodwind instruments like clarinets and oboes and its value is around $25,000 per cubic metre. Needless to say, the African Blackwood is an endangered species and only found in Tanzania and northern Mozambique, having been harvested to extinction in Ethiopia and Kenya. You’re very unlikely to come across a door made of this, it’s far too precious.

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Thank you Hande High School for doing business with us. Our passion is to provide the leaders of tomorrow with a comfortable learning space, we are Bensimb Investments.


Welcome to Bensimb Investments. All we desire is to see the learning environment conducive. We supply quality classroom furniture at affordable prices.

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