information technology portal where you get informed advice on how best you an utilize technology today


create a website with 1 year domain online web editing for only 250 USD


the concept of survival is merely the identification of sources of resources but development and progress is by innovation .., M3-techworks is introducing an online buying facility where you can buy a variety of products that are not available in your location
.. A Visa Card is required


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all in one apps are on the surface competing download SASAI for easy ecocash payments and buying ZETDC tokens easily


inventions come from mere thoughts., the drive and need to meet a problem , problem solving outside one`s personal world., in as much as others complain about the deterioration of a service we rather think of how to meet the need. The Zimbabwean economy has diverse interpretations but from which side are you looking from., where there is lack there is room form plenty , where there is inadequacy there is potential . Our mobile network is coming soon keep looking
"M3-HOLDINGS* unveiling many sided possibilities
"M3-techworks" unveiling many sided technologies"


Our programmers are doing final touches on the Pharmacy management system we will post pretense images on this platform


we need to be aware that as much as technology is evolving we
must be up to date why because its all investments of or from the same human mind that we all have. we will create a platform soon that will allow interaction with our manufacturing team the aim is to shorten the gap to satisfy consumer expectations


welcome to 2018., have better resolutions this year., aim your best don`t settle for less make it a point that you archive something meaningful this year. always have a better interpretation of a new dispensation and challenge yourself to yield the most from it.


it is efficiency and customer satisfaction that enables a brand to earn respect. Electronic devices are not sold on the basis of (quick return motivation) but to come up with something that has a life of its own. we will update you as soon as our first manufacturing site is open .. there we will be very responsive to the end user experiences


M3-techworks wishes you a happy christmas. drive safely to your destinations., Do whatever you have to do and keep communication open allow others to reach you on your phone and email. enjoy

M3-Technologies 22/12/2017


technology is not about new brands coming up its about deriving efficiency through the use of devices

M3-Technologies information technology portal where you get informed advice on how best you an utilize technology today


M3 tip of the day helps in unique ways to manage your smart phone device below is the tip of the day.
did you know that switching to different modes of network can save your battery life that is you can spend more hours before you recharge your phone., explanation to follow in the first comment below.

M3-Technologies updated their business hours. 21/12/2017

M3-Technologies updated their business hours.

M3-Technologies updated their business hours.

Photos from M3-Technologies's post 21/12/2017

network installations and point of sale(for pharmacies and shops) installations

Photos from M3-Technologies's post 21/12/2017

M3-techworks offers Sofware and hardware installations. Below are captions for a point of sale and dispenseware at Epaton Pharmacy in epworth. the installation included printer and network


M3-HOLDINGS has subsidiaries that deal and offer I.T services ., this page is a portal where we help our members with information on how best they can utilize their devices, computers and gadgets. We also




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