Aim: Psychological empowerment of girls and young women through entrepreneurship and intellectual pr


Our Programs Team comprising of Rubie Maenzanise and Trish Marere are in Mombasa,Kenya attending the fouth Edition of PARTICIPATE 2022.


RIGE Trust is in Mombasa,Kenya attending the fourth edition of PARTICIPATE 2022 being organised by Youth Alive! Kenya, Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) Zimbabwe and the Danish Youth Council (DUF) running from 18th - 25th , October 2022 .


Our heartfelt condolence goes to the Tynwald High School families and the entire School following a fatal bus accident along Rusape - Nyanga Road

May the Souls of the Departed Rest in Eternal Peace!


Today we commemorate International Day of Rural Women running under the theme "Rural women cultivating Good Food for All"


Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe in partnership with RIGE Trust and the Ministry of Women's Affairs Gender and Community Development will be commemorating the International Rural Women's day on the 15th October with a Cooking Competition at Chiveso Wrd 13, Bindura Rural . This year the celebrations are running under the theme "Rural Women cultivating Good Food for All" See you there !!


This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Living Beyond Breast Cancer is highlighting all the ways collaboration continues to move us forward as we work every moment of every day of the year, to support people impacted by breast cancer !!


"Psychosocial Empowerment of Girls and young women through Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Programs " - Rita Tiriboyi (Executive Director ) RIGE Trust .


"For us to build a society a country and a world we need the girl child to ensure our existence"
Voices coming form the Youths .
As Rige Trust we are here to amplify the voices of the Girl child .

Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe
UNICEF Zimbabwe
JF Kapnek Zimbabwe
Kapnek Trust USA


I need to be loved
I need Equal Access to Opportunities
I need and a chance to be heard

Voices coming from ordinary girls (Clip Below) Rige Trust is commemorate International Day for Girl Child through amplifying these voices .


Today marks the 10th Anniversary of International Day of Girl Child , running under the theme "Our time is now—our rights, our future" . As Rige Trust we say "Girls Deserve to be in School !!


Today marks the 10th Anniversary of International Day of Girl Child , running under the theme "Our time is now—our rights, our future" . As Rige Trust we say "Girls Deserve to be in School !!


10th October we commemorate World Mental Health Day . This years theme is "“Make Mental Health and Wellbeing for All a Global Priority"


Our Executive Director Rita Tiriboyi (Clip below) amplifying the need for universal access to information for youths in Zimbabwe

ShamwariYemwanasikana Yet Trust Young Women Rising Youth Vibes AfriKa UNICEF Zimbabwe FEPA Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe


Cyber-bullying , Po*******hy and Human trafficking are some of the dangers youths are facing through using the internet when accessing information.

Scholarship Region | Scholarships, Education and Support 28/09/2022

Scholarship Region | Scholarships, Education and Support

As we celebrate Universal Access to Information week . Below are links to some scholarship opportunities currently open to young girls and boys from zimbabwe . We say " Equal Access to Information for All "

Scholarship Region | Scholarships, Education and Support Scholarship Region explores around the world to bring you the latest Scholarship opportunities and support you through the application process.


On the 28th of September, we celebrate International Access to Information Day (IAID). This day celebrates the importance of equal and universal access to information, it is the right of every youth in Zimbabwe to have equal access to information.


Kiyaga and Moores (2009:149) report that, in general, teachers of the deaf in sub-Saharan Africa are mostly non deaf, lack appropriate training, cannot sign, and do not view Sign Language as a complete language. We are advocating for full training of our teachers in sign language


As Rige Trust we advocate for inclusiveness in education for all , disability does not mean inability !!


We join the rest of the world in commemorating and advocating for the equal access to education for all , Happy International Day of Sign Languages .

Photos from RIGE's post 12/09/2022

We conducted a feedback meeting plus menstrual cups training in Manhenga ward 10 with 16 young women who are also in need of school/educational assistance .A dialogue on menstrual health was also done ,facilitated by our Executive Director and Programs Intern pictured below.





It's your right as a woman to know your family planning methods. Today we are sharing about the hormonal IUD and the non hormonal IUD. For more infor on contraception please visit
https://findmymethod.org/contraception-in-zimbabwe. My Age Zimbabwe Womandla Foundation National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe


Join us for a Twitter chat today at 4pm as we commemorate International Youth Day. Click on the link below to like, share, comment and retweet. Let's come in our numbers and rally behind RIGE. Remember to tag .

Meanwhile today as we continue with celebrations of Youth day we will be at Manhenga for a programs inception meeting and dialogue with the young women from Bindura Rural ward 10 villages.

We are inspired to develop and empower


Don't struggle to find information on Sexual Reproductive and Health rights. https://findmymethod.org/contraception-in-zimbabwe is here to answer all your questions. My Age Zimbabwe


Inclusive Education for Pregnant Girls in Schools !

UN Women



Explore and select the best contraception method for you Look no further https://www.facebook.com/findmymethod/ is here to help. Click here for more information on find my method https://findmymethod.org.
My Age Zimbabwe.


According to the African Charter the Right to education is fundamental to the development of children on the continent. Children from Chipindura High School took part in a debate to celebrate the day of the African Child. Pic courteously of RIGE Trust


Sustainable Development Goal 4 is about quality education and its among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in September 2015. The full title of SDG 4 is "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all". Here a student from Chipindura High confidently participates in the debate discussions.



Be informed on the best contraception method for you. Look no further https://www.facebook.com/findmymethod/ is here to help. Click here for more information on find my method https://findmymethod.org
and here https://bit.ly/3c9cwfk for relevant literature on the abortion act of Zimbabwe.

Photos from RIGE's post 26/06/2022

A lot of facts around the as well as commemoration of the day of the African child were interrogated yesterday during the debate session we hosted at Chipindura High School. A public speaking relay was also done in support of the theme Young people brought out a lot of issues which support the need to address practises affecting children such as , r**e, child labour amongst others. ROOTS was also represented in support of the commemoration of . a total of around 50 young people drawn from Young minds Initiative debate club, ZEGU debate club, Chipindura High School debate club and Roots debate club partook in the event. RIGE remains proactive in addressing harmful practises affecting children in Bindura district and Madhonaland central province, Zimbabwe.

Photos from RIGE's post 24/06/2022

Today we attended a commemoration.of the day of the African child at Bindura hospital in solidarity with Young Generations Institute of Skills Training Donations in form of curtains for maternity ward and pampers to benefit young mothers were given. Young Generations Institute of Skills Training has recently become our development partner in equipping young women with entrepreneurial and life skills. Bindura hospital remains our strong referral pathway for survivors of sexual violence in need of medical & counselling services.

Photos from RIGE's post 21/06/2022

We were delighted to attend the 3rd edition of the RMT soccer tournament and mega nhanga session in Murehwa hosted by Rozaria Memorial Trust from the 17th to the 19th of June 2022. The motto was "kick ". Our Executive Director and the Junior Director got an opportunity to learn more about Kicking out child marriages from RMT & it's partners under the leadership of the AU goodwill ambassador in ending child marriages. We drew a lot of lessons from the RMT centre, the physical nhanga and it's entire concept.


As we join the world in commemorating the day of the African child 2022 we continue to scale up our efforts to support the process of As enshrined in the we call for an alignment of the African laws and policies that protects children from child marriage and child labour. Youth Vibes AfriKa Mudiwa Foundation GirlUp Zimbabwe Rozaria Memorial Trust

Photos from My Age Zimbabwe's post 14/06/2022

If as men we don't deliberately stand with our girl children and their mothers, we perpetuate vulnerabilities we must help them overcome. I'm rallying some of my most trusted friends behind this cause and share their experiences Esther Maunze,Fungai Masango-Willard


Sending children to work in farms, mines and vending while others go to school is a form of child labour. If you did it without knowing now you know. Let's join the world in letting a child be a child as we commemorate world day against child labour today.

Photos from RIGE's post 10/06/2022

In solidarity with Bindura Rural District Council, we partook in an awareness campaign to end GBV from Manhenga to Nyanhewe shopping centre. We continue to say report any form of GBV, speak out against it and encourage others to also break the silence. R**e, Child marriages and any other forms of GBV must stop now as they impede the development of the girl children.


Our first menstrual experience is among the several key experiences around puberty that sets us into womanhood. It needn't be shrouded in myths and taboos but facts. As we thrive towards *"making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030"* we want to hear your first menstrual experiences. Tell us how was it like? what were your challenges? what support did you get / not get? Lastly what message do you have about menstruation today?
Menstrual Hygiene Day - Global Ruvarashe Miti Youth Vibes AfriKa GirlUp Zimbabwe ROOTS


The vacant of a grants and partnerships development coordinator has been opened in our organisation.

Candidates who have experience in writing grant proposals are encouraged to apply.

To apply send an application and CV to [email protected] and app our director on 0715017485 / 0771514479.

Deadline for application: 27 May 2022.

Photos from RIGE's post 13/05/2022

Happening now at Tendai Hall in Bindura. Family of Opharn Support Trust - FOST carrying out a blue umbrella day (bud) initiatives aimed at advocating against sexual violence in boys. RIGE trust us in solidarity. We surely need an empowered and protected boy child who will be able to manage an empowered girlchild.

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Don't struggle to find information on Sexual Reproductive and Health rights. https://findmymethod.org/contraception-in-z...
Don't struggle to find information on Sexual Reproductive and Health rights. https://findmymethod.org/contraception-in-z...
Inclusive Education for Pregnant Girls in Schools !UN WomenShamwariYemwanasikana
We made a call for donations for a 14year old girl who got raped and fell pregnant. Individuals from Bindura responded a...
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We celebrate our director for being the visionary of the organization. Happy women's day Ms Rita Tiriboyi. Thank you for...
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Look at this piece of poetry done by Enia Nyambwa (14), Cynthia Nyambwa (14) and Mildred Chinyerere (15). It shows how g...
She is doing this to keep herself busy during this lockdown. If you think she is being meaningfully engaged please click...
Team work is part of our values as RIGE. #JerusalemChallenge provided us with the best opportunity to build team work am...



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