Gogo TeeTee's spices, herbs and crushed garlic

Gogo TeeTee's spices, herbs and crushed garlic


Do you buy garlic.? Good morning.

We sell plain crushed garlic, crushed garlic and herb, crushed garlic and chilli, crushed garlic and ginger, crushed ginger and different spices

We sell cooking spices, pop corn spices, different types of crushed garlic, pastes, marinades, baking ingredients, virgin oils i.e olive oil, coconut oil, herbs and herbal teas. We also share recipes and promote healthy lifestyles

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Chicken &noodles patties made with gogo tee tee spices. like and share to get recipe

Gogo TeeTee's spices, herbs and crushed garlic updated their website address. 28/05/2020

Gogo TeeTee's spices, herbs and crushed garlic updated their website address.

Gogo TeeTee's spices, herbs and crushed garlic updated their website address.


Hello family, i hope you are well.
Please place any spice, garlic or baking ingredients orders so that we ensure that they are in stock :).
Happy cooking


8 Health Benefits of Coriander Seeds
Lower Blood Sugar. ...
Ease Digestive Discomfort. ...
Decrease Blood Pressure. ...
Fight Food Poisoning. ...
Improve Cholesterol Levels. ...
Help Urinary Tract Infections. ...
Support Healthy Menstrual Function. ...
May Prevent Neurological Inflammation & Disease.


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There are a lot of health benefits of cayenne pepper that make it a fantastic addition to your daily diet. Whether you are a fan of it or not, I’m sure you will be willing to give it a try once you learn some of the best health advantages it offers. You don’t need to switch to a crazy hot eating plan; just sprinkle a tiny bit here and there on your meals and reap the amazing health benefits.

1. Ensures proper blood flow
2. Relieves and prevents joint and muscle pain
3. Stokes metabolism
4. Wards off different types of cancers
5. Cures a sore throat
6. Reduces headaches and migraine
7. Helps your entire nervous system function well
8. Supports oral health
9. Eases psoriasis symptoms
10. Prevents the fungal pathogen formation
11. Helps the body detoxify itself
12. Maintains healthy vision
13. Keeps your stomach happy
14. It’s good for your skin
15. Boost your mood


Gogo Tee Tee's Spices & Herbs Catalogue.

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SPICES / 50g
1. Barbeque $1
2.Fish 'n' Chicken $1
3.Steak 'n' Chops $1
4.Barbeque with Garlic $1
5.Sweet Chilli Sprinkle $1
6.Garlic Powder $1
7.Lemon 'n' Herb. $1
8.Tumeric $1
9.Paprika $1
10.Beans 'n' Vegs $1
11.Fish Masala $1
12.Masala Tikka $1
13.Mother-in-law $1
14.Curry Seeds $1
15.Flavoured Spice $1 16Dhania powder $1
17.Cayenne Pepper $1
18.Durban Masala $1
19.Kashmiri Masala $1
20.Orange Pepper $1
21.Black Pepper $1.50
22.White Pepper $1.50
23.Nutmeg Powder 25g $1.50
24.Cinnamon Powder $1.50
25.Dried Parsley $2
26.Butter Chckn Mix 150g $3

*NEW Spices in Stock /50g
27. Rice and Pap $1
28. BBQ smokey $1
29. Garlic n Herb $1
30. Portuguese chiken $1
31. Chips spice $1
32. Lemon chilli spice $1
33. Coriander $1
34. Leaf Masala $1

35.China Green Tea $3
36.Chamomile Tea $5
37.Lemon Green Tea $5
38.Tea Masala $5

*NEW Teas in stock
39. Moringa Tea Lemon

40.Chilli Paste 350g $3
41.Red Chilli's Ginger &Garlic 300g $3
42.Curry Paste 300g $3
43.Seafood and Prawn Masala Sauce 300g $3
44.Biryani Paste 300g $3

*NEW Pastes in stock
45.Tasty Chicken marinade $3
46.Steak marinade $3
47.Roast/Grill chicken $3

48.Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1ltr $12
49.Pure Coconut Oil 1ltr $20

50.Butter $1
51.Salt 'n' Vinegar $1
52.Cheese Spice $1
53 .Fruit Chutney $1
54.Cream n chives $1

50.Garlic $2
51.Garlic & Chilli $2

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Aside from being the most common seasoning in almost any dish, there are also plenty of health benefits that we can derive from black pepper.

1. Promotes good digestion
Black pepper contains many essential oils such as piperine, which contains the following hydrocarbons: pinene, sabinene, terpinene, myrcene, and limonene. These active compounds increase the motility of the intestines by stimulating the production of gastrointestinal enzymes. Piperine also increases the absorption of minerals from the food digested by the body.
2. Maintains a healthy heart
A healthy diet with black pepper as one of its ingredients will give you some much-needed potassium which helps control your heart rate and blood pressure.
3. Expels harmful free-radicals
High concentrations of free radicals may cause the development of cancer. Fortunately, black pepper contains flavonoids such as cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, carotene, and lycopene –
powerful antioxidants which expel harmful free-radicals from the body.
4. Sheds excess weight naturally
The pericarp, or the outer layer of the pepper, helps break down fat cells, making them easily absorbed by the body rather than becoming stored, unburned fats. Adding black pepper to your dishes is a good way to naturally lose weight.
5. Treats cough and asthma
Black pepper has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can treat coughs and asthma. It is also an expectorant, which clears out the air passage by expelling phlegm.
6. Helps cure vitiligo
The piperine in black pepper helps cure vitiligo, a skin disease characterized by white patches due to loss of pigmentation. Piperine is believed to stimulate the melanocytes to produce melanin which is responsible for skin pigmentation.
7. Relieves nasal congestion
Black pepper effectively loosens up blocked nasal passage through sneezing and also relieves cold and sinusitis by curing the inflamed tissues.

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1 Kilogram Chicken Pieces
2 Teaspoons Ginger and Garlic
Large Onion (Finely Chopped)
6 Tablespoons
Tasty Chicken Marinade
3 Tablespoons
Gorima's Peri Peri Sauce
1/4 Cup Fresh Cream
2 Tablespoons
Fresh Dhania (Coriander)
1. Marinate chicken with tasty chicken marinade and ginger garlic.
2. Fry onions, add chicken and 1/4cup water. Allow to cook for +-20 min.
3. Mix peri peri sauce with fresh cream and pour over chicken. Mix well for 5min and remove from heat.
4. Garnish with fresh coriander.

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Vegetables, herbs and spices. If you
can combine those ingredients, that
would be the best dish you'd ever


All those spices and herbs in your spice
rack can do more than provide calorie-
free, natural flavorings to enhance and
make food delicious. They're also an
incredible source of antioxidants and
help rev up your metabolism and
improve your health at the same time.

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A juicy chicken breast can be the perfect accompaniment to a classic Caesar salad or a club sandwich. It's also easy to cook, and can be as simple as dressing it with a few spices and popping in the oven.


Ounce for ounce, herbs and spices have more antioxidants than any other food group.

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Don't have your popcorn the old way,spice it Gogo's way


Original Great Taste.


The secret to happiness is variety,but the secret of variety,like the secret of all spices,is knowing when to use it.

Gogo TeeTee's spices, herbs and crushed garlic updated their phone number. 12/08/2017

Gogo TeeTee's spices, herbs and crushed garlic updated their phone number.

Gogo TeeTee's spices, herbs and crushed garlic updated their phone number.

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