Andrea Paarman Photography

Andrea Paarman Photography


Wirklich schöne Fotos, Andrea!
Classy pics Andrea
Fantastic pic !!! Truly African
Beautiful photo wow

Photography by Andrea Paarman

Operating as usual

Photos from Andrea Paarman Photography's post 08/04/2021

Men at work is a look at boat building from behind the lens. A mixture of fun, guys working , patterns and light.


What a turbulent year it was. Photography during lockdown took a new turn for me. I started paying more attention to small details like insects, flowers and my coffee cup 😉. We had two exciting boat launches and plenty of real estate shoots. Keeping safe was my main priority without compromising fun and adventure.


Stay merry... ❤️


Spring is here ?????

[10/05/20]   A behind the scenes look at a marvelous day, family, dogs, snow capped mountains and we even threw in some work😍


Winter is almost a distant memory, and the official springtime is almost here.


All in a days work. Ohana means Family in Hawaiian. Beautiful boat. Very exciting few days. 🍾🛥️


Winter in St Francis is pure bliss.


Enjoying the freedom of day trips during this pandemic.


A summery of last week's creative photography. Every week becomes harder to find creativity in and around the house.


One week in #lockdown. Trying to stay creative. Here are a few images I did last week.


Some #lockdown fun with water, oil and a macro lens


Playing with a daisy to stop myself from going crazy.


2020 started with a bang... Quite literally. Checked out the weather chart and took a drive to the #Patensie area. Thunder clouds were changing shape fast with the approaching rain. But I still managed to capture some drama before the heavens opened up with a heavy downpour.


2019 highlights, new adventures 2020 await....


Getting ready for season. 30x 30 vibrant prints on plywood... Very hip 😁


Enough is enough. We marched together as South African woman today... Rape and murder are just the order of the day and we have had enough. No one was there representing the government so we will carry on with our fight till they hear us. This is my favorite photo of the day. It tells the story...


A misty day on the West Coast. What the mist steals from the clarity of the lighthouse it gives back a 1000 fold in atmosphere, mood and mystery.


A summery of trees. Some old some new. One of my favourite subjects. 🌲🌱🌳


Our Instagram Takeover this week will be Andrea, who you may recognise for her moody landscapes and rural scenes.

My name is Andrea Paarman and I am a landscape photographer. My father bought me my first camera in the mid seventies when I was still at school. I joined the photography club and did my stint in the darkroom. Today's technology with digital photography and programs like Lightroom and Photoshop have taken my passion to another level.
My bread and butter consists of real estate photography and selling prints (mainly to guest houses). I dislike sunny skies and study the weather charts and only venture out on a journey when the mood and the right clouds are visible. My kids are busy helping me with re-branding, which is all very exciting. Looking forward to the future in this ever evolving industry.

Find her photos at Andrea Paarman Photography and follow our Instagram account sawomenphotographers to see her work tomorrow.


The word fall comes from the Old English word feallan which means “to fall or to die.” Over time, the phrase was shortened to fall. ... The use of the word fall fell out of favor in England. Today, American English uses the word fall, while British English uses autumn. 🍁🍂


What is art? What is art to me? Photography is definately a window to my soul but sometimes its just an expression of my moods and feelings. Fleeting moments that pass from one day to another. Pictures range from perfectly positioned cows on one day to chaotic bovine fleeing the scene. Probably on any other day I would have left this spot in search of a more cooperating species. But on that day that was the story I needed to tell....


A fun day at the beach. A photoshoot was planned but the weather didn't play along. We had about 10 minutes till the rain arrived. 😲


Despite the good Rainfalls the greens have faded as we approach Autumn. The changing colour palette lets the imagination flow. 🍂


Andrea Paarman Photography's cover photo


Andrea Paarman Photography's cover photo


Expressing your feelings in the arts sometimes leaves me at odds. The feeling of gloom tends to show itself in my pictures. You would think I would have enough sense to capture something vibrant to cheer me up but instead I get huge satisfaction and release of showing it as it is...🌺🌸🏵️


An iconic scene of Africa. Wide draught stricken landscape with the hardy Aloe plant that can withstand heat, cold, dryness and fire. And the not so typical feature in this picture is the layer of snow in the distant mountains. This will bring relief to all the water starved areas. I love South Africa ❤️


African Snow. Best snow fall in years..


Late afternoon drive... The patterns caught my attention... Decided to edit it black and white to avoid distraction from the mountain in the background.


Light and different textures can turn something ordinary into something special. Winter colours of #capestfrancis

Another boat lauch done and dusted. I try and look for something special for each boat and this time the route was void of all flowers and interesting grass types which I enjoy so much, but  we had an interesting sky at hand.... 13/07/2018

Photos from Andrea Paarman Photography's post


This is the start of a series called : Be kind
Its about making people aware how amazing and beautiful farm animals are. They deserve respect and kindness.

Another perfect Day

If there was one word to describe who I am and what I love about photography it would be “STORM”.

My prints are available on canvas or high quality photo paper . For more info contact me : [email protected]



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