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Charlotte and Ed from FreeRangers presented at our Primary PE and Sport conference in October. Check out Ed’s videos for Forest School at home. #BeActiveAtHome #StayInWorkOut #MoveMore #Somerset

At FreeRangers we believe in living healthy and promoting healthy eating for families. We take time in choosing our preferred suppliers, bringing you the best quality, free range, grass-fed products we can.

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Only the finest free range products delivered to your door!!
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Fresh new stock of Granola!!
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Have a look at our collection of fish available!



Ask me for a list of our available lamb cuts or order a half lamb for you and your family!! Our lamb really are the BEST!!!
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Do you know that feeling when sosaties are SO dry it gets stuck halfway down your throat? With our chicken thigh sosaties, you will never experience that feeling again...they are succulent, tender and juicy, just out of this world!! 😀😀

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Don't miss out on our quality free range, hormone free meat!! Visit our webpage for more info -


Organic veggies, fresh from the farm!

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We are making life easier for you by giving you these Christmas gift ideas!! Visit our website to browse through our available products!


FreeRangers updated their phone number. 24/11/2021

FreeRangers updated their phone number.

FreeRangers updated their phone number.


Christmas meat now available, pop onto our website to order yours!


As part of our countdown to Christmas, we will feature some locally made quality products by small businesses!
(But don't fear, we are still doing our quality free range meat and organic veggies 😃, these goodies are just add-ons to make your shopping easier!)
All over Cape Town, these Christmas Baubles are hanging on Christmas trees, order yours now!!


Perfect for a breakfast or a snack in between!


Last chance to order!! I got mine yesterday and my kids cannot WAIT to start opening them!! 😀


Order your spice cookies for Christmas. Made from Stoneground flour & free range eggs.


Try our new Veldtreared whole deboned chicken, it is amazing on the braai!


Try our new Turmeric Kefir Smoothie, only R24 a 300ml bottle.

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As part of our countdown to Christmas, we will feature some hand made quality products by small businesses!
(But don't fear, we are still doing our quality free range meat and organic veggies 😃, these goodies are just an add-on!)
This lady can crochet ANYTHING you can think of, she is SUPER talented! Order any colour angel or enquire about her hoodies & ponchos!


Emoji earrings!
Perfect Christmas gift!


Because we LOOOOOOVVVVEEE Christmas time, we'll give you an opportunity throughout the next few weeks to buy special handmade goodies for your loved ones for Christmas!

These VERY cute advent calenders are made by an insanely talented lady putting so much thought in every gift she makes!! They are personalized by age and gender, and will even have your kid's name on!!

Order NOW for delivery middle/end of November!

FreeRangers updated their address. 20/10/2021

FreeRangers updated their address.

FreeRangers updated their address.


Just look at this BEAUTIFUL whole chicken!! 😋
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Have a GREAT week and just BELIEVE!!

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Timeline photos

Not too long ago, a group of doctors and public health experts at Massachusetts General Hospital noticed something striking: Many of the patients who routinely showed up in the emergency room requiring the most medical services were also the patients who seemed to be the most nutritionally vulnerable.

They were patients with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other largely food-related chronic diseases. For hospitals and health insurers, these are among the highest cost, highest-need patients. Working with a local nonprofit group called Community Services, the doctors decided to launch a study to see whether providing these patients with nutritious meals would have an impact on their healthcare outcomes.

The researchers recruited Medicaid and Medicare patients and split them into different groups. One group received regular deliveries of healthy meals that were made from scratch and designed by a registered dietitian: Each meal contained ingredients like locally caught seafood and locally grown Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, zucchinis, fruits and other fresh produce that nearby farms donated. Another group received nutritious meals, but they weren’t specifically tailored to their individual medical needs. The third group did not receive any of the nutritious meal deliveries. What the study found in the ensuing weeks was astonishing. The two groups that had nutritious meals had fewer hospital visits, ultimately resulting in a 16 percent reduction in their health care costs. And that was after deducting meal expenses.

The average monthly medical costs for a patient in the nutrition group shrank to about $843—much lower than the roughly $1,413 in medical costs for each patient in the control group.

These types of groups recognize what our federal government sadly does not: To tackle the crisis, our national food policies must be aligned with our healthcare policies. Instead of just treating rampant chronic diseases, we have to start preventing them—and we can do that with our forks.


Red cabbage may be two superfoods in one. It has all the cancer-fighting indole-carbinol and isothiocyanates of green cabbage, but it also has an incredible 470% more antioxidants thanks to its red coloring. Red #cabbage gets it color from the same compounds—anthocyanins—that make blueberries blue, and it has 29% more! Besides being powerful #antioxidants, anthocyanins are also potent cancer fighters. Recent meta-analyses have shown that people eating diets rich in anthocyanin had 22% lower risk of colorectal #cancer and significantly lower risk of death by heart disease. So the next time you’re at the grocery store, why not opt for red cabbage rather than green?
These studies can be found at Pubmed 30277799, 30589398

Photos from Vergelegen Dietitians's post 11/05/2021

Photos from Vergelegen Dietitians's post

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Timeline photos


Remember to place your orders by 10 for delivery on Thursday!!

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Our beautifully marbled ribeye steak! 😍😍


See our newest additions for your conveniece!!

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Our journey started when my son was 9 months old and got ill with recurring tonsillitis. We have been on and off antibiotics, tried grommets, and finally took out his tonsils in the hope that this would improve his general health. Unfortunately he just kept getting sick!! I tried a few ‘alternative’ options, but nothing worked!! By the time he was about 3, close to 20 doses of antibiotics later, my daughter was born. I was at my wits end and did not see how I would cope with a constant sick toddler and a newborn. Then a friend told me about homeopathy and referred me to an excellent homeopath. She nurtured and coached me with her remedies and knowledge, but also iterated the fact that avoiding hormones, antibiotics and eating as clean and natural as possible is one of the best ways to stay healthy. I started to do more and more research and realized the effect of the above food choices on illnesses like cancer, auto immune disease, gut health etc.

- Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – Hippocrates

We started to be more conscious of what we eat and after a few months, I could already see the difference in my son AND could not believe what a big difference it made in my daughter’s live by living this way since birth.

When the opportunity came to buy FREERANGERS, I saw this as a sign and grabbed it with both hands.

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