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Tread lightly. Our generation hoped our parents would save us now we are hoping our children will save us... Our carbon footprint is enough to ruin the planet for generations to come. #grethathundberg
Dagga soap for DDay on the 4th April in Cape Town. The worlds most versatile crop. Wash prohibition away by soapporting local business Cannabizart and Fields of Green for all. Proudly South African. The change we want to see.
Cannabiz art DDay thats my soap 😄
Get on your Soapbox and join me - Yes Its political.. I stand with Greta Thundberg
So privileged to be included in Cannabizart. One Love.
Great name!

Limited edition branding. Variable data. Bespoke packaging and design service Specialised branding and small quantities

On Your Soapbox updated their info in the about section. 28/04/2022

On Your Soapbox updated their info in the about section.

On Your Soapbox updated their info in the about section.

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On Your Soapbox updated their website address.

On Your Soapbox updated their website address.


My beautiful model showing off the lastest 100% cotton shwe shwe face masks.


The new look canvas bags. Thicker straps and lined.

Never buy a plastic bag ever again.

You can print any custom image


End microbead pollution by using coffee as a natural substitute. Gentle scrub coffee soap.

Get the facts here:



I would like to introduce to you my environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint range of Single use soap.

Follow me:

By soaporting a local Small Business Enterprise you qualify for between 20% and 80% refund from the DTI. Check out these links for all info:

Check out this courier option for R49.90

• The Mashudu Range •
Single use soap.�Coffee/Save the Seahorse - is a microbead replacement. Gentle scrub.�Shampoo bar - Birdie is to cut the pollution of a single plastic bottle.�Buchu/Africa - is a conditioning gentle indigenous herbal soap.�Hemp/dopest soap - novelty soap the world’s most sustainable crop.
Don’t smoke it….

The size of the soap is +- 50mm
R7 per unit under 20 units
R6 per unit orders of over 20 units
Brand your own logo

The soap contains no sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, triclosan, or other harsh chemicals. It is also 100 percent natural, plant-based and cruelty-free, plus the ingredients are all biodegradable, so it’s safer for the planet.

Registered with The Ethical Suppliers group.
All natural, low carbon footprint, quality products. Custom, handmade, zero waste.

#100%natural **psoap


Tea Tree & Co. 27 Boxes Melville

@ 27 Boxes in Melville


The new look beeswax polish. 100% natural. Multipurpose. Food safe. You can use it for anything from shoes to furniture. A little bit goes a long way....

paxi.co.za 03/07/2019

PAXI - The most affordable way to send, collect & return parcels at PEP

Did you know you can save on courier costs by using PEP Stores PAXI service.

From R49.95


paxi.co.za Counter to counter parcel service available at PEP, with over 2000 collection points countrywide. Convenient and affordable sending of parcels to anywhere in South Africa, 7 days a week, from early till late.


Now in Knysna at Bloo shop on the Main road



3 weeks later. The second photo is 3 days after the burn.



Check it out my assistant today.


Coffee and Cinnamon. Slow Roasted Coffee Sedgefield branded soap.

Coffee scrub cake soap.
Coffee is a microbead

Email for a quote on your uniquely branded natural soap.

@ Slow Roasted Coffee


Spotted ... The dopest soap on the planet. Fields of Green for All gift pack. Collaboration with . Proudly South African.


My prediction is that this is the dopest soap on the planet. DDay in Slaapstad. Skrik wakker...

ethicalsuppliers.co.za 18/03/2019

e-books - Ethical Suppliers (Pty) Ltd

By supporting The Ethical Suppliers group you gain access to free e-books on farming. Check it out. https://www.ethicalsuppliers.co.za/e-books/

ethicalsuppliers.co.za Click here to download a 248MB ZIP file   Growing Guides   Planting Calendars   Pest Control & Disease Prevention   Water Storage & Purification   Electricity   Brewing Livestock & Animal Products    


Shampoo bar replaces plastic bottles polluting the environment and looks neater in your bathroom. After using shampoo bar for a while your hair starts to dry quicker - saving power.


The new look single use branded soap. Wash prohibition away.
I can brand your soap with a simple logo.


Helping me tidy up today. A sign of living in harmony with nature visitors to help with my chores


Always wash your dog with 2 people to supervise.


**p #4.20 Please don't smoke the soap.


**p Stick it to the man




health24.com 30/01/2019

Miracle Cape plant could replace antibiotics

Buchu soap is a natural conditioning soap. Creamy antibiotic with medicinal properties.


health24.com Buchu is part of the fynbos that only grows in the Western Cape and researchers are hoping that it could overcome the world's newest health threat - superbug infections.


Slow Food soap. Wholesome handmade. Strandsallie, Indigenous to the Garden Route


Coming soon Save the Seahorse soap. Single use environmentally friendly microbead replacement add your logo for a touch of natural style.


On Your Soapbox

The solution to microbead pollution.


Using coffee soap as a scrub eliminates microbead pollution. Shampoo bar replaces 2 plastic bottles and looks neater in your bathroom. After using shampoo bar for a while your hair starts to dry quicker - saving power.


Slow Food: Good, Clean and Fair Food for Everyone

On your Soapbox will be joining the Slow Food movement this year. Join the network. https://www.facebook.com/Slow-Food-Garden-Route-2127207740673781/
Be the change

The international Slow Food movement was born in Italy 25 years ago and has become a global network that works to help ensure good, clean and fair food for e...





Environmentally friendly living makes for interesting company


Hold all canvas and denim cotton print any image you like.


Buchu has potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. It not only prevents inflammation but also has an anti-infective action. Conditioning and creamy.

Our Story

Carbon footprint reduction is a priority in this day of single use plastic.

Be the change.

Facts about this animal

The Knysna seahorse has the characteristic seahorse shape, which may reach a total length of 12 cm. Males are longer and heavier than females. The snout is toothless and rather short, and adults do not have a coronet on the neck. The body is encased in a series of bony rings: 11 covering the trunk and 32-37 the tail. The tail, which is proportionally longer in males, is muscular, has short and blunt spines, and is used to grasp a mate during courtship, or as an anchor to the substrate. The dorsal fin, which is used to propel the animal forward, has 16-18 fin rays and is supported by 2 trunk rings and 1 tail ring. The colour is a mottled greenish brown colour, sometimes with scattered dark spots.

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