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Sedge Bakery


Good afternoon, please note that we will be open tomorrow Friday ‘Heritage Day’. For the day we will be stocked up on Rolls and buns and several other items you can try our full butter Garlic loaf. Or simply a good loaf of bread.

For those with a sweet tooth, we have all our usuals from Authentic Butter Danish pastries to various other tarts and cakes. If you in the mood for something savoury I think we have that covered as well.

If you have not visited us for a while, we have replaced our blank white minimalist look for an array of our own baked and cooked items to Asian sauces and various other interesting goodies, although we liked the baked brown tones, we also needed a splash of colour.
By no means are we finished it is a slow town after-all and I pride myself on being particularly slow!!

We have many items that we bake and put out each day, I think it may be a good idea to ask our loyal supporters what they would like to see in the bakery next. We have a stable supply of most items and I believe most of our clients probably don’t even know all the items we currently produce. However, we have been experimenting for months, but its all been my ideas and that brings us back to the slow town, slow baker concept.
So, if you would like to see us add something please comment below. If you would like me to fix something you can always chat with me.

Id like to thank everyone for their support. Please have a wonderful long weekend.
We wish all our clients a happy Easter, please note that we are open Friday. We will be closed on Monday. And reopen on Tuesday. Thank you
Good Evening, Another week gone and another week closer to Easter. Please note that we will be starting our Hot cross buns From Tomorrow.

We will try have as much as needed on the counters but as we get closer to Easter please place your orders to avoid disappointment.

in other news We will be closed on Monday for the public holiday. We will be back with our basket of goodies on Tuesday.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Not for the first time have we noted staff in the production side of the bakery not wearing masks while handling food. WTF?.
Call Stanley for ORDERS and DELIVERY.! 067 994 4043
We are distributing MUSANYA Raw Honey which came from the Miombo Woodlands in North west Zambia, Parts of the DRC and Angolan Highlands.
Roxanne Blum might be to late now, but may be for the future Sedge Bakery

Sedge Bakery is located on main road in Sedgefield and offers tasty fresh baked items, from breads to tarts, We also offer convenience meals.

Sedge Bakery is situated along -side the N2 on Main Road in Sedgefield. We try to offer our clients a taste of the past. We are not a high production commercial bakery but rather a small slow-town establishment which tries to offer good taste,, freshness and healthy alternative. Our breads are baked the old way we don't use premixes. Our special breads are baked using Stone-ground flour, we also o

Operating as usual


Good Evening, please note that from Monday we will be trialling our delivery service, So now our clients don’t have to leave home to get their favourite items.

We will follow up with products and prices, all deliveries for now will be based on an afternoon session orders can be placed up till 10am of the morning of delivery special orders, or bulk orders, need to be placed the day before.

The cost for the service will be R10 anywhere in Sedgefield FREE for orders over R100.

To follow Specific days to George, Wilderness at a Cost of R20 for delivery and free for orders of R200
Orders to Knysna will also be offered on certain days at R15 per delivery and free for orders over R150.

At this stage the days will be announced as we work through a schedule that works.

We also would like to take this opportunity to ask the community what they would like to see from our bakery we are hoping to finally be able to extend our range, we have not yet got our frozen machinery in as yet but it is on its way from China.

I hope that this mode of business will allow clients who in the past have been disappointed that items they specifically seek are not in stock, This way we can bring them to you, fresh.
So please list items that you would like to see us make.

Thanks all


Good afternoon friends, We have been a bit quiet of late keeping to ourselves and quietly baking up new ideas for 2021.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in 2020 we made some new friends and sadly lost a few. Many memories live on with us and the people of sedgefield, have touched us in many ways.
From products we offer to enhancements in our recipes and a real community of people that have helped us over the years.
2020 saw us experiment with new products both baked and non baked.
2021 we continue with this idea as we start offering some wholesale and even frozen items. We have specialist equipment on its way to us that will allow us to offer a high quality range of frozen items.

2021 will also see us start to offer a full delivery package and a range of new services for Sedgefield as well as our local towns. as we have clients from all over the garden route now.

Life is all about learning and we are no exception we learn every single day and adapt to challenges of our time, covid has been one of those challenges and surviving is not thriving so we will soon expand our range with new products and function inline with most special bakeries around the world.
We don't always get it right the biggest challenge to growth is maintaining quality and consistency. Its in these areas where we are looking to improve moving forward.

So to all our teachers out there, respect and thank you. and I wish everyone all the best.


Good Evening, Please note that Sedge Bakery will be open 16th December, Thank you.


Hello Friends, Over the years we have ignored the concept of Black Friday, this year we decided to join thousands of businesses and off some great deals tomorrow. This has been a bad year for everyone , this one day we can give back to our loyal customers.
I invite you to come get your favorite tastiest specials, at crazy prices. Our shelves will be full.


Good Evening, I would like to thank all our loyal customers who have supported us over the years. We have seen so many changes and have had to learn how to adapt time and again to challenges. We have not always got things right, but with your support we have met those challenges.

The covid Lockdown taught us that we have to accept new ways of doing business and although we have our core business we all survive on a bit of diversity.
Several months ago we started adding products to our shelves that are allied to our bakery and our own personality. We added products like ingredients and items for people who like to bake at home. this range increased to various dairy items. These items do expand now and again.

Our latest, is an introduction of what i believe to be the largest selection of authentic Asian ingredients, in this area. I expect some funny faces of surprised customers curious to what everything is.

Once again thank you for your support


Good Afternoon, I would just like to inform all our customers that we will be open till 1PM tomorrow, Heritage Day. Thank you for your support.

Also I would like to let our customers know that from Monday We will be changing our trading hours to close at 6pm To allow clients who work and cannot make it by 5pm. We have also increase our production to cater for a later day. For the early morning people we will also have our Danish pastries, pies and coffee from 7am.

Hope to see you and we have more changes to follow.


Good Morning all, Just a reminder that Sedge Bakery will be open until 2pm on Monday 10 August. Thank you for your support.


Hello all on this wet Saturday, the bakery is fully open and we have more than doubled up in stock today for a wet weekend. Have a good weekend everyone.


Good Evening all, just a friendly reminder that Sedge bakery will be open tomorrow, customers can come but their breads and some goodies. Thank you all for your support.
Our shop times will be 9 to 3pm


Good morning, As we gear-up to add back more products, we now have rusks again. Cakes milk tarts and apple crumble are also available. Also remember we have Butter and milk available. Thanks all and have a wonderful day.


Good Evening All, Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their support over these trying times, during our lock-down. Please be aware the bakery has expanded some of its product ranges over and above the bread range.

so cakes eclairs tarts are back on the menu, along with pies and most of our usual items. I had hoped that the site would be ready by now but i have had very limited time this week.

I'd prefer to not have many issues with a new system like that. development and testing will continue for a short while.

Please remember, orders should be in by 10 am each morning for same day delivery, orders after 10 will be best delivered the following day fresh. The shop is not open for collections as this will cause all kinds of trouble.

orders can be sent via whatsapp or our shop number on 079 9671291 sadly some orders that come via Facebook often get missed, we are trying to address that.

Payment can be via bank card, cash, or EFT.

if you have a sweet tooth, Try any of the following

Apple danish, pinwheel danish, plain and chocolate croissants, cream puffs, eclairs, milk tart or apple tart and rich chocolate ganache cakes

All our specialty .breads are on offer.

Delivery Charge is R10 for orders under R100

Thanks all and stay safe.


Apologies our last post had the wrong telephone number for orders, it should read, 079 9671291. Thanks all


Good Evening, Sadly I am unable to release the website, tonight, I never realised we had over 300 products these days. I will have that partially complete this week and will tweak it over the next few weeks, in the meantime we will have the following items for sale; tomorrow.

Plain white, Plain Brown, Brown Batard, White Plaited bread, White batard. Brown Wholemeal Stone Ground Bread, Seed Loaf, Baguettes, Ciabatta Bread.

White Seeded Jumbo, White Hot dog, Brown Burger Bun, Panini, Ciabatta Bun, Sub Rolls.
Dough is available.

Savoury Eats:
Pies, I have Pepper Steak, Chicken and mushroom, beef and onion, and sausage rolls.
Vienna Twist.

Chocolate eclairs, profiteroles, pigs ears.
Cakes (chocolate ganache) Squares, log and half available
Milk tart
Apple Tart

Chocolate Croissants, Plain Croissants , Pinwheel Danish, apple danish

Dairy we have butter at R60 per block and UHT milk at R13 per litre.

for orders please whatsapp our number 0799671291
please send your orders early, orders after 10am on Monday can only be catered for on Tuesday. Please note we will be changing the order process to accept orders the day before, due to our production times.


Good Afternoon, I wish to inform all our customers that Sedge Bakery will be open tomorrow(Monday) for Deliveries only we have increased our range and will follow up with our new Web Site which i am busy working on, i will not be complete and will be a work in progress for the rest of the week so hope the bugs are forgiven.

We will be offering most of our usual items, we will change the order times so that we can start delivering earlier and we will introduce some technology to help make the order process a bit smoother. For tomorrow though given that it is all short notice we will be taking orders up till 10am

To maintain this service, our delivery policy needs to be based on R10 per delivery or FREE for orders over R100. Sadly to offer a good viable service, we need to maintain these costs which are higher than usual.

We will not be allowed to accept any walk in orders according to the regulations. Please stay tuned to our page which will have our new website shortly.

As always Stay safe.


I regret to inform all our that we have not yet received our updated Essential services permit, and have been advised to halt operations until an outcome is reached where bread is considered essential.


Good Evening,

Please remember tomorrow, Thursday will be our last baking day of the week, please place your orders by 10am tomorrow, if possible please use our whatsapp at 0799671291, it gets quite confusing, if you don'd have whatsapp you can sms to the same number.

Due to the planned electricity cut we wont be open on Friday, and will reopen on Monday.

Last week we had some chaos trying to deliver so many orders i ended up driving around Sedgefield for over 10 Hours, those who are able can collect from the bakery to avoid delays and frustration.

I do apologise for last week we just had too many deliveries on our books.


Good morning, Please note that Sedge bakery will be closed for the Easter weekend, so we will be closed on Friday and will reopen on Tuesday.

Hot cross buns will be available for sale Tomorrow(Thursday), and will be the ONLY day that they are available.

So please should you need your fix of breads please get enough that will last until Tuesday.
we have the following;
Seed loaf R25,
Rye Bread R25,
White Batard R18
White bread R12
brown Bread R12,
Ciabatta R28,
Baguetts R18 ,
Panini R4,
White rolls R2,
White burger R3,
Ciabatta rolls R5,
Stone-ground wholemeal Brown R25,
Plaitered Bread R25
Butter at R60
UHT Milk at R13


Good morning, Please note orders for various breads need to be in by 10am for delivery today thanks. we will be making the following Seed loaf R25, Rye Bread R25, White Batard R18 White bread R12 brown Bread R12, Ciabatta R28, Baguetts R18 , Panini R4, White rolls R2, White burger R3,Ciabatta rolls R5, Stone-ground wholemeal Brown R25, Plaitered Bread R25

Dont forget we also do butter at R60 and UHT milk at R13


Good morning, Just a reminder that Sedge Bakery is open for orders, for delivery only again today we will be making the following Seed loaf R25, Rye Bread R25, White Batard R18 White bread R12 brown Bread R12, Ciabatta R28, Baguetts R18 , Panini R4, White rolls R2, White burger R3,Ciabatta rolls R5, Stone-ground wholemeal Brown R25, Plaitered Bread R25
you can also order butter for R60 and UHT milk for R13
Orders need to be in by 10 am for late afternoon delivery of your fresh loaf.


Good Evening, We would like to inform our clients that we have taken the decision to partially open the bakery to orders for delivery only at this stage.

our Staff will remain safe at home while I will prepare and bake breads on orders, while we take every possible precaution during the entire process, and limit the possibility of any contamination.

for this to work i would ask that all orders be in by 10 am for a late afternoon delivery cycle once a day. Currently we will only be offering the breads and rolls at this time.

payment can be made by card.
At this time this will only be for Sedgefield.

the following breads will be available
Seeded Loaf,
White bread
Brown Bread,
Paninis, Seeded Buns, White Buns, Brown Buns, Ciabatta Buns
White and brown Batard
Stone-ground White, Stone-ground Whole Meal Bread

We also sell First Choice Long life milk, and butter at 60 per block.

Any purchases over R100 delivery is free, otherwise please add R10 for delivery. Pensioners FREE.

To place an order you can contact us on any of the following methods
WhatsApp 0799671291 or call or message that number

Please note all orders need to be in by 10am we will start baking after that time, also there will not be any stock in our retail store as this will remain closed.


Good morning, Please be patient with us, we have prepared much bigger batches and are currently increasing supply.

Please if you can order in advance, we are hoping to speed up the front sales area to avoid too many people in the shop at any given time.

it has been very busy, and will make sure we have allot more to sell.

We are taking precautions to protect both our clients and our staff, during this trying time.
I wish everyone health and wellness, and hope that we can rid ourselves of this nemesis


Good morning We will be open till 12 today Saturday 21st

Thanks all.


Hot Cross Buns, Now Available! 11/02/2020

Sedge Bakery (@SedgeBakery) | Twitter

2020 Brings new challenges and new products, for those with a taste for sour dough breads this is one of our new products, we will only make a small quantity to start and they do take a long time to make so will only offer them on selected days.

This year we hope to have better communications between ourselves and our clients and as such have created a brand new twitter account, if you would like to be updated further you can follow us on The latest Tweets from Sedge Bakery (@SedgeBakery). Artisan bakery and patisserie


Merry Christmas to all.


Hello, Some people have been asking about some of our changes and may have seen our temporary paper on our windows at the bakery, and have thought we have closed.

Please note we have just moved our retail store two doors down to the end of the building. This gives us more space for our kitchens to accommodate our expansion and removes that dreary awful sight of a big cold room, it allows us to have a cold kitchen to offer a higher quality product range and to give some focus to our cakes and other items we offer that need a cold kitchen especially as we approach the hot summer months.

For those seeking to wet their mouths on some coffee we offer a coffee to go option and will soon reintroduce a small sit down area to taste some of our new items outside. this is an added value product and don't actually serve as a coffee shop at this point. I believe that there are enough coffee shops that can cater for that market in town. There will be a few other products we produce in our kitchen for different needs.

Our George branch is finally ready to launch and although it is about 2 weeks late we had to wait on some equipment this branch will open on a limited capability from Monday and will have almost all the products that Sedgefield has at this time.

As this will be our 6th year this December i would like to thank all our loyal customers. over the years that have helped us serve and grow.

Thank you all !


Good Evening, please note that we will be open tomorrow 24th September, until 1pm.


Good evening all of our loyal customers, we have not posted for a while; once again we have some good news, especially for our growing number of clients from George.

As of the 1st October we will be opening a branch of Sedge bakery in George. we hope that with this growth, we can offer more to our clients and grow our range especially in the niche lines that we have been shy to adopt in the past.

It will be business as usual in Sedgefield as this is our home and HQ. We are hoping to learn from the lessons of the past and this move should help us attain efficiency in our baking.

With this in mind our production will be round the clock to give you the best and fresh breads and other products each day. George will be a new challenge but we remember our roots and our home.

With the expansion we are taking openings for new staff please pop in with a CV. we are in need of passionate bakers, and a pastry Chef.

The focus is always on quality, and consistency, for the remainder of the year and moving forward into 2020 we are investing in various production plants to help with consistency, we also intend to invest in staff development. We must stay true to our core ethos and not become a tasteless, production bakery.

I take this opportunity to thank all our clients both local and afar for their support over the years, without you none of this would be possible. we have learned allot on our journey and we hope to see our friends for years to come.

I know that some people have been commenting that i am never around anymore , be assured i am an early bird and with the forced closure of our kitchen from the sales side it makes it a bit harder. but i intend to show my face a bit more as soon as all the kinks are worked out.

Thank you all very much for your kindness.




Shop 2 Sysie Street

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday 08:00 - 16:00

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