2 Quaint, Economical, Self-Catering Accommodation Units Available. Apartment sleeps 5. Upper Residence sleeps 6. 1.1km from beaches and lagoon.

Timeline photos 18/01/2017

Another fabulous festival coming up this year!

Timeline photos 05/04/2016

Too beautiful not to share ♡

Photos from Sea-la-Vie's post 07/12/2015

Tonight's spectacular sunset ♡

Timeline photos 07/12/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 02/11/2015

Breathtaking, our Sedgefield Lagoon Walkway

Mobile uploads 23/10/2015

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads 06/10/2015

What a stunning view over Swartvlei, Sedgefield

Mobile uploads 29/05/2015

Last nights sunset. Isn't it spectacular!

Photos from Sea-la-Vie's post 20/05/2015

Our beautiful Myoli beach through the eyes of photographer Mark Dixon

Mobile uploads 02/04/2015

Mobile uploads

Photos from Sea-la-Vie's post 27/03/2015

What an interesting Slow Festival and Easter we will have in Sedgefield

Mobile uploads 09/03/2015

Its amost Easter and the kids are due for yet another holiday... Why not come stay at Sea-la-Vie? Paradise will just be that little bit more special with you here...

Mobile uploads 08/03/2015

Why not visit for the 'Slow Festival' of fun... which also coincides with Easter.... Nifty how that turned out...

Photos from Sea-la-Vie's post 02/03/2015

Come fall inlove with Paradise in picturesque Eden... Come on I dare you!

Photos from Sea-la-Vie's post 22/02/2015

The "Slow Festival" fun is but a few weeks away... A great time to come pay us a visit!

Photos from Sea-la-Vie's post 21/02/2015

Quaint Self-Catering Apartment - ideal for no fuss, economic vacations. Sleeps 5.




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