Therapy For The Soul

Therapy For The Soul

When you feel soul tired with no purpose anymore. When you depressed with no direction. I will he


“Meet Martha. I ran into Dollar Tree to get tweezers (because I can't seem to find any of mine), and this sweet lady stopped us at checkout. She asked if I would give her permission to give Hensli some money to get whatever she would like. As I teared up (because why wouldn't I!) I said of course and thanked her but asked why she wanted to do something so nice. She said she had a cart full once and someone paid for her cart, and this was nothing like that but wanted to do something.

Henz hugged her and we thanked her more and asked if we could get a picture (she said she would but that she isn't good at smiling for pictures...I beg to differ!). She was so humble and thought we were being too appreciative for what she thought was something so little. I don't think that was little at all, and Henz sure didn't either. It meant so much for me to have Hensli see and receive Martha's generosity.

I asked Henz what she wanted to do with the money. She ended up buying a gift for her teacher, stopping to get ice cream, a book about a messy dog, donating a dollar, and saving the rest to put in Sunday offering and to give someone else the next time we are at a Dollar Tree. A little kind gesture from sweet Martha impacted not just the two of us but at least for others. Thank you, Jesus, for this woman's life and thank you to the person who once bought Martha's cart. Thank you, Martha, for passing along the blessing you received and allowing my daughter to do the same. The next time I am in the Dollar Tree I will think of you and be sure to pass on your generosity to someone in line as well. Thank you for spreading goodness in this world and allowing me to share your beautiful soul!”

Credit: Heathyr Christine Harkless


Owl Bois

This is so sweet ..also love ..adore Owls


Divine Woman I Am!!

... realise ...

IAM perfect already!

For a moment just forgotten!

I/We have everything already inside of .. Our sacred vehicle (our earth vessel)

IAM Whole
IAM Divine
IAM Love

People come in to your life to be blessed by your presence - u loving them...and they to love you!
If you don't get appreciated ... move away or block the energy!

You deserve to be treated with
love, honour and appreciation

Any other treatment and that includes how you treat yourself or from another Hu-manbeing is a violation against your soul

Dannu Moholi
soul whisperer


What is the feeling ...Happy ... Sad ... Angry ...Lost?


"Esther was allowing, one time - we tell this story a lot. It's the most powerful story we ever tell. Speaks exactly to what we're talking about here. As you hear it, if you hear it, as you receive it, if you receive it, it will free you from any resistance that you've ever had about anything.

So Esther is having a telephone consultation, allowing us to speak on the phone to a woman who is not really very excited about anything we have to say, because we're trying to teach her that she is the creator of her own reality, and she doesn't believe it. She believes that things would be going better if she was in charge. She thinks that there are other factors that must be in place. And she really wants us to just tell her fortune. But we knew, with the state of resistance that she was in, she wouldn't have liked us to tell her what was coming in her immediate future. Because she had this wall of resistance that was not allowing any of the things that she wanted to come.

And so life was proving to her that she was unworthy and unloved. She was taking score of how things were manifesting and coming to the conclusion, based on how they're manifesting, that she wasn't doing well and she had decided it wasn't her fault.

And so, she didn't wanna hear about deliberate creation. So we said, 'Let's talk about some other things for a minute.' And she said, 'Like what?' And we said, 'We'd like to talk about blue glass.' And it was just annoying to her. She didn't know why we would change the subject from such an important subject of her getting what she wanted to a subject of nothing that she wanted. There was nothing about blue glass that she was interested in.

But we held strong with her, and for more than a minute we talked to her about blue glass. About different shades of blue. About different thicknesses of blue glass. About different textures of blue glass. And she became increasingly annoyed as we focused on blue glass.

And then we said, 'Let's focus on something else. Let's talk about butterflies.' Again, she saw no point in it. It wasn't getting her to what she wanted. But we held strong and we talked for over a minute about butterflies. Different kinds of butterflies. Different colours of butterflies. Different sizes of butterflies.

And then, we said, 'Let's talk about feathers.' Didn't wanna talk about feathers. She was so irritated, in fact, she said, 'Thank you for nothing. I've received nothing from this conversation. Goodbye.' And she hung up.

Now Esther is in the room alone. Jerry was not listening in. He was in another room. And then, they immediately went off to lunch. They were in California. There's a beautiful city they love. A little city called La Jolla. There is a beautiful place that they like eat. And they were off and there immediately.

And so, 10 minutes after this conversation, they are getting out of the car in front of the big pink hotel in La Jolla on their way down the street to the restaurant that they like so much. And on their way, both hungry, eager to go, but there is a store between where they parked and where they were eating, and Esther felt it call her inside.

Jerry couldn't understand why, because they were both very hungry, and Esther said, 'Come with me. Just for a minute. Come with me. Come with me.' And this was not unusual. Esther likes stores. And Jerry doesn't like stores.

And in they went. And in, in, in, in, in. And on the back wall there was a wall of blue glass. Ceiling to floor. Wall to wall blue glass. More different colours and shades and textures of blue glass. Mostly vases. Some wall hangings. Some glassware. Blue glass all over this wall.

And when Esther saw it, she did not relate it to the conversation, because when Esther speaks for us, she is not always focused on the specifics of what we're talking about. She's so involved in the translation process she's not contemplating it, and she did not make the association between this wall of blue glass and the conversation that we had had that had activated blue glass.

And then, they went to George's. They had a lovely lunch. And after they were finished eating they decided they were inspired to - they got the impulse to walk down to the cove.

And so, they walked down a street, and down another street, and down another street, and then across a big lawn on their way to the rocks and the ocean. And, as they were walking across the lawn, a flurry of butterflies so intense surrounded them. And followed them for several steps across this lawn.

It was so intense that they had to stop talking to not eat butterflies. The butterflies were fluttering by. Jerry began calling them flutterbies, instead of butterflies, because they were fluttering by all around them. And still Esther is not making the association between what she is living, and what was activated just an hour or so before.

And then, all of a sudden Jerry spots a little boy. And Jerry said, 'Look at that little boy. He looks like he knows you.' And Esther looked at him and, of course, she did not recognize him. And he was really little. 4 maybe. 3 or 4 years old. And he comes right up to Esther and hands her a feather. He'd picked it up on the ground and felt the inspiration to give it to Esther.

And, in that moment Esther realized what had happened. That, in a very short period of time, 3 subjects that held no resistance whatsoever in Esther's vibration had manifested. Just because of attention upon them.

And it was so meaningful to Esther, because it made her realize that it's so easy to think about the things that you really care about, or that you're really worried about. And, for the most part, the things that you want, that haven't manifested yet, are the things that you think the most about.

So, without knowing it, you're thinking more and more about the things you want in a state of resistance. But if you could think about things to which you have no resistance, they would manifest almost instantaneously.

And as this experience for Esther, that she will never forget, demonstrated to her that several things in the same moment, nearly, can manifest. That this is the way the Universe is working for you. Things are lined up. Things are gathered. The cooperative components are there.

And if you can find this relaxed state of not trying so hard, and not working so hard, and not practicing the thoughts of your own disabilities, or your own dysfunctions, or your own unworthiness - of which there is none.

If you could stop doing that thing that keeps what you want from flowing in, what you want would flow in. That really is the message, you see." -

Abraham ❤️

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Are you doing what you love , what you dreamed of doing?

Are you happy with your life?

Are you living your purpose?

Do you know what is your purpose?

If you don't...why not ...what is your excuse?

Time to start!!!

Dannu Moholi

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Therapy For The Soul updated their business hours. 20/02/2017

Therapy For The Soul updated their business hours.

Therapy For The Soul updated their business hours.




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