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The EDGE Community Newspaper


Hiermee wil ek ‘n nuwe medium bekendstel wat op ‘n tweetalige wyse aangebied gaan word in die vorm van werkswinkels of dag kursusse.
Na gesprekvoering met die publiek het ek gevind dat daar ‘n behoefte is aan iets soortgelyks soos ‘n Afrondingsskool of Medium waar daar opleiding gegee word in etiket, sosiale media opleiding, kommunikasie en selfvertroue.
BOLD BUT CHIQUE wil oordra dat jou standpunt belangrik is sonder om jou mens wees prys te gee. High heels, chiffon, lace and pearls are still beautiful and part of being a woman.
Alhoewel die oorspronklike idee slegs vir tieners en jonger kinders was, het ek ook terugvoering gekry van volwassenes wat in so iets belangstel.
Ek wil graag hiermee my dienste aanbied vir opleiding vir u personeel in so 'n afronding en vir beter kliënte diens.

Bold but Chique Finishing Touches is a medium where we help women (and men) to become their best. We do workshops on Self Confidence, Fine Dining, Public Speaking, Customer Care, Front Line Services and lots more. We want to be BOLD in our attitude but still be Chique and feminine. We work together with a Modelling School and also concentrate on Wardrobe Planning, Colour Analysis and and and...

Contact [email protected] for more information.
Move your Soul
A friend made this to help me sell property - to tell a story about land, life & nature.
please share this wonderful video to help those looking for a place to move their hearts towards.
Agge nee man, missing the Sudoku!!! 😏
No Sudoku this week! 😢
Read the latest 'Transformation through TRE' newsletter!
Love the clever clue to 4 down in 20 May issue 😀
Read the latest 'Transformation through TRE' newsletter:
Here's something easy, quick & delicious to try over the weekend. Gluten-free, nut-free & soy-free friendly so everyone can enjoy!
Here's something unusual to try if you have some not-quite ripe avocados to spare!
Sedge folks please join the Garden Route Corona Info group on Fb, so that you can share your info with us and we can share what we learn that affects us with you. So if you know who in town is stocking masks and so on...
Read the latest 'Health For You' newsletter!
A special afternoon was held at John & Hilary Thacker's farm, Kronendal, inland from Swartvlei near Sedgefield, Western Cape. Executive Director, Sue Hedden, gave a wonderful presentation as part of a road-show to share the story in celebration of '20 years of Woza Moya'. Sue's lovely travelling companion, Shirley helped with preparations & showed all the beautiful crafts made by members of the community after the talk. Sue's presentation was well received by all who attended. Wishing Woza Moya continued success in uplifting the communities of Ufafa Valley near Ixopo, KZN, SA! It was an inspiration to us all - thank you Sue & Shirley.
For more info or to arrange a talk in your area, contact Sue direct on Whatsapp: 072 193 3945

A community newspaper based in the Garden Route. Visit to read it! Getting interactive with the local community so that we can exchange news and ideas - a great way to keep The EDGE fine tuned to what the community wants!



Somebody has to be in charge, we don't know why, because we do what we want to anyway!

Hope you got a turn in the hammock with a steady flow of amber nectar


Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 15/10/2022

Today in Sedgefield! The Inaugural Outeniqua District First Aid Competition:

The Scouts hail from George, Knysna, Plettenburg Bay and Sedgefield. Ten teams, ten sites of incidents that require First Aid.
They're moving all over town in their teams with their kits and their clipboards, from a near 'drowning' to a 'dislocated shoulder' to some 'sunstroke', a 'snakebite', to mention a few, - these kids are dealing with each scenario in their stride.

Pictured here 'The Dog Bite', young Isabella has fallen victim to a vicious canine and The Kingfisher Troop are on the scene, to assess, assist, call on and wait for the professional paramedics. What a smooth operation! We are very lucky to have the Scouts around town who know how to stay calm in an event of an emergency or at the scene of an accident.

*For the record, it was not a SAMS dog that would have bitten the young girl, it was quite obviously an imaginary dog.

Thank you to all our local businesses and organisations who have partnered with us to make this day a huge success.


It's all happening!

Make your way up to our picturesque neighbouring village for breakfast/brunch/lunch, on Saturday the 29th of October, and gather proviante for the week from this friendly community of farmers.


Start your ENGEN . . . . and go Team REVIVE SEDGEFIELD!


Your REVIVE SEDGEFIELD Team transforming our Library Gardens! We look forward to seeing many of you enjoying and relaxing in this new amazing spot in town.


Follow Revive Sedgefield and support this incredible transformation of our little town!


Another TOTAL transformation by our REVIVE SEDGEFIELD Team!

Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 12/10/2022

Read All About It!
Read All About It!
Read All About It!


Miraculously all the deadlines have been met, the reams printed overnight and the delivery vehicle fueled up, the staff have their caffeine and the hard copies of the BEST COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER in the galaxy, will be on the streets by lunchtime today, Wednesday 12 October 2022.

If you can't wait, around brunchtime, it'll be online for your perusal.

Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 09/10/2022

Make your way to the little village of Karatara to be at The Kite Festival!

Grab some lunch, take a stroll, fly a kite, it's a beautiful day for it.

Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 08/10/2022

Well done and Thank YOU to ALL the participants, the spectators, the organizers and everyone that was a part of making this event a success today!

Wanna see the results?

Pick up our next issue of The Edge Community Newspaper next Wednesday the 12th of October and read all about it!

Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 08/10/2022

The Race is on in less than hour!

Come and vote for your favourite team, whether they sink and swim or float and win - it's ALL for a good cause!

Fish Eagle Green
The Island


Be a part of the action on Fish Eagle Green today!!

To raise funds for Masithandane, there will be a system whereby you can vote with cash for the float that you think is the best/most likely to win/has your favourite person on it/is the funniest et al

Judging is from high noon! Races are shortly thereafter!


Be a part of the action on Fish Eagle Green today!!

To raise funds for Masithandane, there will be a system whereby you can vote with cash for the float that you think is the best/most likely to win/has your favourite person on it/is the funniest et al

Judging is from high noon!


A double celebration. Not sure who hit the bunker 😜


Happy to supply another rich chocolate flower pot cake. Keeps me in my happy place 😊💗


On Sunday, take a drive, you won't be able to miss the display of local and international kites against the beautiful backdrop of the little village of Karatara.

See you on the field!

Photos from 1st Sedgefield Scout Group's post 07/10/2022

1st Sedgefield Scouts on a sailing camp last weekend!

Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 07/10/2022

See you tomorrow on Fish Eagle Green!



Sedgefield you beauties!!! Only 2 more little pledges left - at last report today.

Easy to register and find the two children, go ahead:

Here are the details to get your gifts to Santa's elves.

Thanks for all the love and support for this project!


Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 06/10/2022

Do you have your entry forms?

Some string and duct tape?

8 OCTOBER 2022


'A Star is Born' - the rise and fall of Judy Garland, brought to us by the extremely talented Kerry Hiles. With two Ovation Awards from the National Arts Festival, this beautiful depiction of the life of the Hollywood icon is simply not to be missed.

There are only two shows, on 9 and 10 October at 18h30, for an hour or so, come and be transported, leave the theatre transformed by the power of live, entertaining storytelling through song.

If you'd like to take in this award winning show, right here in Sedgefield, please WhatsApp 084 567 9809




Anyone aware of an opportunity for a lift from Knysna to Port Elizabeth this evening or early tomorrow morning?

The Two Oceans Aquarium is in desperate need of assistance for a small, 7kg, sub-antarctic fur seal pup, which is currently en route to Knysna from Cape Town, arriving around 5pm today, Wednesday the 5th of October.

It needs to get to Bayworld PE as soon as possible, please.

Contact Dr Lombard on
083 454 2284 to be of assistance

Thank you!

*not the pup in the picture, this picture is from Google

Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 05/10/2022


This Saturday the 8th of OCTOBER!

Need an entry form?

Contact us and get in on the fun!

[email protected] or 072 516 4701

Photos from The EDGE Community Newspaper's post 04/10/2022

The Whistle Stop is on Uil St in Sedgefield on site at the old railway station.

Pop in for the legendary pies, baked daily, and grab a pancake and some good ol' fashioned 'moerkoffie' on their Market Days - the first two Sundays of every month.

On Wednesdays there's always a 'bordkos' available, homecooked and delicious for the busy people of Sedgefield.



And on Sunday! Even more Family Fun at The Kite Festival in Karatara:


Weather forecasts a sunny day with a moderate south-westerly to keep the kites flying high!
Hope to see you there.


Have you gotten your entry form in yet? Challenged your neighbours and colleagues?

Do you have Anything That Floats? Ready to launch?

The weekend is going to be EPIC!

Thank you for the handover note Mike and Emma. We are looking forward to ‘Anything that floats’ taking place in front of The Island Retreat on the Fish Eagle Green this coming Saturday! Will be posting some pictures!


🗣 Testimonial Tuesday 🗣

Change makers! Thank you KILT!


This weekend at the Steam Whistle Stop at the Sedgefield Train Station!


Have a great week Edge readers!

Gazania spp.

'A Star Is Born - the Rise And Fall Of Judy Garland' Comes to The Drama Factory in April 02/10/2022

'A Star Is Born - the Rise And Fall Of Judy Garland' Comes to The Drama Factory in April

Kerry Hiles is right here at Studio 42, Sedgefield next weekend, with her show 'A Star Is Born, the rise and fall of Judy Garland'.

After all the fun activities of Anything-That-Floats and The Kite Festival, why not take in one of the shows? They play on Sunday and Monday, the 9th and 10th of October at 18h30.

WhatsApp 084 567 9809 to book tickets.

'A Star Is Born - the Rise And Fall Of Judy Garland' Comes to The Drama Factory in April The multi award-winning show A Star is Born - the rise and fall of Judy Garland, Kerry Hiles, accompanied by Nathan Johannisen, shines the light on Judy Garland, the undisputed queen of cabaret. Her career began at the age of two and a half. At the age of 13 she signed her first movie contract. The....

'Wonder' - Artist Bio: Ingrid Nuss 02/10/2022

'Wonder' - Artist Bio: Ingrid Nuss

This part of the world is simply breathtaking and beautifully captured by this artist, Ingrid Nuss, based in Wilderness with a gallery at Timberlake Village.

'Wonder' - Artist Bio: Ingrid Nuss A short-film contextualising the artworks of Ingrid Nuss.


Now THIS is an inspired idea!

A little local nursery school and daycare centre has invited a travelling hairdresser to be a part of their holiday programme!

Well done Jolly Juniors and Rozitas!


So Excited 🤩Going to Jolly Juniors Holiday club and be part of the young ladies and boyos transformation!! Love the little people's energy and spunk❤️

Photos from DAREdevil Run's post 01/10/2022

There's always something fun on the go in Sedgefield, Garden Route, South Africa and 9/10 times it's for a worthy cause!


And incredible people who make it a beautiful place:

Photos from Afrovibe Beach Lodge's post 01/10/2022

Sedgefield is a treasure chest of hidden gems:


Are you ready for next Saturday?!!!

Sign up, get your flotation kit and lifejackets out and be a part of ANYTHING THAT FLOATS!


Please join us on Saturday, 1st October 2022 (10h00 - 15h00) as we open our doors to showcase our life saving operations.

Volunteers will be on hand to answer all your questions and give you a peak at what we do everyday. There will be fun activities for the whole family.



The Edge Community News 28/09/2022

The Edge Community News

649th edition of The EDGE is online and ready for your reading pleasure ! Print edition will be on the streets from MC lunchtime onwards. We congratulate our local World Champ tug of war warrior, we reflect on local crime, we get input regarding unexpected political appointments in the Municipality, we hear about the amazing sporting endeavours of local folks … plus so many events coming up on our calendars we are spoilt for choice!

The Edge Community News Sedgefield, Knysna, Wilderness, George


This is Rey Rey, Rey Rey reads The Edge from cover to cover every fortnight at the doggy parlour.

You can too! Just pick it up from your local shop tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th of September, just after lunch. Before that, you can peruse it online

📷 With thanks to Celia Johnson at Precious Paws for sending us a pic of this clever canine.


Santa's Shoebox Project grows every year. It's a great way to give back to the children in our local communities.

Go to - register and choose the children you would like to spoil a little this Christmas season.





Happy sweet 16 Masithandane. May you go from strength to strength.


: Must I include all eight items in my ?

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Be a part of the action on Fish Eagle Green today!! To raise funds for Masithandane, there will be a system whereby you ...
Be a part of the action on Fish Eagle Green today!! To raise funds for Masithandane, there will be a system whereby you ...
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