Pilates - Baumeister Approach

Pilates - Baumeister Approach


Words cannot express my joy and gratitude. Our Treetop Retreat was spectacular on so many levels. We had fun, laughter, scenery, deep connection, love, challenges, good food, a-ha moments.... We left with our cups overflowing. Thank you, Teniqua Treetops, Melanie Pilates - Baumeister Approach, Zak Garden Route Drumming, Trattoria da Vinci, and most of all, thank you to the group for having attended! You trusted this journey, you gave me your phones, and you embraced the weekend with all your hearts! I feel blessed out of my socks.
Make the most of it!
Just in case there are still folk who think there’s no hope, there is! You can have fun and get in touch with your core at the same time! I’m trying to become the most coordinated person in Sedgefield, and so far, thanks the Mel, the core magician, I am. I’ve even learnt the names of some interesting body parts I hadn’t met before. I hate to miss classes in case one of the others gets better than me.
I blog, but I'm lazy, so this bit was in The EDGE Community Newspaper a couple of weeks ago and now it's copied and pasted onto me Wordpress site:
My friend and fellow Pilates Instructor! Samantha Schagen - with Pilates for Pinehurst πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

Round about the 0.26 mark πŸ‘
This Idan Kirshner Yoga fellow is amazing!! And just look at him hit the right notes in his Pilates practice πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

Pilates Instructor, Yoga Practitioner and Contemporary Movement Survivor. Time Allocations For Group And Private Sessions IRL and Online.


For more information and bookings: www.hildehay.co.za/retreats


Be a better guest!



The days when you cannot bear to exist within your own body, are the days you must really sit there and feel the vessel you live in.

Consider its structure, the layers, the insides.
The many miraculous functions it carries out in every moment.

If it lives with disability, consider the pressure that brings to each and every sinew.

If it is fighting illness, imagine that war within you.

Stare at your body, absorb it. Touch it.
Let the feelings of shame and disgust engulf you, and then send them away to the universe to dispose of.
You are not your body.
You are a guest in your body and you are currently rejecting it daily, hourly.
This rejection creates disfunction and estrangement.
It is little wonder you feel uncomfortable within your own skin.
You are.

You, my friend, did not ruin your body, or let yourself go.
You are merely living, and life takes its toll, as it absolutely must.

The days when you cannot bear to exist within your body, are the days when your body needs you, so very much, to check in.
To accept.
To apologise.
To connect.
To befriend.

Be grateful, as every guest should be.
Be tidy, be respectful, be clean.
But most of all, be good company.

You are not here for long.

Donna Ashworth
From my new book β€˜Life’: https://amzn.eu/d/9Y6E6kz

Art by Visithra Manikam


How-To Tarzan

Monkeys, bunnies and tortoises!


Photos from Pilates - Baumeister Approach's post 22/11/2022

Thank YOU!

Every little cog in the wheel of a Weekend Workshop in ol' Stellenbosch, that was lovely!

Catch you at the next one - watch this space!

Photos from Pilates - Baumeister Approach's post 21/11/2022

Part 2

Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden
19 November 2022

We're sure to be invited back due to exuberant participation in the movement aspect of these magnificent art pieces!

Photos from Pilates - Baumeister Approach's post 20/11/2022

is a wrap!

Spiky ball, on a beautiful Sunday to wind up a weekend of playing at working out.

Photos from Pilates - Baumeister Approach's post 20/11/2022

Part 1

We are Art amongst Art.

Saturday afternoon amongst the magnificence that is The Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden - a class act!



Mickey Olivier Bennie Liebenberg - out 'nd about!

Photos from Pilates - Baumeister Approach's post 19/11/2022

That was Friday's Matwork Refresher Class - kicking off the Stellenbosch Weekend Workshop!

Looking forward to a fun filled day - and sculpture garden classes coming up...


Make the space, show up.

Yoga does not always have to be a full hour-long practice with well-choreographed postures, breathwork, or a meaningful theme.

Showing up is at the very core of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra which means we SHOW UP, consistently. Whether it is chilly weather, we are sore or exhausted, or we have a long to-do list waiting for us.
We show up with the intention of giving ourselves a moment to be PRESENT. We can show up broken, distracted, in pain, inflexible, or tired but when we show up, we say YES to growth, contemplation, acceptance, willingness, and commitment. By showing up we allow ourselves to let go of procrastination, stagnation, resistance, and judgment.

So, whether you only have a few minutes to slow down, sit in silence, do one good stretch, take a few deep calming breaths, or merely allow physical tension or mental stress to dissipate… be kind to yourself and show up any way you can.

The magic is in showing up! πŸ’œ


Retreat, recoup, rejuvenate!

If a retreat is on your bucket list for 2023 but you're not sure which one to book, have a look at our Retreat Guide on the website for some pointers: www.hildehay.co.za/retreats.


Confession: I do cat stretches and open and close the book if the insomnia happens - because it works!


Joseph Pilates said, "If your sleep is disturbed, rise immediately and perform your exercises. It is far better to be tired from physical exertion than to be fatigued by the "poisons" generated by nervousness while lying awake."

I wish I had that motivation. I’m my defense he didn’t have TikTok to distract him so…


We will not be in the this weekend!

We will be in Stellies, deploying some fabulous Pilates with sun hats on πŸ‘’

See you in the garden beauties!


Maybe on Wednesday πŸ€”


Don't try this in Zoom!


Healthy muscles can (are meant to) contract AND relax. Healthy tissues can glide, stretch and respond better to movement unless we experience regular fatigue and tension.

Stress hormones not only affect our physical body (think muscles and fascia) but also greatly impacts our nervous system, our immune system, our emotional body AND our mental state.

Our stretch and myofascial release group class is useful for treating muscle immobility and pain by relaxing and lengthening tense and chronically contracted muscles. It improves blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It hydrates connective tissues and fascia which ultimately stimulates the immune system and helps us to prevent injury.

Gentle enough for all - release, stretch and roll from head to toe, every 2nd Friday morning.


What are your plans this weekend?
Make sure you do some things that make your heart sing ❀️ we have to make happy happen x


Pick up a copy in the Garden Route
and we'll be on shelf in the Karoo from next week!

Photos from Pilates - Baumeister Approach's post 12/11/2022

There's only one glossy worth reading.

It's sheer top quality, every page is a feast for the eyes. The photos, the writings, the celebrated people and places of Garden Route South Africa all beautifully bound into a visually gorgeous magazine for any kitchen counter/coffee table/nightstand etc.

Especially page 14, where the love-of-life restoring Hilde Hay Retreats are the feature, and in turn, the small part I get invited to play as the local Pilates Instructor


Thanks for the shout out and - here's to laughing with many more new you's!



When you plan a class outdoors in a seaside village then the beach is an obvious place to go! With beautiful brave bodies like these, we are destined to do it again too.

Stay tuned for some fun shenanigans over Season




The Gogo's in Zoom just bounce off the walls!



Eep! That's us, all set!

Out of my skin excited about this! It has been an age!

Can't wait to see some 'old' clients and some brave new bodies on the mats and balls next weekend!!


To the dogs!

Thursday is incomplete without a dose of this


Well it's the closest thing us plebs have to understanding how the anatomy of movement can be used to avoid pain and injury, and if not avoid, at least manage and maintain the wear and tear of day to day living.

Also and have as many birthdays as possible!



I love these Tuesday morning natters over good coffee and (today) a fresh croissant with all the trimmings!

Every week, same time, same place - thankew for taking such good care of us β˜•πŸ₯β€

Timeline photos 08/11/2022


Goals for the week ~ !! πŸ¦„βœ¨πŸ¦„βœ¨β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹

Photos from Classic Pilates's post 07/11/2022

There you have it:


Fresh out of the kiln!

Corporate gifts!

And some to take along to the Stellenbosch Weekend Workshop



Kick of your shoes, undo your pony, release the harness, drop the reins and the reigns...

Home is where your heart is, and also your lungs and your brains et al and your set of senses too...

Happy Sunday Every Body!

Cred: Inkipri - thanks for capturing an essence

Science Explains What Happens To Your Body When You Control Your Breathing Every Day 05/11/2022

Science Explains What Happens To Your Body When You Control Your Breathing Every Day


Science Explains What Happens To Your Body When You Control Your Breathing Every Day In our "always on" world, we've become out of sync with our breath. Science explains what happens when you practice controlled breathing.


Let us out into the weekend please!

Have a ball every body!

Pilates for Anyone, Anywhere | Pilates Anytime 04/11/2022

Pilates for Anyone, Anywhere | Pilates Anytime

For interests sake:

Pilates for Anyone, Anywhere | Pilates Anytime The legacy of Joseph Pilates has been in question over the years. Pilates Anytime weighs in on the ongoing debate on whether 'Pilates' is a copyright term or free for the public to access and share.


Happy Friday everyone, enjoy this gorgeous sloth preparing for the side bend!

Photos from Pilates - Baumeister Approach's post 03/11/2022

The Stellenbosch Weekend Workshop is for ALL and NO levels of fitness humans.

The playing at movement is for FUN and to restore the sense of celebration that we have in our bodies before the lifestyle bogged us down.

Baumeister Approach is a No Pain No Pain system, very cleverly we work with 'negative sensations' 🀭, we don't push (too hard) we don't sweat, unless we want to and we don't need electricity for it!

There are two spaces left in each session - go on, treat yourself.

[email protected]

Ally Ferguson on Instagram: "Play those peachy and insecure parts of your body like the damn fine symphony they deserve, you magnificent human, if you catch yourself picking apart your soul canister just send those parts gratitude, switch it so... 03/11/2022

Ally Ferguson on Instagram: "Play those peachy and insecure parts of your body like the damn fine symphony they deserve, you magnificent human, if you catch yourself picking apart your soul canister just send those parts gratitude, switch it so...

Good Morning every beautiful body!

Remember to dance a little today:

Ally Ferguson on Instagram: "Play those peachy and insecure parts of your body like the damn fine symphony they deserve, you magnificent human, if you catch yourself picking apart your soul canister just send those parts gratitude, switch it so... Ally Ferguson shared a post on Instagram: "Play those peachy and insecure parts of your body like the damn fine symphony they deserve, you magnificent human, if you catch yourself picking apart your soul canister just send those parts gratitude, switch it so you begin to appreciate what those parts....

Photos from Hilde Hay Careers & Retreats's post 02/11/2022

Hilde Hay Careers & Retreats! Thanks for the opportunity to stretch and giggle in beautiful places with gorgeous human beings!!


Like Lego and Playdo.

Photos from Pilates - Baumeister Approach's post 01/11/2022

Adjusting the schedule to suit the Boland lifestyle!

Note the changes, make your bookings - space is at a premium in each class which is almost at capacity, with only 16 days to go πŸ₯‚πŸ¦„πŸŒΏ

[email protected]

CORONAVIRUS: Physical exercise enhances protection afforded by Covid-19 vaccines β€” study 01/11/2022

CORONAVIRUS: Physical exercise enhances protection afforded by Covid-19 vaccines β€” study

Well now, would you look at that!

Fellow Pilates Practitioners, we're positively robust!


CORONAVIRUS: Physical exercise enhances protection afforded by Covid-19 vaccines β€” study Research by Discovery Health and Vitality, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, has shown that regular physical activity may boost the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine, and that regular exercise enhances the protection afforded against serious disease.

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Relax, rejuvenate, repeat.
The month of August and #dove promotion has been #fresh and fun in #studio @dove
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When the day starts with playing: Cute kids are always welcome at Pilates Baumeister Approach! They're a focus challenge...
What a glorious day to be on the coast as part of the incredible work of Hilde Hay's Retreat! Thanks for the opportunity...
This is a very serious time of the week: Tuesday Morning Coffee Class.We discuss important things and we practice flexib...
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! To ALL the Moms! Hope you're having a Sunday just like you like it πŸ€—πŸ₯‚With love from Pilates Baumeist...
Make time to breathe, reactivate the important muscles, practice co-ordination all whilst performing the greatest juggli...
And here's a hyperlapse video of my daily warm up and move into #marchmatness2022
#marchmatness2022#pilatescommunity Single Leg KicksBecause we can! #pilatesinstructor #pilatespractitioner #pilatesinpla...
I dare not rock back just yet - but dang the muscles love the memory! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„Pilates forever! Thanks @nicky_franch for takin...



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