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Operating as usual

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 24/03/2022

It's been a busy quarter, offering Clay Play Workshops at Mosaic Village & Outdoor Market on the fourth Wednesday of every month along with their Mid Week Mini Market (for all your fresh produce needs)

First some slump mould platters and underglazes in January, then the 'Greenman' for your garden in February and finally a glorious wall hanging with sgraffito technique in either a fish or (f)owl for March.

It's been a lot a fun and we're looking forward to the next one, watch this space!


Modigliani inspired pot. Burnished earthenware 29 cm

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 28/10/2021

Large plant pot, inspired by Modigliani. This is the story of the pot developing, from rough concept to nearly finished. It still needs a bit more burnishing, then single high firing and waxing. I really enjoyed researching the very short life and work of this prolific artist. A print of his portrait "Alice" hung in the hallway of my childhood home, and I've always been intrigued by his mysterious women

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 28/10/2021

Bonsai pot, made to order for a friend
11cm high, 22 x 17 cm, earthenware


No words.... Suitable end to my week

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 18/10/2021

I'm making a few teapots again, aiming for the Perfect Pour. Sgraffito on coloured underglaze, white stoneware clay. I want to give it a black u/g wash and I'll post its progress. TBC

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 11/10/2021

2 evenings of loadshedding (planned blackouts) means no Wi-Fi, no TV, no lights, but plenty of downloaded music and audio books. Add a gas lamp, headlamp and a few candles for ambience and 2 pots appear!


Nearly forgot this little one.


I love making these little gremlins. Each one has their very own individual stories!


Pothead in progress


More of my Pothead collection, on sale at Slow Roasted Coffee

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 24/06/2021

Potheads 2021.

On sale at the best coffee shop ever... Slow Roasted Coffee in Sedgefield

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 24/06/2021

Another one in my garden

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 20/06/2021

Terracotta Planters by Linda Ormond:

Underglazed and sgraffito, clear glaze to pop and protect the design.

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 20/06/2021

This mistress keeps a watchful eye over The Atelier,
In balance and poise she has no peer.
She taste tests the paintbrush water too,
when she's not asleep in her igloo.

Photos from Claymore Pots's post 30/05/2021

If you should find yourself Slow Roasted Coffee for a hot beverage and a slice of anything delicious, treat yourself or a friend to a hand built tea pot:

NB: Great for use at home during the current pandemic and adjusted level 2 system.


The first in the current series, now planted up with geraniums and positioned outside my aunt's front door


It's been ages since I've last posted my work.


These little frog pots are on sale at Kirstenbosch Garden Nursery. I will also have a few for sale here in Sedgefield at the Wild Oats Market on Saturday 28 December


I'm exploring new directions with functional ware and Sgraffito techniques.


New garden pots for the market at Wild Oats on Saturday 28 December


I've been making PotHeads!
On sale at Slow Roasted Coffee....where you can also get the best coffee on the Garden Route....and scones....and quiche...


Teapots galore!


I'm making teapots again...


First successful Cone 5 firing in top-loading kiln. Bit scary as it has a low tech kiln-sitter to control the final digital temperature readouts or programmable firing schedules!!!


A New Year and best wishes to all! My NY resolution is to get more in touch with social media so here goes!
Wild Oats Market December 2018


Teapots ready to go on my studio shelves. Also a tray full of gremlins

Claymore pots 2015 collection 05/01/2016

Claymore pots 2015 collection


Have been having SERIOUS fun making little gremlins......


December 2014 Potters Market - glorious weather and crowds of people. The Sedgefield potters had issued a "Teapot Challenge" and quite an array of eclectic teapots were displayed... Featured here are teapots by myself, Diana Young and Chris Smart.


Our very first market was held in December 2013 at Wild Oats and proved to be very successful. Included here is work by Lesley-Anne Hoets, Marc Taylor, Gill Thomas, Anne Southey, Christopher Smart, Ruth and Craig of Knysna Pottery House and myself


Claymore Pots has been exhibiting at our twice yearly Potters' Market, which is held just after Christmas and at Easter at the famous Wild Oats Farmers Market in Sedgefield. Local potters and ceramists from the Garden Route are invited to showcase and sell their work. This is the market which coincided with the Sedgefield Slow Festival 2014


Had a very successful stall at the SABA mini-convention in George, 26 to 28 September 2014. Thanks to Mark van der Merwe of Bonsai and Brass Gallery in Sedgefield for inviting me. I now know the difference between a sh*to and a mame!!

Art Pots 09/10/2014

A gallery of some of my more eclectic and fun pieces


Tiles I made as prizes for Sedgefield's Slow Festival, Easter 2014

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