BodyBasics Massage

BodyBasics Massage


Body Basic Professional Skin Care and Therapeutic Massage in Stilbaai

We specialize in skin care, waxing, tinting, manicures, pedicures and relaxing hot stone massages. Body Basic is the sole distributor of Kalahari Skin Care products (a phyto effective skin care range) as well as Alchemy Elixzar, the first CBD infused skin care range in South Africa.

Body Basic is also a distributor of MD Lash. Sonja is well-known for her professional, yet warm pampering and gentle care. During Lock-down, Body Basic will only be selling and delivering products according to the COVID-19 Regulations.

Contact Sonja at Tel: 083 645 9562 (also on WhatsApp) and stay updated about specials and products by liking the Body Basic

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BodyBasics Massage
Thank you Harry for the fantastic massage and reflexology yesterday. We look forward to a new treatment today and are happy to recommend you to anyone passing by in the Plett/PE area. Mariann and Monika from Sweden
I would do anything to have a shiatsu treatment Harry - if you care to write a paragraph about what you do, the services you offer as a vegan holistic practitioner we will post it up on Vegan For Life Magazine - with a picture of you and the one above, but I have to have latest by the end of the week. :)
Well done!
Zen Shiatsu Treatment recommendation: christina stuckert
My first experience with Christina's Zen Shiatsu was in South Africa on a therapist exchange treatment in May 2014 , Her style is completely "out the box" and totally intuitive , not structured and rigid as regretfully most Shiatsu has come to be, During her "hara" diagnosis on abdomen , she immediately follows through to the meridian which is out of balance and makes the diagnosis and treatment feel as if it flows into one. Her personal energy "chi" is very powerful. and she uses her body weight to lean in very deeply to the congested Tsubo points , yet it does not feel painful . Her hands wait for the meridian to "come" to her and she does not "fight" with your own body energy.
Her sequence incorporates the the most amazing stretches and she uses her body to support very effectively so the whole routine flows and feels totally comfortable . I felt such a deep relaxation during her treatment that it was like being under anesthetic and slowly drifting back into consciousness ,
In particular I am so nervous of work done on my neck , yet with Christina I felt completely relaxed and let go completely.
I would highly recommend a Zen Shiatsu Treatment with her.
Harry Petrie Massage and Shiatsu Therapist , South Africa
Body Basics.
Hi do u offer training 2 studnts?

Body Basics Massage therapy and Shiatsu and therapeutic Reflexologist.

Established in 2004 Body Basics has been providing massage and shiatsu in the port Elizabeth and Plettenberg Bay area , Originally working from the Chiropractic Centre in Newton park PE Body Basics now works in a secluded safe area with peaceful surroundings , Mobile on site massage or studio based massage is provided all hours within reason and on week ends and public holidays ,

BodyBasics Massage updated their address. 19/09/2021

BodyBasics Massage updated their address.

BodyBasics Massage updated their address.

Adrenal Burnout Healed Through Shiatsu - Vancouver Lifestyle Magazine 14/12/2017

Adrenal Burnout Healed Through Shiatsu - Vancouver Lifestyle Magazine

Adrenal Burnout Healed Through Shiatsu - Vancouver Lifestyle Magazine The kidneys are considered to be the energy force of the body in Shiatsu and traditional Chinese Medicine. It is also “the furnace” that keeps us warm and distributes heat and energy throughout. Together with the bladder they are an important part in detoxifying the body of waste and impurities....


If you are in jbay and would like a Sunday afternoon treatment , app avail thus afternoon
Shiatsu , reflexology and deep tissue


Polo event Kurland


Jbay massage
Bodybasics in jbay tomorrow fri 27/10 for shiatsu and reflexology: studio in wavecrest or mobile to your venue
12/30 to 7 pm avail

Timeline photos 29/09/2017

Timeline photos


In port elizabeth for treatments
Mobile 0842994459

Timeline photos 12/06/2016

Scarab market every Saturday in Sedgefield , fully clothed Shiatsu Reflexology and Massage


Some massage training at recent Ironman PE .

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 18/04/2016

Some body work at recent Ironman event Port Elizabeth

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 02/04/2016

Outdoor Shiatsu - Sedgefield

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 27/03/2016

Shiatsu outdoors in Sedgefield

Timeline photos 15/01/2016

Body basics offers mobile Shiatsu , in your home full clothed combined with reflexology can help with acute pain and general health and emotional trauma

Timeline photos 17/12/2015

Massage to your door with BodyBasics Mobile
0842994459 plettenberg Bay
PE and Jbay .

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 13/12/2015

Scarab Market Sedgefield
Beauty of reflexology is it is fully clothed and outdoors .

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 11/10/2015

Some scenes from the therapy setup at Hansa Fish River Canoe marathon .

Mobile uploads 06/10/2015

Appointments available today in Jbay at Scio Studio in Wavecrest Jbay .

Mobile uploads 13/09/2015

The feet are the mirrors of the body . As I arrived in Plett I had my first reflexology client
Within a few minutes of the treatment I had established he had in the past had yellow jaundice and that his small intestine was somewhat sluggish or blocked .
It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful 5000 year old science this is !

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 11/09/2015

Choose a shiatsu or body massage @ The Yoga Space, Heugh Rd. Walmer, PE. Harry 084 2994459

Mobile uploads 28/08/2015

Massage has so many components to it : when you work on a patient they might complain about a tight rhomboid muscle in the back and feel sluggish , but there their could be huge issuers at stake . Their might be emotional issues . They could have night levels of toxicity with heavy metals , they could have imbalance in hormones , they could be exposed to electromagnetic fields that are affecting them . Their diet is probably bad and they are probably on some or meds clogging up their liver .
I was Looking at a bio data feedback machine ( Scio ) and
It listed all the problem areas .
It's mind blowing .
But you have to start somewhere .
A Massage , more specifically a shiatsu and reflexology treatment is a good place to start.
We in South Africa just don't use these treatments enough and say we cannot afford alternative health care yet Look at the Chemist bill for pills ? Does it make sense ?

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 26/08/2015

Shiatsu treatments available today and In the future at The Yoga Space Heugh Rd Walmer.
A tranquil Zen atmosphere for a deep relaxing Shiatsu .

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 04/08/2015

Bodybasics has a new base camp for PE clients , cnr cape rd and Salisbury av ,74 cape rd, Mill Park. Velvet Spoilz Studio.


Bodybasics in PE for coming week .


Treating in jbay / pe this week end and next week .

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 13/06/2015

BodyBasics "present and correct "😀 at Kurland Equestrian Event .

Photos from BodyBasics Massage's post 12/06/2015

Yes believe it or not this is on the way to a shiatsu client 😎


To heal and be healed ?
Any treatment wether its shiatsu reflexology or massage will only " work" provided you make a conscious decision to " let it "
The cause of your "dis - ease" is a blockage of some sort , you are holding on to this ,
Obviously there are degenerative disorders and physical trauma like accidents , but in most cases you know deep down its your diet , lifestyle , emotions etc
You can go to 20 different Therapists and none will be successful should you so decide.
Who actually heals a cut ? The doctor can stitch it , patch it , but the body heals its itself , on all levels .
Shiatsu facilitates the flow of chi or vital energy which will restore your body's equilibrium and ultimately your good health .

Mobile uploads 05/06/2015

Reflexology : if you still don't believe the feet mirror the body , look at first sketch ( man reclining supine , legs elevated , the 2 sketch is same shape showing the curve on medial foot representing spine . ( 5000 years or more discovered . )

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Massage therapy , deep tissue, lymphatic, remedial , sports , reflexology. Shiatsu



Port Elizabeth/Plettenberg Bay

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