Pure Yoga Sedgefield

Pure Yoga Sedgefield


Starting this Wednesday at 17h15. Studio rates apply/some yoga experience required.

Remember to book your spot. Those attending all 6 classes will receive a goodie bag at the end of our course 💕🌞😊🌹

Practice with us online. This Slow Flow with Katja invites you to pay attention and activate your body gently.
Happy Home days everyone. Our Youtube Pure Yoga Channel just went online, and we are super excited to share our practice with you!
Learn about Ayurveda, your personal constitution and how to stay balanced in our Ayurveda Workshop, Saturday, April 13.

All welcome. R350 workshop fee includes all workshop materials, Ayurvedic lunch, fresh juice and tea.

Booking essential - 067 0356487.
I love Katja's yoga classes, Wednesday morning Vinyasa flow class being my favourite. Each class beautifully and uniquely sequenced, with clear instructions coming from a soothing voice. You can decide how far you want to challange your body or rather take it gently. I leave every class floating home feeling grounder, yet energised with a clear and calm mind. All I need from my yoga classes. If only i could do them more often.
Highly recommended. Thank you 🙏🌺💕
Highly recommend private class with Katja. We appreciate your gentle guidance and wisdom. We felt rejuvenated the entire day. Thank you!❤️
Awesome class tonight, Katja. Thank you❤️🧘🏼‍♂️
Thank you Katja Schuermann for sharing your infinite yoga and well being knowledge with every class! It's an hour we spend on ourselves with your guidance and personal touch! With life's hectic schedules we forget to give to ourselves...and your classes always remind us how vital it Is to do so! 💜Namaste
Love this yoga class. Really special.
Thank you so much Katja for the relaxing and revitalising yoga classes at the Learning Clan festival. You reacquainted me with yoga that is less about the clothes you are wearing and the way you look in a pose and more about how your mind, body and breath are connected. Thank you for the morning yoga that started each day so bright xx

PURE YOGA Garden Route offers unique yoga experiences, workshops and retreats in the beautiful surro It means what we do and teach is purely Yoga. Namasté

"Yoga exists in the world because everything is linked."

`Pure Yoga` does not refer to a type of Yoga. It is a holistic philosophy and wholesome approach to life. A regular Yoga practice can assist in gaining strength and flexibility, peace and clarity, reduce stress and anxiety & create balance and harmony between actions, thoughts, and emotions. See our website, WhatsApp group or page for our yoga schedule:

We are looking forward to sharing Yoga with you.

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We are looking forward the One Day Retreat with yummy yoga, food and massages by Anja & Katja.
December 3 at The Space Between Plett


Decembers tend to be full, and we would love for you to start your summer with full batteries. Join Katja and massage therapist Anja for a One Day Retreat with delicious yoga, food and restorative massage at the magical Space Between. 

More info and the links to book below.

We look forward to seeing you there!



It's time again for our Full Moon Meditation.
Join us this Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm.

No bookings necessary. Just bring an open heart and anything to sit on 😍


Grab your mat or a pillow to sit on, and join us for a Mantra Meditation this Sunday.

No booking required.


At this One Day Retreat you are invited to join Katja and Anja for a day of nourishing yoga, plant based food and relaxing massages, overlooking the vast ocean at the magical Space Between near Plett.

We are following the theme TRUST. The first yoga class will be a dynamic and strong flow, activating your inner fire, but also moving gently through poses that are grounding and promote balance and inner peace. At lunch, Anja will hold a little talk about plant based nutrition and how we can learn to trust our own bodies and gut. Then for the ultimate relaxation the day ends with a restorative yoga class, in which poses are not only aiming at stretching tight muscles, relaxing the body and releasing tension, but also lend themselves to be combined with gentle healing touch and massages from both facilitators.

Saturday, 4 June, 10AM - 3PM
The Space Between
R550 including lunch

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Katja 067 025 6487

Book via this link on MindBody https://get.mndbdy.ly/qRsoDbIAhqb

We are so looking forward to having you join.

Katja & Anja


Offering our monthly meditation this Sunday at 4pm 😃💙


Anika and Karin would love to have your hearts and voices with them tomorrow evening for another Full Moon Meditation at 17:30.

No need to book. We hope to see you there 🥰🌝


Join us for another Full Moon Meditation 🌚😉


Seeing the unfolding crisis in Ukraine is disheartening on many levels. We have many students and people who work with Inner Dimension TV who have been caught up in this tragedy. One of our editors is from Kyiv and is trying to get his family safely to Poland.

We can make a difference by joining together in meditation and prayer along with making donations to reputable organizations.

More than 23 peer-reviewed articles and more than 50 peace-gathering projects have shown when communities align to a peaceful intention that there are lower incidents of violence, war, and crime.

Join myself and Lauren for a special “Uniting For Ukraine,” meditation and prayer Sunday, February 27th (10am Los Angeles/1pm NYC/8pm Kyiv).

Streaming LIVE:

Instagram (RealTravisEliot)

Here are a list of organizations you can donate to.



Our first Full Moon Meditation for 2022. Don't miss out and join us tomorrow at 5:30pm. No need to book your spot but do bring something comfortable with to sit on.

See you all there!


Join us tomorrow for our Full Moon Meditation @ 5pm 💛

No need to book and remember to bring something comfortable to sit on.

See you then!!


While the end of the year is often a busy time, here’s an opportunity for a day of unwinding. Join Katja for a one day retreat, being held at the most magical spot just outside Plettenberg Bay. The yoga studio there overlooks the expansive ocean, the space is just amazing and the food nothing short of divine. A perfect place and day to come by yourself, with your friend or to spend quality time with your mom.

The One Day Retreat with Katja on *Saturday, December 18* invites you to join from 10am for a Full Body Flow Yoga Class with Katja, to spoil yourself with a delicious meal and smoothie for lunch and unwind with a Restorative Yoga session which for ultimate relaxation ends with a long yoga Nidra. The retreat ends at 3pm.

Please message Katja to book your spot.
067 0256487

In the spirit of objecting Shell and contributing to changing our behavior around our use of fossil fuels we would like to encourage ride sharing. Katja herself has three seats available in her car, driving from Hoekwil through Sedgefield to the venue. When you book please mention if you would like to offer a ride or catch a ride. Thank you.


Join us this Friday evening for our next full moon meditation.
Donations are welcome and no bookings are necessary 💛

Pure Yoga Sedgefield is now on WhatsApp. 11/11/2021

Pure Yoga Sedgefield is now on WhatsApp.

Pure Yoga Sedgefield is now on WhatsApp.


Join Nicky for a 🧡 magical restful restorative yoga class 🧡 to soothe the nervous system and initiate the relaxation response.

This simple practice will gently stretch the body, boost immunity, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and relieve stress.

If you are experiencing fatigue or just general unease and restlessness, especially as year-end and the holiday season approaches, this is a beautiful self-care practice that anyone can do.

Book your spot for a deep, well-deserved rest - only 4 spots available for this one 🌸☺️


🌕Full moon🌕 blessings dear mooners.

We are sorry to miss our chanting with you as Karin isn’t feeling well. We hope you are enjoying the fantastic weather and glorious seasonal changes 💛🌞🌺

Loving blessings Anika & Karin

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Join us for a subtle, deep and meditative Yin practice. 💛

This is a wonderful practice for releasing deeply held tension in the body, promoting circulation, stimulating the connective tissues and joints, and melting stress away.

First class focusing on the upper body and the second one on the lower body.

Book your spot for one or both with Nicky @ 082 445 3310 - limited spaces available.


With warming temperatures and the arrival of spring, we are excited to prepare and host our first few workshops in this brand-new space! 🤩

Coming soon - Yoga & Somatics with Lize and a Yin & Sound Bath session with Nicky

Details to follow 🌸


🤩A peek at our progress and the start of a fresh beginning as we almost welcome spring 🤩

It’s been a while 😅, but we have been super busy renovating our new space and as you can see, we have a few more things to do in order to offer classes and workshops once again. Feeling so very excited to see it all come together and can’t wait to share it all with you.

With the wet and cold weather being so unpredictable the last few weeks we have not been able to offer an outdoor class just yet.

We hope everyone is taking the time to nurture themselves and we look forward to seeing you again for practice real soon 🤸🏻

May you be happy, healthy, and full of love!
Nicky and Katja 💞


We are excited to breathe and chant with you again this Sunday for our Full Moon Meditation 🥰

Join Anika and Karin @ 17:30, 50 on Main.


Renovations and preparations are under way!
We look forward to welcoming you to our new space soon 💙

Watch this space for our upcoming outdoor yoga class!


Dear Pure Yoga community and students,

We would like to thank you all for your patience, love, and understanding. We are incredibly grateful for the beautiful wishes and support received by you. We have been in contact with all our regular students, all those with 6-class cards, and made special arrangements with some of you. If we perhaps missed you, please get in touch with Nicky directly.

We will no longer offer regular weekly classes through Pure Yoga but will instead use this platform to inform you of all upcoming outdoor classes, workshops, events, etc. These will be hosted at our new venue in Ruigtevlei and/or at other scenic locations throughout the Garden Route, by a variety of teachers – new and current.

Feel free to contact your teacher to book a class OR to find out more about their independent group and/or private classes in and around Sedgefield:

🌻STUART 060 757 4414
Small group classes available in Sedgefield.
Wild Harmony Yoga: Mondays 7:30 – 8:30.
Book in advance on or before Saturday each week.

🌹KAYLA 063 149 8561
Small group & private classes available in Sedgefield.
Morning Yoga Flow: Tuesdays @ 8:00
Booking essential.

🌸LIZE 071 880 5188
Private yoga classes available in and around Sedgefield.
Contact Lize for availability.

🌷NICKY 082 445 3310
Daily group & private classes in Ruigtevlei.
Yoga & Pilates: Mondays – Fridays @ 7:00 – 18:00
Contact Nicky for availability.

🌕 Pure Yoga’s Full Moon Meditations with Karin and Anika will continue 🌕
Dates/Times/Location will be announced closer to the time.

We are excited to share these new beginnings with everyone and look forward to welcoming you to our new venue as soon as lockdown restrictions ease and it is safe to do so. 🤸🏻😀

Warm and kind regards
Pure Yoga Studio 🤩🧡🙏


Dear students and friends of Pure Yoga,

Thank you for your patience and continued support in the last week of uncertainty.

The last year has been a time of reevaluation and reflection for all of us. At Pure Yoga, we have been trying our best to flow with the changes and needs of the time and our community.

Our vision going forward has naturally shifted towards celebrating the surrounding beauty of our natural environment in the Garden Route in which we will be offering high quality yoga experiences, such as retreats and workshops, in peaceful and scenic locations.

We will still have a simplified weekly schedule for those interested, and these classes will be held at our new home studio in Ruigtevlei (11 minutes drive from our current studio in Sedgefield). The new schedule will be communicated with you in detail soon, and we value to hear your preferences should you be interested in joining. Please message Nicky directly on WhatsApp 082 445 3310 or pop us a message right here. Everyone with a valid 6-classes card will be contacted shortly.

Our new Pure Yoga home studio ties in with our vision of unique yoga offerings in a most peaceful setting, and we will open our doors there in August. The finalized schedule will be confirmed closer to the time.

We are looking forward to these new beginnings as winter will make way for early spring.

In the meantime, when the opportunity arises, Katja will offer one or the other yoga in nature pop-up experience.

Thank you all.

Karin, Stuart, Lize, Kayla, Nicky and Katja 💚


Dearest students and friends of Pure Yoga Studio,

We regret to inform you that Pure Yoga will temporarily be closing due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the few years, we have been in business, we have grown and become an amazing community. Your support, your love, and your presence in the classes, events, and special workshops are greatly appreciated.

In the coming weeks, we will communicate with you about continuing class and some exciting changes we are working on but until then all classes are canceled until further notice. Our beautiful community is not disappearing. It is our hope that you continue to feel supported in your practice and we look forward to having you in our classes again soon.

All of us at Pure Yoga thank you from our hearts for your love and continued support through this transitional period. Collectively we have been such an amazing community and it has been such a blessing to offer and share this experience with you for this long!

For those with 6-class cards, we will be in contact with you personally in the next week.

It has been a true honour to serve all of you and we look forward to continuing to support you on your path!

With respect and love,
Katja, Nicky, Lize, Kayla, Karin, and Stuart 🧡


Join Nicky for a gentle and unique yoga inversions class by candlelight 🕯️ tomorrow @ 17:15.

Stretch into a state of bliss with this incredibly calming and naturally healing upside-down practice where we'll combine Restorative and Yin yoga to reduce lower back pain, melt away stress, and relieve pressure on our feet, legs, hips, and pelvis.

Fully and wholeheartedly allowing ourselves to soften and embrace the moment with gratitude and sincerity 🥰

Booking essential 082 445 3310🙏🌷


Join Lize tomorrow evening for a foundational yoga class where we embrace the perspective of a beginner.

As a yoga teacher you are constantly humbled, the journey never reaches a point where you know or can learn enough about the basics. The process of learning to enjoy the experience in your body when at ease or challenged. To embrace your breath and the path to be present in the moment, to feel the body move as it stretches and strengthen as we safely transition between different postures.

See you there tomorrow evening 17:15 🌸

Prana: Yoga’s Link to the Universe | YogaUOnline 03/06/2021

Prana: Yoga’s Link to the Universe | YogaUOnline


Prana: Yoga’s Link to the Universe | YogaUOnline In yoga, breathing is closely linked with the concept of prana, or life force. Prana is said to be the force that animates all living things. Prana is a manifestation of all energy. As humans, we replenish our prana through food, air, and experiences. Once we learn how to understand and guide our ow...


This month join Nicky for a gentle and unique yoga inversions class every Wednesday @ 17:15. These inverted postures are done with our head below the heart or our hips above the heart 🤩

We'll combine Restorative and Yin yoga to improve circulation, reduce lower back pain, release stress, stretch our legs and hips, relax our pelvic floor, and relieve pressure on our lower body.

Booking essential 082 445 3310 🥰🌻


Our new theme for June 🧡

Each time we step onto the mat, we are invited to embrace our best selves. Giving us a chance to be free and powerful in the ever-present moment - now.

Join us this month as we EMBRACE all that is around and within us - past, present, and future 🌻🌈


Pop by, come chat, join us for yoga!


Join Nicky for a special once-off Chandra Namaskar / Moon Salutations practice tomorrow morning @ 8:00. The sister-sequence to our more common Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutations - a cooling and calming start to the day.

This is a great one to unwind a busy mind, release physical and mental tension, and helps us channel the lunar energy. It stretches and strengthens the back, the legs, and the stomach muscles.

If you are used to doing Sun Salutations regularly, Moon Salutations are a great way to balance and harmonize your practice 🥰

Booking essential 082 445 3310 🤩🌕🌻


Our full moon meditation for May will be this Tuesday at 18:45.
Come celebrate and honour the lunar energies with us.

Bring your own mat or cushion support. We also have some beautiful wooden meditation benches and cork meditation mats available for purchase. WhatsApp Nicky for more details - 082 445 3310.


The last of our power yoga pop-up classes for May. Join Lize Monday and Thursday evenings @ 17:15 for a strong flow to get the blood pumping and the systems going!

Booking essential - 071 880 5188


These wonderful blue yoga-eggs are now available at Pure Yoga!

To view or purchase them (by appointment only) - WhatsApp our merchandiser Nicky at 082 445 3310 or send us a PM.


Pure Yoga will be leading a mindfulness meditation on 30 May, 12:15 - 12:45 @ Blackwaters River Lodge.

Please sign in at the Pure Yoga stall and remember to bring your own mat or cushion support. Booking is essential with Lize at 071 880 5188.

We have some lovely cork meditation mats, wooden meditation benches and other goodies all for your meditation practice available for purchase at our table - come take a look!


Pure Yoga will be hosting 2 outdoor yoga sessions on 30 May at the Esoteric Craft Market @ Blackwaters River Lodge.

Rise and shine to our first session at 11:00 - 12:00 offered by Nicky. This will be a fresh, energy-boosting morning yoga sequence to open the body and stretch and twist out stiff, tired and achy muscles that are common in the morning!

Enjoy our second session at 13:00 - 14:00 offered by Lize, with a mobility and flexibility yoga flow. We'll mix static and dynamic postures to give you the best of both worlds. Thereafter we'll unwind and finish off with some relaxing stretches to end our day.

Both sessions will leave you with greater body awareness and a sense of spaciousness.

All levels welcome and please bring your own mat.
R100 per person / limited spaces available.
Bookings can be made with Nicky @ 082 445 3310.

Check out the event link here: https://web.facebook.com/events/322287165959786/?active_tab=about

Our Story

“Balance is not something that shows up one day and is suddenly here to stay; it’s the result of creating moments of mindfulness and gratitude throughout our day. That’s why it’s called a practice—it never ends.”

`Pure Yoga` does not refer to a type of Yoga. Our yoga classes combine elements of Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with Meditation, and we integrate elements of static and dynamic practices according to the level of the practitioners experience. We are a community of 7 Yoga and Pilates teachers offering a variety of weekly classes at our beautiful Pure Yoga Community Studio at 50 on Main in Sedgefield, South Africa.

A regular Yoga practice can assist in gaining strength and flexibility, peace and clarity, reduce stress and anxiety & create balance and harmony in body and mind.

We also offer private lessons at your home or at the studio in Sedgefield - get in touch if you are interested. When teaching individuals we focus on the practioners personal level, and an individual session allows for a therapeutic approach tailored to your needs.

We are looking forward to sharing Yoga with you.

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With warming temperatures and the arrival of spring, we are excited to prepare and host our first few workshops in this ...
Friday morning Kundalini Yoga at Pure Yoga Sedgefield
Thursday Yoga & Pilates Fusion with Nicky
Strong classes with Kayla Le Roux
Tuesday morning Strong Flow with Lize





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I am a Yogi by dedication and a teacher by compassion. If you show up for yourself, I will meet you