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Nanolux 315W CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) Fixture

Nanolux 315W CMH fixtures now available.

The CMH fixture can be used as a primary veg and mother stock light, a primary light for SOG applications, or a supplemental full spectrum light for large flowering operations.

R5500 per fixture.

The hottest technology in energy efficient HID lighting is now available from Nanolux Technology Inc. Ceramic Metal Halide, or CMH for short (some refer to i...



Fields of Green for ALL and The Green Network are proud to present the FINAL DRAFT of Cannabis in South Africa – The People’s Plant – A Full Spectrum Manifesto for Policy Reform (formerly known as the “Outcomes Document”). This final draft will be open for public comment until 31 December 2019 and we will publish it in early 2020.

Read the article for more info on how to contribute to the cause.

These are exciting times, let’s all get what we want, together! 22/10/2019

Licence granted to grow cannabis in Somerset

News! The drug will be used for medical tests 07/08/2018

How To Grow Peppers Indoors All Winter Long - Off The Grid News   There are few things that you can grow in your garden that are as versatile as the pepper. Hot, sweet, red or green – even yellows, oranges and purples can add a touch of the exotic to your next dish. For most gardeners it simply wouldn’t be the same without a nice harvest of ...


Bean Time-Lapse - 25 days | Soil cross section

This is cool...

Kidney bean time lapse with soil cross section. Showing how roots ant upper part of plant grows. Play speed - 17280x (one shot every 9 minutes 36 seconds pla...


Cover Crops To Recharge Your Soil This Winter!

Cover crops, or green manures, are a great way to protect your garden from weeds and soil erosion over the winter period. As well as protecting your soil, co...





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