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Whether you're looking to inject some excitement into your s*x life, or add to your ever growing toy collection, you're in the right place! Carmen Ely, Founder of Play With Me


With. Me. Three words that are an experience, an invitation and a manifesto. Three words that are about fun, intimacy and a love of self. While Play With Me is indeed a premium supplier of intimate adult products, what we believe in and what we strive for is so much more than that. I created the Play With Me brand in celebration of my own journey and the discovery of my own inner strength. It's im

Operating as usual

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Talking about sensory delight... are you a kink snob too? 🍒

We know for certain that the Kinky Elves know best!

Beautifully crafted with gorgeous resin handles, the Elves are renowned for their weighty, high quality kink toys 😍

Made to order so that they're customised to your exact needs (and kink personality of course). Get in touch for more info!

Proudly made in 🇿🇦 for the love of kink!

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Just another day at the Play With Me Palace playing with wax n stuff 😜🍒

If pain for pleasure or sensory play is your kink, this popular BDSM practice will leave your lovers skin tingling with pleasurable delight and anticipation!

Low temp candles are the way to go and they're SO erotic to play with!! 🔥

As always handle with care and play safe! 😘

Photos from Play With Me's post 05/05/2022

Hands Free Fun 🍒
Wax Play & Some Kink Too!



Take some leave and hop on it!! 👉🏻

Tracey Cox reveals her 6-month sex challenge 09/04/2022

Tracey Cox reveals her 6-month sex challenge

We do like a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to sex! Some great advice right here 👇🏻🍒

Tracey Cox reveals her 6-month sex challenge Tracey Cox says it's time to shake things up in your relationship, if you've been together for over a year. From not having sex in a bed to trying new positions for oral sex, the British sex expert shares her tips.

Photos from Play With Me's post 05/04/2022

Popular Couples Toys 🍒
Play BDSM Interview | From 'Kinky Vanilla' To Brat In Subspace...

Photos from Play With Me's post 29/03/2022

Life is full of swings and roundabouts 🍒

A multi position swing is a great way to incorporate a variety of new and thrilling positions into your reportoire 🔥

The provision of extra soft, wide and comfortable straps means either one (or both partners) can swing into all kinds of spheres of erotic desire without much physical effort!

Also, please don't worry about how to keep it discreet... Our customers are creative - they have it DOWN! Feel free to ☎️ us for some installation tips 😜

Photos from Play With Me's post 24/03/2022

If it's not kak lekker it's fokken amazing!!! 🍒

It's always nice to know that our customers are enjoying their QT with Tracy 😜

Photos from Play With Me's post 21/03/2022

Calling All Top Performers! 🍒 I Tried A New Libido Booster Pill, This Is What Happened...

Photos from Play With Me's post 18/03/2022

When it's all in the name… GLORY! GLORY! HELELUJIAH! 🍒

We like toys that you can use all over the place!

The new kid on the block is more than just a panty vibe, it can be used for self indulgent pleasure, kinky couples and all over body stimulation.

Thoughtfully designed, this feminine toy is quiet and discreet. It fits comfortably in your underwear for the perfect undercover orgasm (the toy, not you 😂)

Thanks to the year 2022, both the vibe and remote are conveniently USB rechargeable, bye bye batteries!! 👏👏👏👏

All that's left to do now is smother yourself with pleasure as you or your lover stroke and tease your most secret places with this beautifully contoured little passion pleaser!

You're welcome 😉

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I'll have 2 of those and a side order of fries please!🍒

This superior dong with dual layered sliding skin has an incredibly lifelike feel!

With a satisfyingly firm and girthy inner it simulates the feeling of an erect pen*s with the added enjoyment of deliciously soft outer skin.

This ever popular toy is harness compatible and bendable for all kinds of play!

By far the most realistic dildo we've ever felt 😜

Cherry pick your size and tone and go do your thing! 😘

Photos from Play With Me's post 04/03/2022

Your Friday reminder 🍒 Are you prioritising intimacy?

We all deserve to have meaningful and joyous relationships. After all it's the very reason why we're here!

I love these cards, they're easy to discuss, they're not intimidating and overall a great way to spend time together bonding in a meaningful way.

Life gets busy and people grow and change and sometimes drift apart. Spending time with each other shouldn't be 'hard work' and these cards make it really easy to connect.

When most conversations are about work, logistics, kids and the schedule and your connection takes a back seat it's not easy to get back. I speak from experience, it's a lonely place to be, and one I wouldn't wish for you to find yourself in.

If you need to reignite intimacy, Our Moments is a great tool to help you get there.

These very basic questions will give you great insights into each other, where you're both at and why you fell in love in the first place ❤️

Take them out at the dinner table, on a road trip, in your PJs or with a drink in hand and re-connect!

Please, and thank you 😊😜😘



Push to start 😜🍒

Clit stim fans, find your perfect match! 😘

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Hands up who needs a new outfit?

These reusable pasties are nicely contoured to hug the nipples for a good and comfortable fit!

Pair them up with the Ava strappy g-string and suggestive collar and you've got yourself an outfit!

Strappy and harness type accessories are fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

Still trending and this set is HOT HOT HOT!



The Blow Your Hair Back Tongue Licking Heating & Pumping Wand Massager

Sometimes I also run out of words to describe a toy like this, and that's OK, because you'll probably lose your words straight after getting your hands on it!

There's a lot going on with this toy which makes it lots of fun to use... everywhere!

I got hold of this toy because I have a sense of humour and tongue toys are trending. Facts.

It's fun, it's novel and most definitely a toy to be used for as long as it will allow 😉😂

As always, be bold & stay playful!

PLAY UNBIASED TOY REVIEW | THE BLOW YOUR HAIR BACK TONGUE LICKING PUMPING WAND The Blow Your Hair Back Tongue Licking Heating & Pumping Wand Massager! Sometimes I also run out of words to describe a toy like this, and that's OK because you'll lose your words straight after getting your hands on it! I got hold of this toy because I have a sense of humour and tongue toys are tre...

Photos from Play With Me's post 25/02/2022

It's all about the KINK 🍒
...and conversation starters for GREAT relationships!

Watch this reel by playwithmeza on Instagram 23/02/2022

Watch this reel by playwithmeza on Instagram

Enjoy yourself for longer with a lot less effort! 🍒

Sex chairs/stools/bouncers are a great way to add some weightlessness into your love life by reducing weight on the knees and hips for more easeful (and bouncy) woman on top sex positions!

The extra spring from the seat lets you ride your partner with a strong rhythm that takes very little energy.

A weightless bounce is a unique experience and one of the main reasons sex stools have become so popular!

We like this - a lot! 😘

Watch this reel by playwithmeza on Instagram playwithmeza • Original Audio

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Aaand it's a wrap! 🍒

There's something incredibly intimate about rope work. The closeness, the skill, the communication - the vibrating rope (insert bullet here...) 😜
It's all super sexy!

Shout out to our first rope workshop graduates of 2022. Thank you for your openness, sense of humour and energy!

Where like minded people meet and share....nothing quite like it!

Look forward to the next one!

As always, be bold & stay playful!


Photos from Play With Me's post 04/02/2022

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue 🍒
PLUS A Rope bondage Workshop - Just For YOU!

Photos from Play With Me's post 01/02/2022

Roses are red, violets are blue... Bugger the rest of the poem, clit stim fans THIS toy is for you! 🍒

This tik tok trending sex toy will not disappoint! Dubbed the soul snatcher by many sex toy reviewers, this adorable super discreet rose (another Tracy's Dog original) has arrived to please you in every way possible.

Phenomenal pleasure and a whirlwind of orgasms are only a press of a button away with this extremely satisfying and popular toy!

It blows and sucks and vibrates in the most magical way!

So much of nice!!! 😘


Our favourite night! Back by popular demand just in time for VDay 🍒

Ever wonder how to tie someone up in bed? What to do, what not to do and how to have fun with rope?

Come learn how and meet likeminded people while you're at it! Fun for singles & couples - all welcome!

Book early, seats are limited!

Link in bio 😘

Photos from Play With Me's post 27/01/2022

Do you know what turns you on? Take the test! 🍒
Nawtie by Nature - Make Friends, Find Dates & Have Fun!

Photos from Play With Me's post 23/01/2022

TOY REVIEW OF THE WEEK - SPOILING HIM 🍒 Quickshot for the win!

BJ Fun!!! *****

Tink on Jan 17, 2022

Got this as a treat for my man - blindfolded him and worked it into my BJ routine. Its easy to do because of the double ended sides...He LOVED it! Nice too because he can use it on his own if he really wants to!

Fleshlight got it right with this must have couples toy! The Riley Reid Quickshot features 2 unobstructed exit points and a compact internal texture for VERY satisfying stimulation!

Fleshlight men's sex toys can be used for both pleasure and to increase sexual performance and stamina.

This beaut can be also be used to elevate oral sex into new realms of pleasure, so if ever there was a time to get up close and personal it's now! 😉

We like the CLEAR SuperSkin sleeve and compact clear case, it's easy to clean and great for travel!


It's always a treat spending time sifting through toys, trends and sharing experiences with someone as fab as Tracy, thanks for a fun afternoon! 😊🍒

Photos from Play With Me's post 31/12/2021

When all you need for 2022 is a new pair of goggles... 😂🍒

Swipe for Tinks review of the Kalahari-Horing Spermulator 👀

The cause of low sperm count is attributed to the daily lifestyle choices that we make.

Spermulator is 100% natural and helps regenerate a healthy sperm count.

You can use it just for fun or to boost your testosterone levels to strengthen your desire for sex.

Expect to experience much more intense orgasms due to the sheer volume of semen that increases through muscle contractions.

@buffelhoring 👌💦


We know how much you like chatting to us on the phone - from now on you can WA us too! No chancers please 😜



Find out about all things trending and just how much fun we've had this year!

In closing, I'll say this:

The past 2 years have by no means been an easy ride and as a result relational and performance issues have been top of mind. How to reconnect with our other halves, how to get more physical mileage out of our interactions – many of us are troubled by this.

As we now regroup and understand that there are parts of ourselves that will never be the same again, we look for our new ‘happy’ and where we stand with ourselves as well as how we relate to the world around us.

As 2021 draws to a close I can say with much certainty that you came, you saw and you conquered! This makes me smile. I thank you for your continued support of the Play With Me brand and wish you all that sets your heart, and pants, on fire!

Roll on 2022, it's going to be spectacular!

As always, be bold & stay playful!


Bold, Yet Playful | The Freedom To Express All Of You

Play With Me was created to provide the market with a much-needed holistic approach to s*x and relationships. In the words of the company's founder: "It's vital to the success of any healthy relationship to find the 'self' in s*xual self-awareness. By investing in your own s*xual pleasure, coupled with our adult toys, you complete the circle of self discovery and open yourself up to true intimacy in your relationships. "

Be Bold. Be Playful. Just Be. offers South African men and women a wide variety of high quality adult toys (and much more) at the touch of a button!

The best advice, discreet door to door courier delivery and secure online payment means it’s never been easier to explore your sensuality on your own terms.

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