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The Spice Castle is where our kitchen meets yours. With authentic Indian cuisine being our focal poi Take away


Sometimes walking sideways is good 🦀

Crab Curry

The Spice Castle 🏰

Photos from The Spice Castle's post 18/11/2022

“Always cook with a happy heart & lots and lots of love”. My special customers from Bryanston Mr & Mrs Weavill, ordered our spicy prawn chutney & Roti for dinner today. Now if you want to look as happy as he does, you should order our meals! 🥹

The Spice Castle 🏰
081 539 3574


Fasting special menu out. 🙏


Luxmi Pooja orders - place orders via what’s app. 081 539 3574

Remember, you can now get delivery via Uber connect package. 🥹

Family size portion available upon request.

Pick up between 3pm -6pm

“From our castle 🏰 to yours”
The Spice Castle 🏰


How cute is The Spice Castle Tiny Tot Princess 👸🏻🥹

A sweet dessert for our sweet little princess 👸🏻

Soji, cream and almonds 🏰
Sasha Naidoo

Thank you for all the support, the shares, likes, and encouragement. 🥹🙏


There are days we feel like giving up. But we quickly realise we aren’t only doing it for ourselves but The Spice Castle 🏰 Family.

From their lunches to dinners. Family events, birthdays & functions. We have been apart of their family. So they’ve become apart of ours.

From the elderly, to our tiny tots, we receive so much love, and it’s only fair to reciprocate it, but even louder.

Just like a tree, we are growing with such amazing roots, thanks to each and everyone of you.

This is exactly what fuels us to continue with our small business.

We are so blessed to have the overwhelming support from our community, and even outside our community. We appreciate all the recommendations, marketing on our behalf, likes, shares, reviews, posts, statuses and purchases.

You are valued, and your efforts certainly do not go unnoticed.

We hope to continue to extend our personality & hospitality, love, and passion, through our food.

From our Castle 🏰 to yours ♥️

Thank You.

The Spice Castle 🏰


The Spice Castle 🏰

Monday special

Medium butter beans and 4 rotis R50

Medium paneer chutney and 4 rotis R110

Medium soya prawn & savory rice R130

Pick up between 4:30-6pm delivery between 6-8pm (at a fee)

Orders to be placed by 9am.

Thank you 🙏 for the continued support. 🙏


We love showing our customers how much we appreciate and value their support! With you, we would not be in business.

Happy birthday to Mrs Naidoo Yagashen Naidoo even though your birthday is on the 23th June. We decided to gift you with an early birthday surprise, from Our Castle to yours!


The Spice Castle 🏰


If you are a customer of hours, and have not claimed your birthday voucher, please let us know.

Wishing Deveena M Subramony a blessed birthday from Our Castle 🏰 to Hers!

We appreciate the ongoing support, from purchasing, to recommending , reviewing and encouraging.

The Spice Castle 🏰


Good food never goes unnoticed.

Celebrate Father’s Day with some Indian cuisine on the menu.

What’s app orders on 081 539 3574

The Spice 🌶Castle 🏰


Some Father’s Day specials - orders in by Friday 🙏

Thank you all for the support! 🙏


Mishka Pillay this one’s for you.

Happy birthday from The Spice Castle 🏰

To our customers, share with us your birth dates, and you too, will get a gift 💝 voucher. We see you, we appreciate you, and we would love to give you alittle something back, just honour how special you truly are!


Dear customers.

Please review our new menu, there’s some additions and price changes.

We would also like to thank our very loyal customers, for the continued support. Sharing & recommending us. None of it has gone unnoticed. We appreciate you all.

Please also note, same process applies, all orders to be placed the day before because we are still a small business, ensuring quality and fresh meals daily.

What’s app is on 081 539 3574

We look forward to continue feeding your tummy, with our authentic Indian cuisine.

From our castle 🏰 to yours 🌶

The Spice Castle 🏰


Are you feeling the heat yet? I know we are!

Fruit platters, are always a winner. With December around the corner, summer days just hot a lot cooler.

Place your platter orders for your, weekend vibes, year end parties and holiday festivities. 🍎🍐🍊🍋🍓🍇🍉🫐🥭🍑🍒🍈🥥🥝🍍

What’s app on 081 549 3574

Let’s be ‘Cool for the Summer’ .

“From our castle 🏰 to yours”

The Spice 🌶 Castle 🏰


With Heritage Day around the corner, we thought it’s only fitting to share with our potential customers a taste of our Indian cuisine.

The Spice Castle 🏰 will be offering complimentary taste testers, this Friday.

🌶mini butter chicken with one roti
🌶2 samosas (sweet corn and cheese or lamb mince)
🌶mini kebab chutney & one roti

🌶mini butter beans curry & one roti
🌶mini potato curry & one roti
🌶sooji cups

Please note, these are sample tasting portions. It’s first come, first serve, so please kindly what’s app us on 081 539 3574 and comment on our post. We will really appreciate the support! *limited complimentary tasters*

“From our castle 🏰 to yours”
The Spice Castle 🏰


Nothing says South Indian better than some good old fashioned Puli Sadam and Potato curry.

Day 2 of fasting, The Spice Castle takes us back to the days our grandmas use to prepare this meal.

Every Saturdays, Puli Sadam and potato curry is on the menu at R60 for a medium portion.

What’s app all orders on 081 539 3574 atleast the day before or 11am on the day of special.

We look forward to providing you some delicious, home cooked style, South Indian meals.

From our castle 🏰 to yours. We thank you for the support!

The Spice Castle 🏰


To all those who are observing the 1 month fast. Please have a look at our menu, and kindly place your orders atleast a day in advance.

Wishing you a blessed and prosperous fasting season.

The Spice Castle 🏰


Thank you to our customers for nominating us for 947 best samoosa in Johannesburg 🙏

We truly appreciate the on going support!


Place your orders on 081 539 3574



We know our home town, and nation is going through the worse right now, delivery is almost impossible, food supplies are scarce, especially basics essentials. So we decided to share our bread recipe with you. 🙏

This is the recipe you should follow for making homemade bread, we’ve tried it and it’s lovely 😊

* 2 cups warm water (if you aren’t using instant yeast, bare in mind, too hot water can kill the yeast so Luke warm please. Also, I’ve used instant yeast for this recipe).
* 1/2 cup white sugar
* 10g dry yeast
* 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
* 1/4 cup oil
* 5-6 cups flour –You can use all-purpose flour OR bread flour.
1. In a large bowl, dissolve the sugar in water leave separately ( if you using active yeast, add yeast and allow to form up).

2. Mix salt and oil into the yeast. Mix in flour one cup at a time.

4. Knead dough for 7 minutes. This is important because the more you knead the better the texture. You can use a mixer too. Place in a well oiled bowl, and turn dough to coat. Cover with a damp cloth. Allow to rise until doubled in bulk, about 1 hour. Depending on weather conditions this could take longer, but ideally a warm place to rise will be great.

6. Punch dough down. Knead for 1 minute and divide in half. Shape into loaves and place into two greased 9×5 inch loaf pans. Allow to rise for 30 minutes, or until dough has risen 1 inch above pans.

8. Bake at 180 degrees for 30minutes

9. Cool, brush with butter, slice with a sharp knife and enjoy.

It takes around 2 and a half hours to make - and this makes 2 loaves. You can always half the recipe 😊 Hope this helps 🙏

Stay safe!

The Spice Castle 🏰


Todays special late lunch/supper orders pickup or delivery from 2pm -7:30pm

Quarter prawn bunny R120

Prawn roti roll R100

Prawn chutney medium portion with 4 rotis (serves 2) R230

Please kindly place your orders by 9am this morning morning. 😊

Thank you all for the wonderful support.🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹

The Spice Castle 🏰


Wondering how to order? Wonder no more. Here is our customer ordering process.

Since we are a small business, we urge you to place your orders by 9am daily for lunch and by 2:30pm for supper.

The Spice Castle 🏰


Hi Family

What’s app us your queries and orders 081 539 3574


Trotters! A spicy 🌶 beans and trotters curry.

🏰Trotters Curry Special
🌶 Medium size portions (Feeds 2) with a Portion of Rice R145

Family size portions also available.

What’s app us on 081 539 3574 ☎️

The Spice Castle 🏰


Nothing like a Bunny chow, right?

We offer a variety of bunny chows, going on specials on different days.

🏰Bunny chow specials
🌶 Quarter lamb bunny R87
🌶 Quarter chicken bunny R75
🌶 Quarter chicken and prawn bunny R98
🌶 Quarter Prawns bunny R115

Join us on what’s app 081 549 3574 for our weekly specials menu. ☎️

The Spice Castle 🏰


Veggie Days - No stress, we’ve got you.

🏰Every Monday Special 🌶Quarter Butter Beans Bunny Chows R65
🌶Butter Beans Roti rolls R47
🌶 Medium size feeds 2 butter beans curry and 4 Rotis. R118

Family size portions also available and individual size portions.

Please note these are Special prices on Mondays, outside special days, meals are full price.

Place order via what’s app by 9am daily. ☎️ 081 539 3574

The Spice Castle 🏰


Dear Loyal Customers

We would like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for the support. Right from every like, share, recommendation, review and continued purchase from us. We see you, each of you, we value you, and we cannot thank you enough.

As we are now on alert level 4 lockdown, and regardless of not yet being a sit in restaurant, we also feel the pinch. The Spice Castle 🏰 opened last year during lockdown, and we have managed to keep it going, because of YOU! We are constantly learning, improving and growing because we pride ourselves on our customers overall experience.

We would like to urge you to continue supporting us, liking our page, sharing, recommending and reviewing us. We pray to continue to provide you with, great service, authentic Durban, South Indian meals, and value for money.

As of the 1st July 2021, The Spice Castle will be in full operation from our home. We will be posting daily menus, via our social network platforms and what’s app groups.

We thank you once again, for the support, and we hope and pray for the best.

Kind regards
The Spice Castle 🏰


Sunday family lunches ? Let us help you.

From our kitchen to yours. 🌶🏰


It’s been awhile since we’ve posted, but we still here! 😁

To celebrate all the Moms we have some great specials for you to spoil her! 😉

Check out our Mothers Day Special Menu.

“From our kitchen to yours” Wishing all our Moms a Happy and blessed Mother’s Day

The Spice Castle 🏰


Check out this weeks specials.

Place your Pre orders via our Whats app line 081 539 3574


“The only crush I have, is a Bombay crush” 😍😍😍

If you’ve tried our Bombay Crush, you’d be Crushing too.

Caption: our amazing photographer & Customer

For menus, specials and to place hour orders, what’s app us on 081 539 3574

“From our kitchen to yours” keep crushing on our Bombay Crush. 😋

The Spice🌶Castle🏰


DURBAN! DURBAN! DURBAN, this ones for you! 📢

We’ve been getting a some requests from our home town, regarding when is The Spice 🌶Castle 🏰 opening in Durban. Thing is, we are still very much a small take away, but like the saying “dynamite comes in small packages” we want to accommodate our customers and loyal supporters in Durban, we decided 1 weekend only to pop up, and give you a taste “from our kitchen, to yours”.

So if you are in Durban, and want to try us out, please what’s app us on 081 539 3574 for more info & deets, specials & menu.

Thank you all for the overwhelming support. 🙏

Kind regards
The Spice🌶 Castle 🏰


Prawn 🦐 chutney anyone?

What’s app us on 081 539 3574 for orders, menus and queries.

“From our kitchen, to yours” stay safe.

The Spice🌶 Castle 🏰


Ever heard the saying, “the way to my heart ♥️ is through my stomach”? 😋

Well, The 🌶Spice Castle 🏰 is introducing our The Majesty Food Box, this Valentine’s Day. Keeping it as royal and Indian as possible.

These boxes are custom to your person’s favorite Indian savories and snacks.

From a variety of flavors and choices to choose from.

🌶chicken & mushroom
🌶chicken Ala King
🌶lamb mince
🌶sweet corn & cheese

🏰mini pizzas 🍕

🏰mini pies 🥧

🏰Chicken wings

🏰crumbed chicken pops

🌶garlic butter
🌶creamy kashmiri

🏰sweet treats
🌶sooji (Indian desert made with tasty wheat, condensed milk, etc topped with cream and/ or almonds)
🌶chocolates / sweets of your choice

For queries, orders & menus what’s app 081 539 3574

All Valentine’s Day orders need to be placed by the 12th February 2021, Friday at 3pm.

Platters are available too.

“From our kitchen, to yours” we hope to make our way to your heart ♥️ through our food. 😋

Stay safe.

The🌶Spice Castle🏰


Lamb saffron biryani, with soft potatoes and onions 🌶🏰

Don’t let anyone treat you like the elachi in the biryani. You are the Aloo!

Elachi (cardamom pods)
Aloo (potatoes)

Lamb saffron biryani, with soft potatoes and onions.

What’s app us on 081 539 3574 to place your orders, menus and specials.

Also, we are so grateful for our continued & new customers. 🙏

“From our kitchen to yours” you are our Aloo in our Biryani.

The 🌶Spice Castle 🏰


For some, a bouquet of chicken wings 🍗 sounds better than a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day 😅

The sSpice Castle 🏰 Platters are available upon request.

What’s app us 081 539 3574

“From our kitchen to yours” stay safe.

The Spice Castle 🌶🏰


A special menu taking into consideration all our Hindu Customers, who will be observing the Kavady fast.

🌶Medium Sugar beans & 10 puri R110 (serves 2)

🌶 medium paneer chutney with 4 rotis R118 (serves 2)
🌶soji cups R18
🌶sweet corn & cheese samosas R85 a dozen

🌶Merthi herbs potato chutney roti roll R30
🌶puri pathas R8.50 each
🌶dry vermceli cups R15 each

🌶Veg biryani, Dhall and sooji cups R90
🌶 coconut idli 6 for R50

🌶Butter beans - Quarter bunny chow with salad R68
🌶Butter beans roti rolls R38
🌶simply wonderfuls - Burfee balls R5 each

Please place your orders in advance, Atleast a day before to avoid disappointment.

Single and family pack portions are available on request.

Individual dozens of puri, idli & simply wonderfuls burfee are also available upon request.

What’s app us your orders or queries on 081 539 3574

Thank you for the wonderful and continued supported. 🙏

We will also like to take the opportunity to wish all our hindi customers a blessed and insightful fast.

Please note: The menu is not limited only for those who are observing the fast. It’s for all our customers. 🙏

Kind regards
The Spice Castle 🏰


🌶The Spice Castle 🏰 2021 weekly special

🌶Medium Chicken curry & potato with 4 rotis ( serves 2) R155

🌶Medium Sugar beans & 10 puri R110 (serves 2)

🌶Lamb biryani with boiled eggs and sooji cup R185
Lamb mince
Chicken & mushroom
Sweetcorn & cheese R85 a dozen or R8.50 each
🌶Bombay crush R48

🌶Medium Kebab chutney with 4 roti R140

🌶Medium Butter chicken with 4 garlic naan R175

🌶Lamb bunny chows
Quarter R90
🌶Prawn roti rolls R100

🌶Medium Mince curry with potatoes & peas optional R175

For single portions and family packs please what’s app us.

Kindly place your orders atleast a day in advance , to avoid disappointment 🙏
What’s app: 081 539 3574

We prefer eft payments upon ordering, especially during this Covid time, or cash on collection.

We thank you for your support. From our kitchen, to yours, stay blessed & safe.

Kind regards
The Spice Castle 🏰

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How cute is The Spice Castle Tiny Tot Princess 👸🏻🥹A sweet dessert for our sweet little princess 👸🏻 Soji, cream and almon...
Thank you to our customers for nominating us for 947 best samoosa in Johannesburg 🙏We truly appreciate the on going supp...
“The only crush I have, is a Bombay crush” 😍😍😍If you’ve tried our Bombay Crush, you’d be Crushing too. Caption: our amaz...
Ever heard the saying, “the way to my heart ♥️ is through my stomach”? 😋Well, The 🌶Spice Castle 🏰 is introducing our The...
Lamb saffron biryani, with soft potatoes and onions 🌶🏰
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With this heat downing a meal can be so exhausting. But snacks ? Summer Time Platters. 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶Choose your variation and...




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