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Blaque Fruit and Veg Shop

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Blaque Stores kind of products


I think we must create a national egg producers database because wow...people asking for eggs in Matatiele and Orkney and Prakpan is not cute.

If you producing eggs. Send us your location. Be precise. Don't say Pretoria...say Soshanguve block XX. Don't say Polokwane ...Say Ga-Molepo. Send us your location and egg prices and ooh even chickens. You can also post in our group...Chicken Farming South Africa or African Farmers Magazine.

Let's solve this one. We will then load that in your website.

Email: [email protected]

Photos from Blaque Fruit and Veg Shop's post 16/03/2021

We are building this chain of stores in layers

1. Blaque Express Stores - mushrooming in townships.
2. Blaque Fruit and Veg Market - mega stores
3. Blaque hyper stores - groceries, clothing and equipment

We still on a drive looking for 15 people to join us as equity owners for 10k each.

[email protected]

It's a revolution!


Breaking news:

We on SA FM today at 10:05 this morning with Cathy Mohlahlana talking about Chicken Farming Master Book


Collecting big cheques and cents!

Let's face is Shoprite has mastered one thing and that is to collect cents too. And that is the talk Nandi Magafela Mtsokoba lamented on when she gave us a tour of the Durban Harbour last time we were in Durban.

I will tell you why that is important for us. Next door our office is that guy trending for having started sanwitches out of maintenance money. He is on our right oooh that depends on which side you facing so apply physics. On our right there is this lady who is on the sunlight advert making and selling Juice. Some of the best products I have come to know. Delicious cookies and juice so smooth when clients visit us we offer them for free and they end up buying more.

So what is their biggest enemy? Distribution network summarised as markets. You see with markets we can tell our kids to go wild in their manufacturing dreams. MoFaya wouldn't have had such a terrible start with proper distribution channels. I can go on and on naming many great business ideas our brothers and sisters are starting that have markets as the biggest challenge.

I met a cabbage farmer in Lebowakgomo with my brother. We got shocked at the amount of cabbage he is able to produce ...he says to us...I can do more but where will I sell. Then he takes us to his backyard as we lay our eyes on a huge tomato project I have ever seen run by a black person. I am inspired and I am like can make it big...he says...where will I sell this perishable product.

As you can imagine it's a mammoth's task. We were about to build a big fruit and veg when we realised it will take huge amounts of capital. So in taking Nandi's thinking which was our secondary plan for us...Blaque Express stores will start there. A glorified spaza shop that we can easily franchise and soon back it up with a distribution warehouse in the name of Blaque Fruit and Veg Mega Stores.

Join us on our way to this noble goal that will take hardwork to mushroom this stores in every township. Yours is a joining fee of R10 000 and we looking for 20 people. Sorry make that 18. Because we already got two.

Note: you must be crazy about solving this problem as we suggest like we are. When we finally done...we will open up markets for many great businesses with a lot of potential but dololo markets because this is South Africa. When that is done...we will bury unemployment.

It's a revolution. Let's get this year started!

Photos from Blaque Fruit and Veg Shop's post 19/01/2021

We finally installed cages for our very own egg production for Blaque Stores.

The store shall have eggs. All 3500 layer chickens will produce eggs for our first store

Photos from Blaque Fruit and Veg Shop's post 12/01/2021

Today working hard as ever in Blaque Stores Golf Shirt. Hauweng...let's build this shop


This chain of stores was is initiated to solve one of the biggest problems for small holder farmers.... Markets.

We have met many great farmers who can produce large quantities of cabbeges, peppers, spinach, fruits, chickens and eggs but they have to kill their dreams and produce little cabbage because what is the use of producing so much only to get all the produce getting spoilt.

It's time wasting, money wasting and dream killing. Blaque is the solution to that.

Let us make it categorically clear, many black food producers do not have access to mainstream supermarkets. This causes many challenges like:
1. Black farms failing to scale
2. Black food processors failing to grow
3. Few jobs created in those businesses offered to blacks - quality jobs
3. Killing the economic power of the rural economy. Rural places is where most blacks have land...and even if they can struggle and raise funds to turn the land into profitable enterprises...they must contend with the lack of markets. They have plenty of land but their are poor...

Blaque is here to change the game. We will in future sell franchises for Blaque Express which will be glorified spaza shops fruit and veg shops.

This is the biggest ambition yet undertaken by AfriFarm Crowd. As we say, "it's a revolution'

Invite your fellow farmer. Invite fellow juice maker...invite fellow black food producer to this platform. We will begin sourcing suppliers as a matter of urgency. Our future is here!


Welcome to Blaque Stores, here is to building a chain of stores that will open markets for African Farmers and food processors. 2021 let's go!