Dr Amukelani Mthombeni

Dr Amukelani Mthombeni

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Great News GEMS Members! Due to the change in GEMS' Hospital Network for the Tanzanite One and Emerald Value (EVO) options that took place on 01 January 2023, the 2023 Option Selection Period has been re-opened until 28 February 2023. We urge all members to take advantage of this re-opened option selection period to review the new hospital list, locate hospitals to use in their area or province to avoid penalties, and decide whether to continue with their current option or switch to a new one in 2023. To switch your option, visit bit.ly/3k7PAkB, *134*20018#, or email [email protected] before 28 February 2023.


To our wonderful family at Netcare Pinehaven. Kindly note that we have relocated to our own space, still at hospital 🌺
You will find us at the hospital side. On the ground floor, opposite Maternity Ward / Storks nest.
Our new number: 011 950 5517
See you soon ❤️❤️



Constipation in infants and children is when they have hard stools or have problems passing stools.
Every child is different, so they won't have a similar bowel movement; even siblings. So do not compare.

A few differences that are normal :

Some children do not have a bowel movement every day.
Some healthy children always have very soft stools.
Other children have firm stools, but are able to pass them without problems.
they can go for 3 to 5 days without passing a stool ( in the absence of other problems)

Some signs you may find:

Spitting up more often & being cranky in infants

Difficulty passing stools or cringing

Hard, infrequent dry stools

Pain when having a bowel movement


Blood on the stool or on toilet paper

Traces of liquid or stool in a child's underwear

Before diagnosing your child with constipation please make sure to see your paediatrician to rule out any other treatable causes. e
eg Allergies & surgical conditions

What you can try at home :

Change of diet : High Fibre foods

Fruits ( Peaches, pears , plums, skinless apples .
vegetables ( Broccoli, peas, potatoes...)
Juice : Prune , pear, cherry or apple juice

Hydration: water

Exercise massages
Improve gut bacteria: probiotics

Whole grains : rice cereal to oatmeal or barley cereal. Rice cereal can cause constipation in some children.

Do not give your baby enemas, laxatives, or suppositories unless you are told to do so by the doctor.

Hope this information can bring a bit of a relief, pun intended 😅 💚

Regards, The mommy.


Alcohol & Breastfeeding 💚

So it's been one hella hormonal ride and finally the baby is here 🎈. Can we relax and enjoy a cold one and still breastfeed???? the answer is YES , oh absolutely YES. While we all can agree that alcohol is not necessarily best for anyone and it can be addictive, a glass here and there is also not necessarily the worst.
Here's the go about if you really need to:
No need to pump & dump as
alcohol doesn't stay in breast milk, and pumping and dumping doesn't eliminate it from your system.

Ideally, breastfeed first / pump before your drink to allow for the waiting period

Have one drink ( 125ml wine) &
wait it out for 2 to 3 hours as your body metabolize the alcohol, before the next feed.

Take note that excessive drinking will and can harm the development of your baby so the best way to drink is probably not drinking at all 😊

Bottom line: Drinking a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail here and there while you're a nursing mom is just fine if you want to. But try to have that drink right after you breastfeed so the alcohol is out of your system when it's time for your next feeding or pumping session.

Remember, it takes a village... we are the villagers 💚💚💚💚


Yes, we are the village and you can certainly call us for all your kiddie needs on:
Lenmed Randfontein Private Hospital:087 087 2744

Netcare Pinehaven :011 950 4595

Alternatively send a DM .





Lower Ward, Lister Road
Randfontein South

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 16:00
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