St Adens Preprimary School

St Adens Preprimary School


From Justin Swanepoel, Carters dad.

Hi all, if you are in PE and looking for a really great little pre-primary school for your kids, give St Adens in Walmer a call. Carter is loving it there and will feed into Grey Junior next year. My nephews and a few of their mates, who are about to go to Grey High, also attended St Adens. Hidden gem people and there are still openings in the 3-5 year class this year.

A small, private Preprimary School in the heart of Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The school has closed on retirement of the owner and the 2000m² property is for sale.

Situated in a Walmer cul-de-sac, it consists of a 4 bedroomed home with a large outbuilding equipped to serve as a suburban business, entertainment area or garden cottage. There is a large garden with pool and play equipment and it is a short and safe walking distance from home to Clarendon Park Primary School.

Operating as usual


Jonathan Mooney - How to Prove Them Wrong


Unpopular truth: Anger in kids doesn’t need to be “managed”....

Anger needs to be felt, understood, processed, and ultimately TRANSFORMED!

In fact, some researchers think that anger is a secondary emotion.

That means that when you feel anger, it's because there's a different challenging feeling hiding beneath the surface.

Think of anger like an iceberg. When you see an iceberg in the water, you're only seeing a part of it; the "tip" that peeks out above the surface.

But under the water, there's so much more.

Simply put, getting below the surface to find out what’s really going on underneath anger will help kids transform anger into positive action.


So very relevant.

"According to Psychologists, there are four types of Intelligence:

1) Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
2) Emotional Quotient (EQ)
3) Social Quotient (SQ)
4) Adversity Quotient (AQ)

1. Intelligence Quotient (IQ): this is the measure of your level of comprehension. You need IQ to solve maths, memorize things, and recall lessons.

2. Emotional Quotient (EQ): this is the measure of your ability to maintain peace with others, keep to time, be responsible, be honest, respect boundaries, be humble, genuine and considerate.

3. Social Quotient (SQ): this is the measure of your ability to build a network of friends and maintain it over a long period of time.

People that have higher EQ and SQ tend to go further in life than those with a high IQ but low EQ and SQ. Most schools capitalize on improving IQ levels while EQ and SQ are played down.

A man of high IQ can end up being employed by a man of high EQ and SQ even though he has an average IQ.

Your EQ represents your Character, while your SQ represents your Charisma. Give in to habits that will improve these three Qs, especially your EQ and SQ.

Now there is a 4th one, a new paradigm:

4. The Adversity Quotient (AQ): The measure of your ability to go through a rough patch in life, and come out of it without losing your mind.

When faced with troubles, AQ determines who will give up, who will abandon their family, and who will consider suicide.

Parents please expose your children to other areas of life than just Academics. They should adore manual labour (never use work as a form of punishment), Sports and Arts.

Develop their IQ, as well as their EQ, SQ and AQ. They should become multifaceted human beings able to do things independently of their parents.

Finally, do not prepare the road for your children. Prepare your children for the road."

(Copied status) but one that resonates with me.


Speaking to children with empathy and leaving your own feelings behind, does so much for the child.


This is for me as much as it is for you. Little eyes are watching, little minds are learning, and little hearts are soaking up everything we model.

Let’s not place expectations on our children that we aren’t consistently modeling for them.

Check your own heart if you have to, and resolve to do the hard heart-work of growing into the person you want your little ones to be someday. ❤️
From: Flourishing Homes and Families.


A Talk that All Parents Need to Hear

The importance of the first 5 years.


As a pediatric therapist for more than 30 years, I have come up with a list of what I believe kids need and don’t need. I wish I could have a do-over on a few of these.

What kids don’t need:
1. Cell phones when they’re in grade school. Over the years, I cannot tell you one good thing that can come from this.
2. Unlimited access to social media. There is very little that is healthy on social media for children and it is getting worse.
3. So many toys that they can’t even think of something to want at birthday or holiday times. Too much of anything leaves children unable to be full. They become like buckets with holes in them.
4. Televisions in their rooms. Rooms are for sleeping. Good sleep hygiene is a dying art for too many children.
5. To be able to control the emotional climate of the home. Moody kids should not be allowed to hold the whole house hostage. If a child wants to be moody, he can go to his room and be moody by himself. Everyone else need not suffer.
6. Too much indoor time. Our kids have become hermits with social media and high tech games. It is ruining their social skills. It’s also taking a toll on their physical well-being.
7. Too many activities outside of school. No wonder this generation is so anxiety-ridden. They are overloaded. If we want to teach them to take care of themselves as they age, we must teach them to do that by our example and by limiting their extracurricular activities. Scripture even recognizes the need to rest.
8. To be able to disrespect any authority. Even authority that you as a parent dislike or the child dislikes should still be respected. There will always be an authority in your child’s life even when your child is 50.
9. To always call the shots. Children who get to always choose where to eat, where to play, and what the family does end up being brats.
10. Constant approval and pats on the back. You will not always be around to do this. Children need to learn to be proud of themselves when they do something good whether anyone tells them or not.

What children do need:
I. Rest. They play hard. Their bodies need rest to grow and develop.
2. Uninterrupted family time. The most important people to a child are those under the same roof. Make family time purposeful and protected.
3. Outdoor play time where they can explore and create. All kids need free time to imagine.
4. Rules and expectations. Be clear. Be concise. And don’t be afraid to give them.
5. Consistent discipline. If a rule is broken, a child needs to know what to expect. All fear is not a bad thing. There is a fear that can represent respect.
6. Parents who love them and love each other. Security begins here.
7. For you as a parent to say “no” sometimes. Your child does not need a lollipop or a new shirt every time you go to Walmart.
8. Hugs. Physical touch affects the development of children.
9. The ability to share their feelings about anything as long as they are respectful.
10. The most precious gift that a parent can give any child is to demonstrate a personal relationship with God and consistently teach that child through your actions what having faith in God really means. In the toughest times of their lives, they will learn in large part to rely on God by the example you display for them.

Post cred: Cindy Ketron

Photos from St Adens Preprimary School's post 08/05/2021

Happy Mother's Day.


The property with home and school is for sale after retirement of the owner in December 2020. A family home with a large outbuilding equipped as a small, private preprimary school in the heart of Walmer. It has a large garden with excellent play equipment. A wonderful environment for children to play in.
The "school " building has a fully equipped kitchen and is suitable for use as suburban business premises or as a garden cottage.
Enquiries: email [email protected]


Every child has talents.


Happy New Year!
May 2021 be a better and healthier world for us all.


A merry Christmas to one and all.

Photos from St Adens Preprimary School's post 11/12/2020

A lovely concert and graduation to end the 2020 school year.


So lovely when old students come back to visit and share all their news. Asante` de Lange just finished at Grey High with many honors and achievements and came to tell me how fondly he remembers preschool and how well all five St Adens Grey boys from his year have done. 🥰❤Congratulations boys, best wishes for a bright future.

Photos from St Adens Preprimary School's post 10/12/2020

A fabulous Sports Day today. Well done Red and Blue teams.

Photos from St Adens Preprimary School's post 09/12/2020

A busy day.

Photos from St Adens Preprimary School's post 09/12/2020

A birthday girl today. Happy birthday to our darling Aria.

Photos from St Adens Preprimary School's post 04/12/2020

And so it is the end of a teaching career for me and a wonderful twenty one years it has been. Retirement beckons, our house is on the market, a preschool is for sale, and it is time for a change. I am so grateful and thankful for many pleasant and fulfilling years of teaching the most amazing little human beings and seeing many of them start careers and have families of their own.

Photos from St Adens Preprimary School's post 04/12/2020

Our last Bakerman Friday of 2020.

Photos from St Adens Preprimary School's post 27/11/2020

Froggy pond and outside fun.


A very cool shirt.

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